It’s going to be a ‘skinny’ deal with China: Dennis Gartman

It’s going to be a ‘skinny’ deal with China: Dennis Gartman

100 Replies to “It’s going to be a ‘skinny’ deal with China: Dennis Gartman

  1. The US president wants to make the United States great. The Chinese president wants China to be great. Turm and xi will not stop the trade war as long as they are in the United States or the United States. Cheers! The bad times are coming.

  2. Just look at China Liziqi: smart,hard working,tough n down to earth.1400 million people there r like that.They can survive w/nothing! Extremely tough!Who gave Trump confidence to start the trade war?😂😂😂

  3. Guy says normal investor should be long, professional investor should be short, and he with his own money is short. Think about it, they think we are just total idiots.

  4. The Chinese are going to make fake lies about Biden So Trump is making a deal with China to get fake information!! WTF

  5. If dems do not wake up and start acting like Americans they will have a whole country oif Patriots to deal with those traitors. They need to support our president and not work against Americans.

  6. watch: Harvested Alive then buy any Chinese product and support this….. or start buying from countries with human rights and freedoms, and support and promote them??? its a choice

  7. Fox news is crapp news! Learn the law morons there has to be a crime for impeachment and a vote. There are neither. So do this country a favor and report facts not hypothetical speculation.

  8. To: gartman, the bear market decline during Nixon impeachment was due more to America's disgraceful withdrawal from the Vietnam war , shoutout, thank you all veterans

  9. Time to shut China out 100%, and send all the millions of Chinese that California left come thru Long Beach Port Back to China on leaky boats.

  10. China has been busy flooding America with opium and other drugs for decades with the blessings of crooked politicians under their control. Was Epstein working with the Clintons and other Chinese agents to set up a blackmail racket and money laundering enterprise? When will Fox Business start reporting the truth about the Fed?

  11. China is holding out to see if a Communist comrade from the Luciferian party gets elected. They sure wasted 1.5 billion dollars when they purchased Biden.

  12. China is already killing us in a stealth war using drugs, and is behaving the way they always have with business malpractices and a lack of mutual respect, so we should just accept it and crank up the pressure… let China collapse under its own weight and over extension.


  14. Is it true Maria used to work down the fish market she must of got that voice from somewhere shouting and screaming over the people she's ment to serve

  15. Great deal or no deal, period. Over $100 billion from tariffs on Chinese goods is much better than $20 billion worth of soybean sales. After reimbursing our farmers, we still have over $80 billion left to spend. By contrast, China had nothing. Regarding Trump impeachment, good luck!

  16. Dear TV People, I am watching these TV battles and question myself; how come that left propaganda runs people's mind and spin it the way they want? I found out that in reality
    republican media works along with propaganda media. Every time, you guys, pronounce the I- word, you doing a great favor to democrats helping them to develop their agenda against Donald
    J.Trump. The key of their success over republican media in this; you are echoing after them their most important key-word, while they, (propaganda media,) never return the favor. Simply,
    they NEVER come down to discuss republican thoughts. Also, you scare to call events by real names, a COUP, instead of "impeachment"and say it out loud so, every American can hear it.

  17. “Not anywhere close to being nuked” 1:17 . Yes he corrects it. But now why would that be a word in his mind that just floating around in there.

  18. As an investor/trader, at this point, any kind of a deal is a good deal. I don't expect a final deal. But I do think some kind of interim deal will happen.

  19. China is a kleptocracy. If the civilized world considered all debts to China paid in full, due to their intellectual property theft and cybercrime; their whole country would collapse.

  20. Why do Americans do business with dictators? Do Americans encourage authoritarian regime? Or is it just the money we ever care about?

  21. Shouldn't do a deal with PRC. It should be annexed by the Republic of China first, in which case a new deal won't be necessary.

  22. Why is Fox News saying possible impeachment of President Trump? The House of Representatives has not even voted on impeachment? Is Fox News fake news?

  23. The market should do fine with respect to impeachment nobody in their right mind believes it will happen or even come close.
    Trump 2020♾

  24. We get a skinny deal thanks to empty democrat impeachment inquiry. Democrats are party over the people and do nothing for minorities unless you are illegally here…

  25. Go big or go home
    bye bye china come back when your ready to deal with an American President,. If not keep your china junk and sell it elsewhere

  26. Daily joke:

    Mr.Morey will stand with Hong Kong rioters until Houston built the subway.( Hong Kong rioters fire on subway ,but there's no subway to burn in Houston.XD)

  27. Thank. I enjoyed the program today. I started a YouTube channel about flea markets & Garage sale buys in Pennsylvania

  28. There is no real impeachment. The House must VOTE to actually move forward. They refuse to vote because it won't be in their favor. (Pelosi/Shirt)

  29. If we TRUST GOD the Biblical Creator God is whom I’m referring too… then OUR Nation AMERICA have NOTHING to FEAR… your own biblical history research….. just saying

  30. Hello…..was warned, US companies to get out of China, and then recently to get out of Chiness stocks…….so what if the dow is down? Nothing to do with fake empeachment !!!

  31. Does anyone think that President Trump is going to let the Chinese make promises and not keep them? He already hiked trade taxes for Germany and France if im not mistaken….Why wouldn't he hold China accountable like he has other countries?

  32. Chinese are holding off trade deals till 2020 election results. If Democrats win its back to robbing America. If Trump gets in they are GONNA PAY BIG. FOR HOLD OUT. Piglosi and her butt kissers have gone behind the President to negotiate with China.

  33. The dems just can’t stand the idea of America getting anywhere while Trump is at the helm. We could get so much done if the democrats just did there jobs.

  34. The smart money is still on a " No Deal" deal with the clever Chinese and the idiot Trump. China has been aware of Trump and his different scams since the beginning of Trump's unwise threats, tariffs, bans and sanctions. They are all very negative actions that have worked to prevent a deal, but only failure.

  35. Typical American Businessman…..only thing that matters is “trade agreements”….to hell with the slave labor in China, to hell with Hong Kong….. to hell with organ harvesting……great strategic thinking!!!!!

  36. Obvious CNN Shill…..yeah I'm SURE he hates putting in plugs for them……and he wants to NOT have the Fed cut our rates……..CLEARLY this man is Anti-Trump and is worried more about his overseas investments than his American. Pure gargage…..Fox can do BETTER!!!! KAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. If the chinese give in to Trump, it means that they think that President Trump will win in 2020.,,Which we ,Americans, already know.

  38. President Xi JinPing is now visiting India. I do not think that China is very interested with a trade deal with USA. China will increase its purchase of soybeans and pork and corn because it needs them pending the increase in supply from Brazil and Russia, at which time, China will switch its purchases from USA to Brazil and Russia. But certainly the Chinese Government will not change its way of governing the country or its development policies. If the US politicians, think tanks and media feel good that they have won, let it be. This is freedom of speech and freedom of thinking. Once Deng Xiaoping said that it was glorious for the Chinese to be rich for they would then live better. On the other hand, a prominent US politician once implied that it was glorious for the Americans to be stupid for they would then feel that they were free. Let Daryl Morrey and Silver acts and makes stupid comments for they and their fellow countrymen think that they have freedom of speech.

  39. Even If we get a slim deal I think the markets will tank on Monday. The only way to get the markets not to tank is to eliminate new tariffs, reduce all tariffs to a maximum of 10% except for Aluminum and Steel. This will bring stability to supply chains and the markets! China needs to stop forced ownership and the transfer of IP as well pattern infringement all together and lets not forget purchase some more agriculture.

  40. This guy is nuts if he thinks is gonna be a trade deal below expectations sign and after the election another one, FOOL, better read the art of the deal, and why make a below expectations deal, when tariffs are bringing billions, low expectations better be better than billions on tariffs or no deal

  41. Getting Really sick of the Negative…other side people… getting MORE AND MORE ON FOX. TELL THEM TO STATE FACTS …. NOT SPEW THEIR CNN VALUES LIKE COCKY PROS OF NOTHING. All fox programming

  42. Trump can get more 2nd term. The dems will continue to bash Trump with their illegal impeachment/coup that will continue until the election.

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