36 Replies to “Far Cry 5 – Meeting Faith Seed "Leap of Faith"

  1. Irl I’m guessing she took a helicopter up to the big statue to the point where people get “pushed off” and presumably you survive the fall because you have a parachute or something

  2. I thought you would get a choice to jump or not it seems you don't … The bible says not to put the Lord to the test. Immediately realised and didn't want to do it. I even happen to have read it last night to then played far cry 5 lol

  3. Leap of Faith is one of the last episodes of Miami Vice and professor Terrence Baines invented 'Bliss'…

  4. you: Dammit ( tears running down your cheeks) why did i have to kill her….why could i not have the option to save her

  5. Yeah this is definitely the best Far Cry made. People will say Far Cry 3 the best but that is cause of Vaas but he is only half the game, this game has 4 characters that rival him in character.
    And quite frankly the Seeds are terrifying in ways Vaas wishes. Vaas passes Jason off to be a savage where in this game your fucked with in a handful different ways. Physically emotional and logically.

  6. Ah Faith. I'm glad because I killed that sweet bitch. Never trust sweet women. They want to destroy us. 90% of women want destroy you guys. They also want destroy me.

  7. Compelling depiction of how seductive demonic evil might really look. You really want to believe Faith Seed. You really want her story to be true.

  8. This game really makes you feel sorry for the antagonists. They thought they were angels, but ultimately they fell to their demons.

  9. She manipulated me I'm gonna kill the sinners and join the cult im staying in the Bliss forever if I die take me to the Bliss Faith is like a goddess + she is hot.

  10. Special? Yeah… she was at least the the 3rd or 4th "Faith".
    That she was full of love? I think what she said during the boss fight, that he drugged her, was true. Poor woman.

  11. One cut scene into Faiths region i knew it sucked that id have to kill her. I was really hoping there would be a choice to spare her. Expecially after finding notes around her region explaining that she was forced into becoming faith and she has doubts on edens gate. Such a sad story.

  12. What was amusing is, when i triggered this scene, I had already blown the statue to hell and burned her book. When I first entered her zone I did it on a plane and just decided "well I'm already up here, lets blow things up". So when this scene came up i was like "no no no, i destroyed that"

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