How Pink Diamond & Pearl Led Double Lives! [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear

How Pink Diamond & Pearl Led Double Lives! [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear

Welcome back to Crystal Clear on the Roundtable. I’m Awestruckvox and today we’re gonna be talking something that a lot of people been wondering. How on Earth was Pink Diamond and Pearl able to…well, do their job as a diamond and a diamond’s pearl? While also be the leader of a rebellion, lead the Crystal Gems into battle; how was this possible? Because… yeah I mean the concept of a diamond leading a double life is pretty cool, as are most secret identity stories. Even if I’m not totally fond of what this means for Rose’s character. A lot of people are still scratching their heads thinking, “how? How could they pull this off at all?” And I have a few ideas. Now, how no one suspected Rose and Pink Diamond were never in the same place is beyond me. But also realistically speaking, who’s going to make that connection? If anything it would be suspicious for both parties. That Rose and Pink Diamond would go off, for what I assume would be lengthy periods of time, without anybody checking in on them or knowing where they went. But even then, I believe there could be an answer for that. Now I really hope that’ll be something explored in the show. But if not, I believe both Pearl and Rose have abilities that could very well make this work. For Pink Diamond, one of Steven’s abilities come to mind. His ability to possess other people or just other life forms in general. We’ve seen him possess Lars and we’ve seen him possess two of the Watermelon Stevens. And if we’re going off of Lars, the host doesn’t actually realize they’re possessed. They’re not conscious during this period; once Lars regained control of his body in The New Lars. It sounded like mentally he just didn’t exist while Steven was in his body. He was very much unconscious and it’s not as if he took a backseat while Steven was in control of the wheel. So, by this logic if Rose was to possess another gem; they wouldn’t retain any recollection of what happened to piece together that Rose Quartz or Pink Diamond took control of their body and used it to fight. I think it is very likely Pink Diamond could’ve either A) had a Rose Quartz separate from the ones bubbled in the Zoo on her hands. Unbubbling said Rose Quartz so she could possess her, thus being able to be in two places at once. Or B) she just possessed any pink gem nearby and shape-shifted into Rose from there. While this may sound dark and it is, you have to understand it’s war. There are a lot of dirty, dark, twisted tactics. Now it’s also entirely possible Pink Diamond simply just left her Palanquin in disguise and informed her court she would be in there, while she was really running around as Rose Quartz. She could’ve even shape-shifted into a different gem exiting her palanquin. So they thought, “oh that ruby (for example) just left the palanquin- probably had to talk with Pink Diamond about something.” And once she was far away enough, she would just shape-shift back into Rose Quartz. But that’s under the assumption her palanquin was always guarded, which it may not have. Then there’s Pearl, there’s a way for her and by extension another way for Pink Diamond to be at two places at once and that is the Holo Pearl. Now we do not know the full extent of the Holo Pearls, which is why I say also Pink Diamond. It’s possible Pearl could have created a Holo Pearl for her to stay in place, while she was off with Pink Diamond fighting for the Crystal Gems. There’s a possibility that she could’ve created a Holo Pink Diamond and both of them just stayed in the palanquin. What’s important to note is that even after Pearl got poofed in Steven the Sword Fighter, Holo Pearl remained. So let’s just say Pearl got poofed on the battle field during the war, well the Holo Pearl and Holo Pink Diamond at the palanquin would still remain. And you could be thinking, “wait, well, Holo Pearl clearly talks like a robot and is blue and translucent- wouldn’t that be way too obvious?” And the answer is you’ve just gotta suspend your disbelief. It’s a war and the inside of the palanquin appeared to be dark anyways. So gems may not have been able to tell the difference, especially if they were unable to get up close and personal with Pearl and Pink Diamond. So yeah, I know these kind of sound like ass-pulls but these were abilities implemented into the show for a reason. I’m not saying I like it either, but they do make sense. Now there is also the possibility that Pearl and Pink Diamond just simply left their post and somehow no one noticed ever. But possession and the Holo Pearls make a lot more sense. Like I said we don’t know their extent. For all we know, a Holo Pearl can shape-shift into pink Diamond or Pearl can just create a Holo Pink Diamond out of no where. We saw the Holo Pearls fuse, so they could have other gem abilities not yet seen. I’m sure we’ll get a more in-depth, thorough, clear explanation in a future episodes. But I hope if the answer is different from either of these that they at least make sense. But what do you guys think? How do you think Pink Diamond and Pearl were able to just live double lives unnoticed. Let us know in the comments below or tweet your thoughts directly to me @AWESTRUCKVOX. Or at the Roundtable on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all at @ROUNDTABLEVIDS If you want to help the Roundtable grow, subscribe to us on Patreon. Get access to exclusive perks and have your name featured at the end of the video like all these beautiful wonderful people. Link in the description. If you enjoyed this video be sure to like, share, and if you’re new here, subscribe. Hit that bell for notifications to stay in the loop of all things Steven. Thank you for watching and I hope you have an awesome day. Awestruckvox out! *Incredibly catchy music*

100 Replies to “How Pink Diamond & Pearl Led Double Lives! [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear


  2. If Pink Diamond possessed a Rose Quartz then what happened to it? Did it get bubbled? Was it shattered? What happened thousands of years ago?! Tell us!

  3. I'm still curious of how nobody recognizes Pearl. Because in the episode "The Answer," Pearl is clearly there fighting, so wouldn't she, as a diamond's pearl, be kind of well known?

  4. The roze quartz imprisoned in the zoo bubbles were only there because of pinks assasination

  5. Well if you look at previous episode's ie Steven and the Stevens. Steven created multiple versions of himself with working gems who also has powers so maybe that played a part

  6. Pink diamond created portals through healing like she did with the lion, and Steven with Lars. It's a possibility that could've been used to help her so quickly be in different places.

    But also people could just be overthinking it. By the way the diamonds spoke about her running her planet it seemed like she wasn't as much under a careful watch as people might think. She could also command her gems to do whatever she wants them to do. So she could easily distract them with something else to do while she's off doing whatever she wants. She's both pink diamond and rose quarts, so if you think about it, she really is in control of pretty much everything happening on earth on both sides up until she fakes her death and from that point on, the diamonds and home world gems interfere and everything gets crazy.

  7. think about all the times we’ve seen the diamonds. aside from the trial and the video call yellow made in stevonnie’s dream, the diamonds have always been alone with their pearls. who knows how long they could go without having to communicate directly with other gems.

    Edit: Blue Diamond’s court in The Answer, but Garnet’s flashbacks aren’t the most reliable.

  8. So my best friend and I were talking about how Pink Diamond (PD) kept her Rose form together for so long after the war. Gems can't shapeshift for too long without hurting their gem form, similarly to how amethyst couldn't keep her jasper form. So how did she manage It?

    Obviously she went off on her own separate adventures, such as when she saved lion, but during that time did she switch to her PD form? And if she really never switched back to that form, could it be that her strength was deteriorating from holding it for so long?

    Looking at it that way, naynr she realized she wouldn't be able to hold thay form forever. Can you imagine the gems on a mission and then in the middle of the fight rose just poofs into PD? Rose couldn't let that happen. So what does she do to escape her lies?

    She decides to have Steven, giving up her physical form in order for him to exist. Boom! So not only was her reason for having Steven entirely selfish, but she even left him with all her problems! At least, that's what we think.

  9. But where were her sapphires?!

    Seriously though, what about sapphires, the holo pearl theory doesn't seem to make sense when sapphires can see into the future and see pearl on the battlefield or pd shape-shifting to rose.

  10. Also, in Steven The Sword Fighter, the Holo-pearls had a diamond on their clothes instead of a star like real Pearl.

  11. But the Rose Quartz's were only bubbled after the shattering. She didn't have to un bubble anyone or anything.

  12. Maybe pink and pearl never had to do things like blue said "you don't even have to do anything just smile and wave" they had a lot of free time in their hands and with that time they led the rebelion well that's what I think

  13. It would seem most likely that Pearl didn't join the rebellion until AFTER the shattering of "Pink". And with Pearl's newly revealed shape shifting capability she could stay behind in diamond form while Pink was out doing rebel stuffs. With the shattering of Pink though she could leave with none the wiser. It's clear from the trial episode that no one knows what ever happened to Pink's Pearl. Which would make sense if she was around until that day.

  14. I think no one thought of this and its simple pink tell the court pearl was leaving and she can have a body guard in there and pearl shapeshifts into pink diamond and pink diamond shapeshifts into pearl and when pearl/pink leaves a bodyguard or amethyst walks into the palangkin not disturbing pink/pearl,
    In any form of disturbtion and rose that she left with a reason pink wont tell and when she comes back the guard would leave they shapeshift back and END LOL WHY NO ONE THOUGHT ABOUT THAT

  15. I think it might be more simple than that. On homeworld, a pearl, even a Diamond's pearl, is less-than. Often ignored. Beneath the notice of higher ranking gems. I think it's very likely that Pink Diamond could have remained in her palanquin while Pearl shapeshifted into Rose Quartz to do…rose-quartz things…when necessary and no one would have noticed because who notices a pearl? Or, even vice-versa – Pink would go off to lead the rebellion as Rose and Pearl could be her stand-in, remaining in the palanquin, disguised as Pink Diamond.

  16. The think that I don't get it is why the Steven gem didn't go back to the diamond shape in the rose was okay because she controlled but Steven didn't have that control so why the gem didn't go back to the original shape

  17. It makes sense now why Pearl doesn’t shapeshift for fun. The last time she shapeshifted it was to poof pink diamond

  18. just because i really love your channel and your videos, i do have to tell you, some times you try reaaaaally reaaaally hard. the Holo pink diamond hmmmm….

  19. Hey dude… if you watched closely (you probably did) sorry to burst your bubble but pearl formed as rose quartz and rose was pink diamond…

  20. Ok somebody please explain to me pearls color scheme…why does she wear colors of all the diamonds and have a white complexion but is pinks diamond?!?

  21. Like Zircon said, only someone with the surpreme authority could have cover it all up and no doubt that Pink Diamond can just as easily do that without rising suspicion to her court.

  22. You are right sir but I think I think those two did it separately like don't you don't Sue Diddy do the same thing like you to say but both of us would definitely she did it but she she told a lie saying that she wasn't there but she sick and she was chords on make a fake of herself and try to kill her fake self so I think

  23. Is it true that white diamond is home world? Or like a colony/planet? Because I saw one of Steven universe intro or outro there was a statue of white diamond

  24. "If I keep this up long enough… no one will suspect a thing."
    -Steven Universe

  25. Pearl can shapeshift into rose, couldnt she just do that so pink diamond and rose could be seen in the same place

  26. What could have happened is she could have said she went to the moon base and changed there with pearl without any guards, or ordered the guards not to say anything like she did with pearl.

  27. I think nobody was allowed to see pink diamond, with the acception of her sapphires pearls, the personal gems, not jaspers or amethysts. Which would explain why the mural is different from her look. Not to mention "what? No. If I went down there I'd never hear the end of it from yellow and blue." She isnt allowed to go places like the other diamonds because of her size. She is, in my opinion, the first era 2 gem. As we know from Peridot, homeworld is running out of resources to grow new gems, so maybe, they decided another diamond was needed to assist in gatheribg resources? But, since dhe was so small, she looked defective, which would ruin the idea of diamonds being flawless. And due to her child-like size, she had a child-like personality. Further disgracing the other diamonds. So if nobody could see her and the mural wasnt what she really looked like, it would be easy to live a double life. As for pearl, its as simple as a pearl never leaves her owners side, so if nobody was allowed to see pink, how could they see her pearl? This would make it simple for pearl, not to mention nobody could question her design if she belonged to a quartz soldier.

  28. What if instead of the holo pearls. Rose could have made sentient plant life to stay in the Palanquin. Like the moss in Lars and the cool kids or pumpkin or watermelon Steven.

  29. They werent living double lives. Rose ate a quartz so when she was shattered she reformed into Rose than lead the rebellion after.

  30. Actually there is a really simple explanation. Pink diamond wanted to go to earth to see all the things the planet has to offer. She disguised herself as rose quartz to prevent any of the gems thinking someone as high as a diamond could just do whatever she wants. She ended up falling in love with the planet and being there with pearl, that she begged the other diamonds to stop the invasion of her colony. They said no, so pink diamond formed into rose began to start uprisings while at the same time playing the part of pink diamond. After completely wanting to give everything to earth, she faked the shattering of pink. After the shattering, is when the crystal gems were formed and the war started. So it doesn’t matter because pink was shattered before the war even started.

  31. If pearl has the ability to summon Halo pearls that can poof you why she no use this in battle I mean if you think about it this power can come in clutch when you need an army but I guess not

  32. btw there is video proof that the gem doesn't shape ship but it turns its in the sapphire and fountain episode

  33. Okay real quick, I know I’m late to the party, but I believe that it was just the fact Pink Diamond’s base was on the moon and she was there most of the time along with Pearl and in Now We're Only Falling Apart Pearl says to Pink Diamond while watching the Amethysts emerge “I’ll warp us to Earth right away, my Diamond” or something along those lines (I didn’t look it up) so there had to be a way like we saw in the episode where Pearl and Rose just appeared at the Kindergarten warp pad and no one asked questions. For all we know it was most likely abandoned right after all the Amethysts emerged. They could’ve just been there on the moon at the base and be like “yo Pearl let’s go work on our rebellion” and warp to the Kindergarten. After all, the prime Kindergarten is where we see Rose take a stand so why not? Jut a thought. And as for when they were on earth I’ll go with the possession thing for Pink and hollo Pearl for Pearl and the hollo Pearl could stand outside and just be like “no one may enter my Diamond’s palinquin at this time”. Think on that…

  34. Pink Diamond's gem looks like a rose quartz gem because she turned her gem and it is on its side to look like a rose quartz gem.

  35. From the looks of how Yellow was commanding her forces from the Jungle Moon, and from how Pink was hesitant about going down to the Earth, Diamonds and thier peals usually tend to stay in their bases on the moons of whatever planet they are invading, so really it's not that surprising.

  36. Pearl can make holo versions of other gems and they dont speak like robots
    i cant remeber the episode but pearl made a holo version of rose of a memeory and showed it to steven. though it was blue it had a normal voice

  37. The rose quartz were bubbled after pink was “shattered” so pink could have just possessed one of them due to them not being bubbled yet

  38. Wait what about the time pearl transformed in to rose to make it look like rose was there to shatter pearl. Also that happened when steven was going in pearl's memories to get the pink sword back.

  39. On the holo-pearl idea, it is possible that the ones we've seen are basic and she can make more realistic ones

  40. Ummmm the rebellion started with pink diamonds “shattering” there was no rebellion while pink diamond “existed” (I put the quotation marks because I don’t know how else to say what I’m trying to say)

  41. They could also seperate, and impersonate eachother for breif parts of the other's time away to make the time between pearl or pink sightings in either place shorter.

  42. Blue DID tell Pink that she didn't even have to do anything. She could just smile and wave and stay in the Moon Base while her army handled things. If Pink and Pearl had place-holder holograms to sit in there and pretend to do work, and ordered other gems not to disturb them, they'd be free to do whatever they wanted.

  43. A related question is – why did Blue and Yellow never realise that the Pearl running around with Rose Quartz was the same one they had given to Pink? Especially if it's true that our Pearl was part of a high-profile transfer from White to Pink?

  44. These theories make a lot of sense. I'm agreeing with them but what if they just got a minor from the crystal gem to shape shift and be our pearl whilst day off fighting. Pearl did say all gems could shape shift 🤷🏾‍♀️

  45. You forget pearl is able to control her holograms she was able to make a look a like rose quartz,Just again not in the color schemes,But if the holo pearls are able to talk then it would make sense to make holograms of her and pink,And I don’t think the color exactly matters cuz if the Ruby’s were able to be fouled by Amethyst disguised as jasper when it was Obvious she was purple and no orange then I think pearl and pink can get away with looking blue

  46. One question that keeps bothering me is that blue diamond didn't recognize the only white pearl sent to earth during that showdown in the answer. Maybe white pearls are the most common while the colony was still there. I know Pearl merely shapeshifted her appearance from the diamond attire, but not that much of a difference. I mean, the gem placement is a dead giveaway. This could be a plot hole that probably could be addressed later. Idk..

  47. I want to see the temple fusion as a moment where there’s like a deadly thing and Steven goes to the gems and hugs them cause he knew they were gonna die then they all fuse

  48. How had no one thought the human zoo pink made it maybe she made it as an excuse to leave and not be bothered while she was there but in reality she was leading the crystal gems I mean why would she have made it if she were fighting a war to save earth were the humans were unless it was a clever way for her to what she needed to do

  49. um… your missing one obvious answer… Pearl literally transforms into Rose… who's to say she stuck by Pink all the time… she could've been leading their forces in Rose's stead while Rose sat within the Palantine as Pink whenever any sort of suspicion came up. And if ppl got suspicious of the lack of Pearls… nobody would care about Rose's 'rogue' pearl or it would be assumed she had a mission of her own to implement elsewhere while Pink's pearl would simply be… running an errand.

  50. I need to know something when rose was pink diamond did pink diamond have the Sword and shield because nobody showed us that pink diamond had a sword and shield????

  51. Maybe pearl protected pink in war because she didn’t want people to see her diamond and know who she is so she cause love with rose

  52. Why would anyone even go near Pink Diamond and Pearl? They wouldn’t have any business with her. They would just talk to their Commanders.

  53. How did no one notice who Pearl was while she was alongside 'Rose'? I mean, she is after all Pink Diamond's Pearl. So why wouldn't have the other Diamonds recognize Pink Diamond's Pearl is fighting alongside a rebel? And since now, in "Familiar", they now do recognize Pearl as Pink Pearl since they said that Pearl was one of Steven's 'things'. Why didn't they recognize Pearl when for example, in the scenes of Rose and Pearl in 'The Answer'. Surely Blue Pearl or even Blue Diamond recognized Pearl, right? And even in the war, did no one really recognize Pearl? If not, why not and how?

  54. Um, there are periods where Pearls are separate from their Diamonds so it'd be easy for Pearl to slip out saying Pink gave her a task to complete. Also, and I feel like this might explain a lot, but we have seen Pearl have a near infinite storage area within her gem. Pink could've just shapeshifted, entered Pearls gem, only to be released when far enough or near enough to the rebellion encampment.

  55. Or pearl could have shape shifted into rose while pink stayed in her palanquin like in the pearl inside pearl inside pearl inside pearls pearl

  56. I find the cover story far far less plausible than the likelihood that their absence simply wasn't questioned.

    Honestly there is so much reverence for the diamonds, gems literally worship them, so it's not like anyone would question where Pink was if she instructed her guards she was not to be disturbed – we've seen how Peridot deferred absolutely to Yellow until she befriended the gems, and how other high-ranking gems are utterly worshipping of their divine wisdom, and even compete with each other based on how much their diamond trusts them to run things in their absence.

    When Pink starts expressing reluctance to her family, the other diamonds tell her to simply rule and that other gems will bask in her radiance. White hadn't been seen for years and everyone trusted in her infinite wisdom and that she need not grace the common folk with her presence. It's not like anyone would be checking in on Pink if she said not to be disturbed. Pink may have been lower ranking and possibly more entertaining and relatable than the other diamonds but there's no reason she wouldn't have been feared and revered.

    We see that in Pearl's responses to her, taking everything Pink said even "just imagine us being down there with them, Pearl!" to be a direct order to be immediatly obeyed. As for Pearl, it's clear from the show that pearls are expected to not leave their diamond's side unless instructed, they're considered to be a handmaid doubling as a PDA to their diamond, this was even used by Steven's lawyer as a defense against Steven (thought to be Rose) in court, that Pink's pearl SHOULD have been nearby to shout a warning, so she wouldn't be expected to be seen anywhere Pink wasn't.

  57. are we forgetting how pink diamond was shattered specifically for the reason that they really didnt know how to lead double lives so everyone knew pink was shattered and everyone thought pearl just went with the rebellion to not be shattered by them

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