How To Escape Quicksand + Make The World’s Fluffiest Omelette In France | Travel Dares S2 Ep 1

How To Escape Quicksand + Make The World’s Fluffiest Omelette In France | Travel Dares S2 Ep 1

Caroline Aghajanian: On this
episode of “Travel Dares,” I’m taking Aj to the
beaches of Mont Saint-Michel to learn how to escape quicksand. Aj Caldwell: And I’m taking
Caroline to La Mère Poulard to learn how to make the
world’s fluffiest omelet. Caroline: Come join us on our adventures on this episode of “Travel Dares.” Welcome to “Travel Dares.” Last season, I traveled all around the US with my friend Joe. This season, I’m taking two new friends all across Europe to explore
more exciting activities. On today’s episode, we’re
here in northern France with my friend Aj. Bonjour, Aj! Aj: Bonjour. Caroline: How excited are you? Aj: I’m so excited, Caroline. Caroline: All right, here is your clue. Aj: All right. Oh, my gosh, I don’t know if I’m ready for this one, Caroline. Caroline: Aj, you’re gonna
have great time. Let’s go. Aj loves unique activities that
are filled with adrenaline, and this is one of the
only places in the world where you can learn how
to escape quicksand. Before we get to your dare, you
have to take off your shoes. Aj: Now I think that
sink is, like, a literal I’m going to sink. Caroline: Slow steps,
don’t worry, don’t worry. Aj: What is this, what am
I standing on? All right. Caroline: Aj, take off your blindfold. Aj: OK. Caroline: We’re at Mont Saint-Michel, and we’re gonna learn
how to escape quicksand. Aj: Oh, my gosh. What? Caroline: Yes, yes. Aj: Oh, my gosh, look at that. Stephane Gueno: So, I
am your guide for today, and I will show the quicksand
and the way to get out. Aj: All right, let’s do it. Caroline: Perfect. Let’s go.
Stephane: Yeah. Caroline: I think we’re
getting really close. Aj: Oh, I think we’re here. Stephane: OK, so we
stop here, and we jump, and I will show you how to get out. Aj: OK. Stephan: OK, and then you can try. Aj: All right, I’m ready. Stephan: All right, close together, jump like this, left or right. (thudding) More, more. Caroline: Oh, my God, oh, my
gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. Aj, you looked scared. Aj: This is really cool. Stephan: Be on the side now. Caroline: OK, bye. Aj: Bye. Stephan: I’m going down. Caroline: Oh, no. Be careful. Stephan: It’s, all the water is going out. And then you have only
the sand around your legs. And then it’s like a concrete. I try to take off, I can’t. Caroline: You’re stuck. Aj: Very stuck. Stephan: OK. So, how. You have to move your legs like this. Aj: OK. Stephan: Twist, twist. Caroline: Twist in a circular motion. Stephan: Almost. Caroline: You’re free!
Aj: He’s out! And he’s out! And he’s free! Stephan: It’s your turn. Aj: Oh, I’m gonna crush
Caroline in this sand, quicksand competition.
I am so ready for this. I’m really excited,
actually. I cannot wait. Caroline: We’ll see about that. Aj: Oh, yes. Oh yes we will. Caroline: It’s my turn. I’m going down. Stephan: OK, so let’s go to jump. All right. Together. Aj: Oh, it’s almost
ready for you! That’s it! Caroline: Ooh. Stephan: We can help her
to go down like this. Aj: Like this? Stephan: Yeah.
Aj: All right. Caroline: Oh, it’s, my legs are stuck, oh, my gosh, I’m freaking out. I’m stuck. OK, start the timer. Stephane: And then on your knee. Yes, the opposite way.
(laughing) We lost her. Caroline: You lost me? Uh-oh, I’m going down. (laughing) Please tell me what to do. Stephane: OK, give me your hand. And twist your legs behind, twist, twist. (laughing) Aj: Yes! You’re free! Caroline: My legs, my legs, my legs! What’s the time? Timekeeper: One minute, four seconds. Caroline: OK. One minute, four seconds. Stephane: Let’s go to jump. Caroline: I’m gonna hop on this! Stephan: It’s stronger, this one. Aj: Oh, this is stronger? Stephane: Yeah. Aj: Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad. Start the timer. All right, all right. Caroline: You got this, Aj. Aj: This leg’s almost out. Caroline: Please! Aj: Ha ha, ha ha! Caroline: Your leg is out! Stephan: Yeah, not bad. Caroline: You can do it, you can do it. Yay, that was awesome! Aj: What was my time? Timekeeper: 40 seconds. Caroline and Aj: 40 seconds. Caroline: Oh, my God.
Aj: I knew it. Caroline: Aj, how did you
feel when you were in there? Aj: It was a very surreal feeling, like I couldn’t move anything. But then when you start twisting, it really, like, starts loosening up. Stephan: Are you ready to go back? Caroline: Yeah.
Aj: We’re ready. Stephan: OK, let’s go. Caroline: All right, Aj,
what did you think of that? Aj: Caroline, I think that’s gonna go down as one of the best
experiences I’ve ever had. It was so much fun. Caroline: Yes! I knew you’d like it. Aj: Are you ready for you clue? Caroline: I’m so ready. I’m so ready. OK. OK, I wonder what that
means. I have no idea. Aj: I do have a surprise.
It’s right through there. Caroline: Through here, seriously? OK, no, yeah, totally, let’s go. Aj: Now, I’m a bit of a food expert, and La Mère Poulard is known for making the world’s fluffiest omelet. Making the perfect omelet
is extremely difficult, and I’m excited to see if
Caroline is up to the task. All right, perfect, hold out your hand. Just hold it out. There you go. Turn it around, be very careful. Caroline: What is it? Aj: Be very careful. Caroline: I’m careful.
I’m careful, I’m careful. It feels so weird.
Aj: OK. Take off your blindfold. We’re learning how to make
the world’s fluffiest omelet. Caroline: Oh, my god. Wait, this is not what
I was expecting at all. Aj: You’re gonna love this. Caroline: It smells so
good, it smells so good. This is an egg. Aj: So, first, Franc is
gonna show us how it’s made, and then me and you are gonna
have a little competition and see who can make the better omelet. Caroline: OK, I’m gonna win this one. I think I’m a pretty good chef. Aj: I don’t know about that. Caroline: Oh, I’ve never seen
anyone whisk eggs like that. Aj: I know. Caroline: There’s a technique to this. Aj: Yeah. Caroline: It’s not how we whisk eggs. Aj: Yeah, I do a circle. It’s, like, back and forth.
Caroline: I do circles. Aj: Look how bubbly it is. Like, it gets fluffy inside the bowl. Caroline: Yeah, I think that’s the key. It’s like, the harder you
whip, the bubbly it is. Aj: Kind of push off, OK. Caroline: It’s so fluffy. Aj: Half, look at it go. Oh, look at that! Look at that! Caroline: That’s really fluffy. Aj: Oh, my gosh. Caroline: That’s so fluffy. Aj: It’s super fluffy. Caroline: Can I try? Wait, I’m not left-handed, that’s why. That’s so bad, wait. Yes, but I’m whisking it, no? Aj: You gotta give it a push. Caroline: OK. All right.
Aj: All right. And then scoop, like, half of it out. Caroline: Uh-oh, that’s not it. Aj: There it…almost! Caroline: I ruined it! Aj: On this part, there you go. Caroline: I’m so sorry. (laughing) I’m so sorry, pardon my ugly omelet. Aj: It has personality. Caroline: I’m sorry, it’s like me. You know what, that’s my omelet. That’s mine, let’s see
what you can do, Aj. Let’s see your omelet.
Aj: All right, I am ready. Oh, oh! Caroline: Oh, oh, oh! Aj: Don’t wanna spill it! Push, push. Caroline: He’s really good. Aj: Push. Caroline: I think you’ve got this, Aj. Aj: OK, so I’m gonna come
here and take this thing. About half. Caroline: Do a little flip. Aj: Oh, look at that. Caroline: I’m impressed, I’m impressed. Aj: I did it! Look at this! Caroline: This is my sad, you’re a pro. You’ve definitely done this before. You mastered the presentation. Mine just looks like a giant peanut. Aj: Yeah, I think I did
all right on the flip. Caroline: Yeah, no, but you know what, it’s all about the taste. Aj: It is. Caroline: So, bon appétit. Aj: Bon appétit. Caroline: Oh, my God, it’s
like chewing on a cloud. Aj: It really is. Caroline: Oh, wow. That’s probably the yummiest
dare we’re ever gonna do. OK, ready to go back to Paris? Aj: Oui oui. Caroline: We had such an amazing time in Mont Saint-Michel, and
now we’re back in Paris, and it’s literally so gorgeous here. Aj: I know. Everywhere you look, there’s just this beautiful
French architecture. But somehow this hotel captures
the essence of New York. Caroline: Hmm. I think you’re right. Time for the rating. OK. I’m just gonna go right into it. So, when you first took off the blindfold, I really thought this
was gonna be the dare that you were gonna be
super nervous about. But it was the total opposite, you were so excited, and you
also had the fastest time, which I was not expecting. I don’t know, I just
have to give you a five. I can’t give you anything else. Aj: Crushing the dares, I love it. Caroline: Crushing the dares, yep. Aj: All right. So, for
your rating, Caroline, I actually knew you were gonna be really excited for your dare, you jumped right in the kitchen,
you were excited to learn, you were dancing along to the beat. You were having a great time. But, at the end of the day, your flip was kind of a flop. So, unfortunately, I gotta give you a three out of five stars. Caroline: Oh, Aj. It’s OK, I’ll take it. The omelets were still really good. And I had a great time. It’s probably one of my
favorite things I’ve ever done. Aj: Yeah, and you’ll get ’em next time. Caroline: All right,
let’s take a bite of this and go on to our next adventure.

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    Edit: spelling

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  4. Cant believe I guessed they were at Le Mont St Michel before clicking on the video. I’ve visited a couple of times. The second time the tannoys came on and we were told to come back in as we were in danger of the tide – we had gone quite far out and apparently the water comes in super fast.

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