54 Replies to “Harley Quinn | Get to Know Doctor Psycho | Harley Quinn On DC Universe | TV-MA

  1. Doctor Psycho at 0:21: $30 if you put me in your pocket.
    Me: So you really are into woman, after all. Your just into a… Specific type. 😏

  2. Back when I thought this was an animated adaptation of the Harley Quinn comic series (back when it was good), I thought this guy was supposed to be Big Tony.

  3. A girl has been tied up in every episode and Haley’s picture asked why she was always tied up, maybe that’s going to be a running gag (pardon the pun) for this series

  4. let me get this straight,
    Dr psycho has a really foul mouth but a powerful mind,
    and has money to fit in Ivy's pocket, and he don't hate women?
    He used the C word on Wonder Woman.

  5. Dr. Psycho is played by Tony Hale, the same person who voiced the Joker in the English dub for Batman Ninja, and he also voiced Forky from Toy Story 4! He will also be voicing Felix Faust later on in the Harley Quinn series!

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