Here's America's most improved state for business in 2019

Here's America's most improved state for business in 2019

the secret is out earlier today we were revealed Virginia as America's top state for business in 2019 but what about the Most Improved Scott Cohen has a look at the state that jumped the most on this year's list it was the great experiment in competitiveness and it blew up in Kansas face massive tax cuts pushed through by then governor Sam Brownback in 2012 were supposed to supercharge the state's economy instead they left the state with a bumper crop of problems whether you looked at our infrastructure our schools our health care system our foster care system all across the state everything was hollowed out facing a two hundred eighty million dollar budget shortfall and cuts in everything from police protection to the public schools a bipartisan supermajority in the legislature and of the experiment in 2017 now state finances are back Kansas is running a surplus helping the state rise 16 spots in our economy category Kansas also improves in workforce infrastructure cost of business business friendliness and access to capital we are returning to our roots as a very progressive thoughtful forward-looking state in Edgerton home of the state's fast-growing inland port the mayor says there is a difference I'd say that things as far as funding from the state level have improved and I hope that continues Kansas came in this year number 19 up from number 35 last year a lot more shuffling at the low end of the pack if you go to CMC comm to look at it than the top end where it's similar kind of rival six names that always fight it out at the top you you

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  1. The state was run on graft…Brownback ended it…now the democrat treasonous commie that was not elected with honest votes has brought it back…and of cnbs loves her for it…she, and her entire administration as well as much of the state congress should be peeing in a prison toilet.

  2. 0:44 Cutting the education budget is a bad idea. That's saying those kids in the state aren't worth it. They are the future of the state.

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