Mark Zuckerberg Reveals the Future of Facebook at F8 Event | NowThis

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals the Future of Facebook at F8 Event | NowThis

you know how I always say everything you need is already within you the truth is there's only so much you can do by yourself we all need people to get where we're going okay just trying to get this permit realignment or club there's actually this amazing after-school program we host here isn't it phosphor to go find them find people who challenge you who want to hear what you have to say yeah but you can't come on find them and hold on tight keep the good ones close I'll make you feel at home wherever you are with the right people around you you can do anything so whatever it is you decide to do this new life of yours Ella don't ask yourself how you're going to do it after yourself who you're going to do it with [Applause] Emre welcome to f8 today we are going to talk about building a privacy focused social platform so the basic idea here is that you know in all of our lives we have our our public spaces like our town squares and we have our private spaces like our living rooms and in our digital lives we also need both public and private spaces and for the last 15 years or so we focused on building Facebook and Instagram into the digital equivalents of the town square where you can do almost anything that you'd want with a lot of people at once or you can stay in touch with all your friends meet new people who share your interests start businesses organize fundraisers for causes that you care about for a lot of us the first superpower that the Internet gave us was the ability to connect with the whole world at once it enabled us to cross geographic boundaries to form new kinds of communities that couldn't even exist before it allowed emerging creators and entrepreneurs to find global audiences and it allowed new ideas and movements to spread faster than before but as our world has expanded we face a new challenge we all need to find our place in this much bigger world and it can be hard to find and feel like you have a unique sense of purpose when you're connected to billions of people at the same time privacy gives us the freedom to be ourselves it's easier to feel like you belong when you're part of smaller communities and amongst your closest friends so it's no surprise that the fastest way is that we're all communicating online our private messaging and small groups and in stories as the world gets bigger and more connected we need that sense of intimacy more than more than ever so that's why I believe that the future is private this is the the next chapter for our services in addition to the digital town square we also need a digital equivalent of the living room that is just as built out as a platform with all of the different ways that we want to interact privately with messaging and small groups and sharing where the content doesn't stick around forever simple and secure payments private ways to share your location and over time lots of more different ways to interact privately now this needs to exist and an overtime I believe that a private social platform will be even more important in our lives than our digital town squares so today we're gonna start talking about what this could look like as a product what it means to have the center of your social experience be more intimate what kinds of new experiences that can start to unlock and importantly how we need to change the way that we run this company in order to build this now look I get that a lot of people aren't sure that we're serious about this I know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now to put it lightly but I'm committed to doing this well and just starting a new chapter for our products and it's gonna take time I'm sure we're gonna keep on unearthing old issues for a while so may feel like we're not making progress at first but I think that we've shown time and again as a company that we can do what it takes to evolve and build the products that people want including recently with stories and private messaging so I'm confident that we can do this and we plan to do this in the way that we've developed whatsapp all right start with the most important and private use case messaging make it as secure as possible with end-to-end encryption and then build more ways for all of us to interact privately on top of that and this vision is based on on six principles private interactions you should have simple intimate spaces where you have complete confidence that what you say and do is private and and clear control over who you're communicating with encryption your private communications should be secure an end end encryption prevents anyone including even us from being able to see what you share on our services unless someone in the conversation chooses to share it reducing permanence you shouldn't have to worry that what you say or share is gonna come back to hurt you later so we're not going to keep around your messages or stories for longer than is necessary to deliver these services or longer than you'd want safety you should expect that we're going to do everything that we can to keep you safe within our services within the balance of what an encrypted services so you know we're gonna take the time to get this right and build safety in up front before we ship this platform interoperability you should be able to use any of our apps to reach your friends and you should be able to communicate easily and securely across these different networks and platforms and finally secure data storage because you should expect that we're not going to store sensitive data in countries where it may be improperly accessed either because there's weak rule of law or because a government I try to forcibly get access to your data so over the next few years we're gonna build more of our services around these ideas and this is just a massive undertaking right so to do this this isn't just about building features we need to change a lot of the different ways that we run this company today and we're we're doing this in a few ways already now first we're committed to working openly right as we navigate these these important trade-offs between between these decisions in these important social shoes you know when I decided that we were going to move our private communication services to be intend encrypted I also decided at the same time then we're going to take at least a year to consult with experts and law enforcement and governments around the world about how to build the right safety systems in an encrypted environment to their new systems that we need to build and there are real trade-offs between making your messages and private communications as secure as possible on the one hand and our ability to prevent people from doing some bad things on the other hand so I really care about getting this trade-off right and you know this is a good example of how you know a few years ago we probably would have just rolled this out and then try to adjust and address issues as they came up and now we're going out and in consulting with experts and and trying to make sure that we get this balance right and in building safety in up front now second we're taking a more proactive role in making sure I wasn't expecting that but I'm excited about it too all right taking a more all right the text does not match the enthusiasm of what I'm about to say but but we're taking a more proactive role and making sure that all of our partners and developers use our services for good so in the last week we rolled out some changes to our developer program to further limit the ways that that developers can access data and I recognize that this makes developing for our platform harder you know it adds a lot of friction to the process but but I believe that over time this is going to help build a more trustworthy platform is going to and is going to be better for everyone all right third we're also building out a lot of deep technical infrastructure and replumb the whole infrastructure that we build for this company to support this privacy vision so it was an example of this in our systems today are already built to know who can who's allowed to author who's authorized to see the photos that you post for examples that way you know someone who's not supposed to see it tries to access it on Facebook we can block them but now what we're also developing infrastructure that can that knows how certain types of data are allowed to be used so it can automatically block unauthorized uses in our infrastructure and prevent errors now like a lot of other Internet companies out there we rely on engineers today to manually code a lot of these access rules into our systems but we think that we can make this more reliable and more secure so we're looking at ways in in future computer languages and in future databases and systems that can encode privacy and data use principles as first-class concepts across our whole infrastructure and this is there's gonna take a long time the infrastructure is very complex but this is just one of the ways that we're replumb the whole infrastructure for for what we do to support this privacy vision all right so overall this is this isn't just about a few new features sorry this is a big change in how we're building these products and how we run our company it's not gonna happen overnight and to be clear we don't have all the answers for how this is gonna work yet but today we are ready to start talking about parts of what this privacy focused vision is going to look like across each of the areas that we're building so let's start with our messaging apps which is going to be the foundation of this vision now the first thing that we've got to deliver for all of you is the best private messaging experience by far right and then on top of that we can start building more ways to interact privately but the first thing that we need to do is deliver basic messaging experience which is the fastest simplest most reliable and and most secure of any of the leading platforms out there so for messenger we've been focused on rewriting the entire thing from scratch to deliver the best private messaging experience that there is and last year at f8 we introduced the first step of this our new very simple design m4 so that was step one and now our next goal is to make messenger the fastest messaging app out there and to make the app binary size smaller than than any of the major social apps so we've been working on a project that we've called Lightspeed and we've been working on this for a long time to rewrite the whole thing and now we're a few months away from starting to roll this out and here are some some early benchmarks from from our lab looking out fast this is compared to the other leading platforms out there generally whatsapp is is faster than than the other leading platforms but the other thing that we showed was was basically the average of the leading messaging platforms in each country around the world and and Lightspeed is just going to be much faster all right so that's what we're doing on simplicity and speed to be the most reliable though you know you need to do more than just deliver the messages consistently right we need to make sure that the service is available everywhere that you are and for a modern messaging experience that means having a great desktop experience so we've built a great new desktop app circuit built to chat and video chat and it native app not just not just the browser and this we are launching this on both Mac and Windows and this is this is one of our our top most requested features all right so that privacy and security so we believe that a privacy focused messaging platform has to be encrypted so we actually launched secret conversations a couple of years ago see you you can already have encrypted and ephemeral conversations if you want but now we're working towards making end-to-end encryption and reduced permanence the default across all conversations and when we do this across both messenger and whatsapp we're going to enable more than two billion people around the world to have their most personal conversations with each other privately without having to worry about hackers governments or even us being able to see what you're saying so I think that this is just going to be a historically important step for privacy around the world so with this foundation the fastest experience available everywhere with the strongest privacy and security now let's take a look at how a private social platform can start to become the center of your social experience so as an example and we're launching a friend's tab in messenger and over time you're going to see what your friends are sharing with you across our different apps so if you follow someone on Instagram you'll be able to see their stories if you're friends with someone on Facebook you love to see their their posts and their stories and it's gonna be all private updates from friends no no public content and and this starts to give you just a sense of what is possible with interoperability between services and how a private platform can start to be more central to how you interact with friends it also continues the trend that we've seen with stories were following conversations are happening in private messages rather than public comment threads more and more all right we're also making video chat a lot better we're launching the ability to Co watch videos with your friends and this is the an example of how video chat which is just growing really quickly is one of the basic ways that we all communicate privately can start to become more of a platform for how for more of the ways that we would want to interact privately with each other alright so now let's let's move over and talk about whatsapp so whatsapp already has incredibly strong privacy and performance so here we're more focused on the next step which is building out all of the ways that you would want to interact in the digital living room so first is status right and this is just the most popular ephemeral stories product in the world even bigger than what we're doing with Instagram and one of the reasons for this is that it's completely focused on delivering a private and intimate experience it's all people you know there are no public figure accounts that you can follow and it sent encrypted so we don't even see the content of the of the statuses that you post now there's more to do here we want to make sure that the experience continues to be focused on your closest friends and family and not just whichever of your contacts happens to share the most so we're working on it way is to do more ranking of the content on the client side which as we move more of our systems to be encrypted that kind of work is going to be increasingly important across all of our apps over time we've also built some ways to share your location privately in real time and you know I use this for example with my family and my friends when when we go skiing together and you know we architected this feature so your location data is is encrypted so our servers actually never see your location as they're sharing it with your friends it's it's very privacy protective what's up business is also a big focus within a year millions of small businesses around the word are using this to communicate privately with their customers and and now we're launching a new feature for this product catalogs so you're gonna be able to easily see what is available from a business and now this is gonna be especially important for all of the the small businesses out there that don't have a web presence and that are increasingly using private social platforms is their main way of interacting with their customers all right so let's talk about payments because this is a part of the vision that I'm particularly excited about because when I look out at all the different ways that people interact privately I think payments in is one of the areas where we owe an opportunity to make it a lot easier that's among the most important things that we can do here I believe that it should be as easy to send money to someone as it is to send a photo so we're already testing this in India with about a million people it's it's being used a lot and the feedback so far is great and we're already working on rolling this out and a number of other countries later this year and you can you can take a look at what the basic experiences and overall payments and private commerce is one of the areas that I'm really excited about and we're gonna have a lot more news and things to talk about here over the the coming year as we flush this out more so these are just a few examples of some of the experiences that we're gonna be able to build here and and it's a look at how we're starting to bring this privacy focused vision to life now I start off today talking about how we all want to be able to communicate both publicly and privately so now let's turn to Facebook and Instagram the digital town squares because as we focus more on privacy across our whole company we're also focusing on adding more ways to interact privately across these apps as well and here we're focusing on groups we're focusing on stories and more private ways to interact with businesses now a couple of years ago we changed our whole mission as a company to focus on helping you build right and the idea here is that our friends and family are always going to be the core of our social lives but we also need to belong to communities that that share our values and interests that that support us that help us give us that sense of purpose and that help us grow in the ways that we want and you know I think that this matters even more today than before because in a world where people are joining fewer physical communities and there's less social cohesion it's more important than ever to make it so that we can easily be a part of communities that are meaningful to us now there are already more than 400 million people who are members of Facebook groups that that are meaningful to them and that are among the most important parts of their social experience and these are groups typically where people get together physically in person as well as online all right like this small group for people who like running and also care about the environment so they get together and go running and pick up trash around their town or like this tight-knit group for military families so and when they get deployed to a new city they know where to go to ask what what school to send their kids to and how to get integrated into the local community and we believe that there is a community for everyone so we've been working on a major evolution to redesign the the Facebook app to make communities as central as friends now in the history of Facebook there have been four major versions of the product so far and and this is the fifth so we're calling this FB 5 and it has a much bigger focus on communities and making communities as central as friends so here's a look at what this is going to look like it's it's got a much cleaner look and feel for the app it puts your private groups right at the center of the experience and it's a it's a much lighter design overall the app isn't even blue anymore all right now while we're at it we were also rewriting the Facebook website completely from scratch and redesigning it to make it much faster and cleaner as well this one is coming a little later this year but but here's a preview of what its gonna look like now across both of these there's a lot of new work under the hood right and this is more the the the the sum of hundreds of details rather than just a few major changes but overall we've made it a lot easier to find and connect to the groups that you're gonna be interested in much better suggestions better browse and discover tools there's a new groups tab that puts all of your communities in one place overall basically now everywhere where you're going to be able to see and connect with your friends you're also going to be able to see and connect with groups that you care about and it all adds up to this feeling that groups are now at the heart of the experience just as much as your friends and family are now while we're doing this we are very focused on safety here across groups and you know while we're recommending groups for people to join we're very focused on making sure there are recommendations and discovery surfaces aren't highlighting groups where people are repeatedly sharing misinformation or harmful content and we're working hard to completely remove groups if they exist primarily due to violate our policies or or do things that are dangerous so that's just been a very big focus for us here now there's also a lot more to communities than just groups and there are lots of different ways to to interact with the people in the communities that you care about a lot of them are private around events around games around dating or other ways to meet new people there's a lot more to fb5 and in Fiji is gonna come out a bit later to walk you through all this and in more detail but but overall you know this is the biggest change to the Facebook app and website that we've made in the last five years since we made the whole thing native and and a lot faster and it was a symbol of this you know we're not just updating the look and feel we're also updating the Facebook icon and refreshing it for the first time since since I can remember to make it a bit more lively and modern so there we go and I'm excited to get this app in all of your hands we're shipping this today and so we're gonna start rolling it out and and everyone and everyone in the US is gonna be able to get it today and a couple of other places and we're gonna roll it out across the the rest of the world over the coming weeks as well so alright now for for Instagram let's move onto Instagram we are we were also very focused on on adding more private private interactions to what is generally a course staple of our digital town square here and and here at Instagram we're mostly focused on stories which are generally more privacy protective since they're more ephemeral than then posting in to feed permanently and we're also focused on payments and interacting with private interactions with businesses so let's start with shopping one of the interesting challenges with shopping either online or offline is that a lot of the way that we brow is is is in public but then when we actually go to do a transaction that's a very private interaction so we think that there's an opportunity with Instagram to marry these two experiences together and and make them both better now we know that a lot of us are to use Instagram to find things that we're interested in and and we think that there's an opportunity to do just a lot more here so we were launching today a new shopping channel and explore still gonna be able to browse things that you may want to buy or interested in we are we're continuing to roll out check out us you're gonna be able to buy from more and more brands from directly within the app and we're also announcing that we're adding a new way for people to buy directly from creators too so that means that you're gonna be able to support the the people who are making the stuff that you love and I think that's gonna be a pretty big deal all right now moving along to stories as more of our sharing moves to stories and becomes more ephemeral and import we're building more features on top of stories as well and and there are two that I'm that I'm excited to talk about today the first is that we're making the camera a lot better we're adding a new create mode we're calling it which makes it so that when you're building a story or starting a story you don't need to start with a photo or a video anymore you can start by just bringing a stickers or drawing or putting text so that's a pretty big change to how stories has worked so far we're also launching donation stickers so you're gonna be able to create fundraisers an Instagram for causes that are important to you in that you care about and this is another example of a feature that is going to benefit from greater interoperability between these different networks so you can reach with the fundraisers that you create all of the different people you you know across our different apps all right now we've mostly talked so far about our mobile apps and what's possible to build in the unfund the current generation of computing but we're also very focused on building technology to shape the next generation of computing to make it more human more designed around the ways that we all naturally interact with each other and and now also more aligned with this privacy focused vision for the future so I think that that augmented and virtual reality have the potential to create much more personal and intimate experiences with VR you feel like you're actually right there present with someone even physically they're there they're in a completely different place somewhere halfway across the world and where they are you know instead of you having your face in your phone and someone else having their face and there's you know now the computing environment is going to put digital objects in the real world they're gonna build to both interact with it and actually be present together so two years ago at f8 we talked about how the camera was going to be the first AR platform and in the dear alone more than a billion people have used AR features on Facebook Instagram messenger and portal and now to make this into an even broader platform we're focused on making it easier to build for so today we're announcing that we were bringing the spark AR studio and we're supporting both Windows and Mac and we are also going to open our AR beta for Instagram so everyone is going to be able to build for it now one of my favorite uses of AR so far I have to say this on portal now if if any of you have kids or you know if seen kids using masks or story time on portal you probably know what I mean this is this is a photo of my mom reading three little pigs to my daughters and portal has turned her into a wolf as she's huffing and puffing so this is one of the reasons that then I think portal has done better than we expected all right it helps people feel together and have these intimate experiences even when you can't physically be together you can feel like you're together so building on this I'm excited to announce that we are going to launch portal internationally we're starting in Canada and June and we're going to be rolling it out across a number of countries in Europe coming later this fall and as part of this of course it's really important that we bring whatsapp to portal so we're doing that so now you're gonna be able to to make video calls on both whatsapp and messenger on portal and you know what that means that means that we were bringing end-to-end encryption to all video calls on portal so now you can be sure that when you're having conversations with your friends and family everything stays between you all right now the last area that I want to talk about today is virtual reality now this is gonna be a big year for VR because we are shipping to new products oculus rift s which improves on the original rift a higher resolution display better optics inside out tracking and of course we're launching oculus quest the all-in-one headset that we've all been waiting for with no cables and full freedom of movement so you know these these are a real step forward a rift s is the most powerful VR headset that you can buy and quest quest just blows people away because it's the first time that you can just walk around a VR space and fully interact with the people in it so I'm excited to announce that we are opening pre-orders for both of them today they're each going to be 399 they're gonna start shipping within a month on May 21st and that's a date that you're all gonna want to remember because everyone here at f8 is going to be getting a free oculus so I'm really excited to get this into your hands I can't wait to hear I can't wait to hear what you all think of this it's I'm excited to hear what you all think and and to see you all post videos of how exciting it is as you're using this alright so okay so you know that's um so that's how we're starting to build out this privacy focused vision across everything we do it's still early but if we get this right then using all of these services is going to be a fundamentally different experience a few years from now now at the end of the day this isn't just about building some new products it's a major shift in how we run this company because we believe that for the future people want a privacy focused social platform and I believe that if we build out a fully encrypted interoperable service with all of the ways that people want interact privately then that's gonna be an important contribution to the world now for us this is about building the kind of future that we want to live in I believe that we should be working to build a world where we can be ourselves and where we can live freely knowing that that our private moments we're only gonna be seen by the people we want or a world where everyone has the power to speak and say what they want and use their voice and connect to the people they care about where we can come together around community and around commerce where we build in the tools that we need to keep us safe from the beginning and and prevent harm and while we're we then are able to focus on all the good that people are able to do and not just the big moments or the social movements the breakthroughs but also all the everyday good of the emotional support that the jokes with friends that the feeling of being together with your family both in private and in public the living room and our town squares so if we work hard and deliver this vision that we've laid out today then I'm going to be proud of the difference that we've made so thank you all looking forward to doing this together and have a great [Applause] [Applause] what does it mean to build an awesome product that's what I want to talk to you about today my name is Asha and I lead the messenger product teams and now more than ever were focused on building new experiences that meaningfully improve people's lives last year on this very stage we previewed the completely redesigned messenger for and since we have launched new features like dark mode message replies global delete AR games and more take a look at what we've been up to so as we go forward mark talked about a privacy focused vision for social networking the concept is that if we were to rebuild the social network today we would do so around messaging for messenger our mission is that everyone communicates with the people they care about on a fast private interoperable network to prepare for this vision we've been hard at work last year with the redesign of messenger 4 and going forward we're looking under the hood we are challenging ourselves to re-envision the engine behind our apps so over the next year we plan to make Messenger the fastest private communication app on the entire planet we call this project internally light speed with light speed we'll use less battery less storage and it will be more reliable than ever before to do this we are completely rewriting our code base so early tests show that we're going from over a hundred twenty seven megabytes down to under 30 with a 1.3 second cold start time with light speed next privacy the future is private ephemeral stories messaging small group sharing video chat are among the fastest areas of online communication so we have begun the journey to make and messenger end-to-end encrypted by default we will also be introducing more ways to have a ephemeral content inside a messenger because we believe that people should be comfortable being themselves and not ever worrying that what they share will come back to hurt them all right let's talk interoperability a hundred years ago people couldn't talk to each other unless they were on the same phone network a hundred years later the same is true with messaging if you want to talk to somebody on Facebook you use messenger on Instagram you use direct and with the phone number you use what's up we believe that people should be able to choose to talk to anyone anywhere without thinking about where to reach them so for the first time we are building the ability for messenger users to be able to call and message not just their friends on Facebook but their close friends and family on Instagram and on whatsapp so as the messenger architecture becomes fast as it becomes private and as it becomes interoperable we're going to spend time making messenger the most awesome modern day social network built around messaging first please meet the new messenger [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right so what is new well Facebook is focused on community Instagram is focused on expression and going forward Messenger is going to be building a social network for your closest friends and family specifically we will turn the second tab inside of messenger into a dedicated place completely organized around the people you care about most in your life here you'll be able to do things like share status view stories and even reminisce about your favorite memories together we're also going to be announcing a new experience for people to watch videos together directly inside a messenger watching videos together wherever you are makes it feel like there's a digital living room right in your pocket and finally something I am personally very excited about we're going to allow all of this on every surface in every country with the introduction of our brand new messenger desktop app messenger desktop will be available later this fall on Mac OS and on Windows okay since this is f8 and because there's so many developers in the audience we want to end by talking about awesome products just for you over the last three years the messenger platform has scaled to over 300,000 developers from companies like Nestle PepsiCo KLM but also to entrepreneurs who started their business with just an idea don't take my word for it take a look what would you do if you could speak to every customer personally one-to-one Messenger is the platform to do exactly that we started a snap travel three years ago and it was only two people now hundred employees driven over a hundred million dollars in sales messenger has allowed us to go since we went live on messenger we've seen a drastic increase of the customer satisfaction a nice NPS increase of 15 points one of our customers is utilizing messenger to drive people into their physical stores and they've seen a 12 percent increase compared to what they've done on the web when we started on messenger we were three people today we have offices in Berlin and in New York this is how easy it is this is how powerful this is this is how well it converts that's the magic of the platform every time I see stories like this I'm inspired I'm inspired by the impact and I'm inspired by the opportunity every single month there are over 20 billion messages sent between people and businesses but still as our platform has scaled we've heard from many of you that you want more tools to make it easier to drive consideration and customer acquisition so I'm going to share two final announcements with you today first around consideration appointment booking has been one of the most popular use cases on the messenger platform it's an opportunity to take an online conversation and move it to an in-store offline experience so we're announcing that we will be bringing appointment booking to the messenger API to be available for all 300,000 developers so you have instant looking real time availability and reminders next let's talk about customer acquisition oftentimes we hear from people that they just need a few simple questions answered before they're ready for a purchase messenger provides the opportunity for every business to learn about their customers in a personalized way at scale so our final announcement is that we are going to be bringing lead generation templates to Facebook ads to drive customer acquisition at an unprecedented scale [Applause] all right before I hand the stage over to ami to talk about whatsapp I just wanted to say thank you for having me every day people send close to a hundred billion messages across our family of apps the future is private and I am excited to be building products for where our community wants us to be thank you for making messenger awesome a few years ago I was talking to my cousin in India and I said when are you coming to visit my kids are growing up without you she said that's not true I see them every day on what's that and I realized she's right one and a half billion people use whatsapp to stay connected as Mark said we focus on building a place where you can have a private conversation like you'd have in your living room whatsapp is a messaging service that is simple reliable and above all private what does that mean well with everything we build we ask ourselves three questions first how do we make a product so simple that anyone in the world can use it we design the app to be predictable so you never have to wonder what it's going to do next and to be human so you don't need a manual to figure it out for instance you always know your message is red when it lights up with these two blue checkmarks just like your face lights up when you talk to someone you love that's easy to understand if you're just getting your first smartphone or if you're my brother the hotshot Manhattan doctor who is always too busy to respond this is a real conversation the next question we ask ourselves is how do we make the apps so reliable that your messages go through no matter what no matter where you of what phone you use what network you're on and that means work like being vigilant about the size of our apk so the app works on more phones as I mentioned that's really important it means things like reducing media size when you're on a place when you're in a place where there's low bandwidth so you can still send video even if you're on a slow network or building specifically for low-end devices so more people can access what's at when Kerala flooded last year and connectivity it was worse than usual people could still use whatsapp to tell their families they were safe that is not magic that is relentless day to day focus on improving people's lives and people felt comfortable sharing their location on whatsapp because of our commitment to privacy which leads to our third question how do we keep your conversations private you all know about our end-to-end encryption that means only the sender and the receiver of a message can see its contents and that's not just true for text audio video even location sharing and group calling our end-to-end encrypted so no one sees your content not hackers not government's not even us whether you're organizing a political protest or just trying to find out who's gonna win the Iron Throne I have no idea that's between you and your contacts and of course all this encryption happens automatically because everyone deserves a place to communicate privately we rolled out end and encryption it's three years ago after joining Facebook in those three years the number of people who use whatsapp every day has almost doubled what's up will always have its roots in private messaging it's the heart of what we do like Mark said what we're seeing is that the future is private so there's a lot we can layer on top of private messaging here's where we're starting in 2016 we brought a version of stories to whatsapp called status people share snapshots of their day with photos and videos lasting 24 hours it's where my family is watching my kids grow up from daily updates naptime my personal favorite part of the day parents you know what I mean two milestones like first Halloween costume or first day of school and of course we built status to be private so it's end-to-end encrypted and you only see my status if I'm in your phone book and you're in mine if you live somewhere whatsapp is popular you know people are constantly messaging businesses on whatsapp so we're making that easier we now have more powerful tools so people and businesses can communicate for large businesses we have the whatsapp business API and for small ones the what's that business app now out on Android and iPhone that's used by people like Issa Lapera the proud owner of cupcakes by Issa in Brazil she was a young lawyer who loved to bake so a few years ago she left her legal career to start a made-to-order online-only sweet shot you could say she went from torts to tarts yeah the team didn't want me to say that either last year ESA's sales increased by 37% and she closes 60% of her sales right on whatsapp and we're excited to announce that soon we're rolling out a business product catalog to this business at so ISA can show off all 20 of her beautiful brownie pizza toppings and cupcake styles right within the app finally payments in some countries more people have a whatsapp account than a bank account we all know sending payments is harder than it should be what if we could make sending money as simple as sending a message think about what that means it means you don't have to use expensive middlemen to get money back home to your family it means you don't have to carry large amounts of cash and it's scale it means more people have economic power we're learning a lot from our tests in India where a million people have been able to send and receive money and we're planning to bring payments to other countries soon whatsapp was founded on a simple idea to help people communicate freely I think about the stories my mom told me how when she first moved to America she only heard her family's voices every few months shouted over a scratchy landline Ron what's up I see my family every day I got a steady stream of my nephew swimming trophies or my dad showing my son what snow looks like over a video call or a commentary on the latest bollywood wedding and I don't need to think twice about whether my message will go through and whether the app will work for my uncle or whether someone else might see my family messages we are proud to build a place for private conversations a living room wherever you live in the world now here's Fiji Simo [Applause] hello I'm Gigi and the new head of the Facebook up to break the ice thank you to break the ice let me tell you a few things about me I grew up in a family of fishermen in the South of France I'm the proud mom of a three-year-old daughter I'm also a steam punk fanatic like many people I'm going from Marie condor phase right now and my guilty pleasure is reality TV drama the thing I love most about Facebook is that all of these aspects of my life have a place here I can stay in touch with my friends and family back home through feelings stories I have an amazing support network in the moms in tech groups I find out about events who hang out with other steam punk fans around the Bay Area I am getting rid of sayings that don't bring me joy in marketplace and I cannot wait to watch the new season of the real world with other fans on Facebook watch people have always come to Facebook to connect with friends and family but over time it becomes so much more it's also a place to connect with neighbors with people who have the same interests the same passions whatever you care about or are interested in Facebook is where you can come to find your crew whether it's fellow Cody lovers and really who isn't a pack of slow runners like myself or vegan cheese eaters not like myself I'm French guys I can't get behind that but that's just the thing we all need a place where we feel like we belong where we can express all the richness that makes us who we are with the right set of people safely and privately everything I want to share with you today is about honoring that like Mark said it all starts with a fresh new design that is simpler faster more immersive and put your communities at the center we call it FD five it's going to be coming to your mobile app in the US and Canada today and globally leaders is half and the new desktop site is coming in the next few months we're really excited to make changes that people have been asking us for like the ability to save your spots in news feeds so you can pick up where you left off of introducing dark mode on web to give your eyes a break while watching videos overall we've just made it easier to find what you're looking for and get to your most used features we'll also start rolling out a similar design to our enterprise products workplace today but more than the clean design and faster performance I want to focus today on how we've built all of these with communities in mind as Mark talked about the Facebook app can make it easy to go from public spaces to more private ones groups specifically have a big part of creating more private spaces within Facebook some groups are public but many more are secret or closed so you can share thing there that you may not want to share with everyone there are tens of millions of groups on Facebook and we hear from many people how when they find the right one for them it can become the most meaningful part of how they use Facebook and in fact today more than 400 million people are part of a group that's meaningful to them if you aren't in a meaningful group yet while making it easier to find the right one for you we've completely redesigned the group's tab and make group discovery better than ever with more suggestions and a neutral to quickly match you to groups you might be interested in if you already have some groups that you love the new tab will give you direct access to those and show you a personalized view of everything that's happening across them but this groups recommendations are not just going to be in the group's tab you're going to be able to find them all across the app in marketplace in the gaming tab or even in Facebook watch so that if you're watching an episode of read Table Talk you're gonna be able to join the fan group right in line and hangout with other fans we're also bringing groups to the composer so you can share to groups the same way you share with friends and family everywhere there are friends there should also be groups but different communities have different needs from communities that are build around specific circumstances like house conditions or interests like gaming overrun a neighborhood or even around a common purpose like finding a job of shopping so let me walk you through some of the features were introducing to help any type of community thrive now how support groups will let members ask admins to post anonymously on their behalf to protect our privacy around sensitive topics shop groups will get a new template to help employers post openings and to let jobseekers apply directly through Facebook and message the employer gaming groups will get a new chat feature so members will be able to create sub threads for every topic that they have in mind and we think that this ability to chat with smaller audiences will be a big part of helping members connect more privately and may even apply beyond gaming over time buying circles have really taken off on Facebook and in fact there was your original inspiration behind marketplace today we are introducing native support for shipping so sellers can list items for sale across the US buyers will be able to check out directly on Facebook and when they get the items the payment will be deposited in the sellers bank account super simple and secure over the past few years we've also seen some creative ways in which people have used both buy and sell groups as well as Facebook life to sell items and so to make that a lot easier who are exploring a ways to let's buyers ask questions or even place orders directly from the live stream and for sellers to have a streamlined way of managing all the orders that come in through messages finally your local community might be the one that matters most we've talked a lot today about how we're bringing people together online but when they get together in person it can be even better so today we're introducing the events tab so that you can find out what's happening around you get recommendations discover local businesses and local groups and even make plans to hang out with friends this is the first time that all of these activities are all in one place on Facebook so you can find something fun to do for the weekend or discover cool local spots when you're traveling now you see that a number of these updates in volve giving people the ability to kick off a private conversation from any of their communities we think this is going to be an important part of helping people move from a town square to a living room whenever they want it and something that were exploring across a variety of products now one of the amazing things about being part of different communities is how it can lead you to meet new people with all the changes were making to put communities at the center of Facebook you'll come to Facebook not just to connect with people you already know but also to find people you might want to know maybe even the one with face with Facebook dating you can find matches based on things you have in common like your shared groups and events of course finding a romantic partner is intensely personal so we've got Facebook dating to be safe Upton and inclusive your dating profile is separate from your main profile and your activities are is only visible to other people who have up to them now as opposed to most Facebook features I can say that I've used this one personally but we're hearing great feedback in the five countries we've launched them and I'm excited to announce that today were expanding dating to 14 more countries with the u.s. coming up later this year we're also introducing something called secret crush through their Facebook dating connects you to people you don't already know but sometimes you are friends on Facebook that you may know more casually maybe you met at a party a while back and you might want to see if you're compatible without overstepping or making things awkward secret crush lets you create a private list of friends that you might be interested in and if your friend also puts you on the list you'll match if not no problem c'est la vie or even that you've opted into Facebook dating I have to say since it took my husband two years to make the first move I really wish this feature had existed back then and while I'm clearly very excited about all the ways in which we are helping people find romantic connections on Facebook we know that some people are just looking for friends when I moved from France to study abroad at UCLA one of my first move was to create a Facebook group so that we can all meet between exchange students and a hangout so to help more people find more connections to the people around them we've created meet new friends you can find people within shared communities like your school your workplace or your city like food Facebook dating privacy and safety or builtin meet new friends is Upton and your activities there is only visible to other people who have up to them this is something that we started testing in a few places and we're really excited to start rolling it out white Upson now all of these updates today are about bringing people closer to their communities friends and family will always be at the center of Facebook but there are so many other aspects of people's lives that we need to honor well not just moms or daughters or siblings or best friends we're girls of steam Bank baddest teachers blind penpals crafty sisters gay geeks Navy dads octopus owners barbecue addicts maybe even vegan cheese lovers whoever you are Facebook is here to connect you with your tribe I hope you enjoy a new Facebook and I can't wait to hear about the groups you join and the connections you make and with that let me turn it over to Adam Missouri to talk about Instagram thank you very much [Applause] Instagram started with feet which is a very public way of sharing with a lot of people at the same time and over time we build messaging and we both stories which are much more intimate and private in nature and what we've learned from how people use Instagram is these are much more natural ways of expressing yourself and so at this point we have a range of experiences within Instagram from public to private and as the broader company focuses on privacy we are focused on learning lessons from what's working so well in messaging and stories in Instagram and applying that to all that we do but Instagram is a place where people come to be with their close friends for me it's my wife Monica it's my siblings amel and I know who live abroad it's close friends from all different parts of my life but I can only connect with them if they feel comfortable expressing themselves and each of you have your own unique story and what we've done a lot of thinking about is how to create tools to help people tell their stories and those tools started with photos and they started with videos but they've evolved over time and so today we're now seeing a complete redesign of the Instagram camera which is simpler and easier to use and has a space that we're calling create load because sometimes you don't have a photo or video but you actually want to share something so in create mode you can share quizzes stickers countdowns a lot of the other cool features that we've built over the years but people are going to only express themselves on Instagram if they feel comfortable they feel supported and so we've tried to learn from stories people talk a lot about ephemerality with stories the fact that stories only last for 24 hours that's an important part of how stories work but as important is that the feedback is private if I post and one of you responds that conversation is just between me and you also important is it stories is people first you choose to see someone's content by tapping on their stone which helps people not worry about bothering people and all of this adds up to a space that feels much less pressurized and because of that people feel more comfortable sharing more and more often in stories than anywhere else on Instagram we've tried to build on that we launched close friends which is a way to select a small number of people and share your most authentic moments only to them and we see that people who use close friends share more and their close friends stories actually get even more responses and we're trying to take these lessons and rethink some of the fundamentals of how Instagram works one change is in the new design of the profile which we're currently testing we have made follow accounts much less prominent because we don't want Instagram to feel like a competition we want to make it a less pressurized environment a bigger idea is something we're starting to experiment later this week called private light counts or private light counts mean is that as you scroll through feet there are no light counts you can see who liked a photo or video you can tap through it if you have the time you can add them all up yourself the owner can see how many people liked the photo but only if they asked it's because we want people to worry a little bit less about how many likes they're getting on Instagram and spend a bit more time connecting with the people that they care about so this starts testing later another key part oh I forgot my transition forgot another key part of making Instagram feel like a place where you're safe and supported he's safe and sometimes bad things happen on Instagram we know that the team is working hard at at identifying and addressing all of those issues but as we've spoken with the community one of the issues that we hear about time and time again that people really care about is the issue of bullying bully disproportionately affects young people it doesn't only affect the target affects the people around him or her and so what we aspire to do and this will take years I want to be clear is to lead the fight against online bullying I got another mic can you hear me better now could you great so we've been engaging with people outside of Instagram we've been doing our own research to try to understand what we can do to address bullying more broadly and we've got a couple early ideas that I'm going to share one is comment filters and essentially nudges so if you say something aggressive maybe we give you a light nudge to rethink that safety tools is another idea something we're tentatively calling a way mode which is a way to opt out of Instagram when you're in a sensitive moment maybe you switched high schools maybe you just went through a breakup another idea still is giving people ways of limiting those or being aggressive towards them on Instagram now some of these are already testing some of these will test soon some of these might never see the light of day but given how much we care about this issue we wanted to share proactively with you today now if people come to Instagram to be with their close friends they stay to be inspired by art fashion entertainment travel sports for me it's backcountry snowboarding it's Japanese pizza it's furniture design for you it's probably something else and we've spent a lot of time thinking about how we can build interesting and engaging experiences within the world of interests and that only experiences but how do we support the people behind each craft things like messaging with creators messaging with businesses private payments and checkout which allow us to build other experiences things like donation stickers donation stickers are launching today here in the US and they're an awesome way to raise money for an organization that you care about I got one slow clapper here that this spread through the thing I appreciate you and these organizations they rely on people like you and me to raise money to do the things that we find so inspiring this is an organization called black girls code I can woo alright we're gonna raise some money is that alright I'm gonna take a picture all you there's a lot of you I'm gonna do a selfie in case that's better smile and as soon as I get off stage I'm gonna post I'm gonna tag black girls code I encourage all of you to go to at maseri that's my last name mos scri and if it's a organization that speaks to you please donate we can see how much money that we raised another area where we think we can build really meaningful experiences around interests is shopping a lot of shopping happens on Instagram but if you take a step back and you look at the broader ecosystem there are really three key parts on Instagram their shoppers their sellers and there are creators and we think that if we can thoughtfully connect the dots between these three we can unlock a lot of value for everyone involved and we've been very focused on this as of late we shipped the ability for brands to tag products in feed posts and in stories we shipped a dedicated shopping channel with an explorer a dedicated tab within profile and as recently as last month our beta for checkout here in the US but if you think about the future of shopping we believe it can be about more than just people and brands we believe that creators have a really interesting and important role to play maybe you look up to someone maybe you think they dress well maybe they have a similar skin tone and so the makeup it looks good on them might look good on you too we think creators can help you navigate through all the noise and find what you're most interested in and so today we're announcing something that we're calling shopping from creators and what this is is the ability for creators the tag products and feed posts and in stories so as I'm scrolling through feed I might come across a post from jew-jew wide receiver for the Steelers my team and I might not want to wear a snake but those kicks are pretty cool so I could tap on that and because adidas is actually a checkout partner I could buy that without even leaving Instagram and we're excited about this because we think it can be good for everyone it can be good for people it can be good for businesses and it can be good for creators and it's an area where we think we can uniquely create value for people so our mission is to connect you with the people and things you love and at this point we have both public and private spaces on Instagram and it's our job to find the balance between those two and to take a privacy first approach to all that we do so that we can make sure that all of you feel comfortable telling your story and so with that I'm going to leave with a short video about shopping from creators and thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'm John McCarthy and I lead the product team for new experiences on portal today video calling is one of the most private ways we connect with family and friends for me those calls are when my son wanted to show me he lost his first tooth or when I call my wife just to see her face at the end of a long day now more and more of our most intimate experiences can happen over video but calls and yet feel like you're there with the person on the other side of the screen and we wanted to build the best possible way to experience this and that's what led us to portal since we launched portal last year people have shared with us what it means to feel like they're together in the same room even when they're miles apart let me share a few of these stories with you life moves so fast you can miss some of those very special moments just by missing a day portal just it's a little window but it opens its like the world opens up I guess that's the portal means it's really like you're right there with him you feel a part of from you could not do that three months ago and look at your crush I want them to know that my grandmother and my grandfather want presence in our lives and they loved us I think it's time for you to show us the signature moon that's all you do so this is just a glimpse into the stories that people share with us every day and we want more people to experience these rich personal connections on video calls today portal is available in the United States in June portal will be available in Canada and this fall in Europe and we're adding support for whatsapp private connections with the people you're closest to or at the heart of the portal experience with end-to-end encryption in whatsapp and messenger your portal calls will be even more secure you'll be able to talk with any of your friends who use whatsapp or messenger on their portal or on their phone but when we're together we do more than just talk listening to music and calls has been part of portal from day one and this summer we're adding new ways to play games together augmented reality puts you at the center of the game or you can take turns playing games like battleship Yahtzee or words with friends and no call is ever complete without a cat on your head we'll have new AR FX every month to bring a bit of fun into calls story time uses AR to bring stories to life this summer we're adding award-winning stories with characters you know and love you can read your favorite stories together like llama llama over and over and over my kids love story time and they also love to see photos on portal my four-year-old will see a picture from his t-ball game and say hey Dad remember when grandpa came to my game last week or he'll see a picture from his cousins and ask if he can call them you can already add photos from your Facebook feed and starting today you'll be able to add your favorites from Instagram too we wanted portal to be a place where you can share photos privately with your closest friends and family that's why we're building a new portal mobile app the portal app will let you add photos directly to portal from your phone and it'll be available for download in the next few weeks this summer we're adding more ways to catch up with loved ones through portal you'll be able to say hey portal good morning to get updates on birthdays events and more and through our collaboration with Amazon we're adding more visual features and alexis skills to portal including flash briefings smart home control and the Amazon Prime video app later this year too often to capture a special moment we end up missing it ourselves so we are also bringing Facebook live to portal with smart camera portal can be the cameraman for your most special moments you choose who you want to share with you can go live just to your family or close friends and we're adding the ability to send private video messages from portal like my wife and son did when they wanted to share his latest masterpiece portal lets you be present with your loved ones no matter where they are experiences like story time on portal are just one way we're using AR to create the future of your digital living room we build these experiences on our spark AR platform to hear more about spark AR I'd like to welcome Kimberly Archer but first here's a video of MIB headquarters on one of our latest AR FX hello website we're very excited to show you something brand new that the team here at MIB headquarters has been working on I check out the MIB life-form scan to see whether your friends your pets in your household plants are from this planet or not available right now inside your Facebook camera that's top secret the whole bit that I just look at understand watching nothing to see here [Applause] when I was growing up I loved sci-fi movies and Men in Black was one of my favorites I was in awe of the concept that all layers of reality couldn't be seen by the naked eye it required technology to reveal the truth about the world around us now technology like this exists today augmented reality allows us to create content and experiences that add new dimensions to our lives leveraging devices like our smartphones and portal to reveal new layers of context meaning and emotion as Mark shared earlier since last f/8 more than a billion people have used spark a our experiences across Facebook messenger Instagram and portal they're using AR to shop with more confidence to expand their language of expression and most importantly to connect with loved ones in new and fun ways they're using AR to augment their worlds been said world would not be possible with our global community of creators and developers you are innovators you're experimenters and we listen and learn from you when we build we have you in mind you told us that Windows was important to you so we built the next version of spark a our studio to support both Windows and Mac you shared your desire for speed and efficiency so we built new features to make creation and collaboration easier and faster with cross-platform support and new features Sparky R is more accessible than ever before creating further opportunities for our developers take Sneha for example a young entrepreneur from Mumbai who's here with us today Sneha let's see you he pioneered a rfx for Bollywood movies using spark AR with success came to struggle to keep up with demand and he started hosting Sparky our training sessions in his community now fast-forward six months Sneha has moved out of a small co-working space into his own office employing more than a dozen people and plans and has plans to expand to other countries later this year Sneha your awesome our community of creators also told us that Instagram was the place to publish which is why we're opening the closed beta this summer and I'm excited because last year we saw the the marriage between art and technology give birth to new trends on Instagram one of our most influential and innovative the creators flew in from Berlin to be here with us today Johanna Sparky our to remix and reimagine how we define beauty by exploring an entirely new palette for self-expression from lighting texture and color to music and materials Johanna was able to capture and communicate her unique point of view and through Instagram inspire people who shared her passion for to freely express themselves Johanna's beauty 3000 effect is a remarkable example of how any creator can redefine the way they tell their stories using our tools Johanna thank you for breaking new ground and for paving the way for others to follow the momentum here is incredible what Sparky our developers and creators built today lays the foundation for tomorrow join this awesome community as we collectively build for the future here at Facebook our future doesn't just include augmented reality it also includes virtual reality today oculus quests and riff s offer more immersive ways to feel connected and present so before we welcome Sean Lou will speak about the innovations within VR let's look at how that all came together virtual-reality defies distance so you can feel present with others no matter where they are it's the most visceral way to experience the digital town square and digital living room you can watch live sports side by side with fans from around the world or you can have more personal moments like playing strategy games with friends from back home or for me it's reliving Sunday night noodles with my mom and all the crazy relatives it's through VR that you get an intimate sense of presence and place that you can share these moments both touching and thrilling today we've opened pre-orders for oculus quest and rift s and I'm excited for you to get your hands on them on May 21st this is our V our product portfolio today you have oculus go for immersive media and quest and rift s for the best in gaming and it starts with the experiences experiences in VR are making play more immersive and personal our oculus platform has over a thousand titles and with rift s you'll get access to awesome upcoming games like Asgard's wrath lone echo 2 and storm land now with quests you'll have 50 incredible games apps and experiences on day one we're also making it easier to connect cross-platform so you can play with friends no matter what device they own take dance central we can have a dance-off inside a virtual nightclub or sports scramble we can sprint across the court and I will probably lose my 100th game in tennis and let's not forget dead and buried or you can team up for a wild west shootout but what about when friends come over and just want to hang out VR is redefining game night and you can share the fun with people sitting right next to you in a few different ways first the all-in-one form factor of oculus quest lets you easily pack it up take it to a friend's place and if you're the only one with the VR headset there are games that let your friends play along right from their phones second just like oculus go we are bringing casting to oculus quest with a few taps you can cast your VR experience to your phone or to your living room TV and friends can join right alongside and then there are experiences that are truly transformative that take you to a galaxy far far away with Vader and mortal by ILM xlab you're at the very center of an immersive Star Wars story considerable inconvenience in a moment the Lord of this small on this will give you a toss the word of advice do not anger Veda now the invaders found you he's in reach of enormous power you must escape I wonder what Vader is after the tepee as vada has finally found his candidate and our future is in your hands be nice here I've been searching for with I command is there any version of this plan that doesn't end up with us being dead Vater immortal is the day one launch title for oculus quest and not to worry it's also coming soon to the rift platform entertainment isn't the only application for VR that powerful sense of presence is also changing the way we work forming deeper connections with both co-workers and with customers Viera is being used to speed up collaboration for design teams build empathy for customers and train surgeons to better prepare for the operating room we want to do more to accelerate VR adoption across these industries today we're announcing new features for oculus for business we're adding quests of the program and releasing new enterprise-grade software designed to support large scale deployments this and this includes things like mobile device management for scale an Enterprise focused user experience and dedicated support all this makes it much easier to drive impact for your business and the program launches this fall whether for work or for play the future of how we connect relies on bringing more people into VR and our path begins by broadening access through innovations in hardware for instance we're making VR simpler with oculus quest quest is an all-in-one headset with no cables and full freedom of movement no more external sensors no more PC to send up it's all on the headset and this is made possible by oculus insight insight is our inside-out tracking system that uses onboard sensors to automatically build a map of your physical play space the map is just used for tracking and only stored locally on the device the sensors use machine learning to filter the environment and create a dynamic point cloud and your headset remembers multiple play spaces also true for rift s which means you can take the headset off hand it to a friend in another room and they can jump right in we've designed every component Bower headsets for submillimetre precision and performance sensors use accelerometers visible light and infrared light to track both the headset and our redesigned touch controllers our tracking and rendering stacks are optimized to reduce our computing footprint and free up room for you our developers this is how incredibly immersive titles are able to run on a mobile form factor now we've put tracking through its paces take beat savor if you're like John Carmack your controllers move at blazing speeds our tracking uses prediction algorithms to work no matter how fast you're swinging or for some of us flailing our way through beat Sabre this is the best-in-class inside out tracking you'll find on any hardware and that means of feeling like you're there in the game in the moment in the connections we're making with other people all of this work is building toward the next generation of platforms designed around people we're excited to ship oculus quest and rift s and for those of you here today I hope you love your quest to wrap up the morning I'd like to welcome to the stage MA Archie bong [Applause] good morning good morning good morning good morning what a morning huh how's everybody feeling good good yeah I know you heard a lot today I am the last person in between for folks that are in the room right now lunch so I'll make it quick for those folks who are on the livestream I know many of you stayed up late to watch this keynote so thank you and I know you're gonna hit the sack afterwards but I would acknowledge how much we heard today you know from building the AR and the VR technology that's going to shape the next generation platforms to hearing about how community is gonna be as central as friends to Facebook and commerce payments donations thriving and Instagram to ensuring that messenger and whatsapp are the fastest most reliable the most secure private centers of your social experience the bottom line is is that our journey together continues to evolve and we all saw to the egg on the stage today you know last year I got on stage and I talked a little bit about this developer journey that we're on with many of you in this room some of the multinational corporations have been partners since day one and many of the developer circles community that is here today thank you I know many of you flew in from around the world to be here today but ultimately our journey has evolved because technology continues to emerge and change society's expectations that they're looking for from us continue to change we've had a number of different ups and downs but I met many of you I probably didn't have as many greys but ultimately the one thing that has been constant since day one through all the evolution is that we've been able to do it together right and that's primarily because we know and we all committed that we can do so much more together so this privacy focused future that you saw today that you heard today from Marc and the rest of the team begins our next chapter it's a next chapter that I'm excited about and I hope that you're excited about too and over the next few years each of our different products with their each unique superpowers that you heard today are gonna come together in order for us to achieve this vision now it's going to take some time as Marc acknowledged but the six principles that he outlined this morning are going to the foundation for enabling us to build this private living room to sit alongside and complement all the work that we've done and we will continue to do it and build out the public Town Square but in order to build this right he said it we're gonna have to make some fundamental shifts in the way that we run our company the way that we're Altima Talib ilding our products and the way that we're gonna engage with you guys which yes means that we rather take a more pointed more compelling a more committed role towards engaging you and making sure that the way that you're using our tools are meaningful all right ultimately ensuring that technology is a force for good in this world now as I'm looking out in the audience right now I can see some other folks that participated in the hackathon over the last few days with your eyes a little bit blurry I appreciate you guys just finished this morning right all right so we're little tired but nonetheless together for the last two days we've used our tools to try to address some of society's biggest challenges some of you focused on projects to ensure that people get access to quality education and decent work others of you focused on initiatives to make sure the futures of cities in the future of communities are inclusive and are sustainable you know honestly seeing your proposed solutions go from idea all the way to prototype in a little less than two days is a real affirmation to me and the rest of the team of why we build so thank you for the work that you did over the course the last few days now along these same lines next keynote tomorrow is focused on responsible innovation so you're gonna hear from schref our chief technology officer and a few other leaders on this stage covering topics like ethical design safety and virtual reality and ultimately building inclusive artificial intelligence now we all know the potential impact of this technology in these new technologies on society are both positive and negative intentionally or unintentionally but nonetheless they are non-trivial which is the reason why we need to have these conversations now collectively as a community but whether it's tomorrow's keynote that you get a dose of that whether it's all the different product deep dives and sessions that you'll participate in over the course of the next two days or whether it's just walking around the showroom floor and seeing the product demos our hope is that you internalize that this fundamental shift is underway here at this company and more broadly with our community to bring this new vision to life frankly I say that because we can't do it alone now I've been on stage the last two years and I've said this line I'm gonna say it again here for the third year in a row that society's biggest opportunities and most complex challenges aren't going to be solved by one person not one team not one company that we have to ultimately find ways to work together because we can do so much more together and I know for one I myself am excited about working with you guys and bringing this vision to life so with that said thank you all for joining us this morning have a great f/8 and I look forward to seeing you over the course of the next two days [Applause] you

35 Replies to “Mark Zuckerberg Reveals the Future of Facebook at F8 Event | NowThis

  1. Its all about honing in on your privately to target you with BS marketing & Advertising. Mark said it in the beginning of the event, calling Facebook a "Product."

  2. Ogni tanto guarda in basso, sul monitor "gobbo". In effetti imparare tutto a memoria non è facile. Comunque…tutto qui le nuove invenzioni? Una serie di piccole modifiche sulle applicazionie?

  3. Ban people who protest and demand bans with no criminal threat. Make public every flagging with reasoning included. Let people stand by their complaints. Allow people to face the accuser. Even list number of times someone flagged comments/videos & posts.

  4. Talking to Law Enforcement and Government, why doesn't Zuckerberg ask some Electronic Bank Robbers? Mark Zuckerberg is a fool, it's not Social Media's job to stop bad things. People raise good kids, bad kids. Good people are born, Sociopaths are born. Can't stop it.

    So they are making Messenger another version of what they already have with a little Wow app mixed in. Wow what creative genius.

  5. Selling the dream that "I can do anything" via social chitchat … is a promotion of (and exploitation of) a narcissistic addiction. It's like a drug dealer giving kids a reason to use drugs. Suckerberg has already lost his credibility; anything he promises is suspect.

  6. quite a disappointment. In no way, I can say what they are doing is wrong. But… records shows that the breach of trust has been very less assuring.

    I used to support facebook, but after many revelations of unfavorable situation. I decided, no. Breach of trust.
    This is to send a clear message, to anyone, not just businesses. Dont betray the trust. It is not the same as biting the hand that feeds you. But this is something facebook have to learn the hard way. It would not be fair of me for making such statements about facebook. Equally so….

    It is hard to start a company and even more difficult to grow it to its current levels.
    It is very easy to be arrogant of what you have accomplish and ignore of its foundations..

    Every other company are also subjected to the same situation.

  7. I admire his character and passion. At least he is listening and humble enough to admit there are issues that need to be worked through. He is working toward making things better for a good purpose. He is genuine, not arrogant and egotistical. Businesses aren't perfect, people aren't perfect. When we recognize our flaws, learn from mistakes and strive toward perfection it makes us flawless. 💖

  8. bs liarLiar mafiaMZ…. makingFaces is hackerInfested full of spyderBots too just like googleUtube….

  9. Ever wonder how companies where able to hear about what we said that we wanted….. Ding Ding Ding. YOUR DATA!!!! So when companies say they care about protecting your data, think about what I said.

  10. The future of privacy will no longer be in the hands of corporations but in the hands of individuals! Businesses will slowly come to the understanding that their IP is… well… their BUSINESS's IP…. NOT a company who says…. YOU can trust us *Wink Wink* we will protect your data. There is a new technology coming to the market in the next few years stay tuned because there is in fact a way to protect your privacy and security and it's not in the traditional way we have come to know about it through our typical cloud technologies today!!! Thanks for reading and stay tune if this comment does not get censored

  11. ❌ Schmuck-A-Turd is a Perverted Lying Creep
    People who continue to use CrapBook are either Fools or Extremely Dumb
    Does anyone remember why they made it so difficult to Remove your Account on CrapBook, that actually reveals his true intentions for your information

  12. I just want the troll accounts deleted. And the limit of fraudulent international fake accounts.

  13. Your living in a dream world mate. Clearly mark Zuckerberg doesn't even use Facebook himself.
    When he uses Facebook himself then you will know it's fully secure.
    But he doesn't and he never will because he tries to sell a product that he doesn't believe in.

  14. I like the community and finally secure privacy. And laughingly I feel that zuck is like a bugler that stole things in my house and the next day knocks on my door and ask if I want to buy a security package for my home. Kind of like what Norton does to my computer.

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