Gowdy blasts Schiff: How long will Pelosi put up with him?

Gowdy blasts Schiff: How long will Pelosi put up with him?

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  1. Gowdy snobbed Trump when asked to help with impeachment defense, this dude is another RINO republican as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Adam "Himmler" Schiff – can their be a bigger liar in the halls of Congress? Er, wait a minute, there are more of them than we can ever imagine!

    Jeez, can you imagine how strong the United States of America would be right now if we had 500 people in Congress with Trey Gowdy's sense of ethics and moral values! We dang sure wouldn't have the "swamp" we're living with right now!

  3. Sciff has been trying to impeach President Trump like all the democrats since inauguration day they have been caught in lies so many times this is just another ploy ill never vote for a democrat

  4. Lying Phineas Flynn Gowdy should move on. His failed political career led him to become an even bigger lier. He’d do anything for a nickel even Fox News

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  6. Trump is the swap! He is only working for himself to have unlimited power. He does not care about our laws or condition. Ask yourselves, has he drained the swap or open the flood gaits?

  7. Rice, the lier and trader, I cant believe she wants to show her face. Good God just go hide and hope we forget your a trader.

  8. Susan Rice has been a criminal ever since she got into Washington. She will lie to make her self look good. Susan rice and Adam Schiff belong together because they are a perfect picture of deceit!!!

  9. schiff for brains needs to be kicked to the curb along with several other members of congress….. the citizens of this country need to demand term limits for congress.

  10. A man is worthy ONLY of'n by his last profoundly ambiguous statement. Not so sure you can redeem yourself. Please qualify what you meant by not becoming a nation BENT on want of PROSECUTION for every offense of the LAW… …SAY WA…?

  11. America has amnesia from meaningless Trump rants. They forgot Biden released his taxes during the 2012 Campaign and will do so again in 2020. Which would reveal any potential income earned and from what source. Biden is not afraid to do so. What about Trump? Guess Trump is more focused on the bait n' switch playing AMERICAN VOTERS, as the Idiot's Chump

  12. Is there a whistleblower? Are you sure Adam Schiff didn't just made the whole thing up? The existence of a whistleblower is real because we all BELIEVE the Dems. What if Schiff created his existence? ALA Jusse Smollett

  13. I agree, our democracy is under attack. it has been under attack since election day, if not before. I hear this quite a bit but no one who says it ever bothers with those pesky details and facts. a statement without facts or evidence is only an opinion, but sadly , not for the uninformed Trump hating voter

  14. Bottom line Susan Rice and the rest of the dams their democracy is July to the American people but we're all onto their game to their for their beat thank God for Fox News love you Kerry go get them save this great country helped Trump

  15. Shiff has a mental disorder. He is obsessed with the hatred of Trump. This is nothing new though, he's in good company, Omar, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC etc. all liars. They get away manufacturing untruths about anyone they want to without accountability, they need to be called out in public, who's got the guts?

  16. This is why I’m having trouble understanding polls showing more than 50% of ppl plied wanted the impeachment AND removal of the President!!!😳 when these two particular news journals have printed these stories.

  17. it is really hard to defend the undefendable. Don't ruin your own career just because of some foolish reasons. Sometimes, it is good just walk away. You might taste some victory for few minutes or few hours or few days, but before you die, you might regret some decisions you've made in your life.

  18. Here's the deal. I worked in Nuclear power stations for 20 plus years, if I would have tried to make things up and lie about them, I would have been fired. Congress should be under the same rules. Especially when it is detrimental to our country. Adam should be fired he is not good for the country. You can't just tell lies on someone until you reach your objective. Consequences that's what keeps this country great. Help me out didn't we give jail time to people who lied to Mueller and congress.

  19. Pelosi put up with Schiff? Are you kidding? The swamp starts with her. Every time she talks it's like watching somebody drowning. Clear indication her over gesticulation is compensation for a complete absence of iq

  20. Remove this lyer. He is disgustuc. Chef justice, of Hate. This lyer cruke. Is a shame to our democracy. That lady is also a LOCA

  21. That old witch Pelosi and Schiff for brains need to go…….both are inept in their jobs….. How much tax payers money have they wasted…. Send these two treasonist clowns to a military prison

  22. Why aren’t these losers that commit perjury in prison?
    You and I would be..
    Where’s the justice, why are these people above the laws that they swore under oath to uphold?


  24. Longer, apparently, than donald is putting up with Giuliani. Seven days later after Gowdy (what the heck is that on top of his head?) was recorded in this video, donald just tossed Giuliani under the National Bus of Ukraine. ROFLMFAO

  25. Gowdy says when people who don't like Trump and didn't vote for him want to undermine and reverse election results, that's what is going to do us in as a Republic. NO GOWDY, IT'S MUCH MORE SUBTLE THAN THAT! When a nation no longer has law and order for ALL its citizens, and a two-tier justice system is in place (which it is today), and people like Susan Rice are still walking around free (although she does look a tad frightened, does she not), that is when a Republic dies! Read the Old Testament book of Judges, Gowdy. You may learn something.

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