Mantras And The Fire Lab

Mantras And The Fire Lab

I am at my reading desk. The sun is shining
on my face as you can see from the picture. I could have moved the left off in order to
get a better result, but I didn’t want to do it. Because what I’m going to reveal to
you is very reflective of what is happening outside with the Sun shining on my face. The
sun is shining and then some revelation has to take place. And this revelation is about
a Mantra of what a mantra really means and what it can do.
It is not simply a sound. It is a sacred sound and a sacred sound holds within itself the
signifier and the Signified. The Word and the Object: that is the secret behind the
Mantras. To say a Mantra is an attempt to create the Object that the Mantra signifies.
The Mantra, in other words, is a sound equivalent of the Object.
So, to keep on saying the sound and understand it and then take it to its very subtle regions,
you will know how to create the object, just by using the sound. Because the subject and
the object, the word and the object, the signifier and the signified are all contained in this
Mantra. Now the Fire Ritual adds more power to the
practice of the mantra. Now the Mantra is both a sound that can be heard. And also,
it can be a sound that when it is not heard is understood or perceived by the Mind. So,
it has two components: One is a heard level. And one is a level in the mind that is a thought
perceived by the Mind. So, in both the levels, they are kind of invisible.
It’s audible to the ear and it is perceivable by the Mind but never seen.
The object of the fire ritual is to bring the power of the sound to visible levels so
that you can create the object in a three dimensional form. That’s the secret of the
fire ritual. When you combine the fire with the mantra, the fire is what makes the mantra
or mantra’s Object visible. That’s why I have always insisted on the performance
of Fire Rituals. And if the priest happens to be one who knows these secrets of producing
the sounds within his own consciousness in a way that involves his whole psyche, the
unmanifest and manifest levels and if that priest is able to do this fire ritual, the
ritual will be very productive and then, you can see the results.
And this is something that is lacking, although the literature is out there. What I’m saying
is not something that is original to discovery by me. It is there already in Veda, Vedic
literature. That the Fire and the Sound go together. And maybe I have put it in a form
that is more intelligible or easy to understand. But the most important thing is the value
that we perceive in the performance of the ritual where how an invisible sound creates
a visible objective reality. So, the fire ritual is a technology. I want
to create a Vedic school. I just started with a few boys, but it was closed for lack of
good teachers and lack of good students. But I will restart it again. And then employ the
right people and train the right students. so we can revive the ancient technology of
creating things with just Sounds. So, you know, I have spoken about the similar concepts
in Judaism. You know, if you go to my website on Yogic and Jewish Power Sounds, I talk about
how the concept of just creating a goat for the sacrifice of God can be done with a Sound
Wave. So, all that is required is just to go and delve deep into the Sound and then
the Sound will use the secret of creation, the secret of combining the Signifier and
the Signified, by far, in my opinion, the use of sounds or mantras in the appropriate
way, is the most productive way of gaining mystical and transcendental experience. And
time plays an important factor. The other day, I was talking about how to finish a meditation
or chanting a mantra or within one second. That’s when it becomes very powerful. So,
I’ll talk about it, the one-second meditation, at another time. God bless.

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  1. To the complete destruction of karma by fire and the birth of the absolute dharma upon the Earth from the ashes of the karma. Blessings to you, in the name of God.

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