36 Replies to “Far Cry 5 – Meeting Faith Seed "Leap of Faith"

  1. I thought you would get a choice to jump or not it seems you don't … The bible says not to put the Lord to the test. Immediately realised and didn't want to do it. I even happen to have read it last night to then played far cry 5 lol

  2. Yeah this is definitely the best Far Cry made. People will say Far Cry 3 the best but that is cause of Vaas but he is only half the game, this game has 4 characters that rival him in character.
    And quite frankly the Seeds are terrifying in ways Vaas wishes. Vaas passes Jason off to be a savage where in this game your fucked with in a handful different ways. Physically emotional and logically.

  3. Ah Faith. I'm glad because I killed that sweet bitch. Never trust sweet women. They want to destroy us. 90% of women want destroy you guys. They also want destroy me.

  4. One cut scene into Faiths region i knew it sucked that id have to kill her. I was really hoping there would be a choice to spare her. Expecially after finding notes around her region explaining that she was forced into becoming faith and she has doubts on edens gate. Such a sad story.

  5. What was amusing is, when i triggered this scene, I had already blown the statue to hell and burned her book. When I first entered her zone I did it on a plane and just decided "well I'm already up here, lets blow things up". So when this scene came up i was like "no no no, i destroyed that"

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