Dark Souls 3: Tryhard Plaza

Dark Souls 3: Tryhard Plaza

[Music] Krombobulous Micheal: Oh boy, here I go killing again! [Music] Person: YUNG MAESTRO? MORE LIKE…DUNG MAESTRO! (Screams in agony) [Music continues] Text to speech dude: B a n a n [Music] Announcer: Wow! INCREDIBLE! A NEW RECORD! (Claps) (Different music) (Music gets intense) New dude: Startin’ to think we should take this seriously. (Sorry I don’t understand this part) Guy: WOAH! Yo did he just walk up S L O W L Y? Text to speech: h e l i c o p t e r Black dude: He did… he really did tho (Again, music) (Epic sword unsheathing sound effect) (High-pitched sound indicating that the sword is charged) (Crushing sound effect) thank mr skeletal whenever there is a lack of subtitles there is MUSIC Jontron: WHAT? WhattheFUCK? (I forgot what these sound effects were) (Character groaning in pain) New music sorry for low effort subtitles sub to yung or i will invade you and softban you

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  1. I'm sorry Yung, but it looks like you stole my fashion for this.

    I'm going to have to send you a fashion duel. Winner takes all.

  2. Dude, "mess around", if I got it right as "do smth without proper efficiency; do not resolve main objective" is "валять дурака, страдать херней", isn't it? "Беспорядок вокруг" is a faux amis.
    P.S.: this is a very powerful thing, get it! gives loyce ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. i love watching bad people pvp in darksouls 3, not yung maestro but the people he faces they dont even judge when hes gonna attack and just roll so fucking much its crazy

  4. I should have been super ashamed but I got the biggest smile when I saw one of my favorite "strategies", with the Crow Talon spam

    thankfully I've moved on to the Dragonslayer GA, it's pretty sweet 🙂

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