Lat Pulldown Exercise for a Big Back, Beast Up Your Back with Vicsnatural

Lat Pulldown Exercise for a Big Back, Beast Up Your Back with Vicsnatural

So the first thing you do with the lat pulldown is to keep your hands shoulder-width apart Then when you come down Right. The first thing you do is you don’t start pulling that’s what a novice does The first thing you do is you drop your shoulders like this Okay, which is an exercise and a practice all by itself That’s the first thing you do If you don’t do that You’re not going to engage the back and you’re really going to be cheating yourself out of the best part of the exercise Which is the beginning when I drop my shoulders, that’s part one and then I pull down That’s part two I pull down to my chin no further because if I do pull down further than my chin What happens is I start getting my shoulders involved in the exercise. You see that? I don’t want that to happen I want to keep my head up my chest up and It’s a two part movement again Part one drop the shoulders back is locked and engaged part two pull down nice and slow Keep the weight on the outside of my hands and what you get is an amazing sensation and an amazing Repetition now you’ll find that you don’t have to use a ton of weight when you do this folks All you have to do is drop once locked and loaded Bring it down nice and slow to your chin give that a shot instead of the typical Pulling down and jerking down. Let me show you how a lot of folks do it. Okay, I Put on a ton of weight and They lock their legs under here right like this and then they are like this When you’re not gonna get a lot out of that right again one more time drop the shoulders Pull through the chin fist part of my hands very relaxed One two One two and when you get really really used to it you can do it in a more fluid movement Thanks so much for watching friends, I really appreciate the likes the shares and the subs, please visit me at www.viki Natural calm for my workouts and diet program. And also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Vic’s natural Peace love and muscles. Take care. Bye. Bye

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  1. Iv'e been doing it like this since your fake tan days lol. It absolutely works. Same principle with barbell rows and pull-ups too. One thing I like to add is a isometric hold. Whats your thoughts on that Vic? plm.

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  3. Where is this magical quiet gym you go to? I have to queue for the lat pull down πŸ™ Thanks for the tips

  4. Do you think it's better to lean forward, backward, or just stay relatively straight during the pulldown? In earlier video, you mentioned to lean into the machine but it seems like you lean slightly backward in this video if I'm not mistaken.

  5. Could it work doing al reps in the engaged position?… I have issues with my infraspinatus (origin to insertion), when I stetch it I feel too much discomfort in my shoulder; its "easier" for me to, once engaged, keep going from that position. But realy a great great tip about making pressure with the outer fingers. That's like having a the wrists strapped to the bar.

  6. Your the best man everytime you make a video you explain everything in the best way and it actually works! Keep it up man

  7. I had a trainer teach me that same form about 20 years ago… he was a great trainer. He would also have me "burn out" by doing as many reps as I could of the "shoulder drop" part of the movement to finish the set.

  8. Vic you deserve a ton of praise for how simple you can make bodybuilding and fitness come across ! Appreciate you and all the work you put in to help us

  9. What is the best way. Because some say for back thickness and size the best way is to overload and use as heavy as possible weight

  10. I remember watching one of your videos like 10 years ago…lol this guy is a true YouTube OG good to see you’re still shredded πŸ‘

  11. Look at the time of this video. In 2:27 you were able to cut to the chase and share such great info without all the verbal bs other channels have. Thanks Vic. You are brilliant!
    Please keep them coming.

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