Heresies of Word of Faith & New Apostolic Reformation | Costi Hinn & Justin Peters| SO4J-TV | Show 5

Heresies of Word of Faith & New Apostolic Reformation | Costi Hinn & Justin Peters| SO4J-TV | Show 5

48 Replies to “Heresies of Word of Faith & New Apostolic Reformation | Costi Hinn & Justin Peters| SO4J-TV | Show 5

  1. God wrote the book of Hebrews. No man wrote the Bible. The Holy Spirit (God) being the author, men being the instruments.

  2. If Jesus was not God in flesh, then how did he live a sinless life. No man can live a sinless life, only God can live a sinless life. And if Jesus was not God then His death would not be able to save us from sin because he was just another sinful man. Only a spotless sacrifice without sin can save mankind from sin.

  3. if Christians are not to war with Satan, why Ephesians 6 Armor of God, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places?

  4. What most of you are not realizing, is that Benny Hinn and John MacArthur oh, they are both extremist to their beliefs. And they are both wrong. The gifts are for today but they are taken way out of hand and out of context. And Word of Faith as a section of religion, and all they stand for, most of is incorrect. But, Word of Faith is very biblical and the definition sense.

  5. Why justin P. Is busy of talking about pastors Instead of preaching about Jesus.Go to the world and make disciples Jesus commanded us. So are we going to follow this kind of mentor? We don't need to know and talk about pastors or preachers! We need only Jesus of Nazareth. Justin must have relationship with Jesus than glorifying himself because of talking against pastors! Am sorry we cannot pls God if I have a mentor or preacher like this. 😭

  6. "The foundation of their theology is word of faith" this statement sums it all up. I was a part of a charasmatic church before I was saved and I am in total agreement that this is the problem. Our foundation is the gospel of grace. If your church is not preaching about being born again, believing that Christ died for all our sins, was buried, and resurrected on the 3rd day, then you really should consider finding another church. We should be focused on eternal security, not healing anxiety and speaking in tongues amongst ourselves with no interpretation. Be blessed ❤

  7. so how do u explain all the millions of miracles that happen thru faith.?
    your church has zero signs or wonders and your sick yourself Justin.
    Todd White sees miracles everywhere he goes bc he knows God
    faith shows your true relationship with God.
    Your life shows u don't know him.
    where is your fruit ?
    lives are testamonies.

  8. I just want believers to believe. I dont want to live by sight. I dont want to believe all things arent possible through Christ. Lord help us to see the truth. Let us not accept unbelief. Let us experience life through your word and not what we've seen it to be. Help us Lord to be one body and to work together as a family. No more denominations. No more labels. Just family. In Jesus name. Help us Lord 😔

  9. Ugg, religious people who are proud of their lack of Gods power. Bethel church is one of the best churches in the country.

  10. Justin Peters teaches the heresies, once saved always saved (false) the gifts have passed away (false) the rapture before the persecution by the Antichrist (false) tongues is demonic (blasphemy)?
    He is deceiving more than the NAR false prophets!

  11. Any preacher that hits a sick person during prayer is abuse. It’s a crime and a shame to attack people who are sick. I left an abusive church. God is healing me one day at a time.

  12. All you're talking I can see you do not know him you do not know him like Paul knew him like Peter knew him you do not know Jesus whatsoever,,,,
    Send four of you all your fancy words and you don't know him you don't know him ,,,
    Would be better if you go home and shut the hell up,,,,

  13. Once again you twist God's word like a banister,,
    His name is Jesus the Christ can't even get that part right

  14. I don't believe either one of you men know Jesus ,, 😞
    Maybe a lot about him but not knowing him there is a big difference huge ,,,,,

  15. Justin spends almost all his time attacking word of faith. Its an obsession. His ministry is attacking other ministries.

  16. There no church to go to, all bad. These pastors are after Fame Fortune riches money did you not care about the poor the hungry self appointees that's what these pastors are I know a bunch of pastors that are Freemasons which is evil they prayed for the Dead they put themselves on a pedestal to be seen untouchable they make everyone the slave of of your pastor eazekl chapter 10, tell us woe to those false teachers Etc. Chapter explains everything about these lying wolves study the Bible for yourself

  17. I'm trying to touch on different points that you guys are talking about I appreciate you guys taking a moment to share your hearts and open up God's word the best that you can Jesus was taken on a mountain and showing all the kingdoms of the world and on those few occasions where he was tried and tempted Jesus did rebuke the devil he brought up God's word right in his face and he submitted himself to the word of God but he used the word of God as a defense to counter the LIE of the devil off the top of my head I can't remember exactly what happened but even the Apostle Paul when he was in route to a certain place the scripture talks about and I haven't read it in a while that there was a lady that kept on saying disturbing things in Paul finally after number of days turned around and rebuke that spirit so yes we do have authority with God's word would have put on the whole armor of God where to take the sword of the spirit which is God's word and that's what Jesus did so how can you say that we don't rebuke the devil we do that by the Sola scriptura and the spirit of the Living God that lives inside people because the devil harasses people we absolutely have the right to do that as God's child Jesus said if the thief comes to kill steal and destroy but he came that we might have life submit yourself to God resist the devil and he will flee that scripture is good also is the scripture I believe it's in Isaiah where it says in reference to Jesus that he's made my mouth like a sharp two-edged sword I'm an arrow in his quiver I'm his polished shaft and he's hitting me under the shadow of his hand Isaiah said that I think that we have that same imprint in that same unction that when a person is being harassed of the devil I believe that there are demon possessed people also and I believe that we have that authority to lay hands on people if we have God's spirit living in us if someone says that we shouldn't do that today it's not what the word says I would have to say to that person that they misinterpret in God's word the first thing the second thing is that they are completely unfamiliar with the moving's of the spirit of God and the workings of his holy spirit in and through people that have the blood of the lamb and then a covered in the blood of the Lamb the Lord Works through men and women to establish his kingdom and is attributes as a reflection of the personality of Christ Jesus no we are not Jesus Christ no we are not little Gods we have an unction from the Holy Spirit to do his work and to be led by the spirit of God those that are led by the spirit of God are the children of God Amen

  18. Hey guys I understand where you guys are coming from. I hear you and I hear your theology. Sola scriptura in which I agree with Sola scriptura and I'm very very sorry I apologize to Benny Hinn's nephew. I know that there are people that have really given the Christian Community of bad name and they're are phonies and there are faults brother out there. with that being said, I want to say this, what you're missing is, well let me put it this way, we must have God's word that is the ultimate Authority but we must become familiar also with the moving's of the Spirit of God himself. people can be sensitive to God and move out in the gifts. Jesus did that himself. he healed the man on the Sabbath day he said as I see my father doing something I do it likewise. now I know that that was Jesus and I do not think that we as Christians are little gods in no way shape or form, however, there is an operation of the Spirit of God in the Earth today. The Spirit-filled child of God can prophesy, laying on of hands even Jesus himself said these signs shall follow them that believe not just the apostles; you'll lay hands on the sick and they will recover and so on and so forth. what I'm getting at is this, if I can constructively bring this out in your hearing that we have the word of God which is very very important but you cannot take the word of God without the Holy Spirit and expect to understand it. hence, again, there is an "operation of the Spirit of God" and a labor of God's Spirit in the earth today working in the hearts and lives of men and women who are covered in the blood of the Lamb. if you do not know that operation. One must be sensitive to him the Spirit of God that is. There are those in the body of Christ who are learning to follow the moving's of the spirit of God but going wherever he goes and by copying what he's doing, so to speak, and speaking what he speaking. sure you can have a word of encouragement for somebody, absolutely, however if it doesn't hammock back on the written word that is probably not God; that said, God speaks in many different ways absolutely absolutely He does. when you say that God does not speak in any other way except by his word; that's not right that's limiting God and restricting the Holy One of Israel. He absolutely does speak through people and He speaks through circumstances and situations. you have to take the restraints off of what you say God can and cannot do. there's nothing in the scripture that says that He (God) can't speak through somebody or He cant encourage someone through a brother or sister. Somebody can indeed lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Perhaps not every time I'm sure there was some in Jesus day that weren't healed I'm sure there was some leopards in his time that weren't healed but God can do anything you're not in contradictory to scripture when you lay hands on somebody and pray for them and love on them and bless them and they sure can recover people can receive from the Lord but if it contradicts the word of God that is probably not the Lord just a man encouraging somebody just for the sake of encouraging them but then there's the encouragement that comes from inspiration of the spirit of God into the hearts and lives of recipients thanks for listening

  19. NAR has to show up here. Keep preaching and teaching, Justin. I appreciate your commitment to sound doctrine and our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you and your family.

  20. I am disturbed by the way in which you critisized men and women of God who were powerful instruments in the hand of God to bring healing and salvation to many sick people and many who lived sinful lives.
    Let me guess, you probably never healed any sick person and lack in bringing the lost to salvation. Another guess is that you two, who are so "pure" in theology, have time only for studying the mistakes of others and to update your lists of "false" teachers, that you don't have time to harvest the lost and to make disciples of them for Christ.

    I really don't like the spirit working through you! I love Father God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. From which household are you?

  21. Another OCCULT method used by the New Apostolic Reformation ‘preachers’ is telling people to go ‘blank’ / ‘empty themselves.’ This is how to let evil spirits in to do a few false temporary miracles but actually possess the person demonically. Jesus said in the bible: ‘when your house is emptied the demon will search through dry and waterless places and decide to go and find a house and bring 7 more wicked spirits worse than himself.’ St Paul says in the bible: ‘Be filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Every good thought, everything that is holy, righteous, noble, think those thoughts and do those things.’ Not once in the bible does God command people to be empty. Demons fill empty places. Empty means no Holy Spirit. Empty means a gap that demons will fill.

    Fortune tellers, hypnotists, mind readers, psychics, occult healers, all use the strategy of telling people to ‘go blank’ because this is where the demons enter and start their false temporary signs as the demons possess / oppress the person.

    When t
    New Apostolic Reformation people ‘pray’ over people, their prayers are not scriptural but actually heresy. Eg: when Randy Clark prays over people he says: ‘Fire, more, hotter hotter, burn.’ Sounds more like an Occultists asking for Hell-fire and demons than asking for the Holy Spirit.

    The manifestations are also demonic: people groaning in agony, and making animal noises, which is exactly what happens with people who are demonically possessed.

    Almost none of the New Apostolic Preachers teach the Commandments, repentance, and conversion; which were Jesus core messages: ‘Repent (go and sin no more). Keep the Commandments, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself.’ It is all about power power power; something which the Apostles condemned in Simon the magician in the bible, Simon the magician only sought power but not actual conversion / repentance

  22. I drive a truck, so I’m not attending church services weekly. I know this will sound strange, but it has been somewhat of a relief to just be alone and be able to really control what comes at me. I was giving up on finding a true body of believers. It’s overwhelming and staggering to see just how much false teaching goes on.

    Every time I would think I had found a home it seems the pastor would go off the deep end. One started out well for almost a year and then one day he stood up and said there is no heaven and hell. We are living in the kingdom of heaven here and now.

    The next proclaimed that he had kicked satan out of our town and therefore satan could no longer operate in our area. Police reports blew that out of the water.

    I went to Gateway after hearing one of Robert Morris’ cds from a long time ago. Imagine my surprise when I realized the first church I left was getting that ‘we are in the kingdom of heaven here and now ‘ junk from him.

    The ONLY comfort I take in seeing all the false teachings and people flocking to it is that it just reaffirms that God told us in His word exactly what was coming

  23. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for not only sending Our Lord Jesus Christ to save me from my sin and the second death, but also protecting me by imparting His Holy Spirit to teach me ALL THINGS. I attended early in my faith, The Full Gospel Businessmen's and was tossed to and fro with every wind of Doctrine to a point of total confusion and despair, until one day He brought me to the end of myself and the dependency of or on any religious sect. Dependance on Him and His Word ALONE taught me not to put my trust in the arm of the flesh ,but rather trust with confidence in HIS word with dependance of the Holy Spirit who Jesus said Will teach and comfort . Let God be true and every man a liar. (ROMANS 3:4) I thank my God and my Savior that His Grace is sufficient for me. I thank the Holy Spirit for revealing The Truth to those who seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Jesus truly is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE. There is NOTHING MORE that can be added OR taken away what God has already given to those who love Him. His peace passes all understanding indeed!

  24. When Bill Johnson said that Jesus set aside His divinity, he clearly wasn't saying that He ceased to be God. He was saying essentially what Costi is saying, that He willingly set aside His divine attributes (or "divine prerogative" which amounts to theological hairsplitting). If Costi had bothered to contact Bethel or Bill Johnson and ask for a clarification I'm sure he would have been told that. Clearly Jesus wasn't everywhere at once when He walked on the earth, so the divine attribute of omnipresence wasn't in play. Why would it be wrong to conclude that others were also set aside? Bill Johnson isn't a theologian and he doesn't talk like a theologian. He wasn't discussing the deity of Christ, he was discussing the anointing of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' ministry. Even John MacArthur acknowledges that Jesus ministered by the power of the Holy Spirit rather than His inherent deity. This is an irresponsible and baseless attack from an unscrupulous heretic hunter.

  25. These movements started with Televangelists and the beginning of the media. I used to go to John Wimbers church and remember when even his own elders first rebuked him for going off the rails. But that's when this started to take off. I quit going and dismissed him by then as a heretic. The vineyard did some wonderful work

  26. I’m a continuist and believe all the equipping gifts are for today and are without reproach ,Giving people the titles of Apostle ,prophet ect is gross pride and contrary to Jesus command to be as servants .There are so many ministries attacking each other like siblings squabbling to get favor from the Lord .Its time to Hit the streets and preach ,love share the gospel with the lost billions are going to hell and we are all busy jockeying for position .
    Remember that if signs and wonders follow your preaching in the form of healings ,visions ect then don’t focus on these as these are not a sign of Gods favor as satan can duplicate these what the devil can not do is duplicate genuine Godly sorrow leading to genuine repentance .

  27. Justin supported John MacArthur when he said it's ok to take the mark of beast…you can change your mind later…BLASPHEMY..if you take the mark there is NO FORGIVENESS!!! Rev 14: 9-11… are lost forever. Run from these false people..both of these demons…they are leading you to hell and you are too stubborn to research what they are telling you… from them. We are in the great falling away…great deception and you believe and praise these demons????

  28. I appreciate your teaching. I have one question … do you believe that deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit is available and should be used in the church today? What do you do with the verses in Mark that say the believer will be known by their ability to cast out spirits and speak in tongues. Costi is my nephew and I know where he comes from. He saw incredible abuse of faith. What I regret is he was hurt by this and has turned from confirming that the gifts of the spirit are still for today. I’m proud of his stance. I think Satan is pleased to see the gifts castrated and thrown out of the church when God gave these powerful gifts for the blessing of the body of Christ. Just because men corrupted them does not mean they are not of God or are satanic. I am not a scholar but I make no apology for this as Jesus tells us it’s childlike faith that we come to the Lord with. Many scholars are not born again and will not see the kingdom of God. God is in control. The power is his. He has given us authority to exercise that power. The gift of faith is not to be used fir self serving desires but for the glory of God. Satan has stripped the church of the gifts and defamed then through the deception they have used in the prosperity message. The goal of a distorted faith movement is to discredit the gifts and turn the hearts of believers to satisfy their own needs. If you want to reach more people perhaps it would be beneficial to speak in less theologically dense terms. Scripture says resist Satan and he will flee. You cannot ignore Satan if you resist him. It was John Paul Jackson, someone you would put in the word faith movement , taught that we do not rebuke these master spirits but instead ask God to deal with them. Not everyone in this movement is guilty of heresy. I respect what you do and I’m praying for you. Jesus did die to give us life here in this world not just in heaven. Jesus said we would do greater things than he did. Don’t w need to ask if our lives are reflecting this? I can agree with you in part but I cannot throw out the true gifts of the Holy Spirit. Bless and love you.

  29. I’m Charismatic Pentecostal, yet I’m thankful for guys like Justin Peters and Costi Hinn. I’ve watched Word of Faith ravage the movement that I love and am a part of. I’ve watched them ruin so many people’s faith. May God grant them repentance

  30. @SO4J-TV at 22 min, Justin reads from Jude 8-9 and mentions people binding and casting satan out. Forgive me if I misunderstood, but were you suggesting the WAY people cast Satan out? Or, were you suggesting that we don't have that authority? You went on to mention "for those who revile angelic majesties…" so I think I understand it's the former, but just wanted clarification so I understand completely what you meant. Thank you guys! I have another question… do you feel that Rabbi Jonathan Cahn falls into this movement? Thank you!

  31. I bought American Gospel and it is awesome! I'd go broke renting it, I watch it so often! LOVE it! The ending, about Naleel, is so hard, but we know he is home with the Lord Jesus. o/

  32. So unfortunate…is jealousy the route of verbal attacks on Bethel and Bill Johnson? My Bible proclaims Jesus Christ as a MAN: the Son of Man AND Son of God. Jesus even said of himself, "I am the Son of God." Seems to me, he ought to know his identity and we ought to listen. Bill Johnson was right. Jesus performed signs, miracles and wonders as a man in alignment with God, empowered by holy spirit. We, not being God, have a model to follow in the Son of God, the man, Jesus Christ.

  33. The coordinator for Todd Bentley ministry recently spoke at our church tell of how a crusade in Pakistan almost didn't go off due to protesting local churches. The churches said Bentley was demon possessed and they didn't want him there. A group of muslims came and threatened to kill all those christians if they didn't leave and let the crusade go on. They left and the crusade went on. Todd didn't intervene or even speak with the protesters. Since when does God threaten to murder His own followers for not letting someone preach?? He doesn't, yet this was treated as God came to the rescue. Unbelievable

  34. I’ve come to the conclusion that I will trust the Holy Spirit who will lead me into all truth. There is too many extremes.

  35. I have a question about something my pastor said. He was speaking about the veil being torn and he goes off talking about how Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit during his ministry on earth. If Jesus is GOD which I believe why would he need the Holy Spirit to guide him. My pastor is a big fan of TD Jakes and I worry that he is studying Jakes books more than the Bible. I will admit I am a Calvinist who study’s a lot of older works such as Freedom of the Will by Jonathan Edwards so maybe I’m just to fundamentally grounded to understand my pastor teaching

  36. I have been in churches that are part of this ,movement. I admit after years i have been in confusing, and hurt because of the teachings as been told i apparently have something blocking me from receiving healing .well i have gone to god about this, i now realise its not me or not having enough faith. Also i have been up for prayer had hands laid on myself from apostles etc who are u der this so called anointing they received from these American movements. Now im concerned because i allowed them to lay hands on me🤔 incase anything has been transferred. Would appreciate any feedback thankyou.

  37. Every Nation Churches and Ministries (VICTORY Church, ELEVATION) is part of the New Apostolic Reformation..

    How do I know this?

    It's because i do have a book which i bought last year, altough I didn't know that this book was from Emergent Movements..

    The title of the book is
    "The Forgotten Ways (+reactivating the missional church)
    by Alan Hirsch, and in this book page 163, he confirmed that Every Nation Churches "explicitly uses both the language and the structures of apostolic ministry. One of the stated objectives is to become an apostolic church." you can add me on facebook (Denz Sumaylo), I'll take a photo and send it to you..

  38. I'm listening and I am seeing false teachings and grew up watching the Word of Faith. so I have some questions pertaining to the verses about Michael not rebuking the devil but saying the Lord rebuke you…so when I am doing battle as in Ephesians 6, I'm not to rebuke the devil, but just say the Lord rebuke you? There is a lot of layers here that I may need to pull back, because the natural way I've been taught to pray against sickness and disease is wrapped up in this…how did the disciples cast demons out if they aren't rebuking them? How are we to pray for healing? What about Jesus giving us authority, isn't it authority over demonic forces? Text never portrays emotions or body language…so please know I'm asking in all humility and a true desire to learn and discern through the bible 🙂

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