McCarthy to Pelosi: Suspend Trump impeachment inquiry

McCarthy to Pelosi: Suspend Trump impeachment inquiry

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  1. As a veteran of Army intelligence he went far beyond to become an analyst and voracious researcher I am always amazed that Juan actually believes the ABSOLUTE Shite that comes out of his mouth.

    I am now learning when Juan speaks, prepare to flush the toilet and have Lysol ready-to-spray.

    Juan is not citing something simply political but when you Aid and abed Deep State liars and traitors you are betraying the entire world because the United States affects the entire world's health, wealth and prosperity globally!

  2. Once I saw Juan this post was disliked and deleted. It may have been one great post but Juan makes me physically sick with his arrogance which is really hate and ignorance

  3. Juan needs to put down the crack pipe. As an independent, the Democrats are losing voters and the 2020 election each day they continue this child like behavior.

    Have a formal vote so each representative is on record so that their constituents can hold them accountable.

  4. I know you are there for balance and to promote controversy for the ratings juan with a small j because I think you are an imbecile. I feel sorry for your son. He has to acknowledge his moronic father to his friends. What a millstone around his neck!

  5. We haven’t had a President like this before and that’s why we voted for President Trump. We are tired of the lies, and law breaker and thieves that has been in the White House for years. We want our Country Back. Go President Trump2020!!!!!!

  6. Parody by Me Crazy La La Quid Pro Quo definition simply means: this for that i.e. Adam Shiffty Pantiez says to Whistle Blower "I will give you a BJ if you tell a bunch of lies against President Donald J. Trump?!!"

    Whistle Blower responds to Adam Shiffty Pantiez, "Well now rumor has is your the best in Washington D.C. at BJ's. So seriously Adam Shiffty Pantiez who, what, where, how, when, & what time?!!"

    Smooch, smooch, kiss, kiss, hiss, hiss, & muaw!!! Same time, same place, & same Adam Shiffty Pantiez Bat Channel.


  7. From what I have gathered nothing and no one is protecting our President?but God Will .all the rest are waisting there time and millions of tax payers and we are taking them accountable, For sure and they will have to pay to a
    Americans there due.they think of us as deprobables.whitch we are.and we will show them exactly what they need to know who they are joking with

  8. LOL, They want impeachment!! impeachment!! I want a Maserati, no money! They want impeachment!!, no crime had been committed!? Stop your allergic reactions to all that he had done and going to do right. Stop crying like a baby, lol.

  9. Pelosi and 223 Congress members are done with Trumps stonewalling (he declared "stonewall" publicly).  That's your answer Fox lady.  Why would Pelosi afford him any "courtesies"?  Or any time to make backroom deals, to maneuver, to change stories, to offer pardons, to sleaze, to further stonewall) after he confessed in front of cameras.  She is letting Trump be Trump, and dealing with him as Trump. He fully earned it.

  10. Juan is a liar he’s a nut job!! Deep state talking liar! If they impeach POTUS the senate will never pass it. WWG1WGA

  11. Rockefeller and Rothschild lose your media and Democrats ran the politics and Americans for decades, no longer, the truth has came out they couldn't buy Trump, people who haven't had a voice for 60 yrs now do and see what the demon rats push and are walking away!!!

  12. This host is annoying she keeps interrupting Juan she soooooooooooo bias. And Juan is right Pelosi has the power to subpoena thats what you call check and balance Congress is an equal power.

  13. Juan Williams.. we never had a president like Obama… I did not like him either, but I supported him as my leader of US, and I PRAYED FOR HIM, despite my disagreement with his policies. I DID NOT CALL FOR HIS IMPEACHMENT BECAUSE I DISAGREED WITH HIS POLICIES. You are so closed minded to civil discussion about things that matter and I have yet to hear from your mouth that your consideration/objection to having DJT as Our POTUS has anything to do with policy. Your commentary is void of having to do with anything done anything illegally by previous administrations.. you continue on with a farce on philosophical terms, without evidence, without relevant argument and YOU Mr. Williams are contributing to the DIVIDE among the country. When Pres Obama was elected not once, but twice – despite my objection and voting for the opposing candidate, I objected through my vote. I DID NOT CALL ON MEDIA TO BESMERCH HIM OR THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY. I merely prayed for his leadership as my national leader in the affairs of our government in the global world. I did not agree with some of the policies that were enacted or some of the actions he took, but he was my president. I AM know a pretty staunch republican because of the reaction that the LEFT has had to the election of a president that I chose and elected into office… I did not write media, attend rallies, call out my fellow citizens for being.. whatever I might have called them… threat harm at political rallies or religious congregations….
    IN CONTRAST..these are all things that we have seen since DJT has been elected, signed multiple EO's to fight, oh… human trafficking, drug smuggling, political corruption… and he has seized assets and will, I trust, be coming after more..perhaps you have something to worry about? Mr. Williams, I don't believe you are evil, just blind to evil that men can be led to do. I have lived with evil, so God prepared me and taught me to have discernment. The people deserve the truth and we deserve that from our newspersons. It was not so long ago that the Waltons aired and we all applauded the ideal of your profession. Truth does not take sides. Facts and documentation do.

  14. If the past standards for impeachment are not to be followed, then the Senate can hold the trial for impeachment now, and force the house o present their evidence. After all they have already determined to impeach.

  15. Yes, they are separate branches. But. That does not mean the house controls the executive branch. More over, nancy pelosi does not have unilateral impeachment authority Juan. the speaker DOES NOT have unlimited authority. Why doesnt Juan even try anymore? He used to at least PRETEND to not be a moron.

  16. Poor poor foolhardy Juan. Tasked to defend and justify his indefensible and spurious leftist ideology. And he's made a fool every time.

  17. Juan perfectly represents all of my Democrat friends and family members. The others' faces look just like mine while I'm hearing this nonsense.

  18. Now that we all know the Truth about her son and her connection to Ukaraine…she got some BIG splaining to do.

  19. if it was a dem in office they would the rep would move heaven and earth not to have a vote. But to save trump we must have a vote.

  20. What happened to Trump screaming “No Collusion “? This is clearly collusion with Ukraine. You don’t need the whistle blowers, the evidence is the transcripts of his calls with several foreign powers and his lawyers, Secretary of State conversation with them as well. All on a secret server. Clear Collusion, obstruction and corruption!

  21. It is disgusting to see Republican congresspersons cowering in fear of Trump even as he tries to collude with foreign countries to get dirt on his political rivals. Their lack of courage and unwillingness to stand up for the U.S. Constitution is pathetic. We now know who the real "snowflakes" are!

  22. This is further insight into how we are losing our rights daily. When will America stand up as a whole and demand these public servants remember they have no power over us they are PUBLIC SERVANTS that WORK FOR YOU & I ! And why is Nancy Pelosi accusing Trump of interfering in the voting process when thats what she did in Guatemala?

  23. Juan is impossible. He's a liar and a devout Trump-Hater. His nonsense and pure BS – never answering questions because he CAN't is predictably embarrassing.


  25. Hoping that any Republican will ever become a patriot is a foolish hope. Patriotism is a concept that no Republican has ever grasped, or ever can grasp, let alone practice. Treason is deep in their souls, the worship of money and power their only motive, and they have no concept of morality. There is nothing in a Republican that can create patriotism in them. Republicans kidnap children and babies from their mothers' arms and throw them into cages in concentration camps…. it is inconceivable that such filthy, degenerate, utterly evil monsters could ever act patriotically.

  26. I truly hate it when Juan is purposely obtuse! He knows what the dems are doing is dumb but he has to follow the party line!

  27. 2:18 " I think the polls show 4 or 5 democrats could beat Trump." HAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAH! …..HHHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

  28. fox needs to get rid of wallace, sheppard, juan. It's getting tiring listening to juan somehow defend these very sick democrats

  29. 04:40 a nice balanced non biased reaction from the host there, Proof Fox isn't a news outlet it's a Trump propaganda machine, Of course the Trumpanzees won't agree, But that's the idea! When did America become so dumb and compliant? Or was it always so it's just that the madness of the Trump administration has brought it into stark relief!

  30. McCarthy is groveling to Trump for financing on his reelection campaign, he could care less about impeachment, its all about MCCARTHY. Most gop thinking the same for themselfs, not a patriot in the bunch.

  31. If it was anybody else in the White House, they would have been thrown out already. Why is the fake one the exception? He's not a God! Are people scared of him or something?

  32. Juan your nothing but a ZIT. Who pays you to shove your marlarky. AM SO GLAD THAT OUR PARTY GOING TO OUT YOU IN A TENT. You been after our President, you had a OBUMER PARASITE CORRUPT COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY WHICH IS NOT EVEN A CITIZEN.

  33. Juan is literally mentally ill. This is legit delusional. I don't think he's ok. Like a come hearing no …. The incessant bitching from the party is despicable

  34. President Trump wants Nancy Pelosi impeached. I don't want her impeached. I wish she was removed and placed in a nice nursing home in the country. This would be humane and a comfort to us all.

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