Gingrich: Pelosi’s impeachment push ‘makes no sense at all’

Gingrich: Pelosi’s impeachment push ‘makes no sense at all’

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  1. What about george Soros and clinton and child trafficking , mob scenes, stopping traffic, starting riots? Selling missiles to iran so they can fire them back at us, play to pay, nothing has been said. But Trump, the best President yet and has done everything right and they want to impeach.for what.

  2. What if this is a ploy to defame Biden to let Hillary run in place of him so she would be the dem top pick to run against President Trump. Just saying.

  3. Behind closed doors, both the Republicans and Democrats need to work this crap out because this is not 1974 anymore and BOTH sides are Fu#$ing up this country! DO IT NOW ! And People keep this ReTweeting until they solve this useless, petty, childish nonsense.

  4. No no no this was planned this seed was planted by the Dems to plant a previous woman candidate who ran against Trump , unbelievable seems almost perfect but I'm sure it's predicted Trump thinks of everything

  5. the number one problem with holding power…. "The FEAR of losing it" most people would step on their grandmother to retain power.

  6. Gingrich impeached Clinton for an affair all while he was having an affair. This interview is priceless stupidity.

  7. Every time Pelosi opens her pie hole nothing but lies and slander comes out. Somebody should sue this wicked witch and bankrupt this evil Satan. We should forcibly remove Pelosi from planet earth.

  8. Pelosi, Shummer, Shiff, Nadler and a lot more of these Demonrats are a joke and a disgrace to the governmental system. It's embarrassing. Not funny anymore.

  9. It's obvious this was a planned set up Pelosi admitted by accident on 60 minutes and schiff made comments that sounded like the complaint

  10. He is on the money when together the pitchforks mentality reigns supreme.someone should point out you do not burn your own house down,Doh.

  11. Its comical with all this Biden stuff. Impeachment inquiry isn't going away because you point the finger at the guy you wanted dirt on.

  12. I AM SICK of republicans defending Pelosi!!!! She has destroyed California. She takes money from drug cartels. She is a criminal. STOP defending her

  13. The answer for why the demonrats are pursuing impeachment is because they are SCARED SHITLESS.
    Their greatest fear is coming about. The fear of being exposed for who they truly are. Evil and corrupt. Q told us that when the truth comes out they won't even be able to walk down the street. They're going to be begging to go to jail.

  14. Good old Newt was cheating on his wife while impeaching Clinton for lying under oath, about cheating on his wife ….

  15. When you have no facts. You spread rumors. This is another Mueller hoax!!!
    People who do dirty things, think you do too. The Dems are getting more pathetic by the second. WWG1 WGA
    MAGA 2020

  16. "Dems have done something stupid." Well. Stupid is as stupid does. And the Dopeycrats are real, real, stupid. Of, course they are. Look at Ol' "Needles 'n Poop" Nancy. Then take a look at her home district. Do you see the comparison? Both are absolutely disgusting.

  17. IMO it is obvious that there are some very well known people that do not want Trump to investigate and find out who was responsible for the "Which Hunt". I bet those responsible did VERY, VERY illegal things. I will bet that those people are pulling Pelosi's strings to stop Trump from investigating. I wonder who is pulling Pelosi's strings.

  18. Is it just me or did Gingrich slur his words the entire time?! I agree with everything you said, but I was like wow, is he having a stroke or something? LOL!

  19. "oh im sorry AFTER YOU "

    TAKE NOTE other FOX hosts. THIS is how you treat a GUEST, YOU invited on when they are speaking.
    STFU be polite and LET THEM SPEAK

  20. Now we realize how childish and immature the Democratic party is and these people are leading the world they can't even get out of the bathtub by themselves

  21. It's entirely plausible that the dems are doing this I intentionally to bring an end to bidens campaign. 1) it would open up for Warren who they really want
    2) they secretly want trump to win again because hes so polarizing and they know this will ensure it will happen. Pelosi and trump have a back room agreement to get him reelected

  22. The Biden conspiracy has been debunked over and over. It's all out there just google it. I don't understand how a person with a working brain can be fooled into thinking there was a conspiracy involving Bidens son. If it was it would have been screamed about it before this whistleblower incident came along. Right.

  23. Don't negate the power of media bias. The idea of impeaching clinton was not popular to the media. Impeaching trump on much more flimsy evidence is however very popular. His salvation is the weakness of the evidence. Clinton's saving grace was his being a media darling.

  24. It's only obvious what's going to seriously happen with Donald Trump's so-called impeachment and just like the issues of sexual harassment and other baseless accusations! The politicians don't have a clue because they're dumb enough to follow the lead of what psychological warfare and Shadow government is pulling on the politicians and the American people because in the end the outcome is Donald Trump will be Vindicated and that will make him and the useful idiot voters more susceptible to voting him in another 4 years. That's my prediction he'll being Vindicated and he'll win the election by a landslide because he's the underdog and the stupid useful idiot Americans that still waste their time voting are going to be fooled just like they were in 2016, good job shadow government!

  25. The want Hillary back so Joe is bad,and the woman is soft so the slowly bring evil Hillary back greetings from Holland Trump 2020

  26. "speaker Gingrich"?? Gingrich, let me remind you, was so corrupt even the GOP couldn't stand the stench, and they threw him out. And now he's a regular on Carlson………..Birds of a feather flock together.

  27. I believe that Nancy is running scared with AOC + 3 nipping at her "high" heels. She is terrified because of the Socialist push by these freshman/women Congress"beings" that she thinks she cannot overcome, and she can't. The "mob" has created a powerful vortex of hatred, irrational thinking if you can call it that and insanity that is all pulled together by a childish temper tantrum on a colossal scale for the whole world to see . NO ONE in recent past has ever stood up to them like PRESIDENT TRUMP and they are running mindlessly like the little Lemmings for a dangeous cliff and taking the Democratic party with them right into the full-blown socialism manifesto She's lost her touch and is well aware she is going to be putting her other Congress"beings seats in great jeopardy if they have to vote on record. We the American people will NOT allow the BEST President in our lifetime to be RAILROADED without a fight. This started they say because female genitalia didn't win it wasn't her gender that caused her to lose the race it was her stale Old mildewed ideas of a rulings class and then there's the rest of us the great unwashed deplorables between her ears. GO TRUMP IN 2020!!!

  28. I don't get this stuff Nancy Pelosi has no evidence or and information that could get Trump impeached I like how as soon Trump does something good they immediately try make him look bad, When Obama was president he spent 600 million dollars on boosting border security but when Trump started doing the same thing but doing a better job Obama got all mad and tried to make Trump look bad.

  29. Impeachment makes total sense. The narrative has to be set before all the info coming out about the DemRats. The DemRats and the globalist are in a fight for their lives. They are backed into a corner and just like any RAT that is backed into a corner when confronted with a life threat will come out fighting.

  30. Biden's candidacy is already finished. It is now clear to the world Biden is corrupt. And given the controversy under such a huge cloud of suspicion it is very doubtful that Biden has the strength, stamina or force of will to weather such a storm.
    MAGAKAG! TRUMP BIGLY IN 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. Unfortunately, people sometimes find themselves faced with the choice of doing what is safer politically for their own career while selling out their integrity and sense of responsibility or doing what is right and facing difficult consequences while keeping their self respect and honor. That is where Republican politicians are today. Will they denounce the malfeasance and treachery of Donald Trump's presidency
    and stand up for the laws, values and principles of America or be accessories to Trump's corruption and evil as it increasingly threatens the foundations and functioning of our just and noble nation? I urge Republican congresspersons to put their oath of allegiance to the constitution and commitment to the American people ahead of self interest and work with Democrats to restore honest, reasoned, responsible and competent leadership to our country. Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be proud as they read about you in their history books.

  32. "Among those who dislike oppression are many who like to oppress" Napoleon Bonaparte

    "When small men attempt great enterprises, they always end by reducing them to the level of their mediocrity" Napoleon Bonaparte

  33. The Dems have done nothing positive since Trump was elected. They waste time and money and are destroying their own credibility

  34. They all believe that they all are invincible so, they want to damage hard our country they dearly hate so much.

  35. With all respect I don't agree with Mr. Gingrich, the democrats don't hate the President. In controversy, they respect him for his obvious
    great skills and leadership. Also, they scare of him very much because he has consolidated huge number of supporters
    that the dems even couldn't dream of. The Democrats hates us, the people, the DEPLORABLEs.

  36. Up until recently, Pelosi has been resisting calls for impeachment. Where the Dems are concerned that makes her the smartest person in the room. Scary huh?

  37. the goal is to get rid of Trump AND Pense…..that is the only route to the oval office the losers have. They only have 13 months left and it's not like their road is open and easy…..Barr is breathing down their neck.

  38. I don’t care who you are, as Americans which are also in The Democratic Party who want to vote against and resist this impeachment
    Problem is The Democratic Socialists Party is in charge! Throw them out and get your party back!!!
    Meanwhile we will support Trump!!
    All of us, hates socialist/communist!!
    I know of 82 DSA members in Congress!!

  39. Adam Schiff is the grandson of Jacob Schiff the founder of the Federal reserve and the Bolsheviks who killed 60 million Russian Christians. Also very much the father of the Protocols of Zion.

  40. Trump supports ending the Federal reserve and Trump supports allowing Russia to reenter the G7. Trump also defends the rights of Christians and in God we trust. Maybe these are some of the reasons why Adam Schiff hates Trump . Adam Schiff is the grandson of Jacob Schiff the man that funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Jacob Schiff started the Federal reserve and the Protocols of Zion.

  41. Kamala Harris looks like shes done !so i guess she can now stop blowing whistles, or any thing else she might be blowing on ! She can get on back to California where she is just like the rest of them !

  42. The Dems have destroyed themselves and will not be stopped. Their criminal minds can only believe everybody has crimes they are hiding!

  43. Russia Russia Russia impeach impeach impeach Stormy Stormy Stormy impeach impeach impeach Ukrain Ukrain Ukrain impeach impeach impeach

  44. Poor faux…desperately teying to spin this I order to remain in trumps good side…lol…sadly the trump lemings will follow him all the way over the cliff…lol…sad really

  45. dummy crats keep it up…only means Trump 20 20…yeah Trump…God Bless our President and family, actually baby boomers are for Trump…!

  46. Let's talk football for a minute, George Washington is like Joe Montana, as, Donald Trump is like Tom Brady……….. And i love them both ….

  47. really though ! All these swamp monsters , and i am totally sure about this, they did not intend to get caught up in owing somebody for helping them get ahead, it just happened and got out of control. Accept for Schiff, he's the antichrist…,..

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