FIFA 19 has a *WORKING* FREE PACK Glitch… (FIFA 19 Ultimate Team)

FIFA 19 has a *WORKING* FREE PACK Glitch…  (FIFA 19 Ultimate Team)

you are about to witness the greatest fifa 19 glitch fifa 19 pack glitch ever fifa 19 ultimate team

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    1. Make sure you have a draft token on your account and enter the draft
    2. When you’ve built the draft, go into a game and as soon as the game kicks off dashboard/quit the application
    3. Before loading fifa back up, go onto the draft token tool and request for a draft token
    4. Now this is where you guys come in… I can’t work out how this account ended up GLITCHED with a dodgy case number or something but whenever you use the draft token tool and it says you’re unsuccessful it STILL gives you a draft token and I can’t work out why… any info please do comment on this comment and we can try and work this out! Love ya xx

  2. Can I have fifa 19 on Xbox please because I’ve been a subscriber since 20k dubs and my mum says its to much money but keep the good videos up 🔴🔴

  3. MeelayyB you’re the biggest nob head ever. Your charisma, face, head, haircut and t shirt is terrible. Look at your
    win-loss-draw record as well. Terrible. There’s no chance you’ll catch me doing that. You’ve fucked all these people over some click bait ya nob head and that’s a fact.

  4. Erm, when I went to ask for another draft token it said good news and gave me it again instead of giving me the x thing 😂

  5. Очень надеюсь что в итоге FIFA19 станет играбельной и оправдает ожидания поклонников игры!

  6. This guy is a virgin. Fucking sad. You can pay for that bro and then tell us how u glitched busting a nut before getting it in. Fat fucker

  7. I know that fifacoins8629_ on Instagram works and is all legit though it doesn’t seem it they can transfer you loads of coins. No generator or human verification

  8. I tried thiss today and it works greatt method to add coins and points????

  9. Hy I have got a question for you I have a lot of good loan players but is there anyway I can keep them in my club for ever as in like 8 can play with them forever

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