Eric Trump blasts Sunday show coverage of Ukraine controversy

Eric Trump blasts Sunday show coverage of Ukraine controversy

100 Replies to “Eric Trump blasts Sunday show coverage of Ukraine controversy

  1. Why does Fox keep inviting Butthead…His dad the Imbecile is smarter than him…which in the family of morons is a very low bar

  2. God please let one of the endangered animals trump's sons love to hunt, eat them alive in the most painful way possible.

  3. 1. Russia didn’t interfere in the election
    2. Ok they did, but no one on the Trump team met them
    3. Ok they did, but it was just about adoptions (the Magnitsky Act)
    4. Ok it wasn’t, it was about Hillary dirt, but it’s not illegal
    5. Ok maybe it is, but collusion is not a crime

    1. I didn’t have an affair with a pornstar
    2. Ok I did, but no one on my side paid them
    3. Ok they did, but it was just a settlement and I still didn’t have affairs
    4. Ok it wasn’t, but I didn’t know about the payments, ask my lawyer Cohen
    5. Ok maybe I did, but the payment isn’t an illegal campaign contribution

    1. We never spoke to anyone about trump Tower Moscow
    2. Ok we did, but it wasn’t during my run for The Presidency
    3. Ok it was, but it was just an inquiry, no formal agreement existed
    4. Ok it did, but it was never signed and I didn’t know about it
    5. Ok I did, and I signed it myself, but it isn’t illegal
    6. Ok it is, but the BORDER WALL IS UP MAGA!

    And so on and so on……

  4. Democrats will have their chance in 6 years. Why not spend their time, energy and people’s money helping America???

  5. Remember President Reagan? He drove the Dems nuts! But even he would have to take a back seat to President Trump! He has every one of them ready for the insane asylum right about now! I love it!😂

  6. All the Biden family cheating has angered so many Americans, I can't even imagine how rough it is on President Trump and all his family members when the rancid liberal media rips on them instead of the corrupt Biden family.

  7. Hi, I'm Eric. Duh! I grew a beard so I look real smart for ma Pa! Hi Pa! Look at me. I can say "swizzle stick" real fast! Duh!

  8. SPEAKING OF WHICH Back in 2016 The Hillary Campaign asked Ukraine to find some dirt on Trump..The Left can't win that.. As for Syria – if Trump can pull out all the troops from Syria before the election, That will be another Big Win for him. Fck Syria, let Turkey worry about them

  9. "Blasts" is such an aggressive word, fitting for a propaganda machine designed to distract, deflect, and deny. Hacks!

  10. The fact that Eric is trying to imply that Hunter Biden got a cushy position overseas while making tons of money in an industry he has no experience in simply because of who his father is, while he and his siblings, and their spouses are literally doing the same exact thing is beyond laughable.

  11. I am so thankful and happy that these questions are being asked and these topics are being routinely covered by such great patriots. Thank you all so much and Godspeed to every true patriot.

  12. The fact that Eric is trying to imply that Hunter Biden got a cushy position overseas while making tons of money in an industry he has no experience in simply because of who his father is, while he and his siblings, and their spouses are literally doing the same exact thing is beyond laughable. – yes Jonelle!

  13. Eric Trump, just like his pathetic father, a serial liar and disseminator of false news. And Fox News, another, it's not a news channel ed l, it's the Trump propaganda arm!!
    Stop your BS Eric, stop your false claims! The greatest danger to the USA is your father, yourself, your family and Fox News!!

  14. Great job Eric! WOKE Americans are with you and our beloved and dually elected president Trump!!!💪🇱🇷💜

  15. Eric Trump so right on🇺🇸🇩🇰🦅China respect our President Donald J.Trump. None off the others, they are playing chips to them. My late son was engaged to a diplomats daughter. Of China. Believe it, Eric, no matter, your father is a reliable leader to them.🗽🦅 Don't think, I could be half as nice, considered what they all have had to go through! Some off you…
    Neither could any off you. So put up…or..🚦

  16. Hey folks is there a pattern here?
    Is Schiff trying to apply are narrative from his past to an innocent President?
    “After Harvard Law School, Schiff began working as a prosecutor in the Los Angeles branch of the U.S. Attorney's Office. While an assistant U.S. Attorney, he gained attention by prosecuting a case against Richard Miller, a former FBI agent convicted of "passing secret documents to the Soviet Union in exchange for a promised $65,000 in gold and cash.The first trial resulted in a hung jury; the second trial resulted in a conviction that was overturned on appeal.Miller was convicted in a third trial.”

  17. oh, the beautiful boy …..talking about his family possessions, did we hear right,and the lies that shall be told……MANIC. conversation…….sad ………k.c.

  18. Could you imagine a president that hires his daughter and son in law as top advisors with absolutely ZERO experience?

  19. Everyone possible needs to file a complaint with the California Bar Association against Adam Bennett Schiff!!!

  20. Eric Trump is definitely the dumbest of all the Trumps. Why they still put him on TV to embarrass his father – no idea.

  21. 54% approval rating and a record 95% approval by Republicans. Record fundraising by the President and the RNC = Landslide victory for President Trump and regaining the House majority and picking up seats in the Senate in 2020. Eric, you and your Father and the rest of your family are awesome!

  22. It cracks me up how he says can you imagine if he got $50,000 a month on an industry he doesnt understand. Did the sperm of the clown forget about his sister?
    When my grandchildren see this video in the future they will see having corrupt money doesn't make you smart .

  23. This poor kid – must be hard to be pushed in front of cameras, being a complete moron. It just does not seem fair.

  24. His voice is so high pitched 😯 oh & all this is distraction for his dads LNG dealings..also no Eric we can’t imagine you in the navy

  25. Trump has 90% of the republicans on his side already and they know it, they also know that there isn't a democratic candidate who can get anywhere close to that. Therefore, they've got to try and steal the election by lying again. Wanna bet they show whoever the democrat candidate ahead in the polls, just like last time.

  26. Eric just a crooked treasonous self serving grifter like his dad. Hannity, Ingraham and the rest of the crooked grifter Trump family friends at Fox are happy to live in a state controlled banana republic as long as the leader considers them friends.

  27. I've voted independent all of my life and I travel the world for a living and I haven't been more EMBARRASSED TO BE AN AMERICAN TRUMP AND HIS ABSURD FOLLOWS HAVE Made us the laughing stock of the world. Just come back from Asia and Australia and couldn't help telling my customers I'm from CANADA just to get business done without folks wasting time talking about that embarrassing orange fool.

  28. The dumb son was all they could get ,
    no one in the administration dared to try to defend T this time on the Sunday shows .
    No one .

  29. If 3.5% unemployment is all you have to talk about, then you'll lose.

    Hey Eric…Care to explain why wages are stagnant for 40 years, why the wage gap is increasing, why the deficit is exploding, why something like 4 of the top 10 daily losses in stock market history have occurred with Donald in charge…?
    No you do not. You’d rather stick your fingers in your ears and scream “I can’t hear you”. You like to look at simplistic numbers like 3.5% and not have to think about deeper things that are going on below the surface that are more important which you and your moron family clearly do not understand.

  30. He talks about paying Mr. Biden for a job he has no experience in. Um….he should look at Papa as President. No political experience. None. And gets paid $570.000Gs per year!

  31. Eric Trump is qualified… how? Of course he defends his father, I am still at a loss how that is relevant except for talking opinions instead of facts…

  32. It's not cool for people to make fun of Eric. I don't know when teasing mentally handicapped people started to be OK, but it's not. You people should be ashamed.

  33. All of you Trump siblings have prospered by your father's Presidency. This Biden thing is just a distraction and a smokescreen.

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