Lower Back Strength and Stability Drill with TRX – Stick Mobility Exercise

Lower Back Strength and Stability Drill with TRX – Stick Mobility Exercise

Hey everyone! In this we’re gonna target specifically
people that have lower back issues, and when they go to bend over to pick things up
sometimes the lever is a little too extended for them, and the spine, it doesn’t have the resiliency or
the capacity to deal with the extended lever, especially when you’re picking up
some heavier load, okay. So Neal’s gonna set up,
he’s going to take about a hip-width stance. He’s gonna place the end of the stick in the cradle of
the TRX and then he’s gonna go into his hinge pattern and he’s gonna bring his opposite hand
across and he’s gonna grab the stick. From here he’s gently going to start to
push down into the cradle of the TRX. This is going to start to activate all the core tissues
so that we get proximal stability around the spine. From here, you then start to push the stick
away from you, increasing the lever demand, and you’re gonna feel much more
activation through your core tissues. So this is self-regulated in the fact
that is you’re slowly extending out, your control of how much tension and how much
distance you know that you can deal with, so it really helps with giving you the proper dosage, so that you’re not overextending, or overexerting,
or putting too much demand on those tissues. From there you can also lengthen the levers
and start to move the sticks side-to-side and that’s going to really engage those core tissues,
the oblique slings as you have that lengthened lever. So play around with it. Once again, it’s self regulated so start with a light amount of tension, start and explore with a short lever length and then
as you feel better, as you feel that you can control it, then start to increase the amount
of tension you’re putting into the stick and start to increase the lengthening of the lever. Have a good one everybody

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