Graham compares Trump to Obama, calls his strategy a ‘big win for ISIS’

Graham compares Trump to Obama, calls his strategy a ‘big win for ISIS’

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  1. Jan markell's prophecy conference this Sept 2019 2nd week. Has speaker exposing Saudis author of USA school books 4 multiple years. Dah. Wonder why r kids aren't 4 usa

  2. Why Blame Trump for what is Graham's and the rest of congresses job to do? You all have the authority to keep them in there. Shifting the blame for what you all should be doing will not get it. Trump is just doing a great job for the lack of what congress should be doing.

  3. How many body bags with our soldiers are acceptable to you?? Would your family member in one be a price you would pay Graham? We are not global mercenaries!

  4. Trump is absolutely correct. If ISIS rises up again then those neighboring nations will be at risk if they fail to continue what we have effected. It's time for the U.S. to get much stronger. To be ready to fight bigger enemies if need be.

  5. ISIS is cabal engineer his bestie help develop( no name ). Wake up Lindsey. Yeah I've been there wondered why we were ever there in the first place

  6. What the troops were doing there was protecting and helping the Christian minority in Syria. Leaving exposes those Christians to a potential genocide. Where is all the evangelical outrage? Seems it's party over everything, even religion.


  8. Get our men and women out of the middle East. There is no hope for Peace. They have been killing each other for thousands of year's. thanks.Trump 2020.

  9. Let Congress legally declare war on ISIS. So Senator Graham , call on Congress to legally declare war, debate it, and be at War legally. We have never been at war legally. It is Congress that declares War not the Executive Branch. I think you are missing your cue from President Trump. Wake up.

  10. Thank you President Trump for fulfilling every promise you ever made. You are A blessing from God upon America. No more rogue illegal Deep State Wars run by the rogue CIA.

  11. my God so many ignorant people with ignorant ideas. Unless your informed it's better to STFU, especially if you don't have any knowledge about a subject

  12. you know who doesn't mind??? the families of our soldiers going over there and fighting wars that we shouldn't even be involved in

  13. It makes me nervous, yet at some point we need to go. Never is not an option. The only alternative would be for us to sit on the knifes edge and possibly become engaged with a massive war that we could have defused. We can still strike targets we choose, whenever we choose. We don't have to have boots on the ground there because the Globalists don't have free tanks etc to use to re-arm a would be ISIS. Last time they were fed from our leftovers. This time the can't even use mail order.

  14. TRUMPY, just last year:
    “We do get along great with the Kurds. We’re trying to help them a lot,” the president said then in response to a Kurdish journalist’s question about U.S. interests in Syria and Iraq after the defeat of the Islamic State. “Don’t forget, that’s their territory. *We have to help them*. … They fought with us. They died with us. They died. We lost tens of thousands of Kurds, died fighting ISIS. They died for us"
    So what changed, Trumpy? Ah, yes, a recent phone call from Turkish President Erdogan, along with recalling that Trump Tower Istanbul provides Trumpy with just so very much money.

  15. Those people have been slaughtering each other for thousands of years. There is no way we are going to change that and the last thing we need is to get all wrapped up in it. If Lindsey wants to go over there and fight them, let him go. Otherwise bring our boys home.

  16. Graham's backing of President Trump was short lived. The swamp creatures come out when you mess with their money making schemes. Obviously, troops in Syria and Afghanistan are money makers for some of the GOP too. The swamp isn't affiliated with just Democrats. Now we get to see the swamp creatures immerge from the depths.

  17. Isn't it hideous that they have a problem with a few Syrian Kurd's being killed, but they don't have a problem with thousands of our great soldiers being killed in countries we don't belong in?

  18. Lindsey is respectfully disagreeing with President Trump. I don't see a problem with that. President Trump wants to keep his campaign promises to U.S. citizens, not to the Kurds. If Europe will not help their next door neighbors, it's on them. edit: there are 1200 homeless veterans on the streets of Democrat sh!thole L.A.

  19. TFS! Lindsey Graham is always eager to stay at war. Why is that Mr. Graham who are you lobbying with??? If your kids were over there it would be a different story. Never trusted Lindsey Graham from the start

  20. Do you hear that sucking sound?.. That is the sound of Donald Trump's base going down the drain. It's getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller….👏🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  21. 50/50 on this one, always have been lots of pro's & Con's Extended stays in these zones does not bode well for american blood.

  22. Everyone knows already that old Buddy McCain met with Al-Baghdadi several times already. And it is already known that the Deep State created "ISIS" (aka Isis as an Egyptian Goddess they all worship) which also equipped them with american weaponry. All our troops do is to support them in order to conquer the whole Middle East to create their own globalist world. I side with Trump as I can see he is going to dismantle their already lost effort. Look under "Hathor Pentalpha" and more of those figures will surface.

  23. Whaddaya think, Trump supporters? Do ya think maybe this Trump experiment might ultimately just not be worth it? At what point do you draw the line. 5th Avenue?

  24. U.S. Service men and women need to start to speak up. This is a total dereliction of duty, and that is by the Commander-in-Chief is just catastrophic for the country. Men of honor do NOT let this stand. Trump is the problem, the right wing needs to stand up for America, not Donal Trump.

  25. I totally agree with President Trump and just when I was starting to like you Linsey Graham I have to rethink that emotion. I have to remind you Mr. Graham, YOU ARE NOT THE PRESIDENT Mr. TRUMP IS! We Americans are tired of getting into the wars of other people! WE WANT OUR PEOPLE HOME!

  26. Looks-Like Mister-'Do'-NOTHING / [All]-Talk-&-No-ACK-SHONE … Has-Been 'Gerzumpft'-By-TRUMP!!!??? >(*U^)< (Joke) … The-'Red'-FACE Say-It-[All] Methinkst.

  27. Oh Lindsey!What do these people have on you or are you just a rhino a wolf in sheep’s clothing will find out they won’t be long and will know who’s on what team. Because persecution is coming for all who oppose Gods man Mr. Donald J Trump

  28. What a joke this administration is smh and these three look real uncomfortable with what graham is saying I laugh at this.

  29. With friends like Turkey and Germany as well as the rest of Nato you need no enemies Mr. Graham.
    Germany is sending 3 Bio. to Erdogan, sells tanks, Volkswagen will build a new factory in Turkey but they cry out loud when it comes to supporting the Kurds.
    What Germany did was a joke. Some MG3 and old G-3. Useless crap. Tornadoes which couldn't fly and had no FoF-Identi had to be withdrwan to Jordania. Support the Kurds with weapons and Intel. That will really help. Send money as well. Putin and Assad will do the rest.

  30. I've never seen the fox crew so uncomfortable 😂. They literally couldn't defend trump and it made them so awkward
    Especially that old dude who tried to defend trumps choice. They should be able to hold the president accountable if he makes a bad choice

  31. Great strategy another great move on the part of Trump – ISIS will show up and we will be able to see where they are coming from – its like setting a trap for ISIS – our enemies are not that smart guys they will take the bait – People/Christians they have been warned of a day when its time to move time to leave and close the door behind you,, if they are listening and have an ear to hear what the spirit is saying then they will be safe : 2 Corinthians 6:17 "Therefore come out from among them

  32. Funny how the same Trumptards that blamed Obama for ISIS, are applauding this decision. How can someone have such little self-awareness.

  33. Compare Obama to Trump? LOL! OK, let's keep it simple:
    OBAMA – Eight years of zero crimminal investigations, zero indictments and zero guilty pleas. Never solicited foreign interference. Never sided with a KGB agent over our own U.S. intelligence. And oh yeah, no multiple baby mamas, never slept with a porn star or was friends with a pedophile.
    TRUMP – Well… get the picture. LOL!!!

  34. Cant wait to hear Lindy Lou espouse on how Congress is an equal branch of government and the importance of checks and balances.

  35. Dear America, its clear you have a dump president. I beg you Fox and Friends, the official president spokesmen, not to let Turkey initiate another genocide.

  36. The most stupidest, stupidest, dumbest President ever in history. Trump doesn't understand foreign policy one bit. He is a moron who doesn't understand the magnitude of what he has done. Unfit for office. Putin is laughing at how manipulated Trump is.

  37. Way2go Lindsey Graham first time I heard you with a backbone. I'm glad you took off your mini skirt and pom poms ! Not all of Trump's turds golden !

  38. Thumbs up for President Trump. Graham is a puppet on a string for big bankers.  He is a disgrace to the country.   jt

  39. Dear Friend of Fox: Turkey is now killing thousands of people in Syria. Is this a master stroke of a stable genius, or is it the brilliance of kushner, who was supposed to bring peace to the middle east? Trade war with Turkey now, as promised?

  40. Dear Friend of Fox: Turkey is now killing thousands of people in Syria. Is this a master stroke of a stable genius, or is it the brilliance of kushner, who was supposed to bring peace to the middle east? Trade war with Turkey now, as promised?

  41. Traitor Trump throws the Kurds under the bus. Our Kurdish allies who fought side by side with US troops to fight ISIS have been deserted by Trump. Turkey has already started slaughtering them! Impeach Trump – he's a liar. con-man, cheat and a coward – it's disgusting.

  42. Send Lindsey to Syria. Dosen't seem he has been able doing anything in the middle east for years. He dosen't even dare to hold the crooked Democrats accountable but lots of hot air. He is just going thru the motion only.. i m tired of these politicians just going on tv and not really go hold the crooks accountable. Blow job Lindsey..

  43. Just add incompetence to the list of reasons to impeachment. This has got to be the worst thing he's done. You don't abandon allies. We abandoned them in Iraq in the 90's and we're doing it again. I can't help but think this was a way to help and please Putin.

  44. This coward, is a international disgrace. Soon, he will be back to licking Trump's boots. At the very least, unlike Trump, and southern bell, Lindsey, Obama is a real MAN.

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