In This House of Faith, We Are Led by the Spirit

In This House of Faith, We Are Led by the Spirit

KENNETH: Hello everybody.
I'm Kenneth Copeland and this is the believers voice
of victory broadcast. Now, last week, my grandson Jeremy
Pesrsons and his lovely wife, Sarah, ministered
the Word of God to you on the broadcast. It was powerful
teaching on living a legacy and staying connected to the family
of faith. Now they're back on the broadcast for week two of
their study. Now, many of you know Jeremy, you say, Hey,
Jeremy, man, he does all the closes and stuff, but let me
tell you about this young man I have learned from him. He's been
in the ministry all of his life, his mother and
daddy are George and Terri Pearsons pastor EMIC for
years and years, both he and Sarah are anointed ministers
of the Gospel. It blesses me to hear them teach
and preach the Word. JEREMY: Hi, we're Jeremy and
Sarah Pearsons and we're so thankful to be with you today on
the believers voice of victory broadcast. We've had a great
time all last week on the broadcast, Monday and Tuesday so
far we're going to get right back into the Word of God today.
We are so thankful for the opportunity to spend this time
with you and I'm glad that you're taking the time, putting
the Word of God first place in your life. When you do that,
when you honor God by putting his Word first, he honors you
and you know healing in your body is him honoring you and
providing for you and for your family. That's him honoring you
and that's his response to you honoring him. If you've missed
any of the broadcast leading up been talking a lot about what it
means to raise a family in the house of faith and this is a
very interesting time for Sarah and I to be here and to be
talking to you right now because we've been, we've been out of
crossroads in our life and our ministry for for some time now
and we're getting ready to take a next step, a big step. And we
are launching legacy church. This is our own church. We're
moving our family, we're moving our ministry to Colorado. It's
been a dream in our hearts for a long time. And these are some of
the things that we've been talking about on this broadcast.
And these things are not just significant for us and where
we're at at this time. But I believe there'll be a blessing
to you. And while you're there look at the notes that go right
along with these messages. download the notes from these
broadcast, uh, study along with this as we go. Share them with
other people. Do what it takes to get these Words and these
truths and this revelation down on the inside of you. And when
you do, when the Word of God quits, just being something
you've heard and it becomes something you know, then you
can't be talked out of it just by hearing something else. But
now you know it. And, and that's really why these resources
exist. It's for you to get the Word of God into your life in
such a way that you can't be talked out of it anymore. It
takes root. It sprouts up. It bears fruit, Amen. And your life
becomes an example of what our good God can do in the lives of
anybody who will take him at his Word. Amen. Thank you Lord.
Father, we come before your Word again today with eyes wide open,
ears wide open, hearts wide open to receive, to see, hear, and
understand good things from you. We ask you for your help in this
as we ministered these truths from your Word, lead us and
guide us by your Spirit and Father, I pray over everybody
watching and listening to these broadcast right now. I asked
that you'd take these Words, root them down deep on the
inside, caused them to take root in their lives and sprout up and
bear fruit that proves how good you are, we give you praise and
thanks for the good work you've begun. We call you faithful to
finish it in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Well for the last couple
of days we've been looking at Galatians chapter six
specifically verse 10 that says, therefore, as we have
opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are
of the household of faith. That's the house we are a part
of. That's the house you want to be a part of. If you aren't,
that's the family of God. And again, Christianity is not a
religion. It's a father and his family. That's who we are. We're
part of the father's family. But when we're talking about the
household of faith, we're not just talking about, uh, just
people who are born again, that's a good thing. But I'm
talking specifically about people who have taken that same
truth, that they were born again by and they live their lives by
it. What truth? What, what principle were you born again
by? Well, you believed in your heart and you spoke with your
mouth that Jesus is Lord and you were saved that's what the
Scripture says in the book of Romans Chapter 10. Well you take
that same principle and if you're going to live by the
faith that you're born again by, you apply that to every day, you
believe in your heart, you say with your mouth. That's the
principle of faith. And that's one of the things that makes
this house different than any other house. And Sarah, that's
what we're dealing with. These distinguishing things that
differentiate the house of faith from every other house in the
world. And you, you, you learn to pick up on it. You learn to
be aware of it. I remember one time when we were living in that
first little house, uh, we couldn't have been married more
a year or two. Um, we had some things go wrong with our
Internet service I think. So I had to call the Internet
provider and I'll go through their maze of option one and two
and all that and finally get connected to somebody. And uh,
the guy answered the phone and he said his name, the company
you work for and so on. And, uh, uh, he said, who must speaking
with, I said, gave him my name and he said, how are you doing
today? I said, I'm doing well, how are you? And he said, oh,
I'll just living in the victory. I thought living in the victory,
I said, is that this gotta be a faith guy? I said, man, living
in the victory, you sound like a faith guy. And he's like, Oh
yeah, absolutely. And Man, we struck up this conversation
right then and there just cause I learned to pick up on not just
the Words, but the tone. Faith has a tone and you're right.
It's the Spirit behind it. If we got to talking and it didn't
take long to get around. You know, I work at Kenneth Copeland
ministries. Actually, that's my family. That's my grandparents.
He's like, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? He said,
I've got this, the KCM calendar on my wall right in front of me
right now. I was like, oh, really? We'll turn a month
so-and-so. That's me and my family. He's like, oh, are you
kidding me? And this guy? The Lord really used that to help
me. He said, you know, no matter how alone you start to feel in
this life and walk of faith, he said, don't, don't feel alone. I
got people everywhere. The guy working on my internet is a
house of faith, you know? SARAH: I think that's good what you
said about it being the, of course the scripture tells us
the Spirit of faith, but it's really something you can sense.
Not just saying, oh yeah, that person has a Spirit of faith or
that person has a Spirit of faith. It's something that you
sense and in an atmosphere you sense it and that's why it's so
important for us to get together with other people that have a
Spirit of faith and come together in an atmosphere of
faith and not be just on our own all the time. That's why we
always go every year to conferences and places that we
believe our home church where there is a Spirit of faith in
that sanctuary because when we come together with other
believers, it is strong in there and that faith, that combined
corporate faith is powerful. And it's a force to be reckoned
with. I mean, you cannot, you can't even, you better think
twice before you bring something against something so tangible
and real. That Spirit of faith, um, in the sanctuary. And so I
just, even in our families, that Spirit of faith, when me and you
are getting together, how many times have we seen miracles with
the prayer of agreement? Because I have a Spirit of faith. You
have a Spirit of faith. And when we get together on something, it
is powerful. And we've seen miracle after miracle in our
lives and our finances, our families or children, their
healing. JEREMY: Absolutely. Yeah. And that is the motivation
that Sarah and I are taking this next step in our lives and
ministry, Launching Legacy Church coming later this year.
That's what were determined that, that, that church Spirit
is going to be, I mean, I'm determined that somebody can
walk into that place and being there a minute and say, there's
faith here. SARAH: Well, think about all the people that are
coming with us. We've had couples and families from all
over the place. Have come to us and said, the Lord's dealing
with us to come and help you and to come be a part. This is even
before we announced the church and we started to get a clue
last year. Wait, there's got to be a church because these people
are about to pick up their lives and move and come and help us
leave their churches, leave where they're at. And we're
like, Lord, what are you doing here? Well, if you've got that
many people that are stepping out in faith, all of us, I mean,
I think we've got almost 40 people with just kids that are
just a part of this launch team. That's not even everybody that's
coming, not just the ones we know about, but think about it.
I mean, you've got all these people that are leaving their
homes, leaving their families, leaving everything to go follow
Jesus and come into one place, stepping out by faith. Half of
them don't have a job yet. Stepping out. Think about what's
going to happen in that. Think about what's going to happen in
that sanctuary when we all get together and God has done
miracle after miracle for each one of us provided jobs,
provided homes, provided, provided everything that we
need, all of us are going to have a story that gives God
glory and it's just going to be something special. What if you
know it's one thing for me and you to do that? It's another
thing for 40 people to pick up their lives and by faith step
out just like Abraham did and go and step out when they don't
know where they're going, every, they don't know all the details,
but they go, that's that same Spirit of faith and think about
all these people coming together. This place is going to
be a powerhouse. JEREMY: Literally affect the atmosphere
of the room. Yeah, I mean you'll be able to sense it like you're
talking about and that Spirit is something that you can sense.
Just the same way you can step into an environment. You can
step into a place where maybe moments before you got there,
people were just at each other's throat and fighting and nagging
at one another and even if when the front door open, everybody
was all smiles. If you are Spiritually aware at all, you
can step into that and you can sense that there's been strife
there. It's these things are tangible. They really are. Well,
the same way that that's tangible. This Spirit of faith
is, is very tangible and even if somebody doesn't know exactly
what all to say about are the right Words to put around it,
I'm believing that this house of faith that the Lord calls
calling us to launch in and to start. Somebody can step into it
for the first time and say, I don't know what it is, but
there's something different here and we'll be quick to tell him
his faith in Jesus. This is what it'll do. It'll put a smile on
your face and to put hope in your voice. It'll put hope in
your heart. Faith in Jesus and it's like you've always said,
faith in him will give you a story that will give him glory
and this is another one of those things that I believe defines
us, differentiates us. We, we saw it on yesterday's broadcast
when we were looking in Second Corinthians chapter four,
chapter five all everywhere you see the Word, we come up, we
believe therefore we speak. We do not lose heart. We do not
look at the things that are seen. What you're identifying
there is this is what goes on in this house. Even when it's not
going on in any other house anywhere else in this house. We
believe therefore we speak in this house. We do not lose heart
in this house. We don't look at the things that are seen in this
house. We look at the things that are unseen and that's
different. That's really different than it is everywhere
else, but in this house, I don't care if everybody else gets to
walk by sight. I don't care if everybody else gets to live by
what they see and what they feel. Can you hear your heavenly
father saying this in this house, in my house, we walk by
faith and not by sight. This is one of those things that defines
us and differentiates us from everybody else. It's the
determination to walk by faith. And so I believe we're talking
about the launch of this, this church and this next step of
ministry for us and the people come in with us. But you know
what? I think it had to happen this way. We, we had to, every
one of us come to this crossroads and decide, am I
walking forward in faith or backwards in fear? And I am, I
hadn't thought of it until you said it, but it's going to be a
room full of people. And if we got nothing else, we've got our
faith. And we don't know anything else. We know that he's
good and he's faithful to his Word. And we're expecting some
glory stories. SARAH: I just see people lined up at the front of
the church going one by one, telling what God's done for him,
how he blessed him with this house, how he blessed it,
blessed him with this job, how he just poured out his goodness
on each one of them for stepping out and following him. JEREMY:
There's one couple I'm thinking of right now that's coming from
another state and they came to us months ago and said, you
know, the Lord's had you guys on our hearts and we felt like
we're supposed to help you. And we said, well, okay, uh, we're
not hiring, you know, we didn't promise a job to anybody or
anything like that. They said, it's okay. We're not expecting
that. And they began right then putting things in motion, talk
to their leadership. They work for another church, great church
and they'd been there a long time, but they're just taking
steps to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. And, uh, the
time came just not long ago, their last day at work and you
know, that's, you know, they may have a party for you or
something, but there's no paycheck tomorrow. But he and I
were talking recently and I, I to say just in the months since
they decided to step out an extra, this is outside their
paycheck. I want to say it was somewhere between an extra 15
and $20,000 has come into them. And I told him too, I said, man,
listen to me. All you have to do is put vision out there. People
love vision. They want to be a part of vision. Faith inspires
people. They want to be a part of it. And they didn't go asking
anybody for anything. All they said was, we believe the Lord's
calling us to help the Pearsons and that's what we're going to
go do. And people have been almost knocking each other over
going, let me be a part of that and let me be a part of that.
Somebody the other day put $5,000 in their hand. Let me be
a part of that. I'm telling you there's a difference. People
recognize the difference in this house. And I know that there've
been other people in their lives that have come to them and said,
well are you crazy? How can you… well he was telling me
about this conversation he had with a friend of his on the
phone and he's like, well do you have, do you have a house out
there? And, and our friend just said by faith I do. He's like,
no, really tell me do you have a house? He said, I'm telling you
what I want to say about this and I have a house because I was
like, okay, fine, whatever. I get it. But by the end of the
conversation our friend was unwilling to bend what he was
going to say to make it make sense to somebody else. I'm
sorry. That's just what it's like in this house. We believe
therefore we speak. SARAH: Don't you think that along with
walking by faith, people, part of being in the house of faith
is being led by the Spirit? JEREMY: Absolutely. SARAH: And
I'm thinking about how this whole thing, to me, the whole
move and picking up and leaving everything going on this
adventure with God, I really believe that people with a
Spirit of faith have a Spirit of adventure, and they are going to
step out. When God whispers go. They're going to, they're going
to take risks when others play it safe. They are going to live
life on the edge of their seats, ready to hear God speak the next
thing to their Spirit. And like this couple of you're talking
about, they are so stirred up and excited. Do they see it? Why
do they see in the natural that could make them be excited? They
have no house that they're going to, they have no job that
they're going to but their Spirits are so stirred up. They
said they feel like it's Christmas every day cause
they're so excited about what God's doing and this move and
going. And I'm thinking about this scripture in Romans chapter
eight, and it's in the message and it says, this resurrection
life you receive from God is not a timid grave tending life. It's
adventurously expectant, um, greeting God with a childlike,
what's next, Papa. God's Spirit touches our Spirits and confirms
who we really are. We know who he is and we know who we are,
father and children's and we know we are going to get what's
coming to us an inheritance. We go through exactly what Christ
goes through. If we know, if we go through those hard times,
we're certainly, I'm, I don't have the rest of this on here, I
don't think. Um, but basically the, the one part I wanted to
get to is we know who he is. We know who we are. We're his
children, he's our father. And when we're always waiting for
his Spirit to touch our Spirit and to confirm that with us and
to show us, here's what's next, go on this adventure with me. I
just believe that God is, is um, I believe that he is the great
adventurer. And when just about when we get comfortable in life,
he's ready to do something new and exciting. He's always ready
to say, hey, you want to go do this with me? You want to step
out, you want to go, you…. JEREMY: Want to see something
cool? SARAH: You want to see something cool and he's always
ready for the next great adventure. And I think that is a
deep in us. There's this fire in us to go after and do this
thing. We've only got one life to live and it's worth it to be
in the perfect will of God for your life to go after when he
calls you to get up and go to go. He'll take care of you.
JEREMY: What she's reading from Romans eight and the King James
New King James, verse 14 says, for as many as are led by the
Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. So we're talking
about things that define us and characterize us as his family
and distinguish us from the other family that's in this
world. And one that one of the defining characteristics of a
child of God is that we are led not by sight, not by what we
feel, not by money, not by other people, but by his Spirit. And
what Sarah is saying about the Spirit of adventure is
absolutely right. Remember when we talked about what the
psalmist said, how deep calls unto deep, we talked about that
you and I some months ago, how anybody, any adventurer, any
explorer, even somebody who's gone places, nobody's ever been
before, even somebody who's gone to depths dive to depths that
nobody's ever been before. As soon as they come up and
everybody's celebrating, and what'd you see in, what was it
like? You know, you celebrate that and you talk about it, but
there's this thing on the inside of them that's going, I wonder
what's deeper. I wonder what's deeper. I wonder what is just
beyond that last step I took and that same Spirit. You're
absolutely right. It's in us because that's what's in God.
There's this deep that's calling unto you and as deep as you've
been before, there's a deeper, still yet to go. As high as
you've been in God before there, there's higher yet to go, but
you're going to have to live with that sense and Spirit of
adventure. And, and step out into you. We call it the
unknown. Really. It's just the unseen. Because you can know.
Yeah, you can know. You can know. Maybe you can't describe
with, you know, all the details of the future, but you do know
this. In God it's good. You do know this, that mercy waits for
you because his mercy endures forever. So there's mercy in the
future for you. There's grace out there waiting for you.
There's abundance out there waiting for you. And when nobody
else will take a step into the future because they're gripped
and riddled with fear of the unknown, you step into it cause
it's not unknown. It's just unseen. It's just unseen. And
that's what makes us different. Yeah. So what, what makes us the
house of faith in this house We put the Word first. We all live
by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds out of the
mouth of God. In this house we walk by faith and not by sight
and in this house we are led by the Spirit of God. These things
make us different. Yeah, these things make you, let's just be
honest, kind of strange. They make you a little bit different.
You're not normal. Okay. If your family hadn't told you that yet,
let me be the first and foremost. You're not normal but
listen to me. Normal out there is broke and sick and depressed
and dying. You don't want to be normal. Do you? Come on, let's
be strange together here in this house we're different. It's a
night and day difference in this house. Word comes first. In this
house we walk by faith. In this house we are led by his Spirit.
There's more of these that Sarah and I want to get into. You get
in to with you over the next couple of days of broadcast. I
want to make sure you are taking time. Set it aside to get into
this with us and, and I, you hear us talk a lot about the
house we grow up in, the one I grew up in, the Copeland House,
and even the House that we have now raising these kids. Look,
none of them are perfect, but there are some, there are some
things you want to get right and these are the things we're
dealing with right now and we're learning. We're growing. We're
thanking God for it. And even if you didn't grow up in a house
like this, your house right now can become a house of faith. Let
it start with you in Jesus name, we're out of time, but we'll be
back in just a minute. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today's teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

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  1. Thank you Pastor's Jeremy and Sarah for The Abundant Powerful Word Of God, I Receive It all Today and Everyday for The rest of my Life And I am apart of Your House IN Jesus Mighty Name. Blessings To You And The KCM Prayer Warriors. Robin Thompson.

  2. One little comment cant express my greatfullness to this family. You have been enspiring us and building us up in faith in Jesus.

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