dealing with the spirit of Jezebel is very very important you must understand this there is a serious Jezebel spirit we must handle tonight when I finish that then I can say go home because our biggest problem huh our biggest problem it is not because we are not praying we are not fasting you know we are fasting we are praying we are coming to church we are watching prediction but our biggest problem is the enemy we have not dealt with that relation we're having people are sitting on there and all you thinking right now is I want a miracle but you must know this before a miracle coming to you uh-huh there must be some panel bidding we must do [Applause] how many believe that how many believed us we believe me sir how many believe that how many believe that we believe me sir now hear this hear this there was a man caught betrayers who he was in a place where Jesus was passing he yet was still black look at University to hear that did you hear that Jesus was passing right there and he said what is happening they said Jesus is passing back so he just passed the yes and I'm still blind yes it may happen actually that Jesus may pass there and so leave you with your problem I'm talking to people right you are pretty good day sir because we need we need to move like this I know I know the prolific teacher so now but æneas is a standing here and the Jesus is passing here and I am managed to blend oh and I recall the Papa saying there was a time where Jesus went at a bless when the Bible says a man should of sick people where this place was a pool of bethsaida where every person who was sick was taken – and Jesus goes there and he was only one person and lives the rest and I'm like what's this you see people think when Jesus comes in a hospital everybody the hospital be healed yet Jesus comes there and he was one and tonight and tonight there is only one person you had it you had it you had it what Nestle who is watching what vessel who is here yes son I'm he's not to wonder pencil way that's one pen don't set the prophesy that is only [Applause] turn them away in it way way jealous in every way now the bounces and there was only one that jesus healed yes and now why did he do that now we come into the conclusion whereby we conclude that God has good principles and among his principles there is one principle called a principle of selection where consensus this one no this one yes this one this one and imagine tonight when I was praying God said to me I will make many people not watch this program and I will make some people not come to the church because I have selected people to receive you know but you never say I am selected okay now if you are selected listen to this bring it up about we hear you okay can you see that can you see that can you see right there a man comes to Jesus says I will follow you I will leave everything I just says to him don't follow me the Son of man has no place to sleep just go back and another man races I'm going home to bury my father and says let the dead bury the dead you follow me one is rejected and one who is actually choosing to follow he's the one is Jesus says you can reform and the one who says I must follow Jesus go back home because Jesus has put his own principles and the first principle is the principle of selection and tonight he just selected you to be here to be watching on the TV are you even receiving summer okay now understand this principle very well as Papa because we'll be dealing with a serious spirit some people who have never manifested the demon be very careful made manifest tonight people be like even in this one [Applause] bring it talk about we hear you cry a bit because because I wanted tech demos I want to take them I want to put them and squeeze them on the corner what can you instance all right said dealing with adjustable spirits first and foremost what is Jezebel and who is a Jezebel yesterday I did just a small preamble where at the dimensions of two things about Jezebel but just a bit number one that I want understand Jezebel the real meaning of Jezebel is wicked is what wicked the meaning the room the origin of the word Jezebel it means wicked how men are following how men are following [Applause] how many following look at your neighbor and say are you wicked what are they saying what are they saying so the real translation of the word Jezebel from the Hebrew meaning is actually wicked or impure can I take another step okay it will end into some way so the word Jezebel means impure it means wicked tetiz chapter 1 verse 5 let's see something there Titus chapter 1 verse 5 now we can read together one two three go read read again all right go down Dada alright this is just up there just just stop there for a bishop must be blameless at the shore of God not self-willed not soon angry not given to wine no striker not given the 50 lakh ring I just want to see that just just just look at those things in your mind now go back to the six go back to verse six hey there blameless the husband of one wife having faithful children not accused of riot of N and Rudy have enough poor kids in this room now read that verse again having faith the four children how many a.m. 50 children if I prophesy to you what what your children do in the can I say hey sir because we want to deliver things today can I go ahead alright just have that in your mind because we want to handle some things here a very very brief wonderful now there's seven go back there seven go back to the seven now it's it says for a bishop must be blameless I'm not pushy about bishops but understand what the pepper saying there I'm not a bishop I'm a prophet and you are not official but understand what the Bible's saying there because we want to do something can we go ahead and do it doing Mesa Russell Henderson father as Alan today father is unnamed today as a hear the words as I hear the world I believe I believe my life never be the same again my life will never be the same again I pray I pray for total deliverance for total deliverance in my life in my life in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus amen aim [Applause] clapping hands for Jesus Christ now go to verse 15 go there that's where we're gonna hear something that is very an amazing and do the pew are we're together what are the gory now give me amplify division want to go read reap again now we're going to go into NIV one cigarette okay now to the pure all things are pure but to the impure all things are impure now if the white Jezebel means impure now they move the wedding – are there and put the definition of Jezebel Oh so the balances to the pure all things are pure but to Jessop know all things are Jezebel oh you didn't even hear I'm talking wrong people think to the pure all things but the Jezebel all things are Jezebel impure oh there's somebody here what was that what's the meaning of that now this way we're going now the purposes but today impure and unbelieving all things are impure so starting from the thinking nothing is pure so you can sit down today and it raise up your hands but nothing is because you are impure the other one of impure is wicked in other words to the wicked all things are weakest so if you are sitting down there and you're wicked all things are okay now remove the weather we get an impure putback Jezebel but unto all people or a Jezebel all things are Jezebel so what is a Jezebel a Jezebel is a spirit that's the devil uses so much in the highlight of Sutton Jezebel is not just another demon these are spirits I've never preached to you before Jezebel isn't not just a simple spirit if you ever heard that there was a great amount of God who was anointed and his church is closed that man encountered a Jezebel everywhere there was a woman who who could wake up in the night and pray and have time to fast but now she's no longer powerful and before that young kill that woman encountered a Jezebel speed if there was a man who are the passion to serve cause if there was a man who had the winning us to wake up and pray and pray all the times I feel like he must be praying but now all that personal issue is gone that man in counted it says about demon and Jezebel spirit it is a spirit that kills every prophet exceed a Jezebel spirit is not another demon no it is not just a demon that people say oh you have a demon no no no no no no it is a cunning spirits it is so wise it is so intelligent people they they they mistake it just the prospect with the speed of lust no no no no no it just about speed may not even come openly it comes in a soft way that you may not even know it before you know it you are town your prayer life is down your your ability to believe in God is becoming weaker why because we're in counseling a spirit of Jezebel and Jesse prosperity is on high demand in the kingdom of Sutton and let me do something to you if you are so powerful or other team without major one has removed to them they know that okay now the only demon that we can send is just a bail because they were not you know and she will not you know that is a Jezebel just pro spirit it is a must planning spirits that you must understand and I'm preaching tonight and I want you understand it very well because on Friday about Jezebel we must deal with the Jessica before Jezebel finishes as completed are you hearing me now and I study this I have encountered Jezebel several times hundreds and hundreds of times it is the most candy and the common spirit it comes in a way that you can understand but I said Jezebel ladies and gentlemen can I handle just a proof on your behalf now understand this one time also any New Yorkers with my father prophet angel wear a Trump Hotel now we are sitting there and we are chatting we are speaking and then he says oh look at what people are writing about you are now unfeasible this is a person who I know he's one of your son's and who is writing these things and is showing me like this in them and I'm reading in there like this is I'm reading and I was laughing because me normally I laugh I laugh attacks because there's nothing like bad media okay yeah the other places we just to get a divot for free that we are we exists but now I was also surprised as it how can someone who is my son talk to this process it was talking then there was a wind that came where we are sitting there oh are you following there was a wind and I saw a vision and he saw the Sun vision at the very same time and they had their Forks and he had the same voice actor for some time I serve this well so a woman like a queen standing in front of me and she said I am a Jezebel this time around I will finish you and now I'm asking my father I'm like did you see what it is the song and profit and you say I just destroyed is it acid I was the first one who saw it and he says this person was attacking you here it is the same speed and the demos have under understood they have discovered that you and me right now we are talking about this thing here so as we are talking about the demon has come to confront us and chess approach spirit when it comes to you are you even here hey Dom – right can I give you some points to read quickly quickly quickly can I give you some points well above Jezebel are you sure okay you know what she wanted TV and you're just saying yes yes where is the pen and the pepper oh you're touching your mouth okay I'm waiting for you let's look at some points correctness of Jezebel number one they desperately look for positions in the church or in your business so they can finish you ever seen before who said oh you have a very good business idea can I become your patina you say yes be careful because a Jezebel spirit looks for positions in fact a gesture grasp it is very clever it knows you by your name it's absolute knows your future that you don't you know oh can I give examples of it'll fit in the Old Testament the King made a commands that every child who is a male must be killed and that time Moses was just born and the target was Moses because Jezebel discovered a prophet said in verses and now if this young boy will grow up you become a prophet and cause problems this is a reason why there was a command by a king under the influence of Jezebel to kill every and I mean every just born child who is a male why am L because the target was Moses you may have problems the whole family by the target could be actually one person and it could be you you can be saying no one in our family went to university no one know but actually the other ones are just victims but the main target was you you may have an accident Pepperdine the only target could be you people died young kids died by the tacit was Moses am i talking to somebody you are talking major Jessup your spirits that gets people with a prophetic destiny if you have got a vision if you are a Bissell we'll get attached and help the kingdom of God whether financial as a kingdom of inertia that devil knows your future if you are about to become a big person and that you're gonna become an influential person financially or your families your members to change you become the first bucket of Sutton and he understands you need edges of your spirit to stop your idea I have seen people who say oh I'm planning this everything is done and I'm about to fly off and I'm I'm having this project before they know it everything is confused because a Jezebel spirit can close the whole company just because Jezebel does not want you to be working people can be retrenched at work 50 people but one target is you a Jezebel spirit is so cunning it comes in a way that you cannot understand say it just a bit of spirit a Jezebel spirits again a Jezebel spirit a Jezebel spirit are we here oh yes major and we're here oh yes made for one Jezebel desperately look for positions you'll see people who come to children say I want to become a this I want to be in protocol because Jezebel what he does just about what what she does is a demon okay what she does she won't miss a man or a woman to say go and David position just with one reason to use that woman in the future to attack the man of God Oh a Jezebel it will bring people who who have this desperate inner of positions they want to take over every position they want to be close to a man of God but listen to me if you are not careful I'm on that person in the near future it is a person would begin to talk bad about you just desperately looks for a relationship with you disability looks to be your friend but tomorrow ladies and gentlemen Richmond it is what is going to destroy you Chris showed us Iscariot had a very strong relationship with a Jezebel spirits he was positioned to betray Jesus so people like people be like who I want I won't be very clear of absence but you know I don't do that you'll never see me whether you look nice with you drive a nice car you will never see me saying you now you're my leader you have never handed me that and you will never hear me doing that you know that when you are not careful you know you just say no so much Superman of gorg or a woman of God just see people come in s castle so you're not the chairman you [Applause] jessabelle wouldn't deliberately look for inserting a position just don't look at you and say how I wish I was your wife dead that woman you will see mother that's woman my brother go ahead mad at at woman manly that brother a man who just come from nowhere in the 600 I love you so much your boner hey HS appeal ride inside laugh and the man was gonna come with all the love and all the attention but no other man has ever given you but ladies and gentlemen just a bilk and hide in love only two years later and migrate so hot a little crying with the children with a big care of ladies and gentlemen Jezebel is a serious spirit we must look at in the handle before things get worse am i talking to somebody [Applause] now you are now you are just having kids now everywhere all the kids the man is not even doing anything when he was coming oh my god it was laughs – laughs kiss – kiss he was he was telling you how he can see because of you but now he is actually happily married with another woman a woman will come to a man and say oh I love you your your look at you oh no this man this man is pure always actually you you know people they say men are handsome but you are beautiful [Applause] and matter be like I'm gonna be like mm I've never found somebody who loves me like this one but one day if you are not descending what is behind that woman one day the woman who do something that you as a man you regret this is where the purpose is descent speed it's a linear measurement if I'd be a prophet of a woman you know I am every Jezebel all of you in the name of Jesus crying now look at your family how many Jessica's are they look at your sister look look look with the life of your sister just about destroyed your sister and finished the first thing just a parable – who look for a position in your life whether a friend a business partner or your your your pasta I want to be your pastor here you'll be my pasta [Applause] you know I'm talking through things right people who are giving you problems at people who a was close to you because a Jezebel is assigned to get positions around your life I'm very careful I am [Applause] all the terms before do something if you attack me I will chase you first it has been like that all the times I just refreshed and got accumulator amazed amazed amazed amazed amazed amazed we talked about the feelings in a row or are you hearing me somebody before you attack me Elijah Elijah run away from Jezebel Who am I I'm not even a la or jar I always just do this that's it no most of you everyday I'm struggling here delivering you after delivering you you're going back and repeating Jezebel now you're wondering why is your life not changing because you see by the time of the finishing teaching you on Friday about Jezebel you'll be very clever that demons will not mess up with you again [Applause] or your tad maybe because of terms should I stop teaching and prophesy Oh No can I stop teaching and prophesy promises no okay let me teach the de me teach the only Church in the world that will be choosers professors of dish alright so number one is what did number one is once in your life in a church in a business I can be a good manager give him that position you will see how your business will collapse after that he would disappear Jezebel has done the job Jezebel is a very cunning spirit when Jezebel comes she does not come in a way she she may come through a man but she comes in in a good way you may be speak in tongues ago this is Jesus Rebecca Taba number 2 people influenced by adjustable spirit make false covenants like I would die for you I will stand at your back I will never leave you ever hate those people some are true but summer Jezebel hey people first batch as opposed make first covenants they don't intend to keep in order to gain position I will fight for with you I will stand with you I don't give up easily no matter what happens I have your back papa me I can die thus people give them a position you will see people a friend it's not everyone I repeat it's not everyone I am saying you must be very careful because people come to you and say them though they will never leave your back but listen to me they'll be the first ones to be trained [Applause] people influenced by a Jezebel spirit then the way is spiritual appearance but they are not there will be talking things like I'll be doing now in fasting I wanna do this dance fasting I wanna do this first things you'd be like I have found a woman who can pray I have found a man who can pray I have employed a man this man oh my god is talking about for the days fasting is talking about oh my god people influenced by a Jezebel spirit idea so spiritual outside be very careful I'll get his points over there i'm hearing her so not be not be like they'll be like oh my god yes wanna you know i wanna you know you know let me give an example in a church know be a woman won't come like and everybody be like oh my god oh my god one time i encountered it just approach spirit in the beginning of my ministry there was this man who just come in everybody said this man is very powerful always gathering people at a corner in trenton college in the Word of God you know Oh before we knew it it was a spiritual father in this innocent church where I was I said in no way in the same place where I am ministering he had also his own vision in a place where there is a vision if you see a man having a vision where there is a vision already is a Jezebel spirit coming to confuse and I saw people in the same church quoting spiritual father it's a Jezebel spirit so equity master day hey come here I said this is a Jezebel and I delivered it a man deliver the month before Jezebel delivers you number four people first batches across spirits seek to isolate the leader from others who can speak into their lives people with a Jezebel spirit in other words or reject the prophetic ministry they'll be compared in your own prophets with the other pastors if you see a person speaking positive things about the other man who cannot prophesy and the negative of a man who can prophesy there is a Jezebel spirit because a Jezebel spirit who – all what it can what she can not be exposed so the resident white Jezebel hates prophetic ministry is exposure from no way people are not even the members of this church and the complaining as if they are the members of the church a while complaining is it easy oh pastor know they'll be spending time like two paragraphs writing on Facebook they are not even a members we don't even know them well but because Jezebel is reacting Jezebel will do or what Jezebel care to make sure she paints black image of a prophet because Jezebel heads to be exposed prophets can expose a demon operating in a person and Jezebel hates that there are two ministries that they were has so much deliverance and prophetic either are you there people friends my age as a pro spirit all the terms they play a victim all the terms would be like that there once all the terms it's them who are wronged in ask a question here how many people ever wrong with you in your life that you forgive them connectionism you know anyone says I forgave them is innocence right if they ask a question how many of you wrong no no one raised up a hand because according to you the only wrong with you all women who are divorced ask them who was wrong as a man all men who are divorced ask them was wrong is a woman Jezebel Jezebel will never accept to say I was wrong in this way that led my wife to act in this way and we divorce oh I was wrong in this way that made my husband to begin to change his behavior and we divorced Jezebel plays a victim all the times just a bra spirit be very careful all the terms you begin to feel victim all the terms like people are wrong in all the times be very careful because I want to teach you things you see the things I'm teaching you here and not DP things because Jezebel does not become in a deep way comes in these simple things like that is it very easy but all the terms all your girlfriend imagine the first girlfriend is going second gone they be going to fourth oh my god what is wrong with you oh no I know this remain or this one is bad this one is bad this one is bad how come all men you approve who are dating your body man ask your neighbor are you okay just said I just asked you that I okay like really you can't find one who is good you can't find one man who this man oh my god this is a good omen all made a bad man just about placing victim all the terms you are wrong people France pages about spirits are never wrong never right these are the point people first vegetable spirits seem humble but it's like a force humidity ever seen people with the force humidity [Applause] be very careful I saw someone who was like I won't employ that one what do you think in the business world we met in a business trip in Dubai this man know when he comes in on Facebook yeah how are you how are you sir it is is from Russia this man from Russia how are you sir oh how I used then I can help your brief gasket he was so respectful and my manager there was like can we employ this guy I said no and he didn't he didn't know why I said you know it was me as a prophet I could descend first humidity I couldn't see it just a bit behind the humbleness if you're a pastor I'd be like oh my god with just good a new member is very good it's very humble be very careful tell about Jezebel ask her neighbor are you hearing told them Jezebel Jezebel comes in a way you don't expect comes in a way that you don't expect all right another point people frustrate just across spirits they have a feeling or this self-importance people with a Jezebel spirit they have got these self-importance and they lack giving themselves titles remember Jezebel in the revelation 2 verse 20 called herself a prophetess [Applause] okay given the verse we revelation to this 21 to the gory no no no no no no that's not one pathetic already wanted they go read again all right it's okay Jessup your calls herself a prophetess this is a level way you feel people you see people were pastas calling themselves a prophet sensing a title now I'm a prophet a Jezebel spirit you you are not the prophets we're calling yourself a prophet Jezebel I'm a prophetess me Jezebel spirit people with a demon of Jezebel they have got this feeling of self-importance they are very important according to the award don't call yourself what you are not did you hear me don't call yourself many people are victims sitting under pastors who are not even pastors but they are calling themselves pastors because of Jezebel and the people sitting down pastor food is boo maruti you see and these are the first people who are messing up making so many mistakes in the kingdom of god many people that time we began to prophesy in a way we prophesy when my father was introducing the prophetic and I was prophesying and you see we had no many people we're putting them such prophets but every corner now everybody says the Prophet and the order with that F can I professor [Applause] like serious everybody now we say can i professor some of us have good egress we can prophesy we can also pay I didn't even hear that one some of those like I'm professing like you I said oh wow we praise God so I said okay so how'd you do it who's that guy I don't you know when I heard the megaphone I go like a knight like you but I like you I go like a night professor I say she was a winner shop what a megaphone on the second I bear [Applause] [Applause] I hear somebody just a better spirit people are calling themselves whether they are not you don't see you have never seen it go you have never even happy God speaking and you keep calling your software prophets God the dim one that is using you it's Jezebel oh yes Baba jessabelle give you pride just better will make you feel like it should be like someone else just the better will make you feel like you must you must have this something like I'm also important I must also look like it after one I must also talk like I must also behave dress yo Nona be very careful just across spirits how many following homina fine we are following major ask your neighbor are you okay are you okay what are the same they're all right ask another on what measures teaching is there anything that he you feel like it is involving you so asking up again is there energy as a pair of spirit arounds all right people influenced by just a bro spirit will never be accountable for anyone to anyone people influenced by a Jezebel spirit everyday right or yes major if anyone tries to bring in accountability they accusing them of being a Jezebel so you a Jezebel will be the first one to say you are the one who is a Jezebel the start saying there's no or what you people are doing there is no spiritual father in the Bible people in first pages the prospect will be the first one to educate you they don't want Authority they don't like Authority they don't like sublimation if you encounter a person who has spiritual father you are encountering age as a possibility right in the face of you people with asthma spirits will try to to get you if you don't bow for their needs once don't bow for their needs to begin to accuse you people with the Jessup your spirit no have I need and I want you to do it and once don't do it the begin to kills you to say why why why why what why why what most of you don't even know but the people are accusing you because you didn't borrow the money now they've stopped greeting you talking to you because you said you don't have the money they were looking for trinket talk about we hear you father I don't have this man lie you you want to give me a unit and so if you knew where what I doing it to me maybe there's somebody people influenced by Jezebel spirit or twist the facts all the times then they have selective memory they only remember but the things go to things who did with them they will never remember I had a pastor before long time ago I bought America a pasta I bought him a house and one time he came to see me I was very busy to meet this pasta and I didn't meet him oh my god you see now a Papa now you see you can't even have time for me selective what they only remember and all the good things they take good things and read them on sons but the things the rat on a stone the day you even love with rabbit they forget they only remember or I revere somebody we are here major people with adjustable spirits have issues in their marriage more especially the issues of affection a Jezebel spirit to convince your wife just to have this fought against you she can't even explain to you what's the problem she can't expect as good this thoughts against you a Jezebel spirit who convinced a man to have this fought against you from no way what is happening just the force against you use you see they have never seen you doing anything they just suspect you oh I didn't hear somebody they just what you I guess the suspects now only become a suspect in your own marriage you're my god if you become a suspect in your only relationship when a Jezebel split comes in a scene the first thing Jezebel would do in a marriage or a relationship it is to bring a certain thoughts against your patina because Jezebel is famous on a relationship breaking knowledge breaking Jezebel will give you this effect you don't even know what the stories but you have all the terms visa thought Jessica sp2 also intervening churches and they give a certain thought to church members against their pasta now you're in a church nothing is giving problems you're worshipping God and you love your pasta what is your bishop you love your bishop you love him so much all the sudden someone will come to understand a a did you hear that everyone more money you you are sitting and you have not any what Jezebel will do is to plant a set any thoughts to a member and actually not all members but to members who attack it's in the deck world not everyone others you actually ask others that they didn't even hear what you had it was a Jessup it has nothing to do with them but to people with a prophetic see so Jezebel will plant a certain thoughts slowly Jezebel will be building an empire in your mind many churches at the moment many churches the whole world and that's what the devil is doing now to plant a certain thought I test your own pasta must be very careful Jezebel is so cunning and the way the way the way just becomes in the name of love I mean I love you I'm only telling you come again you know this is love I'm speaking this I've never told anyone and they'd be like wow but a Jezebel is planting a certain thoughts whether the man of God is right whether the man of God is wrong leave it let that the man of God is sorted with his God you cannot take a position of God and begin to think your own stupid things in your mind [Applause] number one you never quote that the manner you never called him he does not report to you he reports to God oh I hear he is not what enough for you leave me him and look for another man of God who is warning for you come on Ibiza and these people will be accusing the amount of gold their Bishop their pasta they'll be accusing him of not being horny but they are so sticking in there what are you doing in there look for the one who is pure one worry don't ever leave again Jezebel all I want is to try to destroy people's faith if you are not careful I have seen people with great destinies who are supposed to be very far by the lost their destinies just because of a Jezebel spirit just a Roma destroy be their calling and what God had planted upon them because they were targets of Jezebel look watch an ermine said be aware be aware bring it on jesus said if the flesh tree if the fresh tree if the fresh tree is Benny one more with the dry one if people if just the bill has entered in church accusing the own pastors in church what more people of the world they anima be aware be a word Jezebel spirit Jezebel spirit has destroyed destinies destroyed destinies notre never can be where be aware of Jezebel objet d'art are here we are here major I hear somebody here major I following or you are not even now we are following Major Lazer are you following somebody we are following major Jessa just a pro spirit will try to convince people of their scene that is not forgiven if I have a person here who feels like they are not forgiven they just Pro spirit the Bible says he forgives sins God forgives sins no matter how their sin could be but Jesus forgive sins and just about you know there are times where Jezebel come in the time of prayer where you want to pray and you are on your knees and on the pray and you can't even if you God just broke all this you gods would hearing you ask whenever they were used to pray what happened the way you used to pray what happened overflow Oscar neighbor what happened with you what happened with you misused wonderfully verse 34 Matthews 23 is therefore I want a story together all right one two three gory we had the people someone was asking me a question it was like that's the one Wiseman is it according didn't is it is it in the Bible all right it is just ready we're just just rather their firm sending your prophets and wise men and the teachers but you crucified Him and who said the statement Jesus actually he said himself he will send the prophets meaning New Testament prophets exist and who is saying Jesus he says I will send your prophets but you crucified Him you chase them out and in 24 and it shut the 24 he talks of false prophets in a 23 it talks of with him sending his prophets so he speaks of the prophecy who was saying and in 24 he speaks of the prophecy oh not send but they'll be there Jezebel I have seen people who have just applause spirits profit Center people I was praying and God spoke to me you know he said that place is a wrong place you know I had this scary vision you vision yeah yeah yeah vision you're scary give those people two months and see whether would be a Jezebel spirit Jezebel spirit uses the windows of a man a window of a man is his eye is e and his mouth be kept with what you see Jezebel doesn't force you to sing or do something what just about does is to show you something oh you didn't even hear it I remember in my village when you get into a bus there are people who are selling things standing near the bus ever saw those people before don't behave like your beliefs Anton you know those people right who come on the win right all that do is to show you oranges the doctors say come and buy oh you I'm forcing you no no no no you just say oranges and they're very nice they are so sweet oranges oranges so you here and you'll see and your self could be like bring them here so adjustable do will not show will not say go on to it go on to it no jezebel will show you a nice bottle of alcohol and you yourself like you Jezebel I want you to what you do she'll just show you something it it will be up to you now to make decisions there one night not sleeping because of a man you saw in the town you were an offender guy yo yo yo yo yo the guys horse is law big papa we hear you now major on the Revelator a man who was going this direction he's walking nicely and if as a woman coming in this direction and he pretends to tie his shoes see men are quite mean I'm talking about after passing this one they're going again and they meet another one again oh there is no funny call on their phone they were pretending wonderful hi hi a man is confused again 20 minutes confused after 30 minutes confused again bhai and then the phone rings on the ear [Applause] [Applause] just know there is a Jezebel spirit I remember all the points I'm giving you oh yes very you are now sleeping in this direction [Applause] should I go overflow okay okay say Jezebel spirit Jezebel spirit the bubbles are out we'll send your profits that you'll kill them you'll kill this profits God gives you profits but you will sin now Jezebel will come into the church as someone like okay try to get the position close to a man of God the ordinary reason is when they took you the anointing I'm telling you people who come close to you be very careful with them Oh also quite an that's why I'm so sensitive I'm a very sensitive people who are close to me very sensitive very sensitive I'm very sensitive to a level whereby where they were good with disabled or bad Jezebel I'm just sensitive whether I like or know me I'm a good with Jezebel I'm telling you you ask all my pastors and none of my pastors they've got my numbers none no one talks to me and I answer them back because I'm a very careful imagine I don't even talk to my pastors another person come to me like Oh papa and you know I'm real sure why they don't even talk to us on the phone I'm like really where my pastors are they aware that they want to talk to me also the biggest problem we have is when we turn Alette there was Jezebel disorder come through people who unholy the very people who are trusted who are so close to you who are in your circumference the people Jezebel spirit or penetrate through them that's why many people who ever had an opportunity to have my number they spoke to me was twice I did aside in deciding the acid in the answered in esse because I'm just sensitive to the papycha sensitive yes sensitive understanding Papa and a st. Papa is major I'm not saying that you know by a Jezebel Jana by hearing this are you hearing this be very careful you must have a sharp this element your neighbors your neighbor your own friends business partners wherever you go whatever you are doing be very careful you may be a victim of a chance of know people who say they love you people who say they're telling you something because they loves you be very careful because they already can be a Jezebel hiding behind that love [Applause] save Jezebel or spirits a Jezebel spirit now I'll be finishing first Kings chapter 21 fist Kings 21 verse 5 wanted to go rate the six the seven doesn't make sense the king with his wife Jezebel and they settled it to her I can't eat because I I saw a garden it's beautiful and I wanted to buy it but they are not above refused and Jezebel said don't worry you go and sleep with me I'll give you that garden does that make sense no major do you know what she did do you much did enough huh come on major television she killed him she killed the owner of the garden and took with the garden and give her husband am I talking to somebody you are talking made by having suffered whose business was killed by the devil oh wait this is the place where people are out completely not even understanding where we're going how do you take my garden Jessica said don't worry my husband I will give you the business or the garden I will give it a boyfriend or solid a day that person I will give that one to you okay you give you give your husband so don't worry what I'll do is I'll kill that woman and you will marry the husband Jezebel tell Emma be very careful Jezebel be very careful Jezebel overflow [Applause] am I having someone who says something of me was killed and I suspect wait listen to me listen to me I'm talking to both a revelation Jesper will kill your future imagine not was an innocent man who says I'm not saying I'm not willing to sell my garden he died for that jessebella said you will not just eat now you're not even serve it we want even to give your money you lose it you lose your car you lose your house you lose your relationship you lose your money you lose your job she's a pair of spirits but if I be a prophet yes you never had you never had it's in an alley amazing I'd be a prophet get I prophesied listen now oh wait wait Sidda nothing much it the man who his garden is is it's a bit of garden he is not waiting to sell it but he was killed for his own garden are you here somebody are you here somebody [Applause] now I want you to see how how she threw it in a both now go verse eight quickly one for the green uh-huh she rots she wrote wat in who soo ah a film in whose syllabus 8l Musel so she wrote letters in Ahab's ma'am imagine Jezebel sugar actually even write as a husband the husband was living away and put a signature exactly of her husband's Jezebel know imagine imagine a wife who can write a signature on your behalf and cost the bank and cash the money the purposes and she wrote a letter in whose sill a HUD sill I was a husband now what was that the same program a fast imagine a man of God who comes to and say you must do fasting maybe like wow imagine a letter saying you must do fasting it was a good thing that's how Jessica comes she wrote a letter same program a fast everybody be like wow this is so spiritual ever has do it but behind that spiritual there was Jezebel look what you never answer here or your home are you here or your home now Grover stove one did it go read the stove hey 13 yeah imagine how to set up people to accuse knob of an innocent man and he was stoned to death this what I'm saying to you now but they didn't even know these people came to him as friends all let's do fasting together okay so let's do fasting together and then the seven people tend and they say she blasts he blasted God kill him but watch watch your mind what you think just a bill can penetrate look what University where anywhere can AB deliver people here were victims of Jessup oh yes razor can I remove some Jezebel spirits around yes major can I cast out just about spirits yes razor how do you sit up an innocent man now you didn't even read anything then you didn't now cordless 14 all right this 14 I want you to read together all of you one to the Nagori 15 all right all right all right Wanda go read Tennyson Jezebel how Jezebel she kills and man innocent man and this is an outtake order possession for the honour of those possession is dead can I handle Jezebel on your behalf oh yes Raisa whatever spirit you know when Jezebel spit comes in the sea yes sad they may fire you and it says now he is afraid to take over his position people are fighting us here I mean of God under the influence of Jezebel speak major when don't hear anything but a serpent will be very happy they'll be like and now we are now you know he is no longer there now unfortunately I'm still around [Applause] prophetic legendary mafia some of the images they were a care for the people be very careful not our people who come to this spiritual advice are all real not all people who come to you with a spiritual activist are real there's some people under the influence of a Jezebel spirit there are none assignment to destroy and kill a prophetic see that God has put in your life and just be very careful some of us he has a very big purpose with you you are not sure never under neighbors watch you God has a purpose with you this is why what you went through and survived if you're never went through it they would have died God is keeping you alive because he has a pop some of your long time ago you would have died at the Pamela school you would have died at the high school but gold sells your life and protected your life all that stays in the place they protected you know we are sick before they healed you because he has the special purpose which not your neighbor has so you must not listen to what your neighbor says your destiny is very important don't look at your neighbor look at Jesus crust the author and the finisher of our faith oh yes tell them I'm not you no no no tell them I'm not you I'm not you do you know why other people dead that you're still alive have you ever ask yourself a question why other people have died and why am I still alive and what should I live a life without a meaning that's what God is allowing people to die because they are living a life without a meaning you can't afford to live like a pig well as long as wake up in the morning that's it under keeping food to eat and you ate you must have a purpose you must have in life you must have a meaning you must have an influence but your purpose and your influence you can't see it because the Jezebel spirit all the times you want to do something Jessica comes and destroys it so now you are living in life without the future without the purpose because Jezebel has been aborting your purpose for life enough is enough oh yes most people in this room just about ten minutes just a perk use who they are Thomas come but you and I tonight oh yes we must claim our destiny oh yes you whatever you lost your destiny whatever the devil tried to fight you a millionaire whoever the devil's fat you from becoming you anointed the person wherever the devastating of future whenever the deficits in your career whatever the devil sightings you we gonna pray to nut and destroy you cannot afford them to listen to me the foolish thing that a man called Jack over deed in his life I mean asshole what the the biggest first thing what he did was he was a firstborn he sought his birthright with soup of beans listen may I become your young brother now the man said do you want supercilious you must accept to becoming brother and I must become your elder brother the – it is soup his shoddy his birthright people are selling their birthright within some of things because of Jezebel because of a man because of a woman people instead of corsetry team of their destiny they have solid their destiny because of women sorry their destiny because of something small something small like a signal it chancing the Holy Ghost from them the Holy Ghost cannot stay where there's a way where this small of your cigarettes he can't your body is a temple of God the water spirit automatically issue a long because your body all of us will be answerable to heaven God who answers how did you take care of my body or of my temple of my temple how did you take care of it one time I was working so much they are not praying for people and God said to me stop it I will punish you for this I know but I'm saving your God said no that's not godly you must protect my house to protect my temple something small so you you actually know I was supposed to be verified by now but something small that's all just pure comes he brings some more things josepho doesn't bring big things small things like that problem that you have tonight we want to destroy Jezebel I said tonight we'll have to destroy Jezebel oh yeah something small as alcohol something small tell him I'm not interested anymore Laurie Trenholm to lose my destiny to lose my virginity for something small for silence for maybe do know who you are do you know who you are do you know who really you are you are a champion you are a Superman you are a peculiar person I see as a prophet I see your future I see that the moment where you were on my god you are so big did you hear me you are very big you are so great [Applause] Jezebel ended up killing enough off and getting the farm for free I have seen people losing things you know because of Jezebel a demon losing absolute things that they according their future you know now the gas tank the answer don't even know what to do because Jezebel is good in killing destinies especially when you are having a prophetic scene what is a prophetic see a prophetic see it is any person who God has a purpose with it's not everyone no one should like you to say or everyone God loves us the same all of us all of us good after the same no the purpose has made the love of Jesus Christ be made manifest unto you may the love of our Lord Jesus Christ abound more and more the love of God can increase on a person the Bible says and the baby is a man after my heart the way God loved David is what the same way God loved the soul are you hearing me somebody God does not love all of us the same way the Bible says he loves us by our hearts he isn't me of those people with a broken spirit a broken hearts the way you break your spirit for him oh no no no I'm talking to some of the rights [Applause] quantum at issue about the four dimensions of goose love there is the love for everyone which is short by dying for everyone that's the first dimension he loved everyone and tight for everyone that's the first love and then there's another love which he has for only for Israel the way God loves Israel it's not the same way he loves Malawi no I'm telling you No he has a special for Israel I really it's a special love he has for the land and then there's a love for the sense they were good love since his people his sevens it's on the same way he loves everyone and then the last one is the love for the individuals the way he loves other people is on the same way he loves everyone jesus said it he'll look to his disciples to other disciples understand to them I now call you friends it is I call your friends I now call your friends now he loves them as a friends is it for whatever I had known I have revealed unto you it's a you a no longer servants so there are people who have got a special love of God that God can even confide in me them he even told them his deep sickness as a friend the purposes if there be a prophet in ominous I speak to them in different ways but with my servant Moses is different with him I speak so is he's trying to show another type of love [Applause] look what am I said the way God loves to me so the way he loves you no no no they are not understanding you must turn like in the whole body and infest them tell them to say don't know me say if you knew me you're gonna greet me in the beginning I have so much love moving in my body the love of Jesus then have of crust it leaves enemy leaves then half of Jesus do you ever ask us of questions why I'm so strong like this no money but I'm still looking nice if the love of Godhead the love Jesus tell you all about if you can live like me you if you can like the whole country will know their whole country but you can't even know anything it is the love of God so because of that Jezebel says no way I must take that out of that person Joe Papa Jezebel is after your destiny it was Jezebel knows what you can do in this church jessebella knows what you can do in this ministry just bill understands that give me a chance of you becoming a multi-millionaire you change the whole ministry you do everything Jezebel understands that the moment you become rich you're gonna become a hand of God you figure to give you little help Jezebel is killing your destiny but tonight's the end of the weekends I said the end of the weekends I said the end of the weekend I said the end of the weekends that spirits that just built deposited in you that you must begin to last after everything use that spirit to leave you in the name of Jesus that spirit the demon of Jezebel put in you that you must become awake in prayer wicked fasting it'll leave you in the name of Jesus Christ that demon Jezebel had put upon you but it must make you have man and lose it half opportunities and losing them it will leave you tonight in the name of Jesus I say let's upper hand said my father my father deliver me from just applause spirits in the name of the Lord's Holy Ghost the fire of God they're consuming fire beverages Abell working against my business working against my situation working against my spiritual life let every just bow down to me catch the fire the fire – the fire in the name of Jesus no Jezebel blasts you Jezebel of last no Jessica poverty I command you out neo Jezebel of sickness I got you out the house set the name of Jesus wrestle my hands whether perhaps it's time of war whatever Jezebel giving the prophetic sin upon you it will never wake you to never wake is another way you're gonna get back you're you're destined in the name of you can I get back your purpose in the name of shoes whatsoever God meant you should I be you're gonna become in the name of Jesus Christ to a natural we are reclaiming your position to not worry Clem in your future we are reclaiming your destiny as David said Mel the lord my god shall restore all my wasted years everything you wasted in this year's Champion's tour – not even emoji it'll be restored in the name of Jesus it'll be restored in the name of Jesus let your future be found let your destiny find does be found in the name of Jesus say the name of Jesus I command every Jezebel spirit four down now let's up a handless up a hand it doesn't matter wherever you are but I want to assure you she's a bit Olivia whatever watching me jessabelle who lives here in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus Christ where you are you are you are you are you where you are you say my father my father my father my father this wicked spirits to match my family to torment my life no just a spirit out of my business player by player fire fire fire


  1. prophet may God fire in your life never go down thank you for educate me may God forgive me for my old ignorant.


  3. Challenging,touching,profound,equipping and powerful teaching my father..May God help us..We thank God for you..A year later l felt as if I'm watching on live for his word does not expire or does not have expiry date..Encouraging word I got blessed and learnt a lot..

  4. Major One this is Wow 👍. Thank You Holy Spirit for making me hear This Voice through which You guide me and how to be very careful.
    💖. Amen.

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