Dark Souls Lore: Havel The Rock

The following are entries from the lost war
journal of Bishop Havel. First Entry:
The great Demon War rages. The fiends push onward relentlessly, crushing many soldiers
to a pulp. Luckily my men do not shake so easily but without them I fear the demons
would overrun all of Lordran. To aid in our efforts, the Lord of Sunlight and his elite
honor us by joining the field of battle. Also, Gwyn gifted two powerful heirlooms for my
services — A Greatshield and a weapon forged from the remains of a Dragon during the War
of Ancients — both a testament to my unyielding faith and Gwyn’s strength as a conqueror.
As a man of faith I know I must take solace in Gwyn’s authority; in his absolute power.
Yet, against all I hold sacred, I fear a darkness brewing within great Lord Gwyn. Like their
sovereign, the knights who once reflected sunlight so brilliantly have now become blackened
and tarnished by the misery and despair of this war. Yet even as the tides of battle
grow darker on all those involved, my mind cannot help but stray from the war, instead
falling upon the circumstances that brought about this terror — sorcery.
It was the fumbled flame sorceries of the Witch of Izzalith that brought about demons
to Lordran’s door. It was the wretched sorcerers who allowed Oolacile to be swallowed in darkness.
And the great human bastion, New Londo, drown as well — to the bloodstained hands of three
sorcerers no less. All of this death could have been avoided if it was not for blasphemous
magic; if it was not for Seath, the Grandfather of Sorcery.
To make matters worse, rumors in the clergy surround the disappearance of Maidens in service
to the Princess of Sunlight, saying Seath, the great betrayer and ally of Gwyn is behind
the atrocities. This looks very unfavorably upon Lord Gwyn. Unrest in a time of war could
see everything fall apart around us, I must squander such rumors. I must travel to the
Duke’s Archives. Signed Bishop Havel.
Second Entry: The dredge from the fiery bowels of Lordran
to the wondrous city of Anor Londo was tiresome. During the ascent, I came across a very young,
bungling sorcerer of Vinheim by the name of Logan. He was infatuated with Seath and the
soul arts of magic. In our brief interaction he divulged his plans of seeking the Duke’s
Archives as well. To protect the secrecy of my investigation I left Logan for the Snake
men. He will likely be unharmed. Upon finally reaching the Godly city Anor
Londo, I met with the warrior Firekeeper. She had many interesting and troubling things
to say: Have you heard of Seath theScaleless? In legend,
he turned against the ancient dragons. He became Lord Gwyn’s confidant, was granted
Dukedom and was allowed to pursue his research. At the Regal Archives, he immersed himself
in research on scales of immortality, the one thing that he did not have.
… But his very research drove him mad… The Archive became a dungeon, a place for
sinister experiments. Now, it looms over this land, high atop the
mountain. But I should warn against even an approach…
If a person of such rapport, a Fire Keeper no less, is speaking of “sinister experiments”
at Seath’s hand, I fear the worst. Soon, I shall enter the Archives to see for myself.
Signed Bishop Havel Third Entry:
I awoke in a prison cell. The last thing I remember was traversing the library’s trickery
until I came face-to-face with the grotesque abomination. Without provocation the mad Dragon
attacked. Seath truly is something unholy; my strikes had little-to-no effect on the
Great Betrayer. I was defeated with ease, and so, I awoke in a prison. Escape was not
overly difficult, but it’s what I found within the prison that’s changed… everything.
I discovered a prison cell, filled to capacity with Seath’s… mistakes. I had seen abnormalities
like this before when encountering the deformed dragon. These horrid tentacles are a result
of Seath’s failed experiments, a mistake the white dragon knows all-too-well first-hand.
The poor mutated creatures stood, weeping in reflection of what they had become. Some
possess miracles exclusive to followers of the Princess of Sunlight, Gwynevere, it is
doubtful they would leave their Goddess’ side willingly. I wonder then what magnificent
honor the Maidens believed they were performing in service to the gods by volunteering to
Seath’s horrid experiments? Yet this is their reward.
Worse still, a Firekeeper’s soul was found in the back of the dungeon. There is no possible
way Gwyn does not know this is happening. Frighteningly, it would appear Gwyn is encouraging
this blasphemy. Perhaps Gwyn hopes Seath can create Firekeepers to prolong his precious
Age of Fire. I see now Gwyn will sacrifice anything — entire human cities, the faithful,
even allies — all to maintain his corrupted power.
I must put an end to this tyranny, but I am not powerful enough to oppose a God. The dragons
are the only beings to ever stand against the power of the mighty Lords. There are legends
of a land; the last remaining vestige of the Age of Ancients; the Age of Dragons, said
to hold the secrets to magnificent power. I must seek out this so-called, Lake of Ash.
Perhaps the power I seek to overcome treachery will be found there.
Signed Havel. Fourth Entry
I have returned from Ash Lake where I found an ancient power. The land itself is a skeleton;
a shell of a forgotten time. Yet, there is neglected potential within this ancient land
turned precious relic — dragon scales. They hold the key to immeasurable strength. When
I held the stone scales I could feel the power of dragon within my soul.
The irony is not lost on me, I loathe the abomination that is the pale dragon Seath
— the great betrayer — yet it is I who will use the power of dragons to topple Gwyn’s
corruption. In the end, Seath and I are kindred spirits; both betrayers, both fates tied to
the stone scales. Though I fear it may have all been for not.
I was sent for by Gwyn, my most trusted lieutenant relayed the message. Gwyn knows of my infiltration
into the Duke’s Archives, I am to turn myself in. If I do not, I fear the lives of my men
will be forfeit. So I will… turn myself in, but not before sharing a story of the
vileness and complete malice toward humans I have witness at the hands of Seath and the
overseeing eye of Gwyn. After hearing the tales, my men are furious. They speak of freeing
me from incarceration; they speak of occult rebellion. I tell them to remove such foolish
notions from their mind. Only the power of dragons can topple the Lords. All that I have
ever known or believed in as been warped and of only one thing I am certain; this is my
last entry. Signed Havel, the Rock Rumour it may be, but I have heard of a surviving
ancient dragon who resides in this land. A coterie of Undead serves the dragon, as
they train to become dragons themselves. Sounds unlikely, but you never know, do you?

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