100 Replies to “Kennedy slams Kamala Harris for asking Twitter to suspend Trump

  1. People have become so weak that they don't know what to do when a strong person tells them the truth. Those days are over, the powerful and strong will once again lead this country to greatness. Communism is a horrible idea that needs to be reduced with fire if need be.

  2. Her record shows she’s a Hypocrite, using knee pads to get what she wanted. All the while doing drugs An sending people to jail with length terms for doing the same thing. I guess being a privileged brat her entire life surly has something to do with it. Asking for help from organization that her grand mother helped to create would have her roll over in her grave. Must be she needs the off shore money these out fits been conning the courts out of frivolous claims for years. Seeing how they always appear before a far leaning liberal judge.

  3. She must be running for office in China! Can you imagine her as president and have the power of executive order?

  4. I want Twitter to suspend CROOKED KAMALA HARRIS' Twitter account. She keeps Tweeting lies about President Trump. I do not follow this trashy woman and I'm still seeing her lies in my Twitter feed. Why???

  5. so old kamel toe thinks she is queen twitter ? i rule the twitters she says , off with there heads says the mad twitter queen.

  6. Commie Kamala opposes "freedom of speech" and supports censorship. Shades of Karl Marx ??? Next, she'll want to censor books, music and movies she doesn't like/agree with.

  7. I'd like to have a chance to debate this tramp. She is the epitome of hate and violence. I have yet to see one conservative behave angrily, hatefully, raciously, or physically against any hypocritical, degrading and anti-american person. I get sick of listening to such fools as demonicrats


  9. Trump has more chance of being impeached than Harris getting elected, and Trump has a 0 percent of being impeached.

  10. Has she ever even read our constitution? If so, she completely missed the very 1st one. I wish she would drop out. She isn't quite as stupid as AOC but she is every bit as rude.

  11. Kennedy you are a hypocrite and a sensationalist hack. If any democrat was tweeting this way your head would explode. Sit down.

  12. What do you mean holding Social Media accountable for Hate speech. How about We hold You accountable for Political Correctness against Free Speech!!!

  13. More people — average Joe citizens AND government officials — MUST read the Constitution. Used to be it was required reading in high school. We studied it, understood it, and knew it COLD. Now, it's part of some distant history. And it's truly a great creation that — for all it's convoluted craziness — keeps our country together. Read it, know it, LOVE it. Because it IS AMERICA!!

  14. Her own father called her a liar!
    Just saying….
    Kennedy, you are so awesome, I truly admire you. Smart, funny, pretty…..probably own a gun too
    Just saying….

  15. Another apocalyptic idea from a stupid Dem. If twitter wants millions of people to leave their platform overnight they're welcome to try banning the president.

  16. If she wins, what happened to the citizens she doesn’t like. Silencing one citizen’s account just because it’s against her mind. Think about it, it happens in Venezuela everyday

  17. Kamala Harris will never be elected as President of the United States of America,she never have the guts and honesty and she is a Paid Politician hihi

  18. A lot of these candidates are running for their own self interests while riding the anti trump train as a cover up. I get the feeling theyre not as anti trump as one would think.

  19. Nice try Kennedy but Trump is a menace to society and I agree his twitter AKA bull horn to you deplorables, needs to be taken down. Find another hero

  20. TRUMP 2020! God is leading him to victory ! The Demo-rats are running around naked as Jay birds as Trump continues to EXPOSE their corruption!

  21. When statements like hers, and others statements also, are sounding so much like she can just snap her fingers and it will be done……? I want to know, when these candidates say they will do this and do that, how they plan to accomplish this TASK!! Any of them can promise us the MOON, but HOW do they plan to do it! Empty promises……!

  22. Trump is Kamala's "Paranoid Object"!
    If kamala looks in her mirror, she's looking
    at a vastly greeater threat to America than Trump
    could even imgine! In short. Kamala just needs
    someone, anyone, to 'HARASS"! Nothing more
    than a first rate, second class ballbuster!

  23. This Just In from CNN,,,,,,, DEM Leaders Report that Martian Whistleblowers told them that TRUMP is COLLUDING with MARTIANS! Adam SCHIFF Reported He went to MARS and Confirmed with MARTIN OFFICIALS that TRUMP has plans to build a Luxury Hotel Resort and Golf Course on MARS! Pelosi told Schiff if He Bans us from His Resort we will Impeach Him !

  24. The Kavanagh hearing showed her TRUE COLORS!! Remember that folks and how vicious she was to that poor , innocent man!!

  25. Kamala are people ready for you as a President NO. YOU have to tell your own people that are yelling NOOOOOO. YOU have to tell them "Well yes you are" That's hilarious. Girl go home do yourself a favor and save your communist rear some money! You are a Hippocrit and a RACIST just like Jackson tiliab Omar aoc and the 18 others pushing socialism and gun control.

  26. In all seriousness, Tampala is basically and literally the biggest HYPOCRITE in congress, as well as her other cohort of demonic democratic lying scoundrels.

  27. Somebody remind ‘Kabala Harris’ that the President takes an oath to (defend) the Constitution which includes the right to “free speech”…

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