Importance of Asana in Yoga

Importance of Asana in Yoga

Nowadays many times when we hear about yoga,
talk about yoga, people mainly talk about Asanas. The postures, the practice. In many yoga schools and even more in the
West, if you see, yoga has become almost synonymous with Asana practice. But if we see the traditional texts, if we
look at Patanjali Yoga Sutra, which is probably the most authoritative text on yoga, on the
ancient tradition of yoga, the science of yoga, it is very interesting to note that out of the 195 sutras which Maharishi Patanjali has given, to explain yoga, to define yoga,
only in three sutras he talks about the Asanas. And in these sutras there is no word for flexibility. He doesn’t say you have to touch your toes,
you have to be able to bend double. He says we have to practice Asanas so that
the body becomes strong, the body becomes healthy, and the body is able to sit for some
period of time, so that we are able to practice our meditation, are able to practice our Pranayamas. So it is important to know that even though
Asana is a part of yoga, don’t get stuck there. Yoga is about uniting the individual and the
universal consciousness. It is about realising your true nature, abiding
in your true nature. Living from that space of infinite consciousness,
which you truly are. And this includes meditation, it includes
breathing techniques, knowledge about how the mind works, how to manage the mind, how
to manage the emotions, how to deal with people. So when we practice yoga, know that it is
more than just the Asanas, and go a little deeper. You will find that it is such a vast science,
it is a such a beautiful tradition, which covers all aspects of our life. So that not just on your yoga mat, but wherever
you go, you are able to feel peaceful. Whatever type of situation comes in front
of you, whatever kind of people you have to deal with, Maharishi Patanjali has given a solution. He has given a tool, a way to move through
those situations without becoming disturbed. Maintaining that equanimity, and experiencing
that state of yoga.

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  1. Thank you Swamiji..As always..Correct messaged reached at correct time…Need so much to learn to maintain equanimity while dealing with people with different temperaments

  2. Jai Gurudev Swamiji 😇🙏 I would love to know more about Yoga and Yoga sutra , please keep updating 😊

  3. Gurujee pranam.
    I watch your videos. Gurujee I am suffering by lot. My relationship with family friends ,etc everywhere I am getting obstacle, even I don't do anything. I am not getting any way to get rid from this worst time.I sometimes do medication. But because of back pain I cannot sit for more than 5min too. Please say something

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