some in the halls and blowing the trumpet the world okay this problem is all about the end times and it is to to make you aware for the nearness of the scene and the imminent coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ greetings and welcome back to yet another edition of the watchman radio program and today's program that title with which is in the form of a question is a question at a margin today and that question is is a society better off without religion is society better without religion and you know yesterday I was sitting in my car listening to some music that was going through the caste system via my phone and it so happened that my phone battery died and the radio for the car kicked in automatically and it was on LBC radio here in London and you know I accidentally stumbled on that program but I believe in my spirit that it was divine that I was meant to hear what was being discussed because the topic is very similar to what I'm talking about today they were talking about religion and society and if it's better if it is no better off without religion and you know they were given statistics showing that religious beliefs were on a decline here in the UK and because of that they were saying that things are getting better because religious people are no less the number of religious people and all that so they claiming that things are getting better in fact one caller called in and he was very happy to say or knows that yes he believes that society is better off without religion he says that people are much more happier much more tolerant and you know he gave all sort of statistics I don't know where he got them from but he gave them and so we see this trend not only here in the UK but all over the world where people are calling wrong right and they're calling right wrong but isn't this what Jesus spoke about isn't exactly and this is exactly what what he said would happen in the last days the last days that we are know living in this is a clear sign to all of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear that we are indeed living in the last days you know an article was written in BBC news magazine some time ago that states he says the legal system was founded on the Christian principles of justice and fairness I read that again it says that the legal system was founded on the Christian principles of justice and fairness and this is something that we have forgotten as a as a country here in the UK that this country was founded on Christian principles religious principles and why can't we see that the further that we draw ourselves away from these principles is the worse that people will get it's not getting better don't be fooled don't fool yourself it is not getting better but it is indeed getting worse this country was known well known for its Christian principles for what it did in the past a gentleman by the name of oh it was it a lady I'm not sure but the name is Harry Cole and this person was known to be as a elapsed agnostic but he was open to the dis establishment of the church this is what what work was written in the Specter The Spectator newspaper I believe he was a labs agnostic who is open to this establishing the church what did he is right what did he say he said and this was written in The Spectator as I said that it is impossible to deny the UK is a Christian country without attempting to rewrite history and ignore our heritage and that is a true fact regardless of who he is and what his stances he recognized the truth and we all need to recognize the truth regardless of what we believe or think he said again it is impossible to deny the UK is a Christian country without attempting to rewrite history and ignore our heritage so can we now just ignore or deny history can we just say oh it did not happen and automatically it did not happen can we say we believe it did not happen and just convince ourselves that it didn't although it is written in history although it is on black and white we cannot only a fool only a fool would say such a thing or would even want to think such a thing we cannot rewrite history what has already happened if something has already happened five minutes ago it has happened we cannot change it we cannot go back in the into the past and change it whatever we do here and no or in the future cannot change what has already happened the fact will always remain that this country the United Kingdom was founded and built on Christian principles the laws were built on Christian principles and moral and if we were if we are to denied as we are doing no we are acting for serious trouble we asked him for trouble because God is not dead he is still alive and it is the same God yesterday as he is today and he will be tomorrow God does not change man will change they will say oh we have evolved we are getting smarter we are getting more dis and more that but God is the same yesterday today and forever more he does not change he will not change his mind whatever he said yesterday is what he means today I mean what he will always mean we cannot change history we cannot change God if we decide to change we are changing what was meant to be and we are asking for trouble and whatever we ask for we will receive mark my words today we will receive whatever we are asking for what we have seen today it is not a coincidence the Bible's clear about what we will be seen in the last days and I just want to bring one point here from this passage of Scripture that I'm going to read to you to show you that the Word of God is true these things here were not written a few years ago they were written over 2,000 years ago foretelling what we are going to be seen today as we see to the T it's not no speculation it didn't by chance this was written and this proves that the Bible is the Word of God it was inspired by the word by God himself yes men who wrote it with their pens and so on but it was through revelations from God himself it was inspired by God it is his words he told them what to write but as I was saying just now is that what we are seeing today it is not a coincidence in fact in the Book of Luke chapter 17 verses 26 to 29 which I'll read to you know tells you this it says when the Son of Man returns it will be like it was in Noah's day in those days the people enjoyed banquets and parties and weddings right up to the time nor entered his boat and the flood came and destroyed them all we all sure have heard that a story about Noah and the Great Flood and that you know the entire world was destroyed and Noah was given a task to go and warn the people and tell them about this coming disaster but they know them they did not believe him up to the day that the rain started to come and by that time it was too late every man perish except for those that God saved those that believed that went into the ark which was Noah and his family and all the animals that they saved verse 28 goes on this earth and the world will be as it was in the days of lot people went about their daily business eating and drinking buying and selling farming and building until the morning lot left Sodom then fire and the burning sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all what am I saying here what is the scripture saying here it will be like in the days of lot we know the story of sodom and gomorrah and the main or one of the main sins of that place of those places is the sin of sexual immorality people were doing what they want what they like what they think regardless of what God had said they did not want to listen they refused to listen to truth they refused to listen to what is right they wanted to call what was right long and they wanted to call what was wrong right so they chose to satisfy themselves satisfy their own desires and this is exactly what is happening in our world today it is exactly what is happening in the United Kingdom today everybody want to satisfy their own sinful desires and be right about it and feel right about it and they want others to join their bandwagon to say that it is ok but it is not ok because those things goes contrary to what God expects of us it goes contrary to what we once believed to the principles by what by which we once stood for so it cannot be right we cannot start saying things that were bad are no good that can never be right it can never be right so this this passage of Scripture is showing us that the same that it was back then it is the same it is going to be now and we have seen it and what happened to these people will happen to us as well we will pay for our sins we will pay for the wrongs that we have done and are doing there's no ifs or buts about it this is what will God's response to sin I'm going to read you a passage from the book of Romans chapter 1 verses 18 to 32 it says what God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness they know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them this is what I'm saying for ever since the world was created people have seen the earth and sky through everything God made they can clearly see his invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature so they have no excuse for not knowing God yes they knew God but they wouldn't worship him as God or even give him thanks and they began to think of foolish ideas of what God was like as a result their minds became dark and confused this is what is happening to a world today verse 22 claiming to be wise the instead became utter fools and instead of worshiping the glorious everliving God and they worshipped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles so God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired very powerful here as a result they did violent degrading things with each other's bodies this is what happened back then this is what is happening now the choices we make regardless of the warnings that we are getting regard regardless of the truth that we have been told eventually God has left us to our own desires God has left this country to its own desires and we see the shameful and the wicked things that we're doing and we are know calling it good we're now calling it okay we know saying that is all right verse 25 continues and say they traded the truth about God for a lie if you hear the lies spoken over and over and over again and you keep on listening to it over and over and over again eventually it is going to become the truth to you your listened to the line long enough you will start to believe it again this is what is happening in our societies today we are taking the truth disregarding it listening to the lie and embracing it it goes on to say so they worship and serve the things God created instead of the creator himself who is worthy of eternal traits amen that is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulge in sex with each other the Bible is calling it unnatural therefore wrong verse 20 services and the man instead of having normal sexual relations with women burned with lust for each other is this what is happy isn't this what is happening in our society today this is what was written in the Bible of what we will see in the last days before the imminent coming of Jesus Christ Jesus Christ he is coming soon he goes on to say manna did shameful things shameful things which with each other and as a result of this sinner they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved what does the Bible call these acts of men sleeping with men and women sleeping with women it calls it sin it calls it a shameful act result is suffering the result is that whoever committed these acts commit these acts they will suffer the penalty they deserve verse 28 20 years and say since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done these things should never be done their lives became full of every kind of wickedness sin greed hate Envy murder quarreling deception malicious behavior and gossip they are backstabbers haters of god insolent proud and boastful they invent new ways of sin and they disobey the appearance they refuse to understand break their promises are heartless and have no mercy they know God's justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die yet they do them anyway worse yet they encourage others to do them also and this is what is so bad you do your bad things regardless of what God says but you're not only just do them you want to encourage others to do the same pulling them on the path of destruction that you are on so that you will have company this is a devil this is what he desires this is what he wants he is having a ball laughing at you but laughing with you what is laughing at you because he knows the end of it all the end is certain destruction the end is hell fire the hell is suffering pains for all eternity this is the end of all this nonsense and sin it may seems pleasurable now it may seems enjoyable now having a good time but the end will be your destruction the end will be your eternal suffering in a place called hell should you not turn from your evil and the wicked way God's eventual judgment which is certain will come to this world one day very soon going over to Romans chapter 2 verses – 2:16 I'll skip out a few verses in between so I'll be read in verse two then verses 5 to 9 and then verse 16 talking about God's eventual judgment it reads and we know that God in His justice will punish anyone who does such things but because you are stubborn and refuse to turn from your sin you asked or enough terrible punishment for yourselves for a day of anger is coming when God's righteous judgment will be revealed will be revealed and not mate but it will be revealed it is coming it is coming he will judge everyone according to what they have done he will give eternal life to those who keep on doing good seeking after the groovier honor and immortality that God offers what he will pour out his anger and wrath on those who live for themselves who refuse to obey the truth and instead live lives of wickedness there will be trouble and calamity for everyone who keeps on doing what is evil for the Jew first and also for the Gentiles and this is the message I proclaim that the day is coming when God through Christ Jesus will judge everyone's secret life no one will escape that day of judgment everything you do everything that you're doing will come to light will come on the judgment by God's standard by his righteous and the holy standard and not by yours so whether you want to think something to be good and right whether or not it is wrong or right or not it is not by that standard you are going to be judged you're going to be judged by what God says by what he said by what he is saying to you today that all sin is sin same that was sin yesterday it is sin today and it will be sin tomorrow and forever more again God does not change his standards has not changed his standards has not evolved as we are trying to involve it is the same yesterday what he has called sin from the time his book was written it is still sin today we cannot change it as much as we want as much as we try we will tamper with the words as much as possible but what is sin will always still be sin and the penalty of sin we will receive it should we not turn from our sins receive God receive Jesus in our lives and turn away turn away from our life and of sin we need to acknowledge God for who he is we need to not forget but remember that he is suffering that he is holy that he is all righteous and that no man cannot attain that standard of righteousness as it says in the book of Romans chapter 3 verse 10 it says no one is righteous not even one verse two and she says for everyone has sinned we all fall short of God's glorious standard we all fall short of a standard it doesn't matter what sin you have committed or or are committed we all fall short of God's standards because his standards are very high in fact no human being can attain that standard that is why we're bringing the good news to you today and the good news is that Jesus Christ can help us to get to where we need to get in God so that he can accept us in his presence this is the Gospel message of Jesus Christ that Jesus died he gave His life so that we can live this is salvation this is what Jesus is offering to us today Romans chapter 6 verse 23 warns us and tells us what will happen what our penalty will be should we ignore Jesus today should we ignore his offer of a salvation today this verse says for the wages of sin is death the wages of sin is death and it's talking about eternal death eternal separation from God from his protection from his love from his mercy and away from him for all eternity where you will be with the one that you are serving the devil where all of you he himself knows no calm you will be suffering in a lake of burning fire sulfur you'll be suffering with no sight of relief you will be suffering for all eternity that same verse goes on to say but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord Jesus Christ is offering you this free gift of salvation today you can have it it is yours if you just Acts it and receive it you don't have to be nobody special you don't have to do anything special you just want you just need to acknowledge him for who he is and receive him and Romans chapter 10 verses 9 or 10 it tells you just this it says if you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved verse 10 says for it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved so it is actually a very simple matter just verbalize it the Jesus I believe who you are you said you on that you did what you did I believe that you died and you were raised from the dead to conquer death for my sake he says to believe that as you say just believe it just believe and you will receive it is as simple as that it is not a complicated matter and you're the good news is no one is exempted this offer is for each and every individual no matter what you have done no matter what you are currently doing if you want salvation today you can have it because Romans chapter 10 verse 13 it says for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved everyone everyone you're willing to turn from your from your sins to turn from the evil to turn from the wicked life that you are living in you will receive salvation you will be saved this is a guarantee that God is given to us and it is saying it through his word that you call upon him today and you will be saved through Jesus Christ we have this opportunity today if you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you don't turn and definitely you feel that conviction in your heart don't turn away from it but receive Jesus today he is our hope he is our shining light today this is why he came he says in John chapter 12 verse 46 he said I have come as a light to shine in this dark world so that all who put their trust in me will no longer remain in the dark Jesus Christ is our shining light and he's shining today so that you don't have to be running in darkness anymore stumbling and falling and hurting yourself and running down that path of destruction to a certain destruction you can come over on the narrow path that leads to life everlasting life Jesus Christ is promising today that you will live with him in this there will be no more pains there with no more worries nothing to worry about you know the things that we worry about in us like they will all be in the past they will be all done away with we will have everything we will always be happy there will be no more crying there no more pains there nothing at all that we experience in this world that is bad or unpleasant we will not experience it when we receive eternal life in heaven this is what God wants for you today don't reject him don't reject it but receive it today receive it today before it is too late we see the signs of the times clearly pointing to the fact that Jesus Christ is coming back very soon his coming is imminent it can happen any minute no accept him before it is too late because this window of opportunity that we have today it will soon close it will not last forever it will not be opened forever it will soon close so before it's too late come and accept Jesus Christ with that I've come to the end of the program thank you for joining me today if you'd like to contact me please are feel free to do so find me after Facebook either of my profiles Minister Curtis roads or Curtis Minister roads or the page the Watchmen radio program you can read my message and I responded my very earliest convenience please also subscribe to my youtube channel as a subscriber you'll be able to set up yourself that you can receive notifications of all my future uploads so the Lord continued to tell me there are also hundreds of videos there that will help you in your walk with God you decide to start following him he also answers so many different questions there are tons of testimonies on it there's so many things there that will help you to make up your minds and to help you with your walk with God go there I have a listen and also don't forget to to also share what you have learned with others as well you can also follow me on Twitter at root on the school Curtis again I just want to thank you for joining me today and as I said just a minute ago please share this video with your friends with your family or even on your social media sites wherever you do your your social media and help us to spread the good news as you have received it as you have acknowledged it as you see if whatever you ask God for don't hold it for yourself but spread this good news and this is what we want from you today this is why we have placed no restriction on our videos on these videos in terms of sharing them on however you want to do it please feel free to do so we just want to spread the gospel message to the four corners of this world so that everybody can have this same wonderful opportunity that we have we have had in the past and that we haven't known this offer is available until Jesus comes for this world to judge this world so please take the offer while you can because there will come a day when you can't so take this offer today Jesus Christ is welcoming you know with open arms to come into his kingdom let him into your heart today and ask him to be your Savior again thank you for joining me today and I'll see you next time if there is the next time God will bless you and behind me don't get behind me


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