43 Replies to “Hearthstone Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. | Limited-Time Event Trailer

  1. Rafaam: "How did we crash into a mountain?!"

    Rafaam: "I also wanna ask…WHY are we at the opposite side?!"

    Rafaam: "Uldum is on the other side of the world!"

    Rafaam: " sigh This is the last time i let a Goblin drive…"

  2. This is some fun stuff. I don't recommend playing Lazul though, her deck is pretty shite in comparison to Togwaggle at least. I managed to do 28 minutes with Togwaggle, I can highly suggest his deck as it starts with 3 treasures. I somehow drafted two hands of rafaam and edwin and just magically drew bag of coins and edwin at the beginning of like 5 of the games. Not only were they taking 8 damage a turn from the curses I slapped down a 20/20 on turn 1. I actually use recurring villain in some of my decks, so it's nice to have a golden one.

  3. I dont play heathstone, accidentally clicked on this video on the battlenet launcher, stayed for the whole video…. might play hearthstone

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