43 Replies to “Hearthstone Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. | Limited-Time Event Trailer

  1. Rafaam: "How did we crash into a mountain?!"

    Rafaam: "I also wanna ask…WHY are we at the opposite side?!"

    Rafaam: "Uldum is on the other side of the world!"

    Rafaam: " sigh This is the last time i let a Goblin drive…"

  2. 15000 health Rag: “BY FIRE BE PURGED HAHAHAHA”

    8/8 Alexstrasza: “im about to end his whole career”

  3. This is some fun stuff. I don't recommend playing Lazul though, her deck is pretty shite in comparison to Togwaggle at least. I managed to do 28 minutes with Togwaggle, I can highly suggest his deck as it starts with 3 treasures. I somehow drafted two hands of rafaam and edwin and just magically drew bag of coins and edwin at the beginning of like 5 of the games. Not only were they taking 8 damage a turn from the curses I slapped down a 20/20 on turn 1. I actually use recurring villain in some of my decks, so it's nice to have a golden one.

  4. I dont play heathstone, accidentally clicked on this video on the battlenet launcher, stayed for the whole video…. might play hearthstone

  5. Why do you post this? We are not chinese. You are Blizzactivision you only make games for chinese people.

  6. 如果玩家可以选玩boss卡组和其他玩家对战就好了,现在boss的ai实在太低,冒险模式有点无趣.

  7. i really love the theme.. first the bad guys, august are the heroes to defeat them… i wonder what will be the third

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