How to Get FREE Money With Credit Cards 2019

How to Get FREE Money With Credit Cards 2019

What’s going on everybody David here today We’re gonna talk about how to get free money using credit cards, but first off on this channel We talked about inspiring people to travel more using points. That’s not as there’s something interesting to you, please it’s a subscribe button Don’t forget to the little bell icon. So you get future updates on my videos Okay, so I’m sure you heard this before if you get credit cards you can get free money They have points and rewards and frequent flyer programs and all that good stuff. So how do you really do it? So that’s what I want to talk about today there is a way for you to get money and Rewards benefits and stuff like that with these credit cards if you use them the right way. So let’s go ahead and get started Okay So the first thing we need to talk about is you need to get a travel rewards credit card or a cash back credit card So you need to get something that’s going to give you some some rewards in return for using the card So you use it for your everyday spend and that’s how you get the points and those points turn into To cash if you want to use it for cash travel cash back all that good stuff. Okay now when it comes to Regular credit cards don’t use regular credit cards don’t get regular credit cards. I never use regular credit cards I always have either a travel rewards credit card or cash back card I use it for both my personal and business and that’s how I go about it So never never never carry a balance in your credit card. So you always want to pay it off Like I said, I pay every two weeks every two weeks I’m paying my credit cards off some people pay it every week You can pay it every month, but you never want to carry a balance because once you start getting it’s that interest game They’re gonna win because they’re making money on you all that time So if I’m using my credit cards, I’m earning points and I paint it off every two weeks They’re never they never have a chance of my money and the only the only way they’re making money as a merchant fee So anytime I go into a store and I make a purchase They’re making money on those merchant fees that they charge the retailer or they charge the store wherever I am So you want to make sure I cannot overemphasize this pay it off every month and have a routine My routine every two weeks, I’m always checking my credit card statement Everytime so I know exactly what’s going on with it and I make sure it’s paid off. So that’s number one Okay, the next thing I want to talk about is signup bonuses Usually if you have a travel rewards credit card or even cash back cards, you’ll get a signup bonus So in the first three months if you spend a certain amount of money, then they’ll give you a bonus either 50,000 points 25,000 points, even I’ve seen it as high as a hundred thousand points with some cards so you want to Make sure you hit that sign up bonus because if you hit that sign up bonus, you’re you you have a head start So if you want to travel and things like that if you get a 50000 signup bonus That’s good enough for two round-trip tickets anywhere in the US with the exception of Hawaii So that’s a really good value. You want to make sure you hit the sign up bonus usually you have to spend about three thousand dollars within the first three months three to four thousand dollars within the first three months and Once you’ve done that then they’ll they’ll give you the the bonus there. So make sure make sure you hit that sign up bonus That’s an easy way to make free money Because I don’t care how much the annual fee is on that card and a lot of the annual fees They waive it for the first year so you don’t have to pay it until the next year so you can get that 50,000 points and you’ll have that you’ll have the two round trip ticket. So you want to do that You can do a cash back if you cash back It’s anywhere from five hundred six hundred dollars depending on on how much they value the points So you’re making money right off the right out of the gate? So that’s that gives you the free money that we’re talking about here You you sign up for a card you hit the sign up bonus. There’s some free money right there. Okay I talked a little bit about this before but using your credit card for all of your spin, so I have travel credit cards I use it for all my spin and I’m just gonna give you kind of an example So let’s say I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which is a great card. I do have that card right now I use it for primarily everything that I purchased so let’s say the highest category that they’ll give you is three points every dollar spent and the lowest category that they’ll give you this one point for every Dollar spent on on different purchases. So we’re gonna average that out. We’ll say two points every dollar spent across the board So let’s say in a year’s time I spend $20,000 in groceries Restaurants travel all the stuff that I that I normally use so I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary So I’m just I’m using it just like my debit card. I’m not purchasing anything. I don’t have money for in the bank And so I spend $20,000 in that year’s time Okay, I get two points for every dollar spent So at the end of the year, I have 40,000 points that I’ve accrued with that with that card So 40,000 points can get you get you pretty far You can pretty much fly anywhere in the US with 40,000 points. You can find out Hawaii with 40,000 points as well So you can get around you can fight uh some other countries. So 40,000 points a round trip ticket It’s not unheard of to spend less than 40,000 to that round-trip ticket so just think every year if I use my card just like I would normally use it not paying anything not spending on anything that I wouldn’t normally spend on I can still get enough earn enough points to fly somewhere It within the US or fly Like I’m flying to Colombia 40,000 points will get me to Colombia easily fly economy a round trip so just something to think about that’s another way where you’re getting free money because you have You’re earning these points and you might as well earn points I always tell people this if you’re using your debit card You’re not getting any points on that. If you’re using credit cards that don’t give you any points. Why are you doing it? You can earn points. So not only can you save money So I have money you’re saving money on the side but when you do your everyday purchases when you go to the grocery store when you go to the gym when you go Anywhere you go use your credit card and you can earn points So it’s really important to think along those lines and that’s how you get free money So another thing you want to think about this is not necessarily money, but it’s benefits you get benefits with these cards so if you have like the Chase Sapphire Reserve you can use that you can use the Friday pass you can stay in lounges and There is a value to the labs Like it’s usually like twenty-eight dollars to purchase the lounge access if you want to do that, but you’re getting it for free So you don’t have to pay anything for that. You also get restaurant credits They have participating restaurants at airports where you can go in there You can get a meal you can get up to thirty dollar credit so you don’t have to pay anything on my last trip to Hawaii I used the prior to pass a restaurant credit I was able to go to PF Changs and get two meals Had one when I was there and then took another one on the plane for me for the trip So those are other ways different benefits that you get with the car to travel insurance and things like that You’re gonna get that with the travel war credit card So something to think about it might not necessarily you might not see it as just money But there are benefits and those benefits cost money and you don’t have to pay for those those benefits just going into a lounge and getting some some water and a soda and Some snacks that cost money at the airport, but you don’t have to pay for it because you have a travel rewards credit card So those things are really good to think about as well. And that’s another way you can make free money Okay, and the last thing I want to talk about and this is for travelers people who travel a lot no foreign transaction fees So these credit cards they don’t have foreign transaction fees for the most part So you want to make sure that you check each credit card that you’re looking at but most of them don’t have for Transaction fees. I don’t have to pay anything additional so if I’m in another country I can use the card and Usually when I do travel to other countries I use my credit card as much as possible And I only use cash if I absolutely have to and so I don’t have to pay a lot of these different fees you go To the ATM you get money out. You need to you need to pay a fee and things like that So for the most part I can avoid all those those fees by using my credit card So it’s just another reason why Using a credit card is a smart thing to do and you don’t have to carry a lot of money on you Usually I will have some cash with me. I will when I get there I’ll exchange it So I’ll have some of the local currency But I don’t have to bring a lot of cash with me because I know I can use my credit card for pretty much any purchase in most countries now you Accept credit cards all over the world. So it’s not ever really an issue the only time it’s like if you’re maybe getting street food or something like that or you’re You’re buying some souvenirs on the street and you might need to use cash in those situations But for the most part you can use your your credit card for almost everything and so you don’t have to pay those foreign transaction Fees you save a lot of money in that sense So I know you’re probably saying, well, you have to pay an annual fee most of these cars and you pay an annual fee So it offsets the money that you make back and all that in most situations if you are doing it the right way You are gonna earn more points and get more benefits than you’re putting into that card if you do things the right way If you travel enough You’re definitely going to make benefits. Just like I said the restaurant credit itself that’s thirty to a thirty dollar credit So you get a thirty dollar credit every time you go to a restaurant that resets every two hours So let’s say I go to I’m fly to Hawaii. I have a half a layover I go to the my first Airport I do my restaurant credit that use the restaurant credit there and I fly to Where I have a layover, they have another restaurant there I get another meal there That’s $60 right there $60 just in that so you can really make you can really make your money back and then get even more Than that in return. So don’t worry about the annual fees. The annual fees are there but a lot of times they will throw in Credit so interline credits and things like that that will help you out when it comes down to it I talked about the chase after I reserved a lot because I do have that card and it’s a $450 annual fee and I you’re saying $450 why would you pay $450 for a card? Well, you get a $300 travel credit so that drops it down to $150 and like I said all these other little credits that I talked about before you’re gonna make money on all those all but those Transactions I go to a lounge That’s that cost money to go to that lounge. If I want to go to a lounge, they have showers and stuff like that I can go to the lounge and enjoy all that That cost money going to a restaurant. We all know cost money But if I’m getting a credit on that and that I’m making my money So I talked about the whole scenario in a year’s time you’ve spent $20,000 on this card and you get you’re getting two points for every dollar spent. So now you’re looking at 40,000 points That’s what you have 40,000 points, which is equivalent to $400. And that’s the worst value that you can get out of it Like that’s that’s the lowest value you’ll get it’s $400 So that pays right there almost by itself pays for the annual fee, but then you get that credit back Anyway, you give a $300 credit back It’s one of those things if you know how to use those cards, you’re gonna come out on top every time so it’s very important to understand that so that’s how to make free money with credit cards and it works I’ve been doing it for the last three years I’ve been traveling pretty much anywhere that I want to go first class business class All that good stuff stayed in really nice hotels and it’s all working out and it’s all because of credit cards I don’t save money outside. I don’t use the money that I save. I don’t use for my for my trips I use points and then when I get to the destination, yeah I’ll use little money here and there but generally the most expensive things you’re gonna pay for is airfare and hotel Once you have those taken care of and a lot of countries, it’s a lot less like the dollar goes a lot further So you’ll get these other countries and you’ll you’ll find that you spend fifteen dollars in a whole day for all of your meals So just things like that to think about I just wanted to share that with you guys But more importantly do you guys make free money or do you guys get free money with credit cards, please? Post it down below. I’d love to know your stories. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up Please subscribe for more and I’ll talk to you the next one. Bye

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  1. Great video @TEC! Jess and I are staying for two nights at the Park Hyatt Garden of the Gods this weekend; all thanks to points! Travel reward points are the best!!! Show me the money! 💳👌😎👍

  2. All these “cash only” people are missing out on (with cash back cards) literally free money

  3. What about when a vendor charges a percentage for using a credit card. Who's winning? I try to avoid this but sometimes it's inevitable.

  4. GREAT VIDEO | I just found your channel and SUBSCRIBED | I am just getting more into the Credit Card Rewards game. We’ve routinely used a Citi Double Cash 2% card and pay off the card every month but I NOW I am leaving rewards on the table. I’d go even further and say YES, Pay it off every month BUT ALSO have a budget and follow your budget! That’s what I teach on my channel! GREAT VIDEO! 😎👍🏻

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