Djinn a Spiritual Ebola?

Djinn a Spiritual Ebola?

don't you hear outside up so it's character that's that's just carries going outside so pointed out the other video now this June thing had really has seemed to have taken off big time it's it's really interesting I think I found the first video I made on the gym it was about five years ago on Tomas sherek channel and I think it's a common title to gin a paranormal idea I can run with so I've always been open to the idea and I also had read see this is what I have to do in the heart of the cat's rare rosemary ellen guiley book called I think it's called the vengeful Jim I actually quite recommend that cheek yeah I think it's story to know a guy you went into Saudi Arabian caves systems in order to encounter them now it seems to taken off this the last two videos that may have this been a big interest in them they got quite well shared and some fantastic comments on them and one of my friends left the comment referring to as a spiritual a bola and mentioned secret societies well that got me thinking as well but this has been two topics on this four secret societies and then the idea of a spiritual though opponent in a previous time true the moors having already infected Europe now firstly one of the things that I found interesting about I was reading about Oh years ago I read a fantastic biography of Napoleon and what during the the Battle of the Nile when the British and French were fighting in Egypt he went into the Great Pyramid spent the night there when he came out he he said for the rest of his life he never told anyone what he experienced so none of this got me think about well what's the Great Pyramid really about what's in there what's in there and you know we're back the whole thing of Solomon's Temple allegedly being built with the help of jinns now I already spoke a little a video about the the Knights Templar perhaps that was the secret perhaps that was the Holy Grail and the Ladin's lamp as Solomon says said the genie in the bottle then it found on the Temple in Jerusalem brought back to Europe no they're not the only secret society now bringing it back to Napoleon when the podium one of the first objectives he when he took power and became Emperor was to capture and defeat Malta because he wanted to get rid of the multi-is the Knights of Malta once a parole and Malthus it's an island that's filled with caves and cave systems there's one of the reasons the Knights of Malta the Knights Hospitaller ears and the Knights of st. John established themselves on that small island again Jerusalem Malta why was Napoleon so helped to destroy these these these Knightly orders I wanted to do what is experienced in the great pyramid now speaking of Malta I want to also talk about Portugal and also both Spain I was looking at the Martin of the Portugal and Spain are famous and the South of France are famous for Marian apparitions they all took place in areas where the Moors controlled it now what you do I think it was in what Our Lady of Guadalupe in in Spain not going to loop in Mexico could have been spent I think was that one where the girls are filmed walking around in 1960s enchanted by a ball of light and you also have Fatima what did you have the dancing ball of like the dancing sold the ball of light in the sky these countries especially Portugal are also very well known for Freemasonry and the Knights Templars and the Moors were there in fact Fatima is named after I think it's Muhammad's mother and so that you know people never think about that and that Marian epizootic apparitions of Fatima was absolutely incredible it wasn't it it was actually announced in papers in lisbon oporto right a few months before it happens saying an event was about to take place and they basically described that that's they have received messages from the armed telling them that this was happening there's some people speculate that the whole thing could have been a setup and ruined by their by the Freemasons in Portugal at the same time – what happened at Fatima was real because throw away witnesses 20 miles away Turkey miles away who said they saw the event that weren't even acted the site of the mass the outdoor mass or whatever you want to call it also if you read the the the entity had a pair of Fatima it wasn't a beautiful tall Virgin Mary it was a little tiny entity that made a clicking noise or electronic buzzing noise that had no hair and was felt like was only about 20 inches tall that that was seen it was only when it was only when the story was rewritten after after the much later after defense by the Jesuits that the story that they made a Marian apparition did I remember three of those kids two of those kids died and I was a I'm more than little locked away in a monastery for the rest of us there's a very good spec it doesn't udz speculated – kids are bored and they don't locked away and to make the story happen we know we you know anything is possible we know for a fact that what happened to Fatima was what they described gyms as a ball of light smokeless fire people captivated people taken control off in a in a narrative as what's controlled by Muslims full of caves full of caves Souls Lords are full of caves I'm trying to go back to a plan map plan trips to Rome to go back to Malta particles famed for megalithic work but this has now added a whole new dimension to the story really you know when you have that feeling then this doesn't happen me a long time very long time where you tap into a line of speculation and you say oh that's interesting and it goes sometimes it goes somewhere and since as it goes nowhere but this thing with the Djinn and since these two videos have come out its it's like one of those things that you've opened a Pandora's box a little bit and you've looked inside and you know that there's an enormous amount of stuff left them cited to be discovered that you are on the right path now at the same time I have to be careful that I'm not being led astray you know my old work in demonology remember one of the demons is you don't communicate with them you don't talk to them and you don't acknowledge them you treat them like shit even the most powerful one of all the the great babbler in the abyss you never you never communicate you never first second allow them to talk to make you think a certain way or talk a certain way or feel a certain way let me care for that as well but the same time too I'm not going to let this go and it seems to me that you guys aren't going to let it go as well something enormous I think I'm uncovering here don't ask me what it is I don't know yet I don't know yet but I know it's there it's it's it's not bogus at the same time too I'm not gonna rush into it say this is how the word is controlled through jinns that have been released in the Middle East and the Bush family and Bush family and all the world I'm not gonna jump in and do that because that's a mistake you can easily make and you guys too should not do it either first rule of research is constantly check yourself constantly check yourself and see if you're running away with yourself or you're jumping in too soon that's a very important thing so the alternative scene is terrible for that people just pick something and everyone runs with it and no one really has a measured approach to it I'd like this to be a kind of a banner moment in alternative media that rather than we all jump in and rather than we all fly straight in and assume that this is absolutely true that we for the first time ever property we take a measured examination and we find it all wrong we find out all wrong we will find all the things along the way but something tells me that we're on the right path this and I think many of you feel the same way to let the journey begin

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  1. Read this. It's incredible.

  2. Thomas, your opinion that people with Borderline Personality Disorder are incurably fucked forever is disgusting. There is a reason you had to go into hiding for several months. I honestly think it was because you were too judgemental, and you pissed off too many people with power. Unlike you, I can see the wisdom in some things you say, so I still watch your videos. As you might know, people with BPD are cutters. I'm super happy to announce that I haven't cut in years. That would be no thanks to you, and your opinions. There's one reason to not want to do a ritual with someone you think is possibly unstable, and there is the other reason to shit on somebody that has overcome a lot in life. I'm not threatening you, I'll still watch your videos, because I have respect for knowledge wherever it comes from. Just maybe you can develop some respect for someone who was beaten, lied to, and whipped with a belt, who has actually survived into maturity who also no longer cuts because I'm stronger than that now.

  3. I have a very vague memory of reading somewhere that there might have been a link between the Marian apparitions at Fatima in 1917 and the outbreak of the Spanish Flu pandemic which decimated the population in Europe and worldwide. Any thoughts?

  4. My boss is a coptic christian from Egypt, he believes in djinn too ; says it is bad luck to even talk about them so I didn't ask further.

  5. Grounded advice on how to proceed with this. The whole slow dawning of this topic inspires me to strengthen my own cultural spirituality and to wise up fast! Thank you once again.

  6. My father used to see those balls of light , he called them "the witches". He would tell us stories when we was kids about the witches that came out at night (they used to imitate sounds) . There was also a fire that would manifest at a rocky hill (possibly a cave ) , everybody near by would grab anything they could and go fight the fire , it was very important to protect the fields and forests , but when they got near the flames they weren't burning anything and suddenly disappear when people got too near .Don't know if its connected but when the electromagnetic pollution started those manifestations stopped .

  7. Hi!
    Is there any other site with your videos, like bitchute? Maybe to expand your base a little bit…
    Keep up the good work, mate.

  8. Is there a method of protection from these djinn? Things to watch out for? Perhaps it was the experimental vaccines used on the military is the real curse. While this topic is interesting, the actual history, or stories of individual jinn, types of jinn would be more so.

  9. Demons is a modern word meaning spirits old Middle Eastern word for spirits our gin but they all whatever you call them other whispers in the forest in the places people really and normally not go and these things common weather men's presents has not been too heavily felt or slightly list so we people have left for a long time or horribly terrible things beyond description has happened but the last ones are twisted and not right and feed of people least that's what I've heard

  10. 👽Look up Robert M. Stanley and Wes Penre. It's all about singularity. Humanity is being pushed to merge with A.I. and that is what the djinn/extraterrestrials want. 👽🤖 The djinn are interdimensional and may be the same as ETs, which Rosemary Ellen Guilley proposes.

  11. You're a wise man, Thomas, and I agree that we must be careful to keep our own minds in check. I was telling my wife maybe half an hour ago about your theory regarding the West's fascination with interfering in the Middle East and how the repeated sending of soldiers who create death and misery could very well be the goal of some group who want us to bring the Djinn into our non-desert communities. I told her that I feel intuitively that you have hit upon something significant and important here, but that my first approach is to be skeptical of the connections my own mind has made regarding these things. Sometimes my mind tries to connect disparate subjects when they don't "fit" together, and so I have learned to be cautious about running away with thoughts of these seemingly connected things. Confirmation bias is easy to get lost in. All that said, keep going on this. Something unknown here needs to be known by all of us.

  12. As a side note – Walt Disney and his media empire – are they 'influencers' to 'allow' an acceptance of Djinns in the western mind set by getting the idea's in to very young innocent minds

  13. What about the thousands of JINN JARS stolen from the basement of the Baghdad museum after out initial invasion? Maybe they were turned over to some dark forces?

  14. Looks like we may very well be at the point of the spear in the unveiling.
    Which we all know either way is a inevitability

  15. You have to stop saying negative things about the Djinn. The Djinn helped the main God to create the earth. The Djinn are the blue part of fire. If the Djinn did not exist we would be lost. I am coming to you as a friend , Leave the attack on the Djinn alone. The Djinn are part of us all. They are the spirit in the wine. They warm our houses at cold nights.

  16. In the quran it says that djinn took the form of ants and talked to Solomon (he also had armies of "sprites" and birds which he commanded) which is another interesting tangent. Not long after watching this video, some god botherers knocked at the front door. Luckily my other half answered the door or they may have been used for Tarot practice.

  17. Sidenote: In modern times we think of people like Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton as being geniuses. However, the ancient Greeks used the term differently. They referred to people as "having" geniuses or Djinn-iuses meaning they were in contact with spirits.

  18. I went down into a series of souterrains under a ringfort afew weeks ago to take photos, just went straight in, no communication, just took my photos and fecked off out again. Strange places, at one stage just out of the blue i felt really confused and thats when i pulled the plug an got the fec out. Have to keep your guard up and know your limits. Got sum great photos tho.

  19. Might we gain further evidence with astral projection? Has anyone seen a Djinn during an O.B.E.? And if so, what intel can be gained through these experiences? Does one possess more or less power in dealing with these beings while in this realm?

  20. They have been present on earth for a long time. They were present here before we were created and present. They think they own the earth, and we are the invasion force.
    You have to put that into the perspective. They are the perfect weapon against humanity, for all evil purposes.

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