Giuliani responds to Graham’s Senate testimony invitation

Giuliani responds to Graham’s Senate testimony invitation

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  1. Why is everyone so concerned with the whistleblowers? Plz tell me? They don’t matter anymore idiots cuz the White House released a transcript of the call with Ukraine’s leader. This is pathetic.

  2. Except he is a whistle blower under the law and everything he said is backed up in Trumps own transcripts. Show us the evidence that what he said was inaccurate. Did Trump not ask a foreign power to investigate a political rival? Has Trump ever asked a foreign power to investigate anyone not involved in the 2020 elections? When did my party turn into a pro-coverup party? Don’t we stand stronger when we run on principles? Isn’t this the party of decency and love of country? Where are the patriots who are willing to go after the criminals and corrupt politicians on both sides? This is fear based liberal political ideology. We have a President who doesn’t deserve our loyalty sitting in the most honored chair of our democracy who doesn’t have an honorable bone in his body.

  3. Laura loves to bring on the liberals in her show. Isn't there one place we can go so we don't have to listen to liberal BS? Only stupid people believe Cory would ask his own questions. We know he will be flooded with talking points from liberal lawyers. He's not smart enough to investigate anything truthful.

  4. Booker Mr. Aghh partial sentence, Ahhh, partial sentence, ahhh leave the space dude it don't need to be filled with ahhhh. and shifty what the hell is that guy on? his eyes are sketchy.

  5. How freakin stupid are these Democrats? For the love of God, not only are they crooks…they’re terrible at it. Love Trump or not, if you believe any of the Democrats moronic attempts at a coup you should seriously seek help😂😂

  6. Giuliani is behaving a bit different lately. I hope it’s not because he is guilty and nervous about being found out. I have always admired him.

  7. Don't by into these lies…. please. Trump's claim that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and get away with it. You're constitution is being sh#$ on.

  8. Bug-eyed crazy Shifty Schiff should be impeach. And Pelosi ought to keep help her false teeth in Lin with her false narratives.

  9. What's the deal here yo'll Up There? Most of us 'Little People' are living in abject bloody POVERTY amid Trillions being spent/wasted on WHATEVER and your doing WHATEVER you bloody well like being too RICH to fail or OUTLAWED; disputing over trivia for decades and WILFULLY/WANTONLY holding us, the poor to ransom; my Grandmother, (God rest her precious soul), often said , 'the longest Epic Poem does come to an End.' Are yo'll abusers enjoying the pain and suffering of us at the bottom here squeaking at the pips on account of dire poverty? I say to yo'll this day, the Pen is mightier than the Sward but YAHSHUA'S word is mightier than both the pen and the sward. Have an excellent day yo'll Up There.

  10. This is the third time in 3 years I've felt like Laura was an actual Journalist for America as a whole, just to be swiftly reminded by her own paid for mouth, that she is just another gang member. We're @&@@$# !

  11. Rudi or Uncle Fester as he affectionately referred to in the Addams …….sorry I mean the Trump Family is fantastic at entertaining the Nation with his antics, lies and facial expressions. Please give Fester more air time.

  12. Remove Schiff. HE LIED! He should not be involved. He should be called to testify….under oath…even though I think he would still lie.

    This is all blowing over once again….la la la.
    All I have to do is wait and VOTE FOR TRUMP AGAIN! Make their heads spin right off! ha ha

  13. The federalist papers.
    “The powers that we have delegated to the federal government are few and well defined. And restricted mostly to external affairs. The powers left with the state and the people are indefinite and in numerous.”

    We have and are letting our country rot from within. Congress is corrupt, the Federal government is corrupt. our constitution declares almost everything we do now as unconstitutional. They do
    It while nobody is looking. Welfare is slavery and stealing and evil. Socialized medicine is forced labor. None of it works ever. We are going down soon enough.

  14. Never in my life have i seen people protect what they know is wrong due politics. If trump pissed in snow fox will say obama pissed in rain and not acknowledge trump pissing in snow like two wrong make a right. If republicans felt so strong about obama and hillary why didn't they do something about it when they had the house and senate? No they wait til trump get called out for his bs, then start pointing fingers at people who has been out of office for years now

  15. Listening to Constitutional Criminals like Cory Booker run their ARROGANT NECK begging to be hung FOR SEDITION/TREASON AND HIGH CRIMES. ALL of these arrogant psychopath DEMOCRAT CRIMINALS NEED TO BE THROWN IN PRISON AND THROW AWAY THE KEY.

  16. Donald Drumpf got this character Gulleeanni, it seems, from the DARK WEB
    This man is as Dark and as illegal as anothing on that site Rudee, read this, and if you
    have a spine, you will testify and without BS pre-conditions

  17. Guillianni Talk about your first marriage about your cousin, what is 'being intimate' with almost a 'sister like ?
    And the ring on your pinky finger; these r more interesting stories than all that BS you spew out

  18. Cory Booker thinks he is dealing with a naive person, Giuliani is far from that. Oh and the more people come into the media, talking BS, that will be now target on them, because only Crooks will follow a corrupt agenda to disrupt the President, instead of working for the citizens.

  19. The lightweight mayor of Minn has no time for sending tweets carrying out his responsibilities
    Donnie the heavy weight (480 Lbs and bloating) whi is POTUS has a lot of time to send Tweets and reTweets
    That says it all in One sentence Laura

  20. plus they ( Trump amin. ) have Seklow in a break in case of emergency glass the very best lawyer there is on planet earth

  21. Shift says WE consider. Nothing about the law actually was being broke. Hey shif head. Just because you corrupt demonrats hate Trump. That is no grounds for impeachment. A continual failed attempt to over through a dolley elected president at some point becomes a coup attempt. In my opinion the second the Muller $40000000 dollar fiasco was proven a fake perpetrated by the Clinton's and DNC.any further attempt has been sedition. Keep America great by sending all the seditionist democrap, deep state RINO bastages to the electric chair. In alphabetical order would be fine with me. I would be glad to pay a tax on my electric bill to pay for the electricity used to fry these treasonous bastages. I am free on most weekends to pull the leaver if assistance is needed.

  22. What a waste of air time. Here is a new challenge for any viewers who find FOX/5 to be bias and racist. Just send a strong message to the media and BLOCK CH,5 and it's conspirators from your receivers. Join in the Cancel Culture and put FOX on notice, they are complicit in allowing FOX, 5/NEWS to distroy the AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.

  23. schiffs eyes are like that because he thinks everyone who gets in arms reach is gonna slap him silly or arrest him. hes scared schiffless!

  24. "If it weren't for Double Standards, the Dems would have no Standards at All"-Too funny, and even more pathetic, because TRUE….Way to go Joe.

  25. Rudy hasn't saved Trump!
    Trump should have paid him more!
    Now Trump's own acts, lies and crimes have ruined his presidency!
    The last days of Trump are here!
    Watch him get worse by the end of the week.
    He'll play golf as all the Kurds are slaughtered.
    TRUMP the modern NERO, playing golf as the World burns!

  26. The Hunchback of New York is at it again. Quasimoto if what you have is the truth you boneheaded wingnut liar. Then go before the house and Senate and prove your case and bring count Dracula Digenova with you as an insurance policy. And Quasi you should know as a prosecutor that Defendants do not get to cross examine the investigators. Like the Ukraninan Prosecutor who told you that the documents you have are as legitimite as your marriage to your cousin. And count Dracula Digenova shoot your barber cause he is cutting your hair with a dull butter knife. These idiots are crazier than cat fecal matter!

  27. the president has a job to do and that's to play golf at our cost. one hundred million tax dollars has gone from our pockets to his golf resorts.

  28. Guliania is on fire! This is so refreshing to see from Republicans, who are usually too polite to play ball with those who play dirty (e.g. many Democrats). Thank God for President Trump! He brought a new fire to the Republican party that was sorely lacking. 4 more years!

  29. I always love Joe Digenova. And Mayor Giuliani is funny!:::Joe said, "Bug eye Schiff, Pelosi trying to keep her dentures, AOC is an incandescent ignoramus, etc. So funny!!!

  30. Spartacus doth protest too much….iI'm now VERY interested in what HE'S been involved in.
    Shiff the virgin Eunuch, needs to be sacrificed.

  31. Americans
    There is going to be a very horrible event which will shock the whole world together as a final result of this debate,The 4 devil women will assassinated Mr.Trump as a final remedy to be free of him!
    Pelosi,Clinton,Tulaib and Umar.
    Wake up,Americans,wake up !

  32. This guy and this "news" network is a joke. Too bad most of the time the credibility this channel is usually not true hahaha.

  33. Only the best people….
    Until they contradict Trump then they're partisan idiots. …even though Trump chose them!
    When you're losing Rudy all you have left is name calling!!!
    FOX viewers you need disconnect from this filth!!!

  34. This whole stupid hearing that they're doing is unconstitutional we don't do impeachments behind closed doors we don't obstruct the other party from being able to subpoena witnesses to cross-examine Democrats Witnesses and without the president being able to defend himself. Pencil Neck bringing out stupid text messages out of context needs to stop he needs to be removed from this all together he is a witness. We the people had a right to note exactly what is going on watching it listening to it nothing goes on behind closed doors in an impeachment of a president

  35. Maybe Giuliani should be asked about his involvement in the Iran sanction case when the president asked Tillerson on behalf of Erdogan to drop the case against Rudi's client.

  36. Shady lawyers definition: picture of these 2 clowns. Better call Saul Trump! More credible than Fric and Frac here! hahahaha Cheese and rice!!! Degenerate backing up "The Lisp"???? Nice! Only the best lawyers for big Donny….lolololol

  37. I will give you ALL access because we are so innocent-the MOST INNOCENT- of all the people who could be innocent!!! EVERYTHING we do is legal because WE are doing it
    While they obstruct justice.

  38. Let us NOT FORGET TRUMP STOOD against the Vietnam war by refusing to go and not running away to Canada. HE STOOD HIS GROUND. A true American HERO IN THE 1960s.Standing shoulder to shoulder with Muhammad Ali Trump-hating his bone spurs for keeping him out of the Fight.

  39. Omg Giuliani is the greatest gotta love this guy pulling up all the dirt on these filthy demon rats and with such flare and gusto he is the man love it call them all out get these scum behind bars where they belong

  40. I am fascinated by the similarities: when the D Party wanted to scuttle Judge Kavanaugh's appointment to the SC, there was a woman who went to a D senatress, was advised to talk to a D. advocate and her desire to remain anonymous, was thrown out. Now the D party has another 'unknown' gossip, who goes to Mr Schiff (D. Congressman), is referred to a D. advocate, his/her 'complaint' will be made public and his/her identity will be revealed.

  41. The Democrats are blowing hot air as usual the making a mockery of our justice system this people are a Joke is all about our 2020 elections we need to reelect our President for 2020 or they will break our country

  42. “ingram Buttinsky” your Angle is fine your butting in on guests gets very old for sure.
    Little shiff for brains actions needs to go before the supreme court

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