I GO INSANE / Dark Souls 3 / Part 4

I GO INSANE / Dark Souls 3 / Part 4

Alligator: WhEn We’rE huMaN and we’re gonna be… [Impersonating Pewdiepie:] HA-HA-How’s it going bros my name PewDiePieeeeee [Pyro:] We’re back doing more Dark Souls but uh, unfortunately I’ve made quite a mistake Yesterday, I recorded a very good episode of Dark Souls, that I was happy with [happiness is an illusion] I recorded facecam, I recorded the audio, but then I realized… I didn’t even record the fucking game [pyro dun goofed] I have nearly 300 hours on this game. How the fuck do I have nearly have 300 hours on this game? Now I did run off and do quite a lot of stuff on the side, like for example I found a ring, that regenerates your stamina which is.. very nice. I found a dark wraith and I killed it in possibly the most scumbaggiest way possible. [X Gon Give It To Ya by DMX] [Music keeps playing, overlapped by screaming sounds] that dropped a “Red Eye Orb” which helps me invade other worlds, which would be very good for some PvP. And I also killed the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, which is this massive tree boss. It was suppose to be here but unfortunately I did already kill it. Without recording the game. *please kill me* *oh shit* *breathing* h-holy shit im alive what the fuck? Unfortunately, like I said I didn’t record it so here’s a recreation of me fighting this AMAZING boss. *heroic music playing* *legit video boss fight with legit boss* And that boss dropped a Transposing Kiln Which I give to this beautiful gentleman, and that allows you to turn boss souls into weapons Now bring me.. a twisted so- KAPOW So we are back, I have checked about- five times before starting this video to make sure I’m recording so I dont have a repeat of yesterday. If ya noticed, I’m now got this.. BEAUTIFUL sexy lookin ice sword? Very good weapon, very happy with it, We’re just entering a new area over here with these, bird people Some kind of rick and morty shit going on over here like birdpers- Woaah ok I think you need to tone it down a bit but- the fuck you going? I have to put you out your misery, don’t I? SLAMMIN, dead Is he dead? Good, actually, I’m not gonna lie, this sword is pretty shit, oh hello. I see a backstab opportunity- I mean a drop- I’m gonna kill him, alright? That’s what I’m tryna, word, there we- that didn’t even kill him, right, I’ll tell you what, I like this sword, I, I appreciate the effort you’re putting in from [software], great job, but I’m gonna stick with my true beauty, if I can, fuckin find it, where’s the claymore? There it is, there it is, we’re back with the claymore, we’re back to our old roots. Now as you know, in this series of dark souls we’re trying to 100% everything, collect all the items, kill all the bosses, optional bosses, and of course i’m trying to acquire myself, uhh, some of the T H I C C est armor you can get in the game so the choice is we’ve either got here is smose armor (is that right?) which is you know that is probably the T H I C C est in- WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that’s probably the T H I C C est base game, but of course you’ve got some DLC armor as well. Like for example, the Harrowed Legion Armour, uhh you would definitely look like a T H I C C boy in that, so i’m gonna try and nab either one of them in this game. slam Oh no no no no no no, you’re not all- no no no no no, oh did I, did I allow you to turn into a scary bird person? No i did not. Sit the fu- HOW ARE YOU ALIVE? (that face tho) oh my god stop all I want to do is play Dark Souls and make some YouTube money. I don’t want to fucking die. Right, you- off that cli- off that fucking cliff omg he’s alive omg i have to drop down i’m sorry guys i have to drop down you OwO what’s this? “It’ll happen to you too.” The fuck you on about, cunt? Anyway, *the face of depression* When he said it’ll happen to you to-
Thanks for that reminder, anonymous person leaving a message. I really appreciate that. Ok there are three of you, ya i just, I appear to be backed into a corner. Alright, i don’t appreciate that. fuck off you want some you want some yeah nice try oh oh i see your yo–your bitch boy coming in for back up nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah how many huh how many okay boys boys? just there you go where the fuck the the other one go i think i think he fell off oh my god leave me alone slam you off the edge you yo-you done you done? get off my fucking cliff oh my god can we stop how many you fucking people this is some baby boomers shit how many bird people are on this fucking mountain woman ahead oh of course oh holy shit it’s a buzzfeed incarnate. buzzfeed: manspreading is when a man spreads his physical body to take up as much space as humanly possible pyro: i’m not gonna lie she pretty thicc actually like she not as thicc as me but she a definite thicc-y ah let me just r-right that didn’t do nothing did you did you just throw your shit at me 😉 okay that’s disgusting i’m into thicc but i don’t have no scat kink, how about you fuck off yeah stab no i’m sorry i see what you’re doing there but go throw shit at someone else oh you dropped something butcher knife uhh umm no thank you i’ll pass it’s probably covered in shit to be honest hello? oh i see a bridge and i see a lot of enemies how we doing let me just slam you lemme just give you that good ol slam one more hit one more hit and you’re gonna die there we go good let me just jump off here, don’t, don’t kill me DoGGgY OH HI DO- oh my god that dog that dog has got some fucking growth on it you see that shit? that dog look fucking pregnant Am I allowed to kill a pregnant woman? Oh dude don’t spit your fuckin uhhh remains of your children at me, that’s fucking disgusting You know what? kick stay away bad dog bad stay away. I can- I can’t kill a pregnant woman do you know how fucking? Do you know how much buzzfeed is gonna come after me if a youtuber kills a pregnant woman? oh ma god bitch oh n-no no no no no no no nO no no no don’t kill me oH My gOd GeT tHe FuCk OFF mE lemme fuckin, oh my GAWD you’re a piece of shit, attack me again, attack me again see what happens yeah that’s what I fucking thought piss. the. fuck. off. I piss on your fuck- I piss on your fuck. I don’t think anyone had made that in-insult ever *ever heard of Russians and CS: GO?* alright you.. lemme just- I’m just going to go full on two-handed on you, I ain’t taking any risks. sorry my man you know what I got a ring to recharge my stamina quickly and I swear it is not doing the job oh ma god there’s another one, how many- HOW MANY BIRD PEOPLE are on this bridge Jesus™ Alright, now you yeh you got no backup to call now bitch boy, you’re fucked yeah, you summon all that fucking cloud and shit all you want you’re fucking dead so what’s going on here guys? ”This is Horris, a friend and traveling companion” Hey Horris, how are you doing? ”euGhee” *Chuckles quietly* okay. ”GrAAhhH” I see yo branch I see what you’re do- Na Na Na Na Na Na I’m-I’m an expert of the backstab, thank you-WOOOOO No, No, No, No, No, No, No I’ll ta-I’ll pass I’ll pass, thank you very much He is trying….I think he’s trying to loot the corpse I’m sorry m8, that’s my job, not yours. Let me take that, cyanide shard That was-That was not worth the amount of time you’ve probably been there carving him in to the ground What are you doing? You’re crying about the loss of your- a… X-box live, gold membership? Jesus man, I remember having my X-box live gold subscription and I would message everyone, begging them *high pitched voice* ”Please give me a 24h pass, please!” *normal voice* You know actually, uhhh… I’m gonna ember. I feel the need to ember. uhh, now obviously we’re emberd the chances of us being invaded goes up quite a bit uhh, but obviously your boy Pyrocynical I’ve-I’ve been playing Dark Souls for nearly 300 hours And acting like someone who’s played it for about 5 WOOOHOOOO-kay that wasn’t nice, was it? Okay… you may get your free hit, but at the end of the day you’re the one that’s dead 🙂 Not me. I don’t know what the fuck you were doing you didn’t even attack me, it’s like you were just basking in gods light or something like that, I don’t know I’ll just take this fading soul Ho-How much is a fading soul worth? No comment. How many of you tree peopole are around here like I mean, I’m just gonna say guys, I get the whole, using the branch thing, like being eco-friendly But there’s probably a lot more better weapons lying around here and you two, let me just get you two real quick This is a ‘mad phantom’ will you summon it of course I-I mean, I’m gonna be honest, I’m summoning him solely because of his color, cause I love, I’m-I’m pretty weak for the color purple or magenta Oh hello, uh let me just do a really sweaty move on you I’m sorry, I don’t play Dark Souls like a good person, I know that I’m sorry You’re probably gonna estus now aren’t you NO! You’re not-NO! STOP! Whatever that is, put it down, yea? NO! No, No, No Not allowed to estus in my house Oh yea, you-you know what, I’m gonna do a fucking charge attack on you No…. There you go And suck this Don’t estus Oh my god, can you stop, can you stop estus- Yea you’re out of estus, no shit, you’ve do- oh my god what are you doing, what are you doi- I don’t know what you’ve done, but that’s probably make the fight a lot harder, innit? I don’t know what that is either I guess he gets something useless oH MY GOD DIE! peace of shit, I wanna fucking point down at you I’ll point down I’ll fucking point up as well cause I hope you get sent to heaven, then back down Hello my man, uhh.. How are-How are you doing? Ookay….Okay, I thought you were a friendly, but uhh… clearly not, okay, I’m out of stamina so could you give me a moment, please? I just need my stamina to recharge Thank you for waiting Okay… Please don’t do that you’re like a one hit kill enemy I- oh my gosh, the big crab Okay, Nope, I ain’t playing- no Don’t-don’t do this to me game NOPE! Nope No, No, No, No. No, No I ain’t playing Mis-Mister crab, that was a fucking spongebob WHOO-kay I see what you-oh hello, you got stunlocked, one moment BOOOOOOIIII! Goodbye! Where is that wave emote? Where is it? Bye faggot, uhh…Invaded by ‘Watchdog of Farron Hobbit'(what a wild name) oh for fuck-Oh for fuck sake Oh my god, uhh, let me just get this yeah? Oh it’s the ‘fallen knight’ armor Nice You know what? actually…I’m gonna cosplay as you for a second my man Where is his ‘fallen knight’ knight shit, let me stick that all on Okay I’-m OKAY! Can you stop that for a second Stop! Stop! Okay? I’m trying to cosplay as you Ah of course you estus Of course you estus…. Get fucked, what are you gonna do, estus? OHHHH C’MON!!!! No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Oh my god, how much stamina do you have Please, fuck off *2000 years later* Oh my god, are you se-Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Naa, I ain’t playing I ain’t- I’m sorry boys, I ain- Na, Na, Na, Naa I ain’t playing Na, Na, Na, Naa(fuck this ‘Na’ bullshit) Two ‘Watchdog of Farron’ I’m good How much fucking stamina do you have?! God damn peace of shit HOW MUCH STAMINA DO YO- OH MY GOD BOYS DON’T DO THIS TO ME Don’t do this to me DON’T DO THIS! *Horrible version of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ * *Pyro baning the table* *Music continues* That was a fucking gank! That was a ga-! *stupid voice* Hey-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-when we programmed the ‘Watchdog of Farron’ covenant uh, when the guys having a though fight, let’s bring in a second phantom just to fuck him over more *Normal voice*Anyway, let us proceed….. To these two fat bastards What ar-ahh, nice job m8, nice swing Damn, that was a good swing Okay… How could you roll so quickly, you are obese! What are you gonna do huh? I’ve been training T H I C C all my life, you’re probably some newco- Ookay….Ookay….I’m gonna-I’m gonna… *mumbling* I’m not gonna say anything, I’m just gonna shut my mouth Boys, Prepare to be cooked That’s not doing any damage, oh no, okay I’m tryna-I’m tryna cook em’ (Have ya seen chef?) They’re dodging the cook These guys-These guys must fucking sex(?) daily. NOOOOO! DO NOT HEAL, do not- What the fuck can I do? Oh my fucking- I want my life to end I actually want my life to end YOU! Fuck off, yea? go- I never wanna see you in my game ever again, and you- I’m about to finish your ass You two relying on that gangbank Now that he’s fucking gone you’re pointless And that was a miss, uhh, I over-hyped that uhh, by quite a bit Ookay, you know what- can you- can you just come over here- can you just come over here So I can- Thank you! Appreciate that, and you two, uh, spectators Shows over. fuck of- Let’s ember up again I-hmmh… I just remembered what happened last time after embering up So don’t know why the fuck I did that Anyway, crab, Okay, WHOAAAA! I am not being spanked by a crab ‘Yellowfinger Heysel’ uh, Heysel could you give me a minute please I’m just killing this uh, this crab uh, Heysel Heysel, not now You can attack through the crab, okay, that makes perfect sense You’re allowed to ata-you-you-he’s just hiding behind the crab Fucking casting spells I can’t do shit Okay crab, can I just- Oh my god, Heysel, He- Heysel, Heysel don’t do that Don’t do that Can we just be friends? Can-Can we just be friends? Ah fuck, the bait-parry, didn’t work, uh, Would you like you like to add me on X-box live? Okay, uhh, I see what you’re doing Heysel I should probably kill you NO! ohhh…. Wow, nice, nice spell projection there m8 don’t do that, doN’T DO THAT, DON’T DO THAT, don’t do that I don’t like spells very much You know what, I don’t like this, I don’t like none of this spell casting shit You lik-stOP DRINKING THE ESTUS STOP DRINKING! *distortion effect* STOP! STOP FUCKING DRINKING THE ESTUS Yeah no shit you’re out, oh my god, o- I’m not being killed, No, No, No, No, No, No, No You are not- I am not being killed, he’s gonna fire the bolt I’m just gonna wait, I’m just gon-…. OH MY GOD MY HEALTH Get the fuck, outta my house! This is gran-house, motherfucker Anyways, boys and girls, I’m gonna wrap it up for today’s video We’re making more progress into the game, I’m getting quite angry As you can tell, I don’t really enjoy the PvP system in this game because It’ll take a guy who is level one-billion And put it up against little’ Aptal(?) Mehme(?)’ who’s like level two If you enjoyed be sure to leave a like down below And comment any fanfictions you have about this character And submit some fan-art as well if you’ve got any cause, I’ll definitely feature that in the video And now if you’ll excuse me I’m just gonna climb down this latter *keyboard smashing* Goodnight everyone! This is scran-house, It’s scran-O’clock

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  1. To anybody that thinks that 300 hours is a lot is a filthy casul and needs to learn how to reach 1500+ hours

  2. uses straight sword for 2 seconds doesnt kill enemy in 1-2 hits “This weapon’s pretty shit actually.” Greatsword fags 👏

  3. funny how he says his claymore is shit i beat the game with the starter shield and wood axe with my pyromancer on the dlc and the end game…

  4. Imagine having 300 hours and still using the claymore. That kind of weapon should only b used on NG+5 and later. The first journey is just for prep, memes and challenge runs

  5. "Here's a recreation of me fighting the greatwood"
    >Hard cut to punching a tree in minecraft with C418 Sweden playing in the background

  6. Play the videos on twitch so we can help you as you summon us as phantoms ( no it isn't a troll, it's not the same as the purple phantoms)

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