Love Nikki – The Charged Events SUCK this time (ft. Boutique, Back to Past, Halloween Charge Streak)

Love Nikki – The Charged Events SUCK this time (ft. Boutique, Back to Past, Halloween Charge Streak)

before we dive into the video remember
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and I’ll appreciate you guys a lot for doing so okay welcome back to my channel
and today we are going to be doing a tutorial on a zeros messenger I don’t
know how to say this name I could be pronouncing it totally wrong as usual
Azuri Azur let’s get started on the first thing so
first things first claim your gift from the mailbox so over here you give three
and if you guys can’t prompt this because you like you just try clicking
on the mailbox and it’s not there but you know it should be there don’t worry
just play the game a little and go back so what happened to me was that I had to
first collect my reward from the competition and then I went to my friend
mail and then I claimed that one then I played around a bit then I went back to
my system mail and then it was there so don’t worry if you can’t find your
message it’s gonna be there sometimes it just takes the game a little bit to send
that message to you now let’s go to Asura’s messenger so there’s two ways to
actually get to this place one is through the events page over here
and the other one is over here at the around the world
so our destination is cloud Empire and it doesn’t really matter where you are
you’ll be able to get prompted to go to this place in the end whether you’re
from the North Kingdom or Little Kingdom I just happened to be in cloud Kingdom
already so I’m just going to go here and I do apologize for my voice I don’t know
why it’s acting up like this but hopefully you guys don’t mind so now I’m
gonna go choose my spot and we’re going to need to go to jinlun palace it takes
one ticket to go so that’s why it’s important for you to go to your mailbox
and claim your ticket so you don’t have to spend diamonds on this so let’s go to
the site and I’m just gonna quickly go through this part because we don’t want
to read it you can read it on your own time
but I’m just going to skip over it for the sake of the tutorial okay over here
you have five time house feathers or no tip most tip nose tip most feathers and
this is the current seat for this event we’re going to go take a photo so
whatever I’m just going to confirm it and just snap the shot and save the
photo so now we’re stuck at an impact here because we have to wait for our
traveling time which is 11 hours and 48 no it was probably around like 12 hours
and that’s going to be real Annoying especially if you’re making a video like
me because I don’t want to spend diamonds on this you can if you want to
but I personally won’t and I know it’s like you guys are waiting for me to make
the video but there’s no point since that we’re probably all going to have to
wait anyways it just makes sense to save your diamonds you don’t have to be the
first and everything but again if you do want to speed up you have to go buy an
Express Pass so you can go to the souvenir shop over here and buy the
Express Pass remember there are two types of tickets
there’s the Express Pass ticket and the site ticket and these are the other
stickers in this shop but the Express ticket is what you want I think one
ticket is thirty minutes so you want to have twelve hours so that’s 24 tickets
24 times five that’s 120 diamonds if you wanted to speed up but I really like my
diamonds the way they are so I’m not going to do this by the way guys has
anybody actually played around the world when this feature came on here I know
there was hype around it but I was just like if I can’t get diamonds on this
feature of the game then I don’t care about it so I’m pretty sure you can’t
get diamonds on it I haven’t been bothered to check it out because I’m
lazy but yeah I have literally ignored this for the past ever am I able to seed
anything yeah there’s like a lot of parts to this event where I can do it
later I might make a part two for this video
later tonight or tomorrow because I’ll have to wait at least eleven hours where
this and I hope you guys can wait with me for now I think I’ll keep this video
interesting in a sense where I’m going to explain the boutique so over here
there are three things you can buy from the boutique there is the whale calf
there is the pineapple cake and there is my pie my boyfriend actually put like he
does this and or he did it he learned a lot of skills and he kept trying it on
me like I’d find myself in a walk hung the floor because he’d be like babe
wanna cuddle next thing I know I’m like on the floor and he’s in like he’s
locking me up and he’s like can you move and I like can’t move I’m dead it was
all fun and games until I found his gloves and I started beating him up with
it so that was fun anyways I’m not get this set because I clearly cannot
see you use for it it’s nice it’s cool and if you do the sport it’s great but
otherwise like it has euro versatility whatsoever and then over here this will
cast one thing you do need to know about it is that nor two things so one this is
a set suit so there is something you can get from the gallery but it doesn’t come
with a makeup I don’t understand why they would put a makeup on to a suit to
sell it when it clearly doesn’t come with the makeup okay so it says at the
very bottom where the purchase limit covers it displayed makeup is not
included thanks guys I literally did not notice that I had to
double check because I had a feeling of mistrust with this game and if you check
over here you can see that this suit indeed does not come with makeup whether
it be the post set or the non post set so what a shame this is how they get us
to get money I really do think the dress is actually so cute I really like the
hair because it’s like a green teal color
I like the whale pose it’s just adorable overall I haven’t bought anything in the
game for the past ever so I’m going to go ahead and buy it so let’s check it
out over here so I’m going to go to my mailbox and I’m going to clean this whoo
shit I though because I know there is a cumulative event back to the past I
think for this one it’s really sneak because I think yeah you have to buy
from this place over here yeah I’m pretty sure you have to buy it from here
so anything you do get from the mailbox I really don’t think it’s gonna add to
this and I’m just gonna keep it there because there’s a limit of one month so
I think I’m okay for that and as far as everything else like including the
pineapple cake over here this is also not a set suit so you won’t get any
extra diamonds for completing it so back to the past I don’t understand why I
have sand island here it might be because I did finish some of the sudden
in the past before because I did do the cumulative recharge so for example I
actually did get up to the hair and the necklace but it says I have 290 own but
I don’t think I can pour the sand in like if I try it won’t let me so I have
to you have to buy it and at least it saves your progress because sometimes in
the secret store even if you complete like 80% of the outfit you still have to
spend the full price to get the entire suit before
one at least they save your progress and you have to buy extra star lights and
here so I don’t like this because this doesn’t give you extra diamonds so if
you go over here I still have two times diamonds here so it’s more worth it for
me to buy from here than there but of course they want to make the most money
so that’s why they’re going to make it so hard for you to get more diamonds for
the same amount of money I personally don’t think it’s worth it you can get it
because this tree is very versatile it’s the last one probably and yeah you need
to spend 1,250 diamonds on it in order to get that so it’s around thirty forty
dollars Canadian as for the last thing that I wanted to talk about there is
another thing called Halloween charge streak so I personally will not get this
it doesn’t make sense me you have to charge fifty diamonds or thirty diamonds
each day in order to get all parts of this and it doesn’t even come out to be
a danger so somebody called Chloe tab on the love Mickey’s any group on Facebook
they actually made a little nice infographic on this it does come back I
think for crafting I didn’t really understand what she meant by the six
cost tens token stars maybe they meant starry coins and then these items are in
production order so the order would be from I don’t even know what these are
they’re so tiny like a wrist item and like a hand item or like a head item
then the neck item and the head item again the hair and the little owl with
the thing so it will cost you four hundred and five diamonds in order to
complete the set so if you want to wait for it to come back you might as well do
it because like it doesn’t make sense to charge 30 diamonds every day there’s no
30 time an option but at the same time I also don’t know what this means so
there’s no option to get 30 diamonds does it mean you have to charge like the
minimum a hundred diamonds every day to get it off or if you charge over thirty
diamonds you can get all of this I don’t know I think it’s the first part because
it does see its charge streak so it’s just kind of scumbag because how are you
gonna find 30 diamonds unless you have like a really nice value pack every date
where you can buy something for 30 diamonds but this is just complete BS I
literally hope I’m wrong because it doesn’t make sense where there’s an
option to charge 30 diamonds each day like I’m trying to get a prompt from the
actual page itself so if I go here it says
have to recharge 30 diamonds and I tried to like just charge but it won’t on me
so I think you do have to charge like 100 diamonds minimum every day even
though it says 30 in order to get this full set which isn’t that cute anyway
like it’s not that cute every item is so small it doesn’t come with a dress
doesn’t come with shoes doesn’t come with makeup so all in all I think this
is the worst ever money event that love nicky has put forward but yeah I hope
this was helpful let me know if you guys need help with anything else and
remember to Like comment and subscribe if you like my content bye oh yeah stay
tuned for part 2 of this event I will be making a tutorial I know it’s probably
not going to get much traction but at the end of the day I still know that
some of you guys do need help on it so I’m just gonna go do it but yeah whew

52 Replies to “Love Nikki – The Charged Events SUCK this time (ft. Boutique, Back to Past, Halloween Charge Streak)

  1. i love all these recharge suits i wanna buy the pineapple cake and the whale their really cute but my wallet 🙁

  2. I almost thought that the song you use in the ending of your video is the opening of fairytale snow fairy

    By the way please help me search for my mind because I lost it when i was eating burger while listening to a girl talks about love Nikki lol

  3. so, for the daily charge bonus thingie, i think it's 30 diamonds per day because that's the smallest purchase you can make in exp. like, when the time limited pack is one dollar, it tends to come with 30 exp instead of 50. they're just trying to make us recharge every day, even if we pick the cheapest option.

    totally agree these items aren't worth it though, and unless there's some 1 dollar zodiac pack you want to gamble on, you'll overcharge stupidly to get them anyway. it's a pass for me.

  4. #earlybirb I only want the birds and the new makeup- I thought about getting the whale suit PHEW- I DIDN'T KNOW IT DIDN'T HAVE A MAKEUP THANK GOD

  5. Thank you so much for making these videos Effie! They are extremely helpful and have saved me from wasting time and diamonds on numerous events. 💖

  6. You can charge for the $0.99 pack in the store for the Halloween parts, it has 30 vip which is what you need lol. 😊

  7. Not feeling these cloud suits 😭😭
    I bought the whale suit and the back to the past suits as an early birthday gift for myself. I have wanted that tree since the suit came out. 🤗🤗

  8. I hope next 2-3 weeks nothing interesting to me happens on this game, Because I can smell a big event coming soon.

  9. For the Halloween daily recharge you could probably just buy a 0.99 zodiac pack everyday. I got the whale suit today cuz it the only one I liked 💙

  10. I’m using “wander about” in Around The World until I’ve gotten every location for free just in case that ends up being relevant when the free backgrounds I’ve heard we’ll get come <:$>

  11. I believe Iri's vid said something about the current event being a response to players on another server saying the Around the World feature is useless.

    It is. This event does not make me want to use it. Or pay diamonds to use it.

    Thanks for the breakdown about the boutique though. I thought the 6 Halloween items were an obvious cash grab too. Pretty shady Elex. If you recharge 1.99 a day you wind up spending $12 for items you can get for 405 diamonds when they come back. 🙄

  12. I used Around the World every day the first week and then stopped. Apparently it doesn't get useful until they start giving you backgrounds, but I don't know when that will be. I like this event and so I'm doing it.

    For the boutique pack I'm getting them to save them for hopefully a cumulative this month. I'll buy them towards the end of the event though.

    I think the only way to get 30 diamonds/VIP is to do the discount pack daily. Possibly zodiac packs could be an okay option, if you want diamonds, but I like knowing what I'm getting. I'm not doing it because it seems like a hassle to recharge daily for such small items. It's kinda nice though to have some cheaper suits/clothes items. I already have the back to the past suits so I'm good on those.

  13. Lol the charge streak is ugly. I saw the little images and thought they were cute, but on Nikki they just look bad… it's so expensive for so little.

  14. I'm internally struggling so much…the whale one is so hecking adorable and I have enough but I also want to save my money for a $100 recharge……>-<

  15. What if you waited a few days and did a larger diamond recharge? Would it count the days that have already passed as part of the consecutive 30/day recharge or only that one day?
    ALSO, has anyone ever had an issue with making a purchase, but not getting the items? And how long did it take to get a response? Because I filled out the form for not getting my diamonds/stardust when the Blood Beckon suit came back, but I've heard nothing from them?

  16. LOL For me I was impatient and spend the gems to finish the event. However I fucked up on the last place and clicked on the wrong location. So it cost me an extra 110 gems for my mistake:(

    For me I like the lesser suit so I got her. For the other black suit I just got a few pieces that I wanted.

    The packs I found out counts towards the Halloween items. So getting all three will get you three Halloween items. The next best place to get 50 gems for $1 is the zodiac if you get a $2 pack. If not than the next best thing is the princess pack that has 60 VIP points. So I read of paying $2 100 vip times two you can get the items for $6 all together. Personally I would get them now because the zodiac items we got last year have still not returned into the game>_<

    I don’t like how Nikki increased the price of the Dwell suit by $2. Though I’m glad it was $2 and not maybe $5. Still I bought the suit because it’s one of the two suits I regret not getting first time around. I love that suit so much. Oh and finally the damn tree is mine as I wanted that tree so badly LOL.

  17. Awesome video! I'm so relieved that the little whale suit goes to your mailbox instead of opening up right away. I'll get it on the last day of the event to maximize on the time limit, and it's so relevant to me since I just went to the zoo today.

    And it's utterly bogus about the Back to Past shop–it costs $1 more than it originally did (1250 VIP now vs 1200 originally) and that is so unfair. LN is punishing players who don't buy everything the first time now. 🙁

    Looking forward to your next video! ^o^

  18. The first time the starlight sand charge thing came I didn't understand that I couldnt buy from the regular diamond shop and was SO disappointed when I didnt get the vampire lady suit after buying diamonds 😫

  19. still waiting for all servers to collab and do a huge ass event just about NIKKI. like a 10 day event with a whole new way of getting items and 5 elegant suits ONLY REVOLVING AROUND NIKKI!!!!

  20. I am as dumb as a rock because I cannot figure out this STUPID AROUND THE WORLD event. I tried when it first started, during the wedding come back suits, but didn’t do it because I cannot understand HOW TO DO THIS!! Was hoping you might be able to help but I’ve given up. Love ya much, and thanks for trying. 🥰😻😻

  21. Hi I just recently subscribed! I agree the recharge event doesn’t make any sense, honestly it was really disappointing to make it so you recharge daily for items that aren’t even worth it 🙁

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