Hatha Yoga (Make Your World A Better Place!) 30 Minute Practice

Hatha Yoga (Make Your World A Better Place!) 30 Minute Practice

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  1. The quote and this practice really struck a chord today.
    I was thinking about discipline throughout the day. I am a person who can be really hard on herself. I also have had to deal with an eating disorder in the past, which I have recovered from.
    I found that yoga taught me a lot about discipline. As I started, about 7 years ago, surely I started to take it all really seriously, beating myself up to do at least 90 minutes of exhausting sports.
    Only after all this time I finally can say I understand it’s not about that at all.
    As I learned to be easier on myself (and my body!), I discovered how I learned to be more chill about things in life. I don’t beat myself up anymore, at least not that often 😉
    I can be relaxed about stressful situations or unforeseen events. I think I learned to love myself.
    For a long time, I was doing the primary series of ashtanga excessively. Nowadays, most oft the time the full series is too stressful or me. Today, during this flow I noticed that I was thinking to myself: “Wow, this is like the standing series but without all this discipline!”
    In the end of the class, as I was listening to the quote I realized it was not about the discipline all along. I was about simply doing the thing every day (and not caring about if you did well enough).
    Thank you for teaching me every day, Lesley. Your classes really make the world brighter and mean so much to me. 🙏🏻💗
    And thank you for listening to my Ted Talk 😉🙈

  2. Well, you certainly made my little world better with this practice. I realize that I gravitate towards the vinyasa practices regularly so this Hathaway routine was surprisingly challenging. It forced me to be patient within each pose; practicing patience does not come naturally to me so I found this tremendously beneficial💜

  3. Finally got to take this awesome class. The three things I am thankful for: you, your yoga channel and your soothing voice and teachings (might be 4 things now 😉 ). Namaste amazing Lesley!

  4. Fightmaster yoga (and Elmer and Emma) are making the world a much brighter place ✨🌎✨🌍✨🌏✨ Lots of love

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  6. I didn't like the video…it is repetitive with the 45 minute video with the exception you added the warrior three. And you took out to poses and i feel disappointed. I started to do your 45 minute video and was ready for another one and its the same 😩

  7. I always learn something new when I see the yoga poses and hear the speeches you are a great talker Lesley see you next Monday 🙏💗

  8. Thank you and Duke for making the world brighter 💗🙏🏻 Really enjoyed the balance poses today! Big cuddle to Elmer and Emma 😻

  9. You make the world brighter but so does my dog Valentine. Thanks Lesley for an amazing practice 🐕❤️🧘‍♀️💕🧘‍♀️💕

  10. Thanks for this video, Lesley! I did this on my lunch break today, and I really enjoyed it. ❤️ Also, Elmer and Emma are super cute! 😻 You’re definitely making the world brighter! 😃

  11. I would love a hatha serie like this !!!

    i’m making the world brighter because Every day, people approach me to tell me how much I have changed since this winter and admire my radiant positve attitude. And without even saying anything to anyone i start to inluence friend at work 😇 just for shining !!

  12. Making the world brighter.
    I love fightmaster yoga. Practising with you leslie has brought so much positive change into how I choose to live life. Xx

  13. I did not get to this practice yesterday but today I did and it is wonderful, thank you for helping me make my world a better place! ~ Arlèna

  14. Perfect hatha yoga class. Super well rounded and clear instructions. Thank you very much. ❤️ I am thankful for living in a country where there is peace. I am thankful for the abundance in my life and I am thankful for my friends and family.

  15. Thank you Lesley Fightmaster for this lovely Hatha practice! Your videos brighten my day like the first sip of hot coffee in the morning 🙂

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