Every Fake Business in Breaking Bad | Netflix

Every Fake Business in Breaking Bad | Netflix

– How much is this? – I have no earthly idea. – You know you need to
launder your money, right? Do you understand the basics of it? Placement, layering, integration? (machine whirring)
(upbeat music) – Your new lab. – I ain’t buyin’ no damn
nail salon so just forget it. – Well you wanna stay outta jail don’t ya? I mean, you wanna keep your
money and your freedom, ’cause I got three little
letters for ya, IRS. If they can get Capone they can get you. One look at this place,
you’re gonna fall in love. (Saul coughs)
(upbeat music) Huh? Was I right? Where else you gonna find a cash only business that’s this much fun? Unless we’re talkin’ massage
parlors and uh, I don’t see it. Hey, look. Here’s you, right? Pink, Pinkman, get it? Okay? Here’s your cash. You’re out on the town, yeah? You’re partying hardy,
you’re knockin’ boots with the chicky babes and oh! Who’s this? It’s the tax man and he’s lookin’ at you. Now what does he see? – Can I help you, Sir? – Diet coke, please. And five minutes of your time. (upbeat music) – He sees a young fella, big fancy house, unlimited cash supply and no job. Now what is the conclusion
the tax man makes? – I’m a drug dealer. – Eh, wrong. Million times worse. You’re a tax cheat. What do they do? They take every penny and you go in the can for felony tax evasion. Ouch! (cash register dings)
(upbeat music) – Always sticky. – Yeah. – No problem. Who’d have thought that someday I would be handing these keys to you? – Now, you give me your money, okay? That’s called placement. Hand me that little thing, bin. This is the nail salon, right? I take your dirty money and I slip it into the salon’s nice clean cash flow. That’s called layering. Final step, integration. The revenues from the
salon go to the owner. That’s you. Your filthy drug money
has been transformed into nice clean taxable income brought to you by a savvy investment
in a thriving business. I know it’s a long shot. Look, I get it. Just say no and we’ll go get dinner. – No way we’re cookin’ in here. – Who said here? (upbeat music) (tarp rustling) A house is infested, truck
load is up, home owners leave, and that’s where we’ll cook. – If you wanna stay a criminal and not become say, a convict, then maybe you should grow
up and listen to your lawyer. – Right. So, you can get your 5%. – No, that’s 17%. That’s the usual, 17%
and that’s a bargain. Hey, what? You… Hey, listen to it! Come on, I’m talkin’ to
you about your future here. Listen to reason!

100 Replies to “Every Fake Business in Breaking Bad | Netflix

  1. Davis & Main, Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, The Laughing Greek Ice Cream, Sandpiper Crossing, Mesa Verde Bank, Sandpiper Crossing, Zafiro Añejo, CC Mobile…

  2. Every time I go past a business and I see hardly anyone I'm there, I now always suspect it's a drug front. Damn u breaking bad!

  3. Why did Saul introduce the idea of laundering his money through a nail salon to Jessie and a Laser tag buisness to Walt. To me Jessie seems to be the type who would be into laser tag and Walt due to his being married would own a Nail Salon.

  4. Everytime I watch videos on this series GOT comes to my mind. I cherished a great final season for that and alas! they ruined it. They mutilated it without proper funeral and those visions still haunt me…

  5. Lazer Base may be a fake name, but it has Hinkle's name in the sign. Hinkle Family Fun Center, and their huge lazer tag facility, are absolutely ABQ mainstays, and it's only about a mile from my house.

  6. So much was left out including: Joe’s Junk Yard, the vacuum repair shop, Saul Goodman Law, Golden Moth, Gray Matter, Beneke Fabricators, and of course, Schraderbräu

  7. If you got to launder money, you get a church going. Tax exempt and it deals in lots of cash. You can deposit it right into the bank no questions asked.

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