How to Calendar Block Your Week

How to Calendar Block Your Week

Hello everyone walk back to another video it is your host Francesco D’Alessio here and welcome back to the Keep Productive YouTube channel So guys today what we’re going to be doing is talking a little bit about calendar blocking now calendar blocking also referred to as time blocking sometimes is a common technique used by millions of people every single day to Organize their own calendar and essentially their task list – now What I want to do in this video is outline how you can use calendar blocking at home What we’re going to do is jump over to the Mac We’re gonna dive into the calendar blocking technique and show you exactly how you can get started and also show you a few Beneficial techniques and processes that you can use there will also be an article below outlining everything So if you have a lot time for this video or you want to come back to this video? There will be a link there in description. Okay guys, just before we dive into today’s feature I wanted to thank Setapp who are sponsoring this week here on the key productive YouTube channel, Setapp is really simply a renting service for mac apps allowing you to rent a whole range of applications 120+ to be exact there are so many different apps that you can pick from so whether you’re like a freelancer or Entrepreneur or someone that’s doing their own site project and they’re just looking for a different application to use for a different thing There’s loads to choose from And you can rent them available under just one subscription which avoids all the payments and fees that you do when you download a new Application so include a link to setup below which can go away downloads an app for Mac and give it a try today There are 700,000 users who’ve already tried Setapp And for me, I really enjoy it because I know that in the top menu bar I can access all of the different apps and any given time to fix solutions and problems that I have across my day So I’m also doing a full review of setup too so you can check them out They’ve also got a Facebook group if you have any questions about the service, so guys without further ado Let’s jump over to the bank and dive into calendar blocking and techniques to you to get started So here we are with Apple Calendar. I’m going to be using Apple calendar for this demonstration mainly because I want to have a clean slate in front of me even though What I do with my calendar is slightly different. I wanted to give you an outline on a fresh space So what we’re gonna be doing is working this from the get-go If you want to skip ahead with an element of this feel free to do this You can use the time stamps below to maybe skip ahead to the routine adding part or talking about themes etc And everything will be there. So let’s dive in this is obviously Apple calendar My own personal setup is slightly different from this I use Google Calendar and I only tend to include events that are to some extent detailed Like for example, I show you here actually so if I click this one, you can see that I’ve actually got events that are only really Time-based so there were gonna be like meeting people driving lesson Jim obviously Jim’s technical routine tasks But we’re actually going to show you from scratch how to use calendar blocking if you want to go away from this video There’ll be an article below but when I further adieu guys, let’s dive in so the first things first is I would like to create different areas and for the different sections I think it’s important to colorize out Everything so that you have a clear outline of what things aren’t just by looking So we’re going to add a few calendars just before we get started So here we are with the different calendars and I made obviously created them on iCloud which I’m using right now I’ve created personal health routine and freelance and essentially now what I can do is when I’m actually plotting these tasks out in the calendar blocking I can assign them to their so the first thing I’d recommend doing is Adding start and end dates to your day or week ahead and you can set this is recurring Based on all of the days of the week. So let’s demonstrate that So there we are It’s really simple to add that Introductory sort of start of the day the wake up and run and obviously have that between 7:00 and 7:30 Generally the times I wake up during the work week If you notice there and what I did is I actually set the time to repeat on a weekday basis because at times at all I add to these in a second will be slightly different because I’ll wake up later on the weekend and the same thing down here is this is the Regular time I go to bed and it’s quite a nice way to see your full outline of the day Oh as you can see there you can set a different time for the weekends if that suits you Wake up later and go to bed a bit later, too So the next thing to do I think is really to add routine tasks now This could be anything from gym to regular study sessions or regular events that you go to. I think this is important So I’m going to add a few of the ones that I participate in Okay, so as you can see I’ve added a range of different things Let’s just give you a sort of overview of what I’ve added So most days I’ll head to my coffee shop in the morning And as you can see, I’ve added this one coffee shops called Prime and I’ve also added it with a 15 minutes travel time Which you can do on most calendar applications now, this is quite handy It gives you a little bit of a buffer to walk there And sort of my best guess gives you an indication of how long you’d be there what I’ve done here is I’ve added a gym time for example boxing which I intend to do on Monday Wednesdays and Fridays although this definitely changes and that’s something that will mention near at the end is if your calendar adapts and Cooking and eating lunch for days of the week walking home and even having dinner across all of those days So that tends to give me a strong outline So now this sort of important part I guess this is adding in the bulk of your day the bulk of your activities. And what I recommend doing is You could do it on two different wavelengths I think the first is theming it which I will be doing theming it is essentially giving it a Generalized idea of what you will be doing. This is good If you’re open to new activities being there, for example, let’s say in the morning I block out in an area for writing now that’s clearly going to be could be any form of writing But maybe you work best in the morning for that and like I work best between 9:00 and 11:00 For example, you can have therefore admin editing Designing whatever you do This could be a good time and even for students studying and you can block out that time Now this will obviously take you a little bit of time and change and you can also have it in a secondary way Which is tasks? so for example Let’s say you’re doing this for the week ahead and you want to plot in when you’re going to spend specific time on tasks So you’re going to do that through whatever your work methods are So for example, you could be doing that for your side project or you could be doing it for your regular work day I know some people and just 9:00 to 5:00 for their work and keep it pretty simple But again is totally up to you to how your routine is So I’m going to add a few of the ones that I relate to most Okay, so there we are I’ve added my own Freelancing efforts there. So for example, I will Do mostly in the mornings writing or admin work? I’m keeping this quite loose for this video as you can see Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday writing as a start of the day an admin on Wednesday because I don’t necessarily want to go in on Wednesdays I’ll work from home And as you can see middle of today will be creating time and the majority of the afternoons on Most of the days will be client work I’ve put a de today’s in cases of video that I do need to do quickly and then to finalize my day There’s engagement which we’ll be communicating with people in the community and also Necessarily it could be emails or something like that. Just engaging with other people online Occasionally I’ll have calls in the evening or during the day but I’ll tend to spot them in specifically In my own calendar again in this example if this was a specific day of the week And I had a call during that day. I would particularly block it out and even for example, let’s say something came up on Friday, which I believe I might actually have Only for this event. I’m gonna drag it open here and add some personal time to actually do So as you can see, it’s fairly flexible And you can sort of modify that based on different areas. So this is a calendar blocking Eyeful example here. Now. What a lot of people like doing is adding particular events So for example, I mentioned I have a drawing lesson a couple things like that I’m going to add a few of those for this week And then also add in some social events too, which hopefully will bulk this out So there we are I added Few particular events and modifying a few things around I think that’s helpful for to do that more at the last minute because you know that sort of stuff and of course if I Go to the next week I should be able to see the majority of the stuff in place ready to manipulate and remember whenever you want to delete So, for example, I had a lunch out here. You want to delete a certain item? It does ask you whether you want to delete all events or only just this event, which is quite helpful So as you can that’s that routine, um, you will start to sort of plot out What works best for you for that week now there is a way as well in adding all-day events So for example, if you’re staying it’s particular things Then you can use the all-day section at the top to drag across and this is really the case for most calendar application So here we are I’m just Then I’ve also added Something that you should all consider adding is a routine period of time that you will focus on adding the week ahead Blocking out time for everything and and particularly I recommend that’s Thursday or Friday or even Saturday or Sunday So that you can walk into the week with everything ready. Now, the majority of the barebone stuff will be ready pretty Much to go. But again, if you’re looking to fully block all of your time up Then you can do that now again for many people if they’re like ok I want to see this in day view your day view is going to be very specific now you can see exactly where you are In the day and that’s quite useful. So for example, let’s jump over to today I can see here that I’m partially in my creating time which sounds about right? I’ll be then eating and cooking lunch and then working on client work walking home And it looks like I’m going for pizza with Liam Robb and Steve and so it’s actually quite a particular way of doing it but again What I particularly like is the color Coding of everything now a few recommendations that have picked up from other youtubers and again I’m going to include some useful videos the likes of Thomas Frank I believe is maybe a fantastic video on how he Organizes his calendar, which I’ll include below but also the fact that what you can do after Each of the days is actually write down Exactly how your day went now? Maybe you need to spend five 10 minutes sat down with your calendar. Just tweaking certain stuff I find this particularly helpful If I was to do this that is if my day had dramatically changed So for example, let’s say I did more different bits of work across my day and it dramatically changed I spent more time in the gym. Maybe I’m I spent more time on client work my pizza was cancelled and I had to go for a Random haircut, you know that provides you actually an insight into what your day was actually like and that can be quite useful Um, I know that let’s take the haircut for example I know that every time that I go for a haircut I check when the last time I went for a haircut was just so I’m not going for two regular haircuts if that’s Too bad because you can then see exactly when you had your last appointment and so it’s good and Healthy to always do that and always check in and sometimes it’s good for just reflecting on the day going Oh, I actually did pretty well And this you know, I did a solid gym workout today So guys that was a full outline on calendar blocking Hopefully it gave you a nice insight into how to get started with calendar blocking time blocking again I’ll probably bring in a couple of experts on this and that’s pretty much my routine set up on the counter design of stuff Hopefully it gave you some really nice insight again I could probably go into more details fill up all the lovely spaces there, but hopefully you can get started with this one now So guys a big big. Thank you for stopping by today Remember, you can check out the article which should be available in description below I do remember there are now deals inside the description section so you can go away and get discounts on some of your favorite brands in the productivity software space So make sure to check that out and some of them are exclusive some of the nice giveaways So do feel free to enter below but guys, I will see you in a future feature. Thank you very much Make sure have a great week. Keep it up dude, and I’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers

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  5. Time-blocking helps keep things orderly and moving. I have a slightly different approach, I have a Google Calendar called Time-Banding where I set my recurring macro level planning…and all my time-bands are set to gray. Then I have other calendars to track clients and/or projects. The gray becomes the background, of sorts, and then my appointments standout in color.

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