Mantra for Gay Relationship – Aim (AH-EEM) Mantra Attracts Men

Mantra for Gay Relationship – Aim (AH-EEM)  Mantra Attracts Men

Hello YouTubers.
I’m here again with Mike Michaud and his partner. And I’m in San Francisco. You heard the story
of Mike and his health miracles. Now, there was another miracle in his life. And I learned
something from this miracle. I have been using mantras to, to help people
to attract things in their life. And Mike has been asking me, that he wanted a relationship.
And I have given him this mantra, Kleem. And he has been very, very diligent in using the
mantra. And this is the mantra I was experimenting with. Kleem actually is the mantra that attracts
women. And then, so it was a very good learning experience for me. And Mike started attracting
women. And then he got back to me. And then I said, I reflected on it, I meditated over
it. And I just changed the mantra and gave him a mantra to attract men and then that
was the mantra, AING. Because, luckily, I was just searching on the mantras textbooks
and I found this. And I gave it to him. And here he is, with his partner. And I’m very
pleased to introduce them to you. And you’ll hear from them.
Thank you, Datta. Thank you. yes. So, how you guys met? And.
Well, we both tried to. This is David. And I’m Mike. We both tried to attract relationships
in our lives through logical means for all of our lives. I know I did. But I never quite
got it right due to Karma or some happenings. I could just never attract a divine relationship
that I always wanted. And every time Datta, I saw Datta, I would tell him I really wanted
a divine relationship with somebody special. And he did give me the mantra, Kleem. And
it does work to attract women. So, if you want to attract women, it really does work,
Kleem. If you are, if your persuasion is different, and you want to attract a very special person
into your life, the mantra AIM is an incredibly powerful sound that bridges the gap between
what you really want and your life. It will bring it into existence. That’s how I attracted
David. We attracted each other through mantra. It wasn’t through logical or normal type means,
at all. Now it is certainly beyond anything I ever imagined. I really, I feel like I got,
I’ve been blessed with a tremendous amount of work that Michael must have been doing.
And Datta for him, as well, because I, here I am. I’m feeling thoroughly blessed and joyful.
In a truly loving, truly divine relationship and I am so blessed. So, I’m going to use
the powers that Datta’s been teaching all of us. And try o create more peace, love and
joy in the world, with Mike. That’s wonderful.

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