Is There A Better Planet Out There For Us?

Is There A Better Planet Out There For Us?

– [Narrator] Astronomers have
found dozens of potentially habitable planets outside
of our solar system. That’s dozens of chances to
discover the first alien life. Or, you know, plenty of places we could park our first interstellar colonies. But with so many options,
how do we know which is best? You might think that
most Earth-like planets should be at the top of our list. After all, we’ve got everything we need. Water, land, an atmosphere, and trillions of life
forms lapping it all up. But according to a small
group of researchers, there are bigger and
better planets out there. They’re called super-Earths. Super-Earths may be
some of the most common planets in our galaxy. Since 2009, Kepler Space Telescope has
discovered about 4000 exoplanets. 30% of them are super-Earths, and a few percent of those super-Earths orbit within their host
star’s habitable zone. That’s the Goldilocks Zone, where the planet’s surface is
just the right temperature for liquid water. Not too cold, not too hot. Now, there’s a chance
some of these super-Earths aren’t rocky worlds like Earth. The larger ones could
be made out of mostly hydrogen and helium gas, like Jupiter and Saturn, which would not be very
hospitable for life. But the reality is, astronomers are still gathering details as more data comes in. So, in the meantime, let’s explore what life on a
rocky, habitable super-Earth might be like. Liquid water is just the start. These planets can be almost
double Earth’s radius, and up to 10 times more massive. And all that extra mass
is what researchers think could really make super-
Earths the perfect home. That’s because more massive planets have a stronger gravitational pull. super-Earth Kepler 20b, for example is nearly double the size of Earth, and it’s 10 times more massive. This makes its surface gravity
almost 3 times stronger. That stronger gravity means
that the planet can hold on to more air molecules and
form a thicker atmosphere, which is great for protecting against harmful space radiation. It also means mountains and
hills would erode a lot faster, leaving a relatively flatter
surface, compared to Earth. Now that might sound boring, but scientists think this
could actually spawn dozens of shallow islands all across the planet. Those in turn, could be the perfect place
for life to form and evolve. Just as biodiversity in
Earth’s oceans is richest in shallow waters near coastlines, such an “archipelago world” might be enormously advantageous to life. There’s just one problem, leaving this tropical paradise
would be extremely difficult. The escape velocity on Kepler 20b is more than double compared to Earth’s, which means either rockets
would need more fuel to reach their destinations… Like for example, a mission similar to
the Apollo Moon Landing would require twice the amount of fuel. Or, rockets would have
to carry only a fraction of the payload. For instance, SpaceX’s Falcon
Heavy can launch 50 thousand kilograms of payload into Earth’s orbit. Whereas it could only launch 40 kilograms into orbit around a super-
Earth like Kepler 20b. That’s about the weight
of a German Shepherd. Suffice it to say, leaving a super-Earth would
be a far greater challenge. But if it looked like this, would you really want to say goodbye? We’ll never know for
sure until we visit one. What questions do you have about space? Leave your queries and the comments below. And thanks for watching.

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  1. LoL…. These super Earths are so far away that with the existing technology, humans can't go their in one their life time

  2. The question is " are humans need to search for other planet just for their own interest and destroy it for their own needs?😂" well we are destroyers of anything😂 to animals they dont know how to throw garbage and pollute the environment..they just want to live😂

  3. Super Earth inhabitants: Oh! There’s something called Earth out there! We should go visit it. Oh wait, never mind. It’s basically plastic and fire.

  4. I​ don't​ want​ to​ leave​ home, but​ Earth can​ now​ live​ in​ absolute peace​ without​ any​ plastic
    Soo, earth privided us​ with​ a​ great​ lifestyle and​ we​ are​ just​ gonna​ leave​ it​ without​ picking up​ the​ trash​ we​ made?!?
    Ahh that's​ just​ worng😡😫

  5. Earth:hey this humans that live in me are destroying me pls help

    Super Earth: hahaha IDC

    Humans: we found a perfect place to live and it's called super Earth

    Humans moves in into super earth

    Super earth: f*ck I'm bout to get destroyed

    Earth: hahaha that's what you get b*tch


  6. aNoThEr pLaNeT fOr uS tO dEsTroY?? Oh shut up we need another planet to keep the human race to survive, if you wanna stay and live on earth and try to fix it then good luck and feel free to but we’re all moving to another planet to survive not to mess it up retards

  7. So you would walk around feeling like your got 100 pounds are more of weights on you. So I guess mandatory steroids would be a thing.

  8. earth is the best one
    we just dont know how to love it

    we love the earth its our planet
    we love the earth it is are home
    ♪~(´ε` )

  9. I all ways thought as when I was a child 30 years ago that such planet more likely exist in the cosmos orbiting K orange dwarf stars are best candidate star systems to find discovering such life diversity rich planets. These world have some earth like similarities but very different due to it's strong gravity and mass. Color and appearances would be very Bueatiful and different that seen from earth and it's host star generates. K orange dwarf stars generates very different colors and light wavelignh visibility that we don't see on Earth from our sunlight dispite it's low louminisity parents host star. Planet most have high green house effect and 20 times thicker atmospheric conditions as well 3 to 4 times stronger gravity to hold on to such atmosphere and at the right distant from it's parent host K orange dwarf stars about 0.60 AU center major axis far away enough so it doesn't get to much solar wind and ultraviolet radiation solar Flair's. These planet with thick enough atmosphere consist of 56 percent nitrogen and 32 percent oxygen and 15 percent carbon dioxide and 5 percent H2O small amounts of methane. These planets would host large diversity of marine life and land life far more diversity of plants and animal spieces and plenty of floater Ariel life that's lives in it's thick atmosphere multi cloud layers miles high like large sky Wales or giant bird like creatures and Ariel floating trees and plants like seen in movie Avatar moon Pandora.

  10. You know us humans!!! If there is another planet we can live, we will just MURDER any one else who's already there, claim it as ours, and call it MANIFEST DESTINY part 2!!!

  11. I think that is the planet that light years away from earth and if the human wants to go there we will be travelling over a million years to reach it…

  12. humans:Ahh whats happening lets move to another planet
    10 light years later
    humans: were here..
    Super earth humans:Im superman. im superman im superman

  13. If we have a super earth and live on it wouldn't it be hard for us to breath and hear + speak and our heart's pumping blood into our brain?

  14. Much like all the other fancy comments, I too dislike accepting humans from places they ruined, because they'd ruin my place too.

  15. Lucky for the super earths, we dont have the lifespan to travel even outside the solar system yet. Or the fuel, but, if we reach titan, we`ll probably get more than enough.

  16. what if every planet had something similar to humans, but as time went by, it gets destroyed, just like what we're doing right now. and at this time, we think of them as planets incapable of life, but really the inhabitants just couldn't appreciate it.

  17. Super earths would be harder to live on, because of the gravity. If it can erode a mountain, what could it do to our Bodys? We got the golden earth y’all

  18. You missed one thing, how many generations will survive there without breaking their bones and belly? Will humans crawl in super Earths? How we maintain air travel? Will humans develop a large hump?

  19. 100 pound woman on earth would weight 300 pounds. a 50 pound bag potatoes would weight 150 pounds. a bottle of Pepsi 2 liters 6.6 pounds a gallon of water 25 pounds. You may move there but i'm not.

  20. So you want pollute another planet 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💩😲💀😫👎😠😱😾😤😭😷👎💩👈

  21. Alpha prime can be out there lost in space anything is possible there’s another planet for humanity to live onto

  22. I don't think super earths have to be worried about us going there… How long can a human handle 3 times more gravity without having malfunctions on their bodies?

  23. Imagine every asteroid just getting pull to earth because the gravitational pull is too strong
    Now that how life in super earth will go

  24. Goverment: hey guys remeber to bring like 10 tons of plastic
    Astronaut: wha- Why.
    Goverment: cuz, we need to show our dominance
    Astronaut: uhhhh okay….

  25. Earth gave us breathable air, drinkable water, edible food, animals we can eat, things to make other things and places that we can visit. What did we do? Make useless memes, burn things, throw garbages everywhere, cut trees for money, cemented a whole city, be lazy, THEN REPLACE THE EARTH WITHOUT SAYING THANK YOU NOR GOODBYE!!!!

  26. Our earth is good enough and its a joke how we move to space like this its not true this is the planet we live and we can't do anything with out planet if we move some were we can't live there there should water and trees and foods but if there is no food or water or trees we will die cause trees give us oxygen water give us to drink and shower
    And food we could if we are hungry

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