Lucid dreaming Guided meditation – A vivid dream Experience

Lucid dreaming Guided meditation – A vivid dream Experience

Lucid dreaming guided meditation In a few moments you will begin to explore
the dimension of lucid dreaming, a part of your mind that allows freedom where, perhaps
your body inhibits imagination and experiences are but a dream. To Lucid dream is to feel, see, hear and have
participation within a scene that you vision in your mind without any limit of time, space
or matter. Set aside any distractions in this moment
and begin settling down for the night by being present in self study and observation. At times the experience of lucid dreaming
may seem unfamiliar but by staying grounded when you sense there is a change, you can
wake up inside your dream calmly. Settling down now, listen to the words that
you hear in a comfortable position. This induction is told in story form, so let
your imagination be free as you absorb yourself within the experience. It’s time to lucid dream. Observe the quietness of your surroundings,
and the feeling of having no pressure to do anything. This is an unobtrusive and peaceful time,
perfect for letting go of your thoughts. With your body still, sense the feeling of
the room, Be aware of everything around you, locating
every object in your mind and remembering it. See the layout of the room behind your eyelids,
in your memory. Feel the textures of those objects as you
recall each surface with your fingertips. Any ambient sounds you hear are observed and
remembered. Now you have a good idea of what is real,
this is your baseline to know if anything has changed. As you progress, certain objects may change
shape or look distorted. You will now know if anything is out of place,
and when you do, you will calmly begin to enjoy the experience. As you observe, feel the temperature of the
air drop a couple of degrees. As the air cools, you notice your shoulders
descend slightly, as you begin to let go. Your breathing slows down, now easier from
inhaling the cooler air inside the room. Calmer and calmer you go, breathing more steadily
on each peace filled deepened breath. Relaxing more, your chest loosens, willingly
accepting the easy to breathe oxygen. You may now if you wish, close your eyes,
if not, gaze past a spot on a ceiling or wall as you listen further. You are quite safe, you may move your body
and have free will to do so. Getting more comfortable now as your spine
aligns into the perfect relaxed pose for the night. The realisation that there are no troubles
here calms your every thought now as you let go a little deeper. At this moment in time it may feel like you
are unsure wether your eyes are open or closed, you can check just
By blinking. As your body cools, it matters not what position
your eyelids are in, as you breathe out awareness and inhale
The state of your inner imagination. Every muscle lowering down now, your hips,
legs and ankles become as relaxed as can be, loosening your feet and
Toes . Clearing out your mind with each easy exhalation,
your shoulders being the pivot of relaxation, release your arms and neck into the most blissful
loosening. With your head and arms drifting downwards
as you let go more, you become entirely present in this moment. Inside you observe quietly, silently watching
as your imagination unfolds. Perhaps you are gazing into that area you
had chosen, or your eyes are closed, either way you begin to feel a vibrational sensation
in your toes and fingertips. Subtle, safe and soothing. As your mind drifts further and your state
of awareness shifts to a new dimension, you start to feel, hear and possibly see the portal
of sleep emerging. In the space where you fix your gaze, the
opening of the 5th dimension slowly fades in. Hearing it first, the satisfying crackles
and humming of another world can be noticed. Now, seeing a dim light as if a torch were
on the other side of the area you observe, you calmly look on as it gets slowly brighter. A small circular movement of sparkles, light,
energy and patterns can be seen. As the portal slowly revolves around, it widens,
revealing another place behind its dim light, a doorway to dreams or a
Parallel universe. with the portal fully open now, revolving
around in a static position, you let every muscle relax as you slowly float up and towards
it. The weight of any stress or tension is left
behind in your physical body down below. Your chest loosens as your shoulders completely
let go, every breath deeper and more calm than the last. As you exhale, you get a sense of feeling
lighter, floating more freely up and towards the dim light. Looking at your now lucid body, you see the
light through your fingers, the texture of your hands, feeling a warmth as you drift
closer to The portal. having no thought about anything else in this
moment, you allow yourself to drift into the light. Your head now peering through the portal,
observing a waft of warm air as each part of you passes through. Your face now relaxed as relaxed can be, every
muscle soft loose and resting. As your neck enters this 5th dimension, your
shoulders release any tension holding them up, your arms now dangling. Feeling safe in this silent experience, your
abdomen becomes quiet, dispersing any intrepidation that you may have for tonight’s journey. With your spine aligned to the perfect position
of comfort, your hips, pelvis and legs unfurl any tension. Floating through the portal your ankles, feet
and toes tingle into a most relaxed position. Your mind now silent as you completely enter
the other side. As your lucid eyes adjust ,and your awareness
shifts once more to this dimension, you see a most beautiful beach, lit by the light of
a full moon. You can clearly see all around as the moon
glows its blue haze on the edge of each surface. Floating now above the sand, you listen for
each new wave that spills gently ashore, seeing the white wash, tinkle in the moonlight as
it rolls Out onto the fine grains. There is but a slight breeze, only felt from
floating, you feel it on your face, which relaxes your brow, cheeks and mouth. drifting along the beach, the aqua smell of
salt water fills your nose, refreshing every part of you as the air is absorbed by your
body. Quiet, tranquil, this place is truly a sanctuary
of peacefulness. Feeling quite safe, you set down on the sand. Your soles of your feet plant themselves onto
the warm granular beads and instantly help you in being grounded. As you slowly walk, you feel the sand spread
out from under your feet, each footstep having it’s own relaxing white noise sound. Now feeling warmer from the lack of breeze
you felt whilst floating, everything seems a little quieter, more silent. Check in with yourself in this moment by raising
your lucid hand in front of your face, can you notice anything different? Being still right now, observe this beach
and all it’s surroundings. Be patient with yourself and remaining calm
at all times, you are present, close your eyes if that helps. Feel the atmosphere of this wonderful space
of freedom. Sense where everything is in relation to you,
touch the sand with your fingertips. Every texture, sight, sound, smell and feeling
you have is from being here. You may notice that vibration within your
body once more, possibly an urge to float or begin seeing your imagination open up a
little more. Go with it, do whatever you feel is right
for you in this moment. Are there trees, foliage or buildings around
you? now getting a sense of your mind state, observe
your own body. Take yourself to your breath, feel each inhalation
of fresh new oxygen, and get relief in every chest deflating exhalation. Perhaps you now move in slow motion as you
look around. Close your eyes for a moment to fully appreciate
what you experience. Bring your observations to your lucid self,
be aware. As a softness of loosened muscles washes your
whole body, you now feel part of this place as if you are here. keeping your head still, slowly open your
eyes and look around. as you observe everything, you feel different,
perhaps awake inside your own dream or even daydream. You may now move or float however you wish,
exploring this safe space of discovery. allow your mind’s imagination and visualisation
to create whatever you desire. From this moment the scene may change, depending
on where your dream thoughts and images take you. This part of the exploration is personal to
you, go deeper into your dream. QUIET VOICE:
Sense how you feel inside Be calm as you explore in any direction
Is the scene you see beginning to change? What can you hear? What would you like to dream about? You have free will to go anywhere you desire Can you still hear the waves? Where is your mind taking you? You are safe, relaxed and observing yourself
and your surroundings bring your lucid hands into view, moving them
freely Look around consciously, what do you now see? Has anything changed? Can you interact with any objects? You are in control
Do you see anyone else? Is there a scent that your nose picks up on? Are there any textured surfaces that you can
touch? Can you move anything with your lucid body? Hear your own breath within the dream
Be relaxed in your observations Take your time to become aware of your lucid
body, there is no rush Settle every emotion, feeling and sensation
down You are grounded in mind
Can you interact with anything? Try to move an object that you see Is it daytime or nighttime? Can you see yourself? See every detail of the environment inside
your dream You are awake inside your dream
Move your lucid body in any way you want to You have free will
Are you floating, flying, walking or running? What is the atmosphere of this dream? Can you change your dream? now back to studying yourself, be calm, you
are safe. Wherever you are in your dream, you see see
and hear the crackles and dim light of the portal back to where you first started. Floating up once again, slowly, as you edge
closer to the doorway out of your dream, you silently observe your surroundings. Remembering what you see and taking mental
notes, you begin to pass through the portal. That vibrational sensation soothes your muscles
as each part of you floats on past. your head loosened with the relaxed muscles
of your neck,. Your shoulders letting go into a state of
complete rest, your arms, wrists, hands and fingers become limp. Through you go, relaxing into an immense bliss. Each breath now becoming deeper than before
as your chest loosens more, Your spine gives up any awareness by positioning
your back into a comfortable position. Stillness, silence and calmness is felt within
your abdomen, As your hips, pelvis and legs drift through,
your ankles, feet and toes lose all energy. Your mind still aware of being lucid, you
watch and observe your place in relation to your physical body, which lay asleep. The portal closes and everything becomes silent
once again. Remembering from memory, you recall the layout
of your room. Before floating down and back into your physical
body, observe to see if anything looks different or has changed. Take a moment to look around. QUIET WORDS:
You are safe, relaxed and grounded in mind Can you see that anything has changed in this
room? Does anything look distorted or out of place? Breathing and moving freely
Can you interact with anything there? You have free will
Is this the same room, or somewhere else Is there anyone else with you? Be calm in every breath
Do you recognise anything or anyone here What time is it? Is it daytime or nighttime? You begin to feel tired
Closing your eyes, you and your lucid body float down and back into your physical self. Now feeling heavy, you begin to breathe deeper
on every cycle in and out Every part of you relaxed as can be You are safely and contently asleep with the
memory of what you have just experienced. Every detail you noticed or observed is remembered
by your mind Anything or anyone you met in your dream you
can recall The envirnomnents and feeling of the places
you visited are as vivid as can be It’s now time to settle down even further. Allow nothing to matter in this moment, as
this is your personal space and time. Drift out now into the deepest of sleeps,
allow your eyelids to close down for the night, allowing your mind and body to rejuvenate. The sense of achievement you feel inside subconsciously
rests every muscle, every breath and every slipping second into sleep. slowing down further, the touch of any surface
you lay upon or in becomes as soft as can be. Your body heavy with contentedness, your mind
clear to drift off like the moon slowly sliding across a night’s sky. As you become heavier and heavier, the stars
that shine in YOUR night sky are the memories of the dreams you dreamt and are to dream
tonight. Going deeper, deeper into sleep, my words
begin to fade as you feel a washing wave of relaxation allow each muscle to let go. From your feet, they become cool, even feeling
the space in-between each toe, your soles softening, loosening your ankles. Like a tingle of relief, your ankles are cupped
by the blissfulness in this moment, a cool sensation that works up to your calfs and
shins. Perhaps now sensing a tingling in your feet
and ankles, your legs begin to unwind down further into the comfortable position you
are resting in. No more thinking for today, sleep is but a
few moments away as your memory will serve you well for when you awake. Now is but a time for sleep, deep sleep and
peacefulness. As that wave of relaxation cools your knee
caps, your legs let go even more, descending into stillness of acceptance. Your thighs, now bringing your hips, pelvis
and spine into line, you rest further and drift into that deep deep sleep. With a clear mind of achievement, your shoulders
and chest decline into a wonderful soothing posture, an invitation to sleep deeper tonight. Rest and recuperation is all you desire in
this moment, you can relax knowing that your experience of tonight will be even more vivid
the next time you lucid dream. As each breath deepens and your mind clears
further, any outside sounds begin to fade off. Your neck loosens your head down into a heavy
slumber with your eyelids closed tight for the night. Now its deeper down your own portal of sleep
that you go, allowing your awareness to fade with each deepened breath. Your muscles give up for today as you just
let go. Your face muscles too, untighten, unwind and
droop into that sleepy state. You are safe, you have no reason to hold on
anymore, let go in to the pure tranquility of every pleasing sensation of drifting off
that you feel. Let go more with each exhalation, feel your
chest slump loose with every breath out. Listen to your hypnotic breathing cycle. The gentle and lengthy whooshes in are of
complete comfort, and the silent outward exhalations allow your sleep state to fill you with rest. As you arms slide downwards, your wrists unlock
to allow your hands the heaviness of sleep. As each hand rests, your fingers unfurl into
an automatic state of softness and peace. Your face now resting, your eyelids heavy
and your mind now clear, you drift deeper and deeper into sleep. Your toes expelling all energy
Your feet weighing down each ankle in comfort From the undisturbed heaviness of your legs
sinking, your hips loosen that loose sensation can be felt in your abdomen,
where everything becomes still, silent and calm
Every safe breath of clean life giving oxygen release the grip of any awareness in your
chest and shoulders. With the decision of no more thought for today,
the decision of allowing your arms to feather down is an invite for your wrists to let go. With each deep and satisfying breath, your
wrists smooth out your hands and fingers From the tops of your arms to the top of your
neck a cool wave of muscle unwinding tranquility lowers your head down to a deep sleep. You wish yourself goodnight, letting go completely,
by having the most restful night you can sleep.

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