From Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide

From Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide

hey folks this is Rhykker bringing you a
Diablo 3 Reaper of souls crash course on speeding your way from 1 to 70 and beyond whether you’re a new player or looking
to kick off season 2 with a bang this is what you need to
know about the journey from 1 to 70 the pre torment hurdle torment purgatory
and finally the endgame marathon ready to take your game
to the next level this is how we do it your Jabal 3 play
time can be divided into four faces phase 1 the Blitz the opening piece to the game is your
race the level 70 if this is your first time playing
Diablo then you’ll have to complete the campaign before you can unlock adventure mode which is where you’ll be
spending the rest of your game time an arguably where the fun really begins
if you want to be as efficient as possible then adventure mode is your ticket to
the fastest level 70 completion times while it may be tempting to play through
the campaign on higher difficulties for greater challenge and reward you will net greater rewards by speeding
to adventure mode as quickly as possible if you already have a bench remote
unlocked you can hit 70 in about five hours without any outside help by following
some strict guidelines that I’ve previously gone over in it
this video here and this accompanying video as well no
gimmicks no exploits this is knowing the game
playing smart playing efficient and making the most
out if your game time that leads us to phase 2 the
forge phase 1 is where your hero is born face
to you is where his bread level 70 is where
your journey really begins everything before this
point was just a warm-up exercise the first thing you want to do is either
find or create a starter build click on one of these
thumbnails to be taken to a starter build for the class you plan to play in a
starter build what you’re looking for is synergy among your skills skills that
share the same elemental damage type: or that just work
well together such as by triggering each other and before you go any further make sure
you’re aware these four simple game options that’s so many people don’t know about
the most important one is elective mode which gives you the
freedom to assign almost any skill to almost any keyboard or mouse button once you
have you started you wanted europe as quickly as possible
with best in slot rare items you’ll do this by crafting enchanting
gambling and just finding them a salute but if
you have the crafting materials then you can quickly become torment
capable just of crafted items now when we’re talking best in slot
rares we want to make sure that you’ve put all the right attributes on all the right gear pieces so follow
these gearing guides here to maximize your damage and toughness
not all gear pieces are created equal for instance on some
you wanna stack only offenses that’s this leads you to
phase 3 the hunt you have your basic build you
have your best in slot rares and you are comfortably farming the
early torment difficulties now begins the hunt for the year that
will let you into the and game along this journey you’ll begin
replacing your heirs with legendary & set items but don’t be tempted to replace arrears
too soon a legendary is not automatically superior to a rare in fact a best in slot rare is often
better then a legendary the legendary needs to
roll the correct attributes just like rares of course there are some
exceptions to that such as certain items that have special attributes that will help you tremendously but
those are few and far between at this phase the game you wanna set
your eyes any particular and game built and begin hunting for the
items that bill requires the vast majority this builds for
instance revolve around wanna be class sets rikers for barbarian icons for
Crusader Marauders for demon hunter son will goes
for monk J harvesters for which doctor and Firebirds for wizard I have build
guides from oh so the sets and in the future I will have coverage
for all classes as you find the pieces you need for your
endgame build do not equip them right away unless they are in upgrade to your
current gear as previously described and game builds are designed with the
assumption that you have all the required year and without
specific your pieces it’s generally better to stick with your
starter built instead keep the required your pieces in your
stash until you’re ready to a quip the fall set a starter build is more
powerful than a half assed endgame build now once you do have all
the gear pieces you need to take advantage of your full set bonus at this point you want to talk with your
gear pieces even if individually the art downgrade relative
to your current dear in general even the most suboptimal
year old said items will be superior to the best role
legendaries because the end game set bonuses are
incredibly powerful and vastly overshadow the damage output
up a character without one of these sets now with your set you’re gonna be able
to handle torment 6 which takes us to phase 4 the grime the last place the game is
migrating into your best in slot and game year you have the basic pieces
you need to handle torment 6 we’re looking to go beyond that we’re
looking to speed clear 26 and make rift guardians week at the site
have you we’re looking to climb the greater if leaderboards and make torment 6 feel like normal
upgrader legendary James in greater rifts run Hooper bosses to
craft hellfire ambulance farm Act one for Roger caches to get the
perfect Srinath while Granger gambling could Allah an inch and
atomistic over and over and over and over until you’re fully decked out in perfect year welcome to the grind for the full written version of this
guide to be sure to follow the link in the description below to take you to the escape this website
escapist magazine dot com where you’ll be able to find
this end more guys from me in the future thanks for watching check
out these other videos and if you enjoyed this one
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100 Replies to “From Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide

  1. i play on ps4, so that thing of the seasons are not enable there? and where i should farm? actually im playing in T6

  2. Good attempt at a guide and explaining things, Rhykker. It can be overwhelming when you start; it was for me. If anyone wants to run some rifts for gear or need help levelling add Preet59#1536. PC – NA & EU

  3. Can you do an updated video? I've been playing at T5 for a week now and have a clusterfuck set of items… I feel like I need to redo a lot of stuff.

  4. I think an important bit for all these ''I just started playing, what is he talking about'' is that you don't need to get into this video yet. If you haven't even beaten the campaign yet, or you don't really have your sealegs yet even though you did beat it, might want to give the game some time to settle before jumping into the long term, which is what these videos are for. This is for the dedicated, the ones who can't sleep at night knowing they could still do better with their character, the ones who lose weight with Diablo, because eating is not grinding.

    That said, if you do want to at least try your hand at a little more educated form of playing the game, then just follow the guide. He says what links to follow at what stage of your play, from starting new to considering yourself a lifestyle Diablo-grinder. This video isn't supposed to summarize it all for you to follow on it's own.

  5. Rhykker! For the LOVE OF ZAKARUM make your annotation link open in a new tab/window. The views I and other people make by returning to this video to click on all annotations aren't worth shit. Youtube does not work that way, bro. It's all about watch time, not views.

  6. am i the only one with the problem that the links open on this Tap so i have to copy url open new tap paste it go back to this video and re search where i was in the video again and again ? ! ?

  7. These are seriously the best videos. Really great work man, you speak with so much purpose and passion, and make it very easy to understand.

  8. Rhykker, i'm on the grind stage, and i'm having veeeery bad luck with my tal'rasha set i still need the 5 pieces i use to be ancient/ancestral ( in spanish is ancestal ^^ ) Any tips? Ty for videos, and don't worry about sombra, she'll hack blizzcon and we'll all be happy 😀 Also there are new ingame clues, that, kind of knowing you, sure you're already after them 😛

  9. is Diablo 3 still worth getting even without having the RoS expansion? I only have enough money to get Diablo 3 but not RoS, please let know D:

  10. I'm thinking into getting into Diablo 3, but I'm wondering what is the endgame content? Or is it just one of those single player games that you just complete. Are there any PvP or competitive aspects to the game? Thank you

  11. Hey rhykker since we're in season 9 now is this video still up to date? Like has anything changed or should we still do what you said to in this video? Thanks in advance

  12. Are you Arwyn in TAW or is that just arbitrary footage? Just curious because I just started playing D3 and I am a member of the TAW Overwatch division currently. Love your videos, bud…keep it up!

  13. hey man! firat time diablo player here, are all your vids still up to date? has much changed? any major notes? awesome vids, subbed and ill be watching them all!

  14. this taught me little to nothing what the hell is torment what are all these damn code words do you want me to watch your entire channel to find out this?

  15. never gotten a character to lvl 70 even though i have completed the campaign 13 times, i wouldnt consider myself a noob but i have never made a set or anything i just found items until i found something better than what i had

  16. I'm really confused by the very end stuff you described we need to do at T6 for the best gear, like gambling and herodric caches. I'm a newb, by the way.

  17. Hey dude, I am really casual player after a huge break. Just found that guide and planning to start again in S10,. You did really renew my love to D3. Anyway i just tried to hit 70 in 5 hours (more or less), cause i couldn't believe and i actually did it.

    Ohh… BTW… I just killed Rhykker in Crypt of the Ancients in The Festering Woods xD Is he always there and i just noticed???

    Respect for all the work you put in here, I love all the content

  18. Awesome videos man! I jumped out of D3 for a looong time and the changes are sort of overwhelming. How accurate is this now? Also, a new series of tutorials would be awesome. Something like "So you wanna play Diablo?" Showing new comers the basics. Pretty much this video, but also "So you wanna be a wizard? Or "So you wanna be a Demon Hunter?" I have traditionally always used Wizards. I'd love to build a Crusader or Demon hunter, but I don't really understand the toons and play styles. Great work on these videos. I have jumped in Season 10 heavy thanks to you.

  19. I just got d3 and just want to know 1 thing from this video. What is the build and class you are using in the beginning of phase 2? With the rain of fire, it looks awesome,, I want to go for that!

  20. I can't even figure out how to fucken log in on the first part… my key code works, it loads, but I can't even create a screen name and password to get started. It asks for my email…i type it, next create a password. I create a password, then I get a message that my email is my screen name. I'm stumped. Why would anyone use an email as a screen name. Does anyone know about this crap?

  21. So I bought Diablo 3 Reaper of souls. But it plays the normal Diablo 3. I havent finished the game yet. Does Diablo 3 ROS start After I finish the vanilla game?

  22. The whole idea that you need to have the set pieces because of the set bonuses is so similar to World of Warcraft it's almost sickening as if it kind of takes some of the gusto out of finding items because you just think oh well it's not a set so it's trash

  23. I'm just starting this game for season 11 I also watched your wizard starter build guide how much of this is still relevant

  24. So this video helped me 0% because all it told me to do is click a bunch of other video so Yh thanks for not helping

  25. I just started downloading this game, but this video made me stop the download. There is waaayy too much meta too this game it seems like to have any fun. Beat the game and get to level 70 to unlock the good parts you gotta be joking..

  26. I am new to this game and I have truoble with the overwheloming information.I love there game but loke youhave be program to be great at this game.

  27. Wow, I think to you do a good job but for new players like myself this a lot of information toke in could make a simple video to explain thing to new players. Wow, just too much information to fast.

  28. afflicted but I do not speak English, therefore I use a French-English translator to answer you

    Hello I made a point of wishing you a very good day!
    very good video of the monk. Having seen you in Blizzcon,

    I made a point of expressing me as spokesperson of my clan about

    modifications which would be the welcomes in Diablo 3
    to know in 1st: To have a new merchant which would sell

    compositions (yellow, blue, breath of death, etc… to pay in P.O.

    As you announced it in yours discution with the other members who

    were beside you on the plate. 2 èmement: and I think that it would be

    very a good point for Blizzard!

    Of being able is to have 2 lines to change at Myriam on legendary old!

    Or on paramount. and in

    3rd: while having discussed with my boss clan if one could have a

    “trunk of clan” made safe by this same chief I am explained: a

    member who would have + one year of clan could put the parts

    which with looter is in a normal fault or supp for the other members

    as that would be useful as well for him as for the others! thank you

    for yours kindness and yours kindness

  29. Man I am currently level 70 and I have just completed the campaign, at this point I thought I was at end game. Well I guess I was wrong

  30. Is the demon hunter multishot build worth continuing in the newest patch? I wanna play a S rank build over the multishot, but I don't want the ranks shown to influence my decision. I need help before I start all over with a new character and build,

  31. Thank you, this video really has help for information I need to understand this game really.I do really love the game but find little overwhelming but kick butt!

  32. This isn't really a beginners guide like others have said.All this is about is showing the beginners like us things we don't even know wtf this is you're talking about.And the fact how you're advertising other vids of your own in this is just a waste of time.

  33. Hello Rhykker and Rhykker-followers

    ARPG with Friendly Fire ? Ever? Anyone?

    One of the less skill-requiring issue of the genre is that you can have a tank stand at the mob/boss while ranged players do the DPS – without affecting the tank AT ALL. Not so realistic – but worse; This does not open for a more diverse and challenging element of planning/timing/moving out of the way – basically; tactics.

    I have yet to find an ARPG with friendly fire (that doesnt get ruined by idiot PK's). Anyone?

    Imagine what Friendly Fire would do to an ARPG; DPS having to time and plan when to drop the load on the boss, the tank having to run for cover, archers having to actually AIM in order not to hit other players. And – if you follow my idea – having healers being careful not to overheal, because that would (like most good things in life) have "sideeffects" that do more harm than heal to the tank. The complexity of defeating bosses and even play in parties would bring the SKILLS back to ARPGs, that is so rare these days of top players winning leaderboards by grinding, lucky drops and (sometimes) exploits.

    I hope you guys can point me in the direction 🙂

    Thanks – and a big shout out to Rhykker – Love your super information-dense talks, no pauses, no "waste" – just real hard facts and usefull info! Love it!


  34. Hi 🙂 Is the Ring of Royal Grandeur realy needed to have perfect stat, please? (when i have slot for it in cube, I could extract)

  35. Hi rhykker, hope you see this. I suggest updating your guides for the influx of new players. Specifically because of Nin Switch release 🙂

  36. Im finally getting from Cuba to Spain , my God i used to play the original Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls in console (you know all the stuff about internet in Cuba) so … Im a old player of D3 and at the same time a beginner , cause all this SH%T DOESNT sound familiar to me jaja , no no no Im really excited , now I have the oportunity to play with the necromancer but Im trying to understand what all this SEASONS are .There are a lot of new stuff for me and these guides is what i need thanks a lot.

  37. Currently playing through a reset campaign on a fresh level 70 (Sorceress) on torment on a xbox360! (Single player) feels like D2 nightmare / hell mode. Felt really good at first. Now feels like d3 again lol

  38. Got in a little before season 18. Found this video hoping it would be a good run down of some simple strats or description of game modes and mechanics. Instead i found a hub for a bunch of other videos. Not what i was hoping it was

    This also claims to be for beginners, but instructs to pick out a specific end game armor set. A beginner wont know what to look for or what exists. I certainly dont

  39. "Over and over and over and over again…" For some reason this particular part never ends for me, not for any one of the items. Strange, huh?
    It is as if Blizzard made sure you will never achieve the goals you set before yourself. Smart fellas. Doesn't make the experience more palatable to me though.

  40. Where do i find your video about paragon points. Idk wich to spend on. For demon Hunter. Also, I like using the cluster Arrow

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