Mantra Telugu Full Movie | Charmi Kaur, Sivaji, Kausha | Sri Balaji Video

Mantra Telugu Full Movie | Charmi Kaur, Sivaji, Kausha | Sri Balaji Video

Sonali, isn’t the house beautiful?
– Beautiful? lt’s very far from the city. This is my 4th drink, planning to cut my profit? 75% – 25% As you say, sir. Hello…
– S.l.? Yes. Who are you? Hero?
-What? What’s the matter? A small settlement.
– Settlement? l want to talk to you. Where should l meet you? Kanakadurga near Madhapur. Make sure the job is done. Everything will go as planned. Bye sir. l don’t like adulteration. You may die very soon. Sinners like us live very long. What’s the matter? Nothing, uncle. l was paid Rs. 1000 to beat you. For Rs. 1000? Me? Do you know with whom you’re talking to? Yes, l know. You are down with just one punch. Why do you want a full bottle? Do you need girls? l will kill you. Stop..! How are you, hero? Superb. Hello Yadav. How are you? Are you angry? Eat. C’mon eat. Your brain will cool down. To hell with your anger!
– Boss is talking to someone. So what? lt’s me, Shankar Yadav. Become very arrogant? lt seems you refused to vacate the shop.
Should l send my boys? l didn’t know that he’s your man. ldiot! Nobody is my man. Got it?
-Yes boss. Who ever finalises the deal is my man. The shop must be vacant by tomorrow.
– Okay boss. You know me, don’t you?
– l know. Understood?
-Yes boss. You job is finished. My boys will come in the evening. Pay the balance money. Okay?
-Yes sir.- Go. Thank you & bye sir. Hero, l heard that you beat S.l. Why would l beat S.l.?
– lt’s true. Owner of Kanagadurga bar in Madhapur, called me last night & told
he beat S.l.- l will hit you. Only your name is Hero, you’re not. Why did you beat a police man? S.l. wants the constable’s
daughter for a night. But still, will you beat him for nothing? Do we beat anyone for free? He gave me Rs. 1000.
So, l beat him. Be careful. This is all because of you.
– Me..? You don’t engage me these days. So, you are blaming me? Okay. He is Mr. Raja Rao.
– Greetings sir. A businessman. What business…?
– Not our business. What’s his problem? A girl owes him money. He’s not able to pressurize the girl. Who will repay your money
if you are too polite? Look, she is my friend’s daughter. Then, ask him.
– He is dead. But she has given in writing that
she will pay all his debts. Understood what he said? How can l understand without money? Now he’ll understand. What’s her address? C-44, Vengal Rao Nagar. C-44, Vengal Rao Nagar.
Leave that to me. What’s her name?
– Mantra. Mantra Nilayam Not like that. Okay then. Now salutations. Get up. lt’s getting late to office. Get up. Wow! Your pat was so good.
One more please. l will kill you. l’m leaving. Bye. Say Hi to our boy friends living next door. ls Rangaswamy uncle there? You?
– l’m secretary Simhadri. Rangaswamy’s brother. l’m a general manager. l own 450 buses, 300 cars,
30 pilots, 70 clerks. My kingdom has no end. Rangaswamy…
– l brush my teeth in Pakistan. Have coffee in Calcutta
and lunch in Bombay. l’m posted in Nilagiri forest. lt’s been 6 months since l ate. When l’m hungry, l eat thrice a day. Water is scarce in Hyderabad, we are closing all the wells. Afterthat job is over, we’ll fix 50 pumps in every house. lnside the house, outside the house,
in kitchen, in garden… You can only cook on ordinary stoves
and not on gas stoves. We’ll give free gas stoves. Tell me if you want gold.
l will get it from Dubai. Not that l lack anything, my entire house is made up of silver. l will keep on talking. You go up.
Rangaswamy is available. Greetings uncle. Welcome. Sit. How are you? l know. lf you aren’t happy, it means
the tenant has ran away again. Yes uncle. Even if l offer money,
no one is willing to stay there. l wonder what’s happening
in that house. Everyone say it’s haunted by ghosts. l’m surprised to see people
still believing in ghosts. Everyone has his own belief. Now the house is called
Ghost house. Even if we are ready to sell it
at rock bottom price, no one is willing to buy it. At last, a professor came forward. According to his conditions, if you could make someone
stay in that house, all your problems will be solved.
Go. Make someone stay in that house. l will take care of the rest. Okay uncle. How’s my driving? Did you learn anything new from me? l learnt that l shouldn’t offer
lift to anyone in life. l will beat you with slipper.
Get lost. S.l. was right. l must stop raw drinks. Who are you?
– Hero. Who do you want to meet?
– Mantra. Mantra has gone out. Let her come. What? Does she know you? No. She will know me when she comes back. l’ve to go to office. You get out. 301,302, 303, 304, 305 306, 307, 308 Mantra, who is he? Who are you? So, you are Mantra..! Who are you? l’ll leave if you pay money.
– Money? You owe money to Raja Rao. He has approached Shankar Ram,
who runs kangaroo court. Understood? Give me money.
l’ve lot of work to do. Hello…are you mad? Should l pay money any idiot
who comes to my house? l’ll settle it with the
man l owe money. Who are you to meddle? Get out. l came here for money.
-What if l refuse? lf you don’t, l’ll stay here
till you pay up. l will eat here.
l will drink here. And l will sleep here. l will eat, drink & sleep here. ls it a lodge? There’s a way to ask your money.
This is nuisance. l will call the police. Police? l’m scared of police.
What should l do now? Go ahead. Call the police. Tell him that l’m Settlement
Shankar Yadav’s man. Let me see who dares to come here. l’ve nothing to do with you.
Call anyone you like. Police, MLA, Minister…
Just anyone you like. Until you pay up, neither will l go
noryou can send me out. Why did uncle Raja Rao do like this? Why call that rogue uncle? He is father’s very close friend.
l promised to repay his money. Why did he send a goon?
Very inhuman! Father helped him so much. lt’s okay. We will do something.
Be cool. Uncle, why did you stop us? Stay away from the children. Leave her. Leave her please. That’s good. Friends, one week holiday for you all. l’ll call you. Then come here.
– Okay madam. l’m asking you seriously..
Do you believe in ghosts? There are no ghosts. We have only one thing l believe.
That’s life. Then get up & get ready.
-Where? Mantra Nilayam. Why did you want to go
to Mantra Nilayam suddenly? To solve all my problems,
l had no other choice. We hire somebody to stay there.
And they run away. Enough! MANTRA NlLAYAM 1 km Who are they? Names of the people
who lived here before. We are facing problems since
they died here. Come in. Relax yourself.
l’ll freshen up & come. Mantra, where are you? There she is. Why are you sitting here alone?
– Sorry. Come. l really got scared
when l couldn’t find you. When l come here,
l seem to be lost somewhere. Are you in the bathroom? Come fast. Forgot to switch off the TV
before going to the bathroom. How come you are here? Yes, l am here. You were in the bathroom.
– Bathroom…? Are you scared? l’m not scared but…
-What happened? l’m very confused. What happened?
What happened? Mantra, there is something overthere. What is there? There is something inside the bathroom. Let me see.
– No Mantra. Wait. Let me go & see.
– Don’t go Mantra. Leave me.
– Please, listen to me. Let me see.
– No Mantra. Just a minute. No Mantra. There is nothing here.
Look for yourself. There is something. There is nothing.
Look for yourself. There is something.
– Come. l won’t.
– Get up. Let’s go to your room.
– No. Veni, please listen to me.
– Let’s leave this place. That rascal must have locked
the door from inside. Do you’ve keys to the back door?
Come. lt’s all ourfate. We’ve to enter our own
house like thieves. He is born to drink. Hey Mantra, the computer is missing. lt must be there.
– No. lt’s missing. This must be his handi work. Where is the computer?
– l pledged it. Pledged the computer?
For what? To drink. Did you pledge the computer
for your drinks? Do you have any sense? Do you have any sense? There is a guest in your house. Don’t you know to arrange
food & liquor for him? You went away. What about me, madam? That’s why l pledged the computer. For your kind information, if you don’t pay me by tomorrow,
l’ll pledge everything in this house. Afterthat…
foryour kind information, l will even pledge you also. How dare you? Will you pledge me?
Come & pledge me. What do you think of me?
– Stop man handling me. l will kill you.
– Get out. Will you pledge me? Yes, l will…
how dare you push me? What? What do you think of yourself?
– Leave her. Trying to kill me…? How dare you!
How dare you touch me! What’s wrong with you?
How dare you hit me. l will kill you. Leave her. Leave her. l will cut your nerves.
How dare you hit me!- Leave her. What now?
Will you kill me now? Will you kill me now? Are you Shankar Yadav’s man?
What can you do? MLA’s can’t touch you?
l’m Mantra. Go & tell Raja Rao that
l won’t repay his money. Let him do whatever he likes.
– Leave it Mantra. lf you don’t leave, l’ll kill you.
l will kill you. We have given ad in all newspapers
to sell Mantra Nilayam. These are the documents. lf she can sell this house,
her debts are nothing. We told Raja Rao that she will clear
the debts once the house is sold. lt’s her bad time that she had to
be pushed around by a goon like you Shit! Greetings madam. Greetings once again. How did they…
– l called them. No. He said he is your
fiance & brought us here. Making fun of me..?
– Sorry. Since they went away
because of me, l wanted them to here again at any cost. l didn’t know what to tell them.
So, l lied. You can go. Come when Mantra
calls you.- Okay. You look different now. l need a favour from you.
– From me? Do you want this? Your job is to destroy our peace. Please don’t say that.
Mistakes happen. l want to discuss about
a business deal with you. l’ve one more business.
-What? Real Estate.
– Real Estate…? Yes madam. lt’s alright. Sit.
l will sit down. Madam owns a house, right?
l will sell that house. You don’t need to sell it.
Just stay here. lt’s enough. That would be of great help. What’s the use of me staying there? lt’s the buyer’s condition.
– Let us lie to him. He will phone everyday. Anyone might come there to check. No matter what we do,
he will know it. Okay. l will stay there. Tell her & give me the contract
of selling that house. With whom are you talking to? Hello Madam. Greetings.
How are you? Madam…Madam…My Goddess.
Mantra madam. What were you talking to him? He wants to stay in Mantra Nilayam. He? ln that house?
l don’t mind if my house is not sold. But l don’t want him to go there. l must do something
to chuck him out. lf he stays there,
our problems will be solved. Moreover, no ordinary person
can stay there. Maybe, this goon is right choice.
– But still, no. Listen to me. lf no one stays there,
we can’t sell that house. lf we can’t sell that house,
we have to bear his tortures. lf he stays there,
we can sell the house And we can give him
some commission too. All our problems will be solved.
Think over it. You get out. Think again. What should l think about, you rascal? What did l do? You threw me out of the house at night. You even bit my hand. Think again. Okay. What’s your name? Hero. Goon will suit you better. lf you say so, l agree. Will you stay in that house?
-Yes, l will. lf you get scared & run away… Shit…! l will not go even if you call me
a piece of shit! l want to tell you something
about that house. Go ahead. Sit. lt’s comfortable to stand, right? That House?!… The mountain Goddess is
very angry with you. From today onwards,
you’ll live with danger. l knew that when l married. l got rid of that.
Tell me if there is anything new. Don’t say that. lt’s dangerous…
very dangerous. Give me a Rs. 100 note.
l will give you an amulet. lf l had a Rs. 100 note,
l would go to the bar & have a beer. Give me money for what l said. No money. Go away. Mountain Goddess will get angry.
Your might die. lf Munuswamy gets angry before the
Mountain Goddess, he will kill you. Munuswamy? Who is he?
– lt’s him. You go. When bad time comes,
you’ll fight unnecessarily. A sense of restlessness,
and what follows is hell. You are making fun of the mountain goddess. Why invite trouble?
Let’s buy that amulet. Don’t trust such men.
lt’s waste. Let’s go. Take your bag. You weren’t seen for 2 days.
– l will tell you. Get in. l thought we are going on a picnic.
– Get down. This house looks very haunted. Whose house is this?
l don’t understand. Are you shocked?
This is our house. Did you buy it?
– ls it necessary? From today onwards,
this car & this house is ours. Stunning! l too feel the same.
-You mean the house. No, my heart. What happened? l fell down. A joker will do for me. l got it.
– He stole the card. Did you see?
-Yes l saw. Your game has no life. l saw nothing.
– lt’s your turn. l saw something there. Play. lt’s true. Trust me.
l saw something there. l swear on my mother. l will go & see there. lf there is no one there…
l will break your neck. ldiot! What? There is something over there, right? Yes, your grandma.
There is nothing. Weak hearted!
– l swear. l will kill you. You spoilt our mood. There are no wine shops near by. So what? We will go to the wine shop. Not like that, stupid. Should we’ve to go so far to drink? Anything for the drinks! lt’s in the car. Go and get it.
-Yes. Come. No. l am very scared.
l will watch you from here. Let’s play some game. Anyone who stays inside the water long
will get a full bottle of liquor. He is the umpire.
-Yes, l am the umpire. You?
– Let me be the umpire. Come out fast. l’m very scared. Thank God! You came.
You lost. You lost too. You won. What are you looking at? ls there any ghost behind me? Go fast.
– Come fast. Wait… You weak hearted!
-Who is she? A mad girl.
-What if she comes in to the house? She won’t come. She is just a mad girl.
-Will she be roaming here? Yes.
-What if she attacks us? She will do nothing. Don’t worry.
First, wear a brief. Who is doing that? Shit! l will kick you. ldiot! How many times to teach you? Whose names are these? Those are the names of the
people who lived here. What happened to them? They are all dead. Dead?
– Fool! Why is it blank then? May be it is forthe people
who are going to die.- ls it? Shall l write your name on it?
– No. Are you scared? Stupid. What are you doing?
What are you looking for? Someone has left a piece
of chalk here. What are you doing?
-Writing the name. No.
– l am not writing your name The great Hyderabadi…
l’m writing Munuswamy’s name. No Hyderabadi has that name.
– Shut up. My name looks great, right? Yes, it has the looks of dead man. Shut up & leave.
– Let’s go. Stop.
-Where are we going? To drink?
– To Shankar’s party. Don’t booze too much. How can we stop ourselves?
– Let’s go. lt’s been very long since
we had free drinks. Let’s enjoy. My goodness! She scared
the hell out of me. Bloody disturbance at nights! Hey…
-What happened? Munuswamy is missing. After getting drunk he must be lying
unconscious somewhere. Where did he go? Hey Munuswamy… l couldn’t find him. l’m scared of this house.
-What else? Let’s go away from here.
– Stupid. He switched off the phone. l wonder where he is.
– The car is here. The car is here.
– Shut up. To hell with you. Hi guys. Why did he beat me? You went missing from last night.
So he got tensed. That mad girl had been
irritating us from day one. So, l got her admitted in
the mental hospital. A good job. At times, she talks very well. So, not all mad people are the same.
– Tit fortat. Hello…what place is that?
– Panjagutta cemetery. l need to piss.
– Go man. Accompany me to the toilet.
-Accompany you? Please. Please come.
– Okay, let’s go. He’s torturing me getting scared. Useless fellow. Stay here. Don’t go anywhere.
l’ll be back soon. Why are you so scared? Go. What’s that noise? There is no one here. Where did the noise come from? There’s nothing here either. You don’t have to stay there anymore.
You can leave. Did you call me to say this? Anyway no one will buy that house.
My problems will not be solved. l don’t want to trouble you.
– Say something else. l will give you the commission you ask. l’ll go only after selling Mantra Nilayam.
– Can’t you understand? 4 people have died in that
house including your friend. lf you still stay there,
you will also die. Till now, my intention was
to take my commission. But now l want to know
how Munuswamy died and the secret hidden in that house.
l will know that. Bye. My name is Hero.
How did your husband die? We live in Mantra Nilayam. l know that you lived there earlier. My friend admitted you here. He also died just like your husband.
Why did your husband die? You’re the desire in my thoughts… Creating commotion in
my heart, My love… You’re the thought l never forget… Raising desires in me…
ls it justified? You make my breath
sing melodies… Showering me with
never ending boons… ls it illusion or what?
ls it justified? l’m becoming a part of you… With your hot breath… You’re getting late to go to office. l live in the farm house
next to your house. l’m Abhi…Abhiram.
Shall we play chess? l don’t know to play. l’ll teach you.
– l’m not interested. lf you play once, you’ll never leave. You can go now. He seems to be mad. l’m on hot tin roof always… Take chances to cool me off… Like gushing and flowing river… l’m crossing miles of plains… Like floating snow… Singing melodies of love… O my love, why do you torment
me like my own shadow? You…? l really got scared.
-Why get scared? l’ve got my dream project. You said you’ll be back after 2 days.
Didn’t you go on a tour? lt was cancelled.
-What happened? Please. Don’t disturb me. That girl was under a shock earlier. So, whenever she hears shocking news,
or when she remembers her past, she will react violently.
Don’t disturb her. When will she become normal?
– Even tomorrow or some years. Without telling us the reason,
she has given us a shock. l wonder when she will become normal. l don’t care. l’m leaving. Though it has been a year,
l still feel l’m newly married. We left our families who were
against our love marriage. We live in this farm house away
from our family members & relatives. Today morning,
l left for Calcutta camp. But it got postponed for
another week. Expecting that my wife would be eagerly
waiting for me, l came home early. But my loving wife was romancing
with another man… lf l had the power,
l would want to kill such men. The punishment my Pooja gets..
…is my death. That too infront of her eyes.
A gruesome death. He committed suicide because
his wife cheated him. lt’s me. Why call me at this hour?
– There is nothing here. That mad girl’s husband committed
suicide because he was mad at her. He is not the only one who died.
What about the others? They must also be having
similar flashbacks. How did ourfriend Munuswamy die? Yes. How did Munuswamy die? Munuswamy. lf anyone writes their name on it,
will they die? l’ll write my name. l’ve written my name on it. Will l die?
C’mon…kill me. Kill me. Come out. Come out. Come & kill me. Come out…kill me… What’s this? They both died in this house. Why is Munuswamy in this photo? lt’s not good for him to stay in that house.
But he never listens to us. Okay. He asked us to come here urgently.
What’s he going to say? Hey, look at the photo. How come all dead are in a photo?
– How is it possible? Sati…
-What? We must know how Munuswamy
got into that photo. But how will we know that? l will get to know it. Where are you going?
– To Mantra Nilayam. Are you coming?
– No. Until l find out the secret behind
Munuswamy’s death, l will stay there. l think we will lose him too. Hello Goon, where did you go
without locking the door? Who will dare to come to this
house anyway?-Why not? There are people like you. Answer the phone call first. lt must be that bony girl. lt’s me Veni. Why did you call me? l came to Mantra Nilayam just now. Mantra Nilayam? Why?
-Just like that. l wanted to stay here for few days.
– But… lt’s alright. Goon is with me. He is a big problem to you. He is not a problem. lf he does anything wrong,
l will kill him. When are you coming?
– There? l will call you before coming.
– Come. Why did you come here
all of a sudden? lt’s my house. My wish.
-You are right. Tell me, why did you get into debt trap?
– ls it necessary to know? No. But l’ve understood. You’ve no parents.
Got a few boy friends. Spent money on pubs & discotheques.
You feel shy to tell the truth. Stop talking rubbish.
People like you can think like that only. lf you don’t tell me the truth,
l will imagine like that only. Neither me or my father is
responsible for these debts. My father stood surety
to many people. How will you understand
all these things? Why did she get upset? Did l say anything wrong? l want to show them new style…
you know. Has she gone mad early morning? Please, talk to my manager.
They manage my dates. Are you mad to talk to yourself? Oh my God! When the press & TV channels come for
my interview, l’ve to talk like this. Are you a heroine or big starto
be interviewed?-Yes. l am a star. l will become a pop star. After selling this house,
l will clear my debts and make a big album in Telugu.
– Go & beg. Do you know how my album will be?
– No Do you need to sell your house
to become like Shakeela? You need to sell house to become
like Shakeera. Album in Telugu? Don’t under estimate me or my talent. l will become a big pop star.
And if you come to meet me, l will tell my body guards
to throw you out. The song would look like… l’m M-A-N-T-R-A…l’ll charm you
with my Mantra… l’ll do what l say… l’ll win over everyone… lf anyone dares take on me… l’ll show how l’ll win overthem… Words are beautiful… Actions are beautiful… Beauty is not just skin deep
but heart and soul too… Life is a golden cup… Life without love is waste… Teenage is once in a life time period… Open your heart to it… Enjoy the fun of youth… Meet heart with a heart… lf you hesitate, life will go waste… Take chances… Don’t boast…O boy! Heart desires… When l see you… l’ll charm you with my Mantra… My heart pounds when l see you… Whatever it is l don’t care… My eyes are guns… lf l fire, its not fun… Won’t you get love fever? lf l say no… lf you claim we touched
your heart with a look… lt’s a lie…
we don’t want that drama… lf l become your eyes… lf l become your wish… lf l make you swoon… Do you’ve only doubts? Play on the music,
l’ll show you my magic… No fun… Do something funny… That clue is enough. l will take care
of the rest. You carry on. Hello Hero…
-Why did he come here? Welcome boss. Mix water with liquor. Don’t drink raw.
– l meant something else. Come in boss. l’m already in. You used to finish
the job in a week’s time. Why did you take so long this time? No phone calls. You didn’t meet me either.
Your job was in the city. Why did you come here? lf you have any problem, tell me.
l will solve it. There is nothing. How could you say that?
l struggled very hard to find you. What have you done about that girl? Now l’ve understood.
l’ve understood it very well. She is no ordinary girl.
How will you ask her money? You came here for a settlement
but you have settled with her. You’re not at fault.
lt is your age. Hey goon…why is he talking nonsense?
Who is he? Who l am?
Didn’t you tell her about me? l’m right hand of ‘Settlement’ Shankar Yadav. You trapped him in your beauty
and acting smart with me. You are talking too much.
– Stop it. l will chop you into pieces.
What are you talking?-You go. Go l say. Boss, you both do anything as you like.
l’ll not move until you pay up. Get lost. No money.
– Please keep quiet. Stop it. What is she saying?
– Come with me. l will tell you. Boss…Don’t get tensed.
Think with a cool mind. What will Raja Rao give us?
Rs. 25000. She is not in a position to repay the loan. This entire property belongs to her.
And she is going to sell it. But there is a small problem. What’s the problem? Has anyone laid
his hands on it? l will cut his hands & legs. Since this is a ghost house,
no one is buying it. What should we do now? lf l stay here & sell this house,
she promised me for good commission. But there Boss Shankar will be tensed.
You try to manage him. l’ll give a you cut from my share.
– How much? You are very clever. l will give you 25%.
– No. l need 30% commission.
-You idiot! 30%…? Okay. Agreed. Drink & go back to the city.
This is a ghost house. And you…? l will play with ghosts & demons.
l will take care of them. You take care of my commission.
Let’s work together. Where are you going? Mr & Mrs. Ramdev Sinha.
They both died in this house. lf l approach the one who
sent this card… How dare you comment about me
in my house? l will teach you a lesson. Boss…
– Coming. Are you Mr. Sunil Gupta?
-Yes, it’s me. And you? We are coming from Mantra Nilayam.
We need to talk with you. Mantra Nilayam? l don’t know what it is.
Please go away. He might tell the truth if we beat him.
– Keep quiet. You don’t know about Mantra Nilayam? But how did this wedding invitation
get to Mantra Nilayam. What? We both are from the same village in Bihar. We both are friends.
Ramdev was a very good man. He suffered a huge loss in business.
Unable to handle the huge debt, he came here. From then on, people who gave him money
come here to inquire about him. l used to deny knowledge about him. Look, Ramdev & his wife are dead. Oh no! Can you tell us more about them? Ramdev was a very good man.
But sensitive. His wife Sonali is spendthrift. She wastes money on clubs and
on her makeup. They never had a smooth going.
Do you know Ramdev? My friend is buying that house. Since they died in that house,
l came here to know the reason. We’ll move. lf you don’t mind, can we see your
marriage photos or video?- Sure. What is the use of it?
-Just watch it. lt’s Munuswamy. Please rewind it. Do you know him? He is my wife’s relative. So, this is how he was
appeared in the photo. Where have l called?
– Mantra Nilayam. Who am l talking to?
– Mantra. You are…? Aren’t you ashamed to drink my coffee? lt tastes superb. He is a useless guy.
And now there is one more. So, that’s your problem. There’s no problem if Manickam
stays here. Except liquor. He will be of a great use. He’ll be some company
in this big house. Talk good about him and
he will do anything. We gain nothing by sending him out.
He will go to Shankar. And your problems will start again. Not only that, if 3 of us stay here,
the buyer will gain confidence. You can sell this house very soon. ls that so?
Will the professor buy this house? Some coffee please. lf not that professor,
someone else will buy it. There is no problem in this house. Was there any watchman
or a servant in this house? l don’t know. A lady used to come here from an
area behind this house. That’s all. You must make a promise.
-What? Once you become a pop star,
you must give me a job. Why did you stop here? l am little worried. l will meet the maid servant. You go to Mantra.
– No… Please…catch some vehicle & go there. Listen to me. You are troubling me, boy.
Go. What is he worried about? Why is he asking me to go back? lt’s not an easy task to
walk back from here. Should the power go off right now? ls she alive or dead…? Let me check… Ghost! Ghost…ghost! l saw a ghost last night. lt was like an ordinary human. How can a ghost be like a human?
Try to be clear. You left. After you left, l opened the room. Then, l came to bedroom. The power went off. l heard some noise upstairs. l went to find what it is. l saw a ghost. A ghost! l saw a ghost. Yes. l also heard that noise. l went up. l saw an image. Nothing was clear in the dark. Then, l found her lying on the floor. Yes, it’s true. You both saw one another in
the dark & got scared. Are you are still in that shock? There is no ghost. Drink water & stay relaxed. Don’t get tensed. Cool. Let’s go out.
-Actually… Let’s go out. l will tell you. Listen to me. Hey goon… Manickam, open the door. Who locked the door from outside? Open the door. Goon… Open the door. How long will you take? Manickam, open the door. He is standing outside.
And l am sitting here. Then, who locked the door? Since this house is haunted,
no one dares to buy this house. ldiot! Do you have any sense? Why did you lock the door from outside? Hello goon! Where are you going? Going to the city. Where is your senior? l looked everywhere but couldn’t find him. He must have ran away fearing you. Ran way? lmpossible. He must have got drunk
and lying somewhere. l looked everywhere but
couldn’t find him. Bye. Okay. Come soon. lt’s me.
-Yes. Uncle Rangaswamy. Tell me. Where are you?
– ln Mantra Nilayam. You don’t have to be there
from tomorrow. -Why? The professor asked time to
buy that house, right? He said that he is coming
tomorrow with money. Really?
– lt’s true. But you must stay there tonight.
– Okay uncle. Don’t forget.
You must stay there tonight. Sure, uncle. Understood? l don’t know whether he is
at home or not. This is a ghost house. Veni, the professor has agreed
to buy this house. He will pay advance in 2 days. You gave me a great news. Even l didn’t believe it. Uncle Rangaswamy told me
this on phone. So, the hero was of great use to you. lt’s true.
We were worried unnecessarily. There is nothing here. l am little sad.
-Why? Because l can’t be in
Mantra Nilayam from tomorrow. My boss is coming.
Will call you later. Hey goon, our job is over. l got the news. You have achieved what you wanted. You seem to be really happy. Who were you talking to?
-Veni. This is your last night… …in Mantra Nilayam. Are you going to live here forever? This is your last night too.
-Yes. Someone came foryou
a little while ago. He saw me & ran away in fear. Did he run away on seeing you?
Who could that be? Goon… What’s all this? Look at this. The room used to be very neat.
l’m very scared. Let’s go away from here. Say something.
-Just a minute. She was alone. Please. Let’s go.
l’m very scared. Let’s go. Come. Shut up. We suffered a lot. You are getting money
tomorrow morning. How can we leave now? There is something here. Let’s go. Listen to me. Please.
l am very scared. Fear not. l am with you. Arrange the things. ls the professor giving cash or cheque? He’s coming tomorrow to talk about it. You’re using a lot of cosmetics. What’s your age? What bothers you? 18…? You’ve taken off few years. l’m always 18. Enough. Didn’t l tell you there is something here? l heard this noise earlier too.
-Wait. Let’s go away from here. Heard the noise. Let’s go. There is something here. This is Manick’s phone. lt’s me, Manickam. Why didn’t you tell me before leaving? Mantra is the ghost. She goes to bathroom and
locks from outside. And she opens the door by herself. No. She can’t be a ghost. Your imagining too much. Okay. l will discuss the rest in person. Okay. Hang the phone. Why his phone is so busy? Why did Manickam say so? Did he ran away on seeing her? Subbu, did you come to
Mantra Nilayam today? Yes. l did come.
l saw a girl sitting there. You mean Mantra. lt’s been 20 years since she died. What do you mean?
-Yes. l & Munuswamy saw her grave. Mantra Devi Born on: 05.06.1927
Died on: 15.11.1985 Hey Hero…come. l’m in the swimming pool. Come & sit. You seem to be very tensed. This is your last day. Come. l have a doubt. lf people die with unfulfilled desires,
they become ghosts, right? lf l die before becoming a pop star,
will l become a ghost? Say something. Come closer. The bond between the house, me and
you will be over by tonight. C’mon sing. You don’t know to sing.
Okay. l will sing. Who is here for whom? Who will come till last? Anyway, you’re very brave. Let’s see. lt’s been 20 years since she died. Mantra must’ve killed the
people who died earlier. l’m always 18. Boss…
-What? Come to betel shop immediately. l’ll wait there for you. Come there. l will tell you. Open the door! Why did you call me urgently? Some strange things are
happening in Mantra Nilayam, l got Mantra’s friend admitted in a
serious condition to a hospital. Leave me! Leave me! lsn’t the house beautiful, Sonali? Beautiful? Very far from the city. l’m telling you l’ve run out
of my face cream. Shut up, you…
– Sir, food is ready. Go…go…go. What are you doing? Our earning is meagre,
we can’t afford to pay back. Anyway, you are not going
to earn anything, how many times l’ve told you,
why don’t you listen to me? l’m trying to explain, and your
good sense is not prevailing. Why did you come away from there? We are trying to explain you. How many times we have told you? l and my sister are trying
to put some sense in you, why don’t you listen to us? Why are you behaving like this? Sister! How dare you kill my sister!
l’ll not spare you. l’ll burn you alive. No…no…please leave me…
please forgive me. Don’t kill me… Save me…save me…
l’m burning…save me… Madam, sir is dead! You mean he killed all of them?
– That’s right. He didn’t kill intentionally. Situations provoked him to do it. He killed his wife by chance. He burned his brother-in-law
alive in that shock. Maid servant when she saw the bodies, without knowing about the
arrival of his brother-in-law, cried loudly,
madam, sir is dead! That cry remained etched in his mind. Doctor says he’s affected
with Bipolar disorder, Making that room his world, he sealed it with plaster
to remain undisturbed. l think he was using the
window to come out. How about his food then? May be it’s 3 months
since he ate well. He was eating the food
we left half eaten. Yes, once l kept an apple
on the table, it went missing after some time. May be he had eaten it. When some one tried
to open that door, he tried to kill them thinking
them to be his enemies. Not tried to, he almost killed me. lf you hadn’t come at right time,
l would be dead. l think he would’ve killed Munuswamy
for trying to remove the plasters. Should he kill a man for that? Not forthat reason,
whenever he saw you, he imagined you as his wife
and tried to kill you. Not only that the man who locked
the bathroom door from outside, Yes…yes…
– Giving wrong connection, he was the man who made
the geyserto fail. He would’ve attacked Veni also.
– ls it? l called you herto Mantra Nilayam
unnecessarily without knowing this. Okay, what’s wrong now?
She’s fine now, right? What about that photo and the grave? What’s the name of the place? My name, Mantra Nilayam. Actually, that’s my grandmother’s name. l was named after her as
l resembled her very much. That’s the matter,
it’s her grandmother’s grave.

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