KLASSE! Xiamen Airlines Business Class 787-9 | YourTravel.TV

KLASSE! Xiamen Airlines Business Class 787-9 | YourTravel.TV

Hi, guys! Welcome to our new flight report from Xiamen! I’m going to fly business class back to Amsterdam with XiamenAir 787-9 Dreamliner today. It’ll be a 12 hours flight I’m quite curious about what XiamenAir has to offer. Shouldn’t be bad though, I assume. Let me show you after the intro! As you can see, there’s a huge red carpet for business class passengers here. We just went through the security check. It’s all going well and we’re having a special treatment. I’m not sure if it’s because we signed up with XiamenAir or it’s available to every business class passenger. No, it’s not. There were other business class passengers line up behind us at the check-in counter but they didn’t get this Personal Assistant service. And it goes on. We had a great time in the lounge. We’re going to pre-board the plane now. It’s very nice of XiamenAir to let us on 10 minutes in advance. This is great because the cabin will be empty now and we can give you a better display of it. We can see what it really looks like. Yes, XiamenAir’s 787-9 is a 2-class airplane. There’re 30 business class seats and much more economic class seats. I don’t know how many seats exactly with these two classes combined. Here you can see the 30 business class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. It’s the Reverse Herringbone seating arrangement and each seat is individually controllable. It provides the greatest possible privacy which is very nice in my eyes. So I’m sitting on the Reverse Herringbone seat right now on a 787-9 of XiamenAir. It’s similar to the seats from Qatar Airways and KLM We’ve flown with the Dreamliner of KLM before. The seating arrangement is similar but it’s a little bit different. Still in a 1-2-1 configuration though. Click on the “i” button on the top right corner for the related videos. Yes, it’s a night flight, unfortunately. We departed from Xiamen at 00:10 and arrives in Amsterdam at 06:00. So it’s completely in the night time. I have to do this quickly then because the cabin will soon get dark. But I’m really looking forward to the services from XiamenAir. So XiamenAir is the name of this Chinese airlines. I’ve kept saying “XiamenAir” at the beginning and the name is on every piece of paper here but that’s not the right pronunciation. The right one should be “XiamenAir”. XiamenAir has three 787-9 Dreamliners and six 787-8 Dreamliners now. but they don’t offer too many flights to Europe currently. Most of their routes are still within Asia. So here’s the headphones I’ve already unpacked Take a look. XiamenAir Headphones Ok, it doesn’t look like a high quality one though. And I don’t think it’s noise canceling. I’ll test it later. However, the slippers looks great as far as I can tell. Wow, yes, with the hard sole. This is perfect if you need to use the lavatory Without slippers or Hausschuhe, as in German I wouldn’t like to use the lavatory, if not necessary because it’s usually not so clean on an airplane Just my opinions. And here is the menu on my left. – This is the first time I’ve seen it. – Wine recommendations for meals in here. – You can find wine recommendations here on this menu – Nope, on the menu. – Look at this one. and this wine for this. Yes, and that’s exactly what’s on the menu. I’ll show you later when it’s time to eat. It’s funny that in the announcement the flight attendants just said “XiamenAir”. I’ve had the pronunciation explained to me by multiple locals. Armrest up and armrest down. There’s a large compartment for storage. I got a compartment on my left as well with a mirror in it. There must be a force of resistance to keep the mirror from falling down. Great idea. Here in the front let me put the Champagne aside is another large compartment. You can find the USB portal, audio input/output here. A socket and a remote controller. Like always, when I want to show you something when I want to show you something the announcement gets in my way and it makes me unable to show you. We’re lucky again the rear rows are relatively empty while the front rows are completely full. This is a trick of mine. I always try to back fill that’s because passengers’ seats are assigned from the front to the back automatically so the front seats are always full. Cool trick, right? I love the Chinese hospitality which we’ve received during our trip in Xiamen. You’ll always be greeted and served in a friendly manner and it continues here on the XiamenAir plane. That’s great! I’d like to say “Cheers” on this very plane then. The official registration number of this Dreamliner is B-7836. Only went into service 7 months ago it’s such a new plane. This is what it look like in here no signs of ageing or whatsoever. Business class is up to date and I’m really satisfied. So what do you think of this business class? Do you like the arrangements? And the style of the cabin? Yes or no? Write me a comment. In accordance with its corporate identity here we have a blue pillow and a blue blanket. But why are they so heavy? Wow, such a heavy blanket. So, the middle seats are suitable for couples with the 1-2-1 seat configuration. If you’re traveling in pairs, middles seats are the best. You might not be able to look outside the window but at least you can talk with each other. This very flight I’m on right now is part of the round trip from Warsaw to Xiamen via Amsterdam. I cannot tell you the costs exactly. But it’s definitely not expensive. It was an irresistible offer, from Warsaw to Asia. By the way, I’ve posted videos about the trip on my website a few weeks ago. Just click on the “i” button and you’ll be directed to my website. If you subscribe our newsletter you’ll stay informed as long as there’s such an offer. So, don’t forget to click on the “i”! The Amenity Kit. Always a pleasure. When I fly business class I’m especially looking forward to it. I’ll show you later what’s inside. Maybe a pajama. Here is the racing belt the 3-point harness. I think that has something to do with the reverse herringbone seat. XiamenAir is the fourth biggest airlines here in China and a subsidiary of China Southern. Just like China Southern and KLM XiamenAir is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance as well That’s why they have codeshare agreement with KLM on flights to and from Europe. This is the In-Flight Entertainment system of XiamenAir. I haven’t been able to find many German films though. The menu has no German options either. Only in English, Chinese, Indian and something else. No, that’s all. The choices of films are also limited. Interesting, I can’t see the windows anymore. just like a Airbus and other airlines. This is a Dreamliner the windows can be dimmed down as you like. I can control it with the monitor. It should be dark now with the highest level set. But I can’t show you because it’s dark outside as well. Any idea what this is? Yes, this is a Wi-Fi voucher. On this 12 hours flight back to Europe I can use it to get free internet connection. Let’s see how fast it is and if it is as restricted as it is in China. We’ll see. Finally, the light is on. It was out for about half an hour. I was worried that there would be no light all the way. It would be unable to film in that case. But luckily, we got it. However, it won’t last for a long time. It’s just time for food and drink. The light will certainly go out afterwards because we’re in the middle of the night right now. So, let me show you how the bed works while there’s still light. Here’s the control panel. There’re 3 modes, which are sitting, lounge I have to hurry up now because the overhead bin must not be open while flying I’ll show you quickly. Wow, that was really comfortable. It might doesn’t look so but the mattress is so soft. However, there’s no enough room for my feet which is typical with reverse herringbone seats. There’s a lot of room for my head though and I think the length would be 1.9 m. I’ll show you the exact dimensions on the left and you’ll know what you can expect from it. I found it quite comfortable and I think I’ll have a good sleep. So, here are the 3 modes again. Sitting, lounge and flat bed. I can adjust it individually. That’s it. Hope you got a good look about this because I have to close the overhead bin now. I’ve been told to close it already. This is the, wait a minute I need to adjust the camera to show you more So here’s the bathroom up front, on the left side of the plane. I think there’s another one on the right side. It’s relatively small, but it’s very clean since this is an only 7 months old Dreamliner. Some amenities here hand cream, soap and a cup. This brings me back to the question. What do you think of this? Do you use the water on the plane to brush teeth? or clean your mouth? This is a brand new plane. I think I can do that here. And every time I go to the bathroom I’m given a piece of handkerchief. So I don’t need to wash my hands then. I haven’t shown you how the table works yet. It split in two and I have a handle below. I can put it in 3 different positions. We can put it away, but part of it is still out. then half out and all out. And every time I can unfold it accordingly. I’d like to use the middle position. It the suitable position for eating. OK, maybe the table is a little out of my reach. Wow! This is the appetizer here from Xiamen Air. A fresh salad with a croissant and a bun. Here’s the beef salad and the dressing. Oh, cool! It’s also quite elegant and high-level of XiamenAir to use the silver cutlery set. Good! I can’t even stop now. Wow! Really stylish! And the salad is truly fresh. Looks delicious. Interestingly, the main course comes after the appetizer which was here earlier. The salad. An now I can choose from the steamed rice, boiled rice and fried rice. I’ll take the normal one, steamed rice. Oh, fish! Fish finger, Haha! With chopsticks. I know how to use them. But I want the soup first and I’ll find out how the rest tastes later. There’s something hard to recognize. like this one. Whatever it is. And here’s the European Package with a spoon, a fork and a knife. Ha, seems I’ve got a problem now. I really want to plug the headphones into the audio output but the table is occupied now. It’ll be difficult. And every time there is a new pack of Western cutlery. So there were two different soup and three main courses to choose from. But the dessert is a must-try. A small cake with a fruit plate. Yeah, that’s right. I cannot make the choice. It’s on the menu I’ve shown you earlier. You can go back and find everything on it again. And during the flight, the whole flight there’ll be snacks. So, I’ve finished my foods now I think the cabin is about to go dark soon but there’s one more thing I want to show you. the Amenity Kit. Here we go. Let’s find out what’s inside. A blindfold. An eye mask and it’s soaked with something obviously. I’ll open it later. A comb. and Earplugs. Creams. Yeah, that’s it. Oh no, there’s something else. Of course, toothbrush and toothpaste. Yes, that’s all. These are the common items you needed. Very nice, though. I don’t know what to do with it yet. Here’s a velvet purse. Perhaps for glasses. You can use it. Whatever for. Here’s the blanket for sleeping. Really comfortable and soft. This is the softer and thicker pillow. Wow! 9 Hours Later Oh, I’ve had a very nice sleep here in this bed. Way too long I overslept actually. It’s only 1:00 now and breakfast is about to be served. Maybe I’ll get something else. I’m kinda hungry now. But perhaps you’ve noticed that I got a cold before the departure and now it just got worse during the sleep. I’m sure my voice will sound terrible later. How did this happen? Did I really catch a cold? The air pressure on the plane just made it worse and now I got a stuffy nose. I hate it. Hope I’ll get through this and get another breakfast. Guess I’m lucky. There’s still breakfast but only the western breakfast. I assume we’re about to land within 25 minutes. I’m satisfied and I’ll finish my breakfast quickly. The breakfast is served within only 5 minutes. I need to eat fast now XiamenAir flight attendants takes landing very carefully especially when the turbulence are not up to date. You need to buckle up. and it’s all accurately organized here. So the light show is going on right now I don’t even know what for, but it looks great. I want to say goodbye and thank you for watching my video. Hope you liked it. If you do, give us a thumb-up. Here comes the cliche. Subscribe to our channel and you’ve probably already have. I would also be grateful if you could spread GlobalTravel.TV by using the link at the bottom of the video description. I could get a small amount of commission fee and you don’t need to pay at all. I think Dominik and I would make one or two extra flights, perhaps. We’ll see. Thanks you very much and see you in our next video. Bye!

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