Duck Farm – How to Start a Business Raising Ducks for Eggs

Duck Farm - How to Start a Business Raising Ducks for Eggs

press the Pelican on the YouTube and never miss another commercial duck farming is profitable livestock business in the poultry industry it occupies a position next to chicken farming globally in addition any individual can start a duck from his or her backyard duck farming is very popular and absolutely a lucrative business duck products such as eggs and meat have a great demand in the local and international market so commercial duck farming business can be a great source of earning there are already many successful farmers who are making a high profit from their duck farming business duck farming business can also be a stable employment source young unemployed educated people can join this business and make their own employment source duck housing the main advantages of duck farming are their simple accommodation making a duck house is very easy you can keep your ducks and low high wet dry and any other places apart from a brooder you can go for a simple housing structure it needs a partially enclosed shed inexpensive fencing a feed hopper or trough made of wood and a simply constructed watering device in addition you must establish the dhikr on a high well-drained area of the yard usually each duck will require 2 to 3 square feet flooring space keep them free from all types of harmful animals or predators especially from Fox and dog ducks feed ducks generally eat almost all types of food they find edible you can feed your ducks with a wide variety of foods a Ducks regular food includes cassava kapre corn rice fruits and any other low cost and easily available foods they also have the natural tendency of foraging on aquatic weeds algae green legumes fungi earthworms maggots snails various types of insects etc which directly reduce feeding cost ducks are water bird and very fond of water however you can operate duck farm without providing water for swimming this is not essential however provide sufficiently deep drinkers to allow the immersion of their heads and not themselves duck diseases less than chickens although they are not free from disease ducks of any age can get infected by disease any time some disease has high mortality rate generally germ of duck diseases spreads form one duck to another through the contiguity of infected duck polluted water or feed in by using the used equipment by infected ducks so proper duck diseases prevention methods are must to keep the duck productive and healthy which will ensure the best production duck plague duck virus hepatitis etc our main harmful duck diseases dot ducks are a hardy species and most of the common diseases can usually be well dealt with through good management biosecurity and vaccination sex determination it is not so difficult to determine the sex of newly born duckling rise up the tail of the duckling and press on its ass if you notice there is a penis like thorn then it will be male and if not then it will definitely be a female duck the easiest way to determine male ducks is the tail feathers of male ducks are curled up marketing before marketing duck eggs clean the dirt of eggshell perfectly don't wash the eggs with water you can clean the eggs with knife soiled paper or towel use egg basket or carton for carrying eggs from one place to another place you should choose such cartoon so that each cartoon can contain at least 30 eggs you can also use bamboo basket wooden box and other things for transporting eggs to the market or another destination make a deep layer of straw or rice bran if you use such boxes for carrying eggs

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  5. I just remember when I was small my dad and mom loved animals,we had duck ,hens and my mom used to take care ,she used to show how to keep hen for her hatching ,we did not have business but as pet in the house ,like country home it was so wonderful ,nice to see the video

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