End Your Day With This Guided Meditation

End Your Day With This Guided Meditation

This is Rasa, welcome to your guided meditation. Arrive to your space of rest and relaxation. Prepare to mentally unpack and to physically
relax and overall to let go and feel good, for you. Lay down in such a way that will give you
the ultimate comfort, where you feel cosy and breathe freely. Close your beautiful eyes. Now simply observe all your limbs where they
are. And as you observe as if your attention makes
each limb heavier, makes it sink into the surface your body is placed on. Observe your left arm sinking. Feel your right foot become heavier and heavier. Feel your pelvis become empty
and heavy, sinking and being pulled down in and past the surface. Observe the back of your head becoming heavy
and sinking as if into sand. Now observe the top layer of your skin on
the back of your body, becoming heavy, sinking deeper, drifting further down. With the sensation of sinking, your body is
also becoming as if it is hollow and very light. As if you are turning into wind tube to the
softest wind there is – your breath. This soft wind moving up and down as you sink
deeper and deeper. Your body as light as a feather, yet it’s
sinking heavy and lower and deeper into the surface. Feeling light, hollow, being drawn downward. Breath traveling through the soft and calm
space that is you. Now imagine doing so or physically reach out
one of your hands up towards the sky. Think of something or someone from today that
you are grateful for. Think of a reason why you are grateful. Feel the gratitude flowing through the reached
out palm of your hand. Now visualise or place that hand onto your
heart. Letting the gratitude to now seep through
your skin on your chest and into your softly beating heart. Feel the gratitude spreading wide through
your body’s center and across into your whole body. Once again imagine doing so or physically
reach out one of your hands up towards the sky. Think of someone you would like to send love
to. Feel as you do so with the palm of your hand. Love radiating out, connecting you to that
person or more. Feel your palm filled with love and connection
to them. Now place your hand on your heart. Love rushes in gently, right into your heart. You feel calm. You feel love. You feel the connection. Gratitude and love intertwining now and flowing
through your body all the way across, wide. Calming you, grounding you. One last time imagine doing so or physically
reach out one of your hands up towards the sky. Begin to feel your own connection to the mysterious
power of the Universe. Really imagine and feel how infine this Universe
is, how great is its power. And you are part of it, part of its function,
its history and future. In your palm visualise and feel this personal
connection to the Universe, the Source. You may feel tingles or surges of energy in
your hand. Express your thanks for today
and or your wishes for the future. Trust and remember that Universe always provides
and takes care of itself that is you as you both are simply one. Place your raised hand onto your heart. Feel the faith and trust flowing through your
heart center. Trust spreading gently through your whole
body. Intertwining with gratitude and love. The most beautiful, soothing energy is now
flowing through your body and your spirit. So calming. So grounding. So soothing. Feeling calm. Feeling whole and complete. Relax your body, enjoying all the sweet feelings
and sensations within your body. From your face, down to your toes. Thank you. I am ready to put my mind at rest. I am relaxed. I am calm. I let go. I surrender my mind. I am ready to let me body rest deeply, to
sleep. Your breath still flowing in and out. Moving gently. Soothing you more and more. Your mind relaxed. Drifting away and away. Further and further. Drifting deeper and deeper. Letting go completely. Letting everything fade… Sweet dreams loved one.

55 Replies to “End Your Day With This Guided Meditation

  1. Love it, thanks! And hey Rasa, could you do a guided meditation to get married to a specific person?

  2. Before i listen i thank you for the ability to help us .thank you and almighty God bless you @rasa♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  3. absolutely Beautiful. been so busy in the past few weeks that i kinda of forgot gratitude, love and faith. it was all go go go. I cried doing this meditation, it was a real release and feeling of joy inside flowing though me again. Thank you Rasa 💞

  4. Thank you Rasa.. I absolutely love you.. sending you many blessings 🙏😘😘😘😘❣️💞💞

  5. I always listen to your meditations before bed. You have the most calming and soothing voice! Thank you so much. You are my fav!!

  6. Wow, thank you. I don't know why, but atmosphere in this meditation is sooo deep for me. Thank you Rasa. Love! <3

  7. Thank you Rasa, I've been going through some hard times and your voice and meditations always help me. God bless you and also know that your helping a lot of folks to take the time to slow down and find some peace.

  8. Rasa I love your meditations, could you please make one for ladies who have miscarried a baby to heal please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  9. Such a beautifull meditation… I cried all the way troughout. Dont know why. The melody was making me sad and happy at the same time. It made me think of my grandparents who passed 5 years ago, i felt their presence.. Thank you Rasa, it was magical 💜

  10. I absolutely love your meditations! I did your conceive a baby and fell pregnant. Do you have one for pregnancy? I’d love to know if you do. Thank you ❤️

  11. Rasa, I have been listening to meditations/hypnosis all year on youtube, and I wanted to tell you that you are one of my very favorite guides(if not my most favorite). I think you have a real gift for this, keep it up!

    PS: Your collab with Joe T. was great and that's how I found you; I've been a fan of his for a while now, he was the first successful hypnosis I ever experienced.

  12. Thank you, Rasa. Your voice has been with me through the roughest and best times. Thanks to you and your beautiful guided meditations, I meditate daily and so many aspects of my life improved. <3

  13. URGENT QUESTION – Is it normal to be really triggered by the arrogance of academics??! Professors, scientists etc who think theyve "figured out" the world and are all just BLABBING UNAWAKE EGO VIBRATIONS?!!! I live on a uni campus and go to college so this is a very common experience. Please anyone, can you relate?? I cant stand academia.

  14. I find your guided meditation the best Rasa thank you so much.It feels like an angel is talking to me everytime i listen to you

  15. Eventually got the greatest pleasure and true treasure of life .. Meditational words are the best healers of exploring mind
    .. your conscious spirit lifts our soul into unknown spiritual realization.. you are the blessed one rejoices in fortune and shares disappointment… Thanx adding values and ethics .. marvellous creation…

  16. Over the last few years I would have listened to hundreds of meditations on YouTube and Rasa is one of the best if not the best in the world. Thank you very much for your amazing content.

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