100 Replies to “Dj XS Soul Music & Disco Mix – 2 Hours of Classic Soul & Disco Grooves – Free Download

  1. Big Up DJ XS! Your tunes are playing at the moment in Greece at a big hotel round the main swimming pool and everyone's enjoying the music. Great job you're doing! Keep it up!

  2. so good brother! Just had a really productive session at work just jamming to this groove and getting the biznass done!

  3. DJXS110………Bro! Keep this up Man, Luving all dis. Your a many different music mixer, not all are capable of this on you tube, luv the variety you upload also….Keeping us all Rocking, Dancing n Mellow with your mixes…..Bless DJXS…

  4. Just recently discovered your mixes DJXS110! Thank you so much for putting the time and energy into these funky, soulful tracks!

  5. My brother, my brother, my brother!!! Or maybe it's my sister, my sisters, my sister!!! THIS IS THE BOMB!!!!! Job well done!!! Not a false move or bad song in the mix!!! Phenomenal!!! Dynamite!!!

  6. DJXS110,
    great mix! enjoyed every last frame! soooogoooood,
    thanks again, i am certain
    this mix had taken a little while
    to lay down, peace + respect
    joseph. jfa tv ny 🎥📹

  7. Disco's underrated, I suppose the name reminds people of naff wedding receptions and early school doos in the local village halls, I bet the nightclubs in the 1970s were a sight to see!?!?

  8. A pleno todos los días escuchando a Dj XS desde Buenos aires Argentina 😉 explota acá en el local.. genio!!!

  9. Another great mix brother…  This takes me back to the days when music had heart and soul.  Definitely a big fan!!!

  10. Awesome tracks. Hey I know this is the wrong forum but have you mixed up anything will Public Enemy "Fight the Power" ? You know some old Skool get real or die trying rap

  11. How can one be normal and continue to dislike such a presentation though? This is proper staff, yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy wayyyy too intense man!!!!!
    The sequencing here is soooo on point!!

  12. I listen to this groovy mix almost daily at work and getting thisclose to getting up to bust a move! Only thing stopping me is bosslady may think security need to escort me to Psych unit a few floors up. 🙂

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