38 Replies to “Fun-Loving Full Body Yoga Stretch (Be Authentic)

  1. Wow…one more stretching cls…i really love this…my favourite..thank you soooo much my dear mam..love youu..yes I'm ready….❤️🧘🙏🧘❤️

  2. Couldn't sleep, so was able to get my practice in before everyone woke up for the day. Ahhhhh that was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  3. I also practiced while the family was sleeping. I always feel so much better throughout the day after I’ve practiced.

  4. Light up my day!!! Woah! Some poses I have not done before. I love practicing for lotus and frog is just fun! My hips and I thank you!

  5. Oh those balance poses in the morning…such a struggle. May try it later in the day and see if the balance is better. Much love and "light" to you and yours today!

  6. Light! Love your method of coming in and out of lotus pose. Really protects knees and ligaments. Awesome! Thank you so much! Namaste everyone!

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