100 Replies to “Ingraham: The great Pelosi crack-up

  1. Pelosi needs to show accountability of how her net worth is astronomical for a congress woman of the chair. It does not add up. She is corruptly on the take and sadly cannot even speak properly. Things still have not changed with stammering Nancy!

  2. Hey Nancy no dipping into your stash on the job, you're loop-de-loop enough as it is😁 and Laura you looked better before the Botox on your bottom lip you really didnt need it girlfriend just saying !👎

  3. Yea Laura!! pelosi is wacked……no surprise there! add biden, bernie, hillary, schmucker, waters, aoc ..the 4 squids ….squad. . . the rest of the swamp dwellers… Hahaha

  4. Where does her dedication go. Dying while trying to do what? She is out of focus. She should retire & spend money.

  5. Nancy Pelosi, please read the Constitution.
    As an American my observation is of great upheaval We The People. (What happen to Russia)
    We need Highway Funding, Health Care for Our Soldiers Warriors, help the poor, help the home less!
    Congress has to do the work of the people, that is why you were elected. Obsessions are Constitutional.

  6. Cocaine has claimed another wahoo. Nancy clean your nose and act. Booze is also to blame, a do nothing taking up the space of a office official who be more interested in serving the people that got them elected. I still say, she wants to jump our president's bones. Forget it , it's not going to happen.

  7. Who else thinks all those Congress members that have done absolutely nothing for over three years should give the money they have not earned back.

  8. Nancy Pelosi's son got a similar deal to Joe biden's son Hunter, and he is on the board of the Ukrainian oil company now also

  9. is pelosi drung she can not hold a sentence together time she went back to her corrupt hole with the rest of the bent democrates

  10. The left, with the full support of the deep state, the media and their corrupted intelligence community, have done NOTHING except undermine the President since he announced his candidacy. Despite their constant attacks; it is truly amazing what he has accomplished. They despise how bad he makes them look. They’ve only exposed themselves as corrupt, spineless, amoral hypocrites. I don’t believe these impeachment polls the media have been pushing. I believe the record donations pouring into DJT’s Re-election campaign’ swelling ever larger with each new ‘scandal’. We CAN stop them with our wallets. Please help.

  11. You don't think Biden could go up against china? How's your boy trump doing with China? I thought china would be on its knees the way Trump was talking. Oh well.

  12. What’s frightening is … she is 3 rd in line to run this country , god forbid, if something incapacitates the president or Vice President !

  13. I am telling you that they are just too old and their families are letting them go everyday to the. new DC Adult Daycare just to keep them out of their hair. For God's sake give them some depends and fixadent maybe they would glue their mouths shut.

  14. We Americans have become so prideful and self centered. God ALWAYS punishes the arrogant. And our president is the epitome of arrogance when he praised a tweet referring to him as "The king of Israel" and "The second coming". This is BLASPHEMY!!! We WILL lose a military engagement soon and an ally will betray us. That is how you will know that God is angry with us.

  15. as long as these morons can keep dragging Donald name through the dirt they don't have to worry about the Clinton Obama administration being prosecuted for all the crimes and wrongdoing they did in there eight years God bless you Donald Trump


  17. You would think the Democrats would be embarrassed to put Pelosi in front of a microphone the way she stutters and stemmers and can't say what she's trying to say isn't it time for her to retire she's making a fool out of herself and the Democrats at the same time please retire and go away and enjoy your retirement haven't you made enough money off the American taxpayers

  18. Maybe Nancy Pelosi needs to take it leave absent the way she acts when she gets in front of a microphone can't talk can't pronounce the word she stems and stutters and she talks about President Trump maybe her family needs to take and have an intervention and make her retire

  19. Pelosi you're insane! You claim that you pray for President Trump ? Have you forgotten that you hate us Christians ? A Christian wouldn't be doing the things you and your cohorts are doing.

  20. What's going to happen is. You didn't really take me serious did ya. Couldn't ya see the xanax dribbling down my chin when I talked? I was just kidding.

  21. Clearly her mental capacity has been challenged she needs to be forced into retirement even if that means federal people taking her by the collar out of the building

  22. Yeah, but Pelosi is the perfect depiction of the Halloween witch and Halloween is coming up soon. I am an adult, and she scares the hell out of me! I wonder, where does she park that broom?

  23. Pelosi hates Donald Trump, first an foremost! The fact that he is the President of the US is irrelevant to her. She has admitted this many times and doesn’t care what havoc her hatred causes!

  24. she has got to go. Can't even speak right. Your speech is relevant to your brain's thoughts. If your brain can't think right then your speech is impaired. She has got to go.

  25. She is thinking she is speaking for the  people as whole!. When in fact it is the people who put Trump in the WH!. Where is your brain bucket.

  26. What a sham of a leader of the DNC (DO NOTHING CLOWNS ). Since becoming the majority of the House what have they achieved. Sweet nothing. God bless America. God bless Donald J Trump

  27. The dems have to much loss of substance that they have no clue what they are saying. And yes Nancy should have an other cocktail.

  28. We will never accept an election outcome where Demonrats win, ever again. Especially in light of their propensity for election fraud.

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