Guided Meditation for Greater Intuition and Empathic Abilities, Empath Meditation

Guided Meditation for Greater Intuition and Empathic Abilities, Empath Meditation

welcome to this guided meditation by
becoming a better you by skeed this is a very powerful meditation for any people
looking to increase their intuition or if you’re an empath to increase your
skills as an empath it will help you not only protect yourself but it will help
you into it those feelings you are receiving from other people this meditation will take repeated
sessions to do don’t think after one session
suddenly going to increase your abilities it does take time recommend you listen to it – at least 30
times over 30 days if not longer comfortable I would recommend lying down
for this meditation but you can also do it sitting comfortably as long as your
spine is supported so your organs are not compressed okay close your eyes breath in fill your diaphragm your ribs
your lungs hold it for a second and out come aware of way you are breathing and out become aware of your stresses
you have right now breathe in and as you breathe out let
all those stresses go breathing become aware of your body and the stresses in
your body and as you breathe out let them go and now let your breath come to a
relaxed slow regular breath imagine you are on a beach there’s a gentle cool wind the sun is
shining there are very small waves breaking on the sand clear water bright blue sky soft sand
beneath you your relaxed feel the gentle breeze on
your skin hear those waves gently breaking on the shore see the crystal-clear water the nice cool said your body relaxing on the beach there’s
no one in sight you’re all by yourself safe calm and relaxed know as we are
here bring all your sensations to the toes of your feet yeah move that sensation
to your feet and as you do your toes disappear move the feeling up to your
ankles and become aware your feet have
disappeared move the feeling
but beyond lower Lakes slowly towards your knees and as it passes through it
disappears below your ankles disappear below
your lower legs are disappearing the sensation is that your knee bring it up to your thighs as your knees
disappear bring it up to your pelvis as your legs disappear bring it into your internal organs you as your pelvis disappears up to your
chest up to your shoulders your chest disappears hold that feeling there as
you become aware the same sensation in your fingers and as it moves to your
hands your fingers disappear to your wrists up your forearms to your
elbows arms to your shoulders as all your arms
disappear you the powers in your shoulders move it up
to your neck as your shoulders disappear move the feeling into your jaw as your
neck disappears your tongue the roof of your mouth your
cheeks your ears your temples back of your head your brain and your
scalp let the sensation float above you as your head disappears for those of you here who I a DD or ADHD
I hope you’ve taken my guided meditation here you know what you have to do now for everyone else you’re in your mind your conscious
thought we’re going to let it go we’re going to walk down a path to a gate and
with every step we take we relax further start slow gentle walk
down the path to the gate relaxing disappearing soft gentle the gate is getting closer we’re nearly
at the gate to relax so d as we come to the gate opens walk through and you enter a safe place
the safest place you ever be full of a calm relaxed positive energy now we’re here we’re going to start using this energy we’re going to use it in two ways you I want you to become aware
ever so slightly of your body that you made disappear
before stay in this safe place stacy rounded by
this positive energy bring your body to you No imagine Natick energy rising up from your feet
up the backs of your legs through your buttocks spine in your back up it goes a powerful
magnetic energy comes up and it passes out above you through your
shoulders touching the back of your head as it
goes goes into the space infinitely above feel the flow of
powerful magnetic energy flowing from your feet all the way up the back of
your body and help through your shoulders in the back of your head now become aware of an electrical energy
just above you you’re going to bring this electrical energy
through the front of your head down through your face
down through your throat through your heart just touching the front of your
internal organs just at the front of your legs going down and it comes help
to your toes on to the infinite below you whether
that be a solid thing or space just flow concentrate now on these two energies
the magnetic at the back flowing up powerfully through you
and this electrical energy flowing down through the front of you in some ancient studies this magnetic
energy is referred to as yang Zhi and the electrical has he in G
let them flow bring the speed up ever so slightly increase the power first of the
magnetic and then the electric the power of the magnetic equals the power of the
electric know as we here
your upper Dantean also referred to commonly as your third eye pound just between or slightly above
your eyebrow let it open out in front of you with an
energy pouring out a nice car energy flowing out now you have magnetic
energy flowing up your back the electrical energy flowing down your
front and you’re up a dent in open flowing
forwards in front of you bring your attention to your heart your
middle vent in do the same as you did with your upper end here open your heart pal what’s in front of
you if you’re lying down that obviously means flowing above you
flowing out open your heart open your emotion
open that feeling of love pouring out of your where with the magnetic energy
the electrical energy your open up at Antion you open middle then dim now bring your attention lower than Tian which is found just below your navel your bellybutton some people may find it exactly at they do the same as the other two open it out let it flow freely out in
front of you or above you release the stresses the internal
stresses of your body through your lowered and
here become aware this might take some
practice flow going up your back the electrical
energy going down your front and your three then tears open and flowing this
is a concentration exercise opening your sensations your emotions your awareness let all of these five things we controlled now by your subconscious keep moving keep them flowing as I count from five down to one to go deeper still just hold on to the
flow of these three energies thing else down we go deeper still all we’re aware
of these energy flows relax say three times deeper to be aware
these energies find yourself know all there is are these five flows of energy whilst they’re flowing think you Oh you hyah cell your higher being perhaps you have another name for it but you know what it is Peola can
the bond to your higher self asked to receive from your higher self all the energy you
need you we’ll be grounded and every time these five energies of following your
power will increase exponentially your intuition we’ll increase exponentially to the point where you
feel you already
safe to take that you will learn and understand
immediately your own feelings and emotions and those those who are around you the energies you are receiving your intuition will increase so me hours and sensations that we are able to attain actually very normal to acquire and then you say for new
protected yeah make sure those energies magnetic the electrical there’s dentin
energies are kept flowing by your subconscious
and as you talk to your higher self here the answer yes you are granted these powers higher in Jewish higher empathic
sensations and protections he will reach the levels or your desires stay here for a human before you let your higher-self a company
you still on its way say thank you just thank and your higher
self you go on its way choose to stay by your side helping you
as your guide here now stay here for a few minutes and when it’s time my voice again you now it’s time to come I’m going to count three go back to the place of the gate to and we’re back to the safe place from
before walk through the gate and as you do
who closed gently behind you walk up or float as you wish
up the paw back to the beach you once you’re back to the beach stay here just for a moment
take it in become aware time – if you wish the flow ten to leave them slightly open that’s your choice
you every time you do this you may wish to
leave them slightly more oak but close them in up to where you feel
appropriate today and so now your attention while on the
beach you can still feel the magnetic and electrical energies flow No you could bring these to your attention anyplace anywhere was having a conversation sitting with other people
on a train even walking down the street and these
and it is when you use them will help you
control being an and what also
increase your intuition but for now it’s time to let them go down to attend or to stop flowing for now media’s meditation you may wish to stay
more connected to become more accustomed
you so now we’re going to leave the beach
with the flows of those energies either closed or slightly open
Oh more open depending where you feel comfortable and
safe having them I’m going to bring
tension back to the here and now back to your
body to the room urine say for nur Allah
full of energy and when you’re ready wiggle your toes
new thing your eyes take a few slow conscious breaths
through your nose in and out through your nose and welcome
but knowing
misguided meditation is here for you and ever you want to use
it use it every day for a month or a couple of months for as long as you wish
and know how to use the magnetic and the electrical energies
combined with opening your Dantean and you use it throughout the day and the
more you use it the more you will become a Nimba at remember
and the more your intuition and other skills will develop
you very much
joining me today in this meditation you if you’ve enjoyed it and you know anyone
else who will enjoy please share it thank you and enjoy the rest of your day
the rest of your week the rest of the month
and the rest the you

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  1. Great meditation i just had have bin along time and i have nt falen asleep i took a small nap after i did it cuz i was a in total trance i barely heard you after 12 min orso but i know that dosnt really matter have nt had such a good meditation in ages thank so you much also good sounds loved it

    Thank you somuch!!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this meditation. I hope you got something from it. Here is another you may like

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