38 Replies to “Faith No More – Anne's Song (Official Music Video)

  1. How was this uploaded to their Official YouTube channel. the audio in this version is barely coming out of the right side if your using headphones. Shame since this is one of chucks best songs. RIP

  2. Does anybody find it a pain in the butt to find the electric guitar tabs for this song if not where can I find it

  3. Just wondering why it is you're doing

    What? What is you're doing

    That whatever it is you're doing

    Oh yeah, why, why?

    I dunno

    It just doesn't seem like something you'd be doing, I mean

    You of all people, ha. Know what I mean?

    Yeah, I know it's been bugging you since the day I was born, huh?

    I asked my friend Anne about it

    I said, Anne, Anne, Anne, what am I supposed to do, huh?

    It's been bugging them since the day that I was born

    She said do whatever the hell you want to do

    Now is the time when you can do anything

    Everything you do, anything, it will still turn out great

    You've got the world at your feet

    I never claimed to be different

    I only said I was bored

    And she's tired of your uniqueness

    It sends her over head first

    Then the rest of her follows

    The breath of life, it never left her hollow

    And I can do everything, she says, she says with a smile

    And I can go anywhere tonight, 'cause I'm with Anne

    Anne, Anne, who? Anne Dagnabit

    Island princess girl with the juice

    What's this, I see she brought her whole uplown contingent

    First there's Johnny

    He always loves a party

    He's followed by Vinnie

    Who's feelin' kinda skinny

  4. He cant sing but i still love those old faith no more albums, raw, unpolished skate funk music

  5. A much as I prefer the Patton version of the band, I'll take Chuck's FNM over any of Patton's other projects. Maybe with the exception of Mr. Bungle, but even then, I'd say it's a push.

  6. Only now discovering this Song! – Been a long time fav of FNM, but never really this Album. Amazing Bass Riff!

  7. When Chuck died this was the first song I thought of, then it was we care a lot as 2nd. Now hes skating to heaven, cause fuck that 95¢, it looks better getting there. Man, as a teen all it was, was faith no more , front line assembly or anthrax. That's it. I had that introduce yourself album on heavy spin. I could play Anne's song and a few others on harmonica. I never saw fnm live my only regret. I got all their albums or had cause someone stole them. RIP Chuck I only wished you stuck to just coffee

  8. The greatest band of all time – nothing like them and I love all types of music and aged 58 but this album changed my life and still gets played. Did not like later version of the band but only cos the first album was a classic.

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