70 Replies to “Harley Quinn | Kite Man Character Intro | DC Universe

  1. So this new team

    We callling it

    DCs Psychotic smartass of 69???

    Please make this a real thing
    Comics about this team
    Add a few live action hints

    Come on
    Its like teen titans
    But more CRAZG

  2. Kite Freaking Man!! Hell freaking yeah!! I hope he becomes a semi-regular of the series like he is in the Batman comic.

  3. I actually lived the first episode, it takes what is lived about the characters and gives them all a spin and a twist. Riddler, Ivy, Joker and Harley were all great in episode 1, excited to see the other villain interpretations ie Clayface, Bane, Reverse Flash and hopefully even villains like polka dot man, kite man etc

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