Fortnite Final Showdown (Robot vs Monster) Event FULL Gameplay Reaction

Fortnite Final Showdown (Robot vs Monster) Event FULL Gameplay Reaction

hello everybody I'm in the letter word Austin and it's Martin welcome back to the channel and welcome back to fortnight this is my live reaction to the monster versus robot of n the timer has just ticked past the random at 1 minute 50 and basically the mini-map is gone hotbars are gone and basically now everybody could only do so for something to happen now if I hide DC this basically the only thing people can do now is swinging their pigs but I'm guessing they can't hurt one another so we've got the robot up there we have got the monster I'm guessing personally coming from this part of the map right here and I think they're gonna be fighting over this area because in these sort of like northwestern area we've got sky platforms that have all moved out the way and look if you notice around here this sort of like central part of the map not one single sky platform that's been my prediction from the beginning before the sky platforms even moved but 57 seconds left on the clock let's see what happens also as well some people have been saying that the item shop actually changes after this event happens my guess is that because they've given us the robot as a skin in the store I think that potentially we're going to be having the monster as a skin in the store and previously I wouldn't have said that but recently having the demagogue and with the stranger things event I think now they don't really care about the shape you know sort of style of creature or anything like that I think they're just gonna run with it so here we go 27 seconds left on the clock I'm waiting for I'm waiting for their I guess we'll see what happens 10 9 8 7 6 please work 5 + 1 it won't for me for three two one here we go regular everybody Oh ah here he comes turning on one eye he's kind of like a demagogy except he's got an actual eyeball I'm gonna keep both of them within vision oh he is going to annihilate this whole map trees gone laser beam I'm gonna split the island into two army singularities wake it up singularity we need you come on and from the mountain our hero arised rex cuddle team leader tomahto derp drift they assemble a become a singularity hero trying to break into the in-between my street rockets my god if I suppose love me Wow or while you doing next grace all right here we go I'm gonna try backing up a little bit see what's going on this is unreal why the setback slight mountain crush that was really gonna hurt according uppercut yeah he spit it spear spear spear oh my god he's broken in half as God is my witness he is broken in half god this is what you need Jay oughta do this just another day at the office my cambia that can't be over no there's a pinkie back he's so big in comparison to the robot although he's one of these jetpack off he's eating camp now that was something we saw earlier on today what was that what was that splash I wasn't paying attention what was this flash all the robots core is gone there's a blimp there's nothing to do with us it's alright salute Lakes done area's done as well we all knew that uppercut was coming we just didn't know when always got one arm so I did see that there was a an emo which is a one arm floss so this now makes way more sense what are you doing you're picking up the singularity statue stick it in his eye come on take out six sword the sword statue joy Shelly gongsu Specsavers buddy we didn't go in his I went just above hot mic god how does this even nd just yank his body into the ocean oh yeah oh yeah okay hold on I'll keep watching I mean okay second one on floss as long as I hold on to my jet pack I've served my country well good night for night fans to another planet that needs saving in another space and time Wow what I mean is that it I'm gonna wait for the overlay to come up to realize that the event is over but my god ha God look at that thing it just got an entire and gigantic blade in its cranium I genuinely didn't expect that I really didn't expect a sword to come into play I just always gonna be a bit of a fist fight and that would be it wow wow wow wow wow wow well very Lil's happen in terms of points of interest getting destroyed which your thing is kind of interesting I very quickly want to run over to loot Lake just to see what's happening over there the terrain from here doesn't look any different there and the center of loot Lake has now got an in-between orb my question is if I go into that or does anything happen and also on the Statue doesn't seem to have left any kind of home either how strange you know because the path to the image wind is open can I go in there oh it's a draft alright fair play let me try one more time to go in there I know before you could drop it and like via the baller now there's no chances there I mean let me dive right now into it now it's impossible right well that's it high everybody on YouTube sorry I'm back in the zone now that is it for today's video thank you so much for watching I really wanted the monster to win just because I wanted to see her chaos and destruction but that didn't happen the robot was always gonna win wasn't it but that's it for today's video thanks for watching have an awesome one and I'll see you next time well

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  1. This look s so cool !! And I made the mech team leader ! And finish making mech team leader and next is the one eye monster

  2. There is going to be map changes in season 10 it's because of world Cup but after that thing will get destroyed

  3. Haha thanks mate for all the help with the Fortbytes I got them all from your videos and thank you for this video too haha, your videos are simple, short and funny haha that’s why I subscribed to your channel ! Keep it up mate !

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