Guided Meditation: Invoke The Law of Attraction [LifeForce]

Guided Meditation: Invoke The Law of Attraction [LifeForce]

Do not listen to the following audio whilst
driving or operating machinery, only listen when you can safely relax.
Welcome to life force. In this meditation we will be exploring deeper states of consciousness
where you can become aware and attuned to your natural reservoirs of creative and physical
energy. This session is designed to be a fusion of both relaxation and learning.
Throughout this process you will also learn the necessary skills to understand and invoke
the law of attraction. You learn how to put your body into the right vibration in order
to attract your desires. So let’s begin by taking a few deep breaths
at your own comfortable pace, and just really settle yourself now. You may adjust your position
slightly if needed. This is your unique experience, and it should be completely comfortable for
you. So take the time now to breathe deeply, and
become relaxed. Everything that you know is nothing more than
a mass of vibratory energy. Your body is made up of cells and atoms which are made of pure
energy. Each grain of sand is made of pure energy. Water is made of pure energy, as well
as electricity, money, the sun, your family, and the earth, and the sky, and the walls. In fact everything in the universe is made
of pure energy. Under the microscope at the deepest levels of matter is nothing more than
a mass of vibration. Everything is vibrating. You are a vibrating right now. And as you
relax deeper into this state of calm, becoming more aware of the sensations in your body,
feel a sense of vibration from the very core of your being.
And relaxing more now, feeling completely serene and comfortable. If you feel ready,
start to count silently down in your mind, following my words from 10 to 9 to 8 getting
more relaxed, 7 6 even deper now, 5 4 ever so calm and 3, 2, 1, 0 you now feel completely
relaxed. The entire universe is made up of the same
substance. Energy. Science teaches us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it
can only reform itself into different structures. You want to know how you can begin to attract
you desires in your life. The answer is simple. By taking control of your thoughts and believing
that you already possess your desire, you allow your body to enter the vibratory state
that is required to attract whatever it is you want.
Each time you meditate and as you fall deeper into this relaxed state, you become more knowledgeable
and aware that your thoughts control everything in your life, including your present mood
and level of calmness. Outside circumstances can no longer affect
you, unless you chose to let them. Any feelings of resentment for anyone or anything in your
life, let them go now. Now, see in your mind’s eye an image of
someone that you love. Feel that emotional connection that you have to that person. Now
when you are ready think of someone or something that bothers you, and is causing you to have
negative feelings associated with it. Now bring in the image of the loved one, and
slowly phase the image of the thing or person that bothers you into focus, keep the emotion
of love present. Make it stronger. See the thing or person that bothers you and feel
love for them. Even hug them and let go of any negative feelings.
After all, negative feelings do not hurt anyone but you. You have the power right now to let
it go. Now let’s perform that exercise again so
that you really understand it. Bring into focus someone that you love, feel that emotional
connection. And slowly phase in the negative image, keeping the loving connection vibrant.
Now can you see the thing that bothers you, feel love for it. Hold this new image for
a little while, and feel that emotional bond of love. You have now let go of the thing
that bothers you. You have now let go of things that bother
you. You now have now removed mental blocks preventing you from attracting your desires.
Congratulations, you have opened up a gateway to invoke the law of attraction. You may repeat this exercise whenever anything
in your life begins to concern you. Know that, that concern simply affect you, it does not
affect anyone else, so what is the point in holding on to that negative energy.
Next I want you to become aware of that loving energy that you felt, feel it flowing through
your body. This energy that is evenly present at all places at all times, is infinitely
connected with your mind, your body and the universe.
This is science, this is law. Form a connection with your own energy. Feel
vibration coursing through you skin, and through your legs, arms, neck, through your shoulders,
through your head, through your hands, feet and toes.
This energy may pulsate in rhythms or it may be erratic. Whatever the case, you are unique
and can chose the state of vibration that you will.
Now Imagine vividly in your mind that which you desire. Feel an emotional connection of
possession. It is vitally important that you believe that you already poses that which
you desire. Imagine it vividly in your mind, each aspect is yours. Whatever it may be,
it is already yours. Feel that loving emotional connection.
This is what activates the law of attraction. Take some time now, to really feel that loving
connection, to that which you desire and already possess in your mind.
What you are doing, is you are setting the vibratory frequency of your body, in line
with your desire. If you do this often enough, with repetition and peace of mind, the universe
has no option but to find a way to give you your desire.
This will be presented in the form of flashes of inspiration and ideas that come to you
from the universe and the subconscious. Ideas are slipper however, you must record them
and act on them immediately. You don’t have to know how you will reach
your desires, you will learn along the way from the inspiration and knowledge that the
universe provides. So once again let’s repeat that exercise.
See in your mind what it is that you want. FEEL the emotional connection. This is the
most important. Imagine using all of your senses to take in the magnificent outcome.
Hear, see, smell, taste touch it your desire. It’s yours. You own it. Doesn’t that feel
great? This feeling is yours. The object of your
desire is yours. It may not be with you physically yet, but it’s coming. Attraction takes time
for there is a gestation period. Just enjoy these feelings on a daily basis of possessing
your desires and you will attract them. The universe will continue to give you messages
and ideas to get you there. When they come, capture them, write them down and use them
immediately. In a moment you are going to leave this state
of meditation and you will reorient yourself to the physical environment that is perceived
by your five senses. I will count from 0 to 10, as each number increases you will feel
more energised, motivated and ready to begin attracting all of your desires.
0, 1 starting to wake up now, 2 holding on to that feeling of love, 3 you know you are
going to attract your desires, 4 waking up more, 5, 6, 7, 8 feeling absolutely energised
and great, 9 these energies are evenly present at all times, 10 welcome back
Listen to this meditation every day for at least 30 days, and you will lock in your new
ability to attract your desires, These ideas will become deeply rooted in your subconscious
mind and therefore the universe has an obligation to allow you where you want to be.
For more meditations subscribe, and check out for some great resources.
This is Ryan Taylor signing off, thank you, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

8 Replies to “Guided Meditation: Invoke The Law of Attraction [LifeForce]

  1. This is absolutely wonderful!!best meditation I ever had!!thankk uu so so muchhh💕💕💕but I don't know i had tears in mid of meditation maybe bcz of feelings associated for my desires!

  2. Kindly explain me when u say “feel the emotional connection and then see what worries you “ I get stuck on that,what exactly does it mean or what we have to do?

  3. All nice in the beginning, but when it starts putting vibes about a person you dont like by overlapping it with the one you love this meditation becomes effin contradicting, doesnt make sense to tune in into good vibes by making emphasis on someone that gives you feelings that bother you… PLUS I have nobody that bothers me: NO ONE, I do not spend ANY TIME being bothered by anyone: NEVER, I don't complicate my life like that.. I had to Stop the meditation, bc it did not make sense to "TO MAKE" myself find bad vibes towards other people that I have no negative feelings about…AND in case I did had: It is healed & I got over it with, forgiven & forgotten… peace out!!

  4. Amazing meditation for self help, I use this same technique in NlLP, will share this with clients to do in between sessions ! Thank you

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