Marvel Wolverine Movie Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

Marvel Wolverine Movie Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

Welcome back everyone is Charlie so this
morning if you didn’t see the internet was going crazy because everyone thinks
that Henry Cavill is going to be the new version of Wolverine in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe so I’ll explain why that is and what’s really going on with
x-men during Marvel phase 4 because even though some of the rumors you might hear
aren’t true there is x-men stuff happening during Marvel phase 4 if
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Marvel phase 4 so we’ll just break this down top 5 style starting with number 5
if you didn’t see it earlier today a bunch of websites and low-level blogs
were reporting that Henry Cavill was going to play Wolverine in Captain
Marvel 2 of all movies which Marvel is getting ready to film next year we know
that Captain Marvel 2 is happening they’ve already confirmed it but already
you should start seeing some red flags when you hear Captain Marvel 2 in
Wolverine mentioned in the same sentence but naturally the internet did the thing
that it always does when a fan favorite actor everybody loves henry cavill is
rumored to be playing such a popular character that everyone has been
wondering about for a couple years now since Hugh Jackman said that he wasn’t
going to be doing Wolverine anymore of course everyone wants to know what’s
going to happen with the future of the Wolverine character so a little while
after that what happened was is that a ton of higher-level legitimate news
websites picked up the rumor and it’s sort of spreading like wildfire without
anyone really bothering to get confirmation even websites like just
jerod in Entertainment Tonight Canada legitimate websites that post behind the
scene pictures for major movies and do a lot of legitimate coverage of stuff did
whole articles about Henry Cavill Wolverine written as if he were actually
going to be doing it thankfully most of you probably saw the headlines did a
double-take and had the good sense to realize that it’s probably not true for
a number of reasons but we have to acknowledge number four yes there is
major x-men plans in the MCU right now Kevin Feige confirmed back at the Marvel
phase for a comic-con panel last summer that they are working on new x-men
movies and integrating mutants into the MCU movies this is a clip of him
explaining how that’s going to happen in how the Marvel x-men the new
Marvel x-men will look different from the Fox x-men. Are you guys not looking
to go the route of a traditional x-men titled movie for those characters I was…mutants and X-Men
are interchangeable I just said I just said mutants. but yes
whatever we do will be quite different than what’s been done before. I Also want to ask, super
quickly why Blade now and Mahershala? They’re the same answer. Blade now because of Mahershala. And Mahershala, because he loves Blade. so what he’s saying
means a lot of different things when he says Marvel’s x-men are going to be different he means the characters will be
introduced in a very different way the new core x-men MCU team will come
together in a very different way they’ll look very different isn’t they’ll be
different actors because they’ll be recast not including Deadpool Bryan
Reynolds will still be Deadpool don’t worry about that but physically they’ll
also be wearing very different looking costumes
obviously everybody points to the example of Wolverines yellow comic book
costume that Hugh Jackman always laughed at and refused to wear they even had a
whole joke in the Logan movie of how x-23 was this big x-men fan and it grown
up reading the comics thinking that Wolverine ran around in a yellow costume
like that and then Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine tells her no we did have
adventures but they didn’t look like that and I didn’t wear a costume like
that you may remember that Kevin Feige did have early Marvel phase 1 plans
before the first Avengers movie to integrate x-men and even Spiderman into
the MCU there was this deleted scene of an Iron Man post-credit scene where Nick
Fury comes to recruit Iron Man of the Avengers initiative in the deleted scene
Nick Fury references X Man and spider-man verbally which because it was
happening in 2008 also implies that it would have been Tobey Maguire’s
spider-man 2 crossover with the Avengers and this was all for the first Avengers
movie. As if gamma accidents, radioactive bug bits and assorted mutants weren’t enough. I have to deal with a spoiled brat, Who doesn’t play well with others
and wants to keep all his toys to himself Who the hell are you? Nick Fury. Director of SHIELD I’m here to talk to you about the Avenger Initiative Well, what are we avenging? Whatever the hell we want. The reason why there was no
x-men Avengers crossover back then or even spider-man avenged
crossover is because at the time Kevin Feige couldn’t reach a deal with Fox or
Sony for the characters took him more than 10 years but were finally there we
finally got x-men we finally got spider-man back currently there is some
x-men stuff happening in the Wan division episodes that are going to be
airing later this year I’ll explain that in a second
number three though Henry Cavill can’t play Wolverine practically mostly
because he’s locked down under contract for The Witcher Netflix for multiple
years and multiple seasons toss a coin to your Witcher he did a great job
during season one toss a coin there are all kinds of compilation videos out
there of him grunting angrily for hours and dropping f-bombs
and I know a lot of people are also claiming that he couldn’t play Wolverine
because he’s so huge he’s literally massive I don’t consider
that a knock against him potentially playing someone like Wolverine I mean
Hugh Jackman was over six feet tall and he was a great Wolverine if you’re not a
big comic book reader though the reason why a lot of people complain about
Wolverine being too tall is because in the comics he’s supposed to be closer to
five three which is tiny by comparison to people like Hugh Jackman who are way
over 6 feet if you weren’t around for it way back when they first cast Hugh
Jackman people complain for that very same reason and if you can believe it
when they were getting ready for that first Fox x-men movie back in 2000 the
most popular fan cast for the Wolverine character was Bob Hoskins so it just
goes to show you that internet fan casting does not always lead to the best
pairings of actors with characters just because an actor looks like a character
doesn’t mean that they’ll be good in the role or that the movie will be good you
also have to keep in mind that Henry Cavill still wants to be Superman at DC
and if he were to do any kind of role no matter how small at Marvel that would be
the nail in the coffin to him never being Superman again number two the
other big red flag and those rumors about Wolverine should be that he’s
going to appear for the first time in Captain Marvel 2 a space-based character
why would Wolverine of all people of debut in a Captain Marvel movie it just
sounds ridiculous those two characters don’t have any real comic-book history
together they’ve only loosely interacted during big crossovers there are a
billion other Marvel characters that would be a better fit for Captain Marvel
– like giving adult Rambow her comic book powers after she
shows up in one division as an adult she’s working as an agent of sword for
Nick Fury during the events of the one division episodes don’t know exactly
what she’s doing and we don’t know if she has powers yet but then there’s also
the blue Marvel character also fan favorite comic book character who just
been a couple years in the Ultimate Comics in outer space with Captain
Marvel if you don’t want to wait for the first full blown Marvel x-men movie and
Marvel phase 5 to introduce Wolverine again a Wolverine versus Hulk movie
would probably be the best place to put him because he debuted in the comics for
the very first time in the Incredible Hulk comics so why not introduce him in
a Hulk movie in number 1 the current x-men stuff right now that’s happening
in the MCU on wan division is through Scarlet Witch and visions comic book
children the twins Wiccan and speed that they’re doing on the TV show you all saw
the Wanda vision trailer there’s a couple of scenes where they jump forward
in time through the decades as if they’re living in a couple of different
sitcoms through the years she starts out in black and white in a 1950s sitcom
looking like Donna Reed or the Dick Van Dyke Show where she gets married a
vision when they jumped forward into the 70s in a very Brady Bunch looking house
she’s super pregnant with the twins then they jump into the 80s and it looks kind
of like family ties the twins were in bassinets looking like they’re
levitating their pacifiers with their powers then they jump forward into the
90s and it looks more like Roseanne and it seems like there’s a bunch of kid
drawings on the fridge like they become grade schoolers in their much older
Kevin Feige said that they’re going full-blown comic-book scarlet which
during the series so I think it’s implied that she’s going to help create
these realities and then once it seems like they’re going to crumble she
refuses to let the children die with the reality and finds a way to bring them
back into the real world that way you have a Wiccan in speed that can then go
on to crossover with any future Young Avengers project or any other Disney
Plus series or movies that you would want to put them in so that’s our
full-blown x-men stuff happening inside the blonds division series but obviously
a lot of people just want to know where the core x-men characters like Cyclops
Wolverine Jean Grey Professor X Magneto when are they going to show up so there
is x-men stuff happening during Marvel phase 4 but just don’t expect to see
Wolverine for a long time and don’t expect it to be Henry Cavill when he
does show up so if it wasn’t clear from my
video I’m saying that the Henry Cavill Wolverine rumors are probably not true
everyone let me know in the comments when do you want them to do a new
version of Wolverine in the MCU and who’s the actor you want to be that new
bull Vereen I’ve got a couple other Marvel phase 4 videos that I’m working
on the venom 2 trailer will be dropping in the next month or two they’ll be a
bunch more Morbius trailers and more spider-man crossover Easter eggs so
everyone click here for my brand new spider-man 3 video and click here for
all my new Avengers infinity Saga deleted scenes thank you so much for
watching everyone stay awesome. I’ll see you guys tonight!

100 Replies to “Marvel Wolverine Movie Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4

  1. Here's my video for the Wolverine News craziness that made the internet crazy today. And the X-Men stuff that's going on right now during Marvel Phase 4. Post all your reactions in the comments. Here's my new Avengers Infinity Saga Deleted Scene of King Thor too!

  2. I like Henry, however…wolvie is short, very short. 5'3. Is there no good actor who is a bit closer to that build.

  3. Tbh, I don't want to see the core X-Men in the MCU. There are SO MANY other mutants who haven't had SO MANY movies made about them. I'd rather Marvel gave us new material about less well-known characters than see another Wolverine origin story.

  4. Introduce rogue in captain marvel. That’s where rogue absorbs captain marvels strength and flight powers. Stupid question… ms marvel is the same as captain marvel right?

  5. By different, does he mean good?

    Wolverines tan costume is dope, much better than the god awful yellow

    Hoskins was a great actor and could play a nasty bastard perfectly. Problem is he was too old

  6. Harvey Weinstein didn't kill himself. For future reference👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽💥

  7. I really think we should at least TRY a short wolverine. Bob Hoskins might''ve been decent, he's a good actor.

  8. The guy doesn’t have to be super famous like everyone wants. Most of the avengers actors careers hadn’t really taken off yet like it did after avengers.

  9. Logan and Captain Marvel do have history in the comics. It’s not far fetched that he’s introduced in CM2. The fact it’s not the most feasible might be why they’d choose that way to do it.

  10. Forget about the Henry Cavill part but I DO believe the Captain Marvel thing. Think about it. It's really the only movie that was somewhat universally panned. Putting Wolverine in it……practically GUARANTEES a big payday. The 2nd Cap..if it doesn't have something huge in it…may fail big time.

  11. I would wait till phase 5 and do hulk vs wolverine unfortunately the best guy to pick up the roll is now playing Venom but I'd try and get Christian Bale to do it around the right age height and the man has some depth to pull off the roll

  12. Zach Galifianakis. Chubby, not the skinny “Keeping Up With the Joneses” body. Not bashing. I love Wolverine.

  13. considering ms. marvel is rumored to be in captain marvel 2, it's not far fetched to have more than 1 mutant in the movie. for someone who reports on the MCU so much, you miss a lot of facts.

  14. Everyone doesn't love Henry Cavill. Honestly I think he's the worst Superman choice to date. He's a great Geralt however, and maybe he would do well as Wolverine, even if he is a bit tall- an easy fix. Perhaps this could continue the trend wherein the occasional superhero start stalls and requires a character switch in order to find their proper identity.
    Edit: The reason I don't like Cavill as Superman is the same reason he makes an amazing Geralt. He has calculating eyes, a low, gruff voice, and a grim perspective on life. Clark Kent is innocent and kind and naive… AND all an act, that Superman uses to blend in. Cavill just doesn't have that sort of soft and kushy feel to him, he can't sell Clark Kent.
    If DC had cut their losses earlier and used him elsewhere it could have been great. Either that or fully commit to Dark Superman… costume and all. But they didn't.

  15. I would finally like to see a proper dark phoenix saga, and of course a Storm movie. She is one of the most powerful being and in all xmen movies she was being the backgrounf. And her power is so much more that just throwing lightnings around.

  16. Let’s all just be honest here. Wolverine and all the X-men sucked under Fox’s film company. We need a whole new cast under Disney and they’re gonna do everything right.

  17. Kit Harington (Jon Snow)!!!!! He has the height, the look, and plus he is young enough to play the character for several years. Tom Hardy would be a good one too, but guys like Karl Urban are already too old. After a few years he’d be like old man stiff body Hugh Jackman trying to portray the acrobatic Logan

  18. I think Fred Ward (Remo Williams / Tremors) would have been the best Wolverine, but he is probably too old to do it now.

  19. small thing to notice, Logan and Carol are big friends in comic books, and have a long history together. So is not that the video says that they only interact on cross over, that is incorrect info

  20. Just get it over with and get Tom Cruise to play Wolverine🤷🏻‍♂️ He’s about the same size, yeah? Seriously though…just kidding😁 That’s a tough role to cast after Hugh Jackman’s version.. I got nothin🤦🏻‍♂️

    (And yes, i am a black man saying it)

  22. Seriously, I just want them to do better with the characters then the last couple of movies (not Logan. I mean Apocalypse.) Get people who are pumped about playing them!

  23. And there IS a connection between wolvie & capt marvel…..ROGUE! Rogue actually absorbs ALL of capt marvel in the comics. Its what gives her her super strength & flight. And rogue is a mutant whos on the same team as wolvie. DUH.

  24. I hate the way they wiped his memory in the movies with a bullet to the head. In the comics it happened as a result of the trauma & pain from gettin his bones laced. I always thought a cool way to do it would be to have a young prof x wipe his mind as part of a deal with the gov in return for being left alone.

  25. There won't be any solo Hulk movies until Marvel gets the full rights to the character back. Universal still owns a significant part of the Hulk IP. Marvel is free to use the character in team movies and streaming shows provide that his name isn't in the title. That's why they have slipped the character's storylines into other character's movies, like Planet Hulk becoming part of the Thor story, and he will have a role in the She Hulk show but no way is Marvel/Disney allowing Universal to leverage Hulk the way Sony has with Spiderman when they can still use him as long as it isn't a solo project.

  26. Scott Eastwood.

    Keep in mind that Marvel wants an actor for Wolverine who will be able to do the part for 10 to 15 years. Hugh Jackman set a very high precedent for anyone taking on the role. This person will need to be in peak human condition at all times and will have to be an actor who ages well. So they'll want someone 25-39 tops. Keep in mind that if you are not athletic, nor have been in the business of going through extreme physical mass manipulation (body building), starting at 35+ is hard for most to do.

    I know he's already cast in the Eternals, but I really think Kit Harrington could pull it off. Not the best choice, but he is dedicated to his roles and he could do the role for a long time if he wanted too.

    However, my first pick would probably be Scott Eastwood. Wolverine's modern comic appearance since Frank Miller is based off 1960's Clint Eastwood looks anyway and Scott looks the comic part, is 33, is in great shape at 5'11, and is pretty decent actor. And as of 2018, he was interested in the part.

  27. As much respect I have for Henry Cavill, especially his role in the Witcher, I just can't see him replacing Hugh Jackman. Then again.. changes.. actors get old and tired of reprising roles, I get it but still it would be nice to have Hugh agree to at least a few more films.. only live once; why not go out with a bang

  28. Henry Cavill as Wolverine… idk he might be good but people will always prefer nostalgia instead of new one… at first probably

  29. I think Rouge is gonna have a lot to do so Wolvie is a must…. If you have read X Men comics and you know Rouge's backstory you might understand that Rouge's powers are that she absorbs mutant power from many and depending on who it is and how long Rouge makes contact skin against skin determines how long the person will probably be affected…. In Captain Marvel's case Rouge absorbs her powers and keeps the flying and super human strength permanently…. So in other words thanks to Captain Marvel and Rouge's fight she evolves into a better version with strength, endurance, stamina, speed, and super hard skin apart from also being able to fly and a few hidden things that I won't spoil….

  30. As far as the sentinels are concerned i think the way to do it is to upgrade them each movie. In the first movie they might be the sentinel corp. A new branch of the military like space force created to monitor & control the mutant problem. The second movie could have them using advanced drones. The third could finally show the proper giant sized robot sentinels. And how cool would it be if starks company built them?

  31. Herny Cavill has the perfect☆ JAW LINE FOR WOLVERINE ☆ My people 😉 Has the perfect double chin ☆ GO LOOK PEOPLE WITH THE MASK ON ☆ chur chur

  32. They could throw a curve ball and fully introduce White Wolf, but then reveal that the guy who survived the plane crash in Wakanda survived because he's…Logan.

    They could also have an X-Men movie or a movie with Wolverine in it, and give us a scene where Wolverine runs into the Hulk.

    They have a lot to play with.

  33. If the Henry rumors are true, I'm disappointed. It's Disney, they can afford to find an actor resembling Logan and pay the actor to workout and fill the suit. There's no reason to compromise what made the character so special, his height is one of the main factors of appeal. A little dude, muscular, running at you with six blades jutting from his fists, ready to stab you to death, 'cause what he does ain't very nice, is a cool visual. 

    Also, Bob Hoskins, fuck ya', dude! Excellent casting!

  34. Christian Kane from the TV series Leverage should be Wolverine. He isn’t as tall as Hugh Jackman or as big as Henry Cavill and has the tough guy act down.

  35. Captain Marvel and Wolverine can go hand in hand thanks to Rogue. Don't forget that Wolverine and Rogue have ties, and how does Rogue gain her ability to fly? Because she took it from Captain Marvel.
    So there does exist potential for Wolverine to debut in a Captain Marvel Movie.

  36. Idk. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was akin to Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Just sayin'…… Honestly, I'd like to see him portray Richard Rahl in a live action Sword of Truth.

  37. Didn't Rogue steal Captain Marvel's powers in the books? Actually I thought she killed Captain Marvel when she took her powers. That would be a great twist.

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